S Note, S Health, and other Galaxy S5 apps available for download

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 14, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 s health heart rate monitor 1

Several apps from the Galaxy S5 were extracted and made available for download on the XDA-Developers forum.

The applications received a facelift on the Galaxy S5, sporting a flatter, more modern look, as well as enhanced functionality. XDA member Albe95 uploaded .apk files for the following apps: S Note, Watch ON, S5 Calculator, Gear Fit Manager, Galaxy Gear Manager, S Health, and S Translator. Check out this thread to download them.

The good news is users of the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and other high-end Samsung devices can easily install the new apps, without even requiring root access. You will require root access, however, if you want to freeze or remove previous versions of the apps, which may cause conflicts with the new versions. According to Sam Mobile, it’s possible that the new apps need Android 4.4.2 to run correctly; we were not able to verify this claim.

Here are some screenshots of the new apps:

The Galaxy S5 will become available in 150 countries starting on April 11. If you’re still on the fence about buying it (the Xperia Z2 does pose some serious competition), check out our hands-on impressions as well as our complete coverage of the Galaxy S5.

  • Amin Armani

    Is it possible for the camera app?

  • kevin

    What about the camera app

  • I’m hope to be able to buy it, but I think it is perfect and with the application for a health check.

  • mustbepbs

    When you install these, are they in English?

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    The new WatchON app lacks A LOT of countries the previous version had.

  • Be Cool

    There are some S5 features , that we CAN NOT instal:

    1. Best dust proof , and even water resistant.
    2. Great display with natural color mode, and….check it out : from 2 up to 500 nits(wow) brightness AMOLED .
    3. Best Wi-Fi reseption
    4. Best SoC (better than the new HTC One and Z2 . Not same chip “but only overclocked”, as the propaganda manipulate)
    5 Bigger battery with unique saving modes
    6. Great new tech camera.

    • Kai

      Fucking Samsung Fanboy-Victim…..my LG G2 TOWERS over your Piece of crap….only 5.1 Display….smaller battery…ugly fat bezels…..and OF COURSE only overclocked SOC…. Idiot.

    • Der Astar

      1. it`s only resistant ! there is bunch of difference in resistant and proof
      2. Amoled may produce a bigger angle but a uses more battery, LCD way better and Flex`s Oled is just awesome for Color + Battery (by the way G Flex produces more better colors unlike any other 720p display device)
      3. Best Wi-Fi reseption, cmon this is stupiest ever u said below :D wifi is ALMOST same on each HIGH END DEVICE
      4. well S5 has MSM8974AC while Z2 has MSM8974AB they are same Snap801 and they each can reach up to 2.5ghz it depends to company`s wish, they have same performance

      5. bigger battery? u mean 2800mAh is bigger? then what u say about G2`s 3000 and Z2`s 3200, S5 has smaller battery and its ION, not polymer
      6. admit that ISOCELL camera is really good but no OIS and by the way that CAMERA FOCUS IS CAUSED BY HARDWARE + SOFTWARE ! so the guy here `Kai` has a G2 and his camera is also supports that High rate focusing

      but unlike that all TOUCHWIZ of S5 is best looking mod :)

      so u Samboy :) just shut up and sit tight Fool ya, Fool :)

  • Damon Salvador

    Dos apps of samsung ll save our LIVES ..!! .. Only S5 is d exception !! :P

  • Arch Thor

    Er… Does S Note works on Note 3 with the S Pen?

  • Kerstin hansson

    How can I download SNote?

  • Loreal

    anyone with Note 2 have any luck getting S Health to work?? Ive got Gear Fit Manager & S-Sleep, but the S-Health app refused to work, its installed, but refused to open at all!