There are plenty of CyanogenMod fans among Android fans, and plenty of them must have surely purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3, the most important Android handset of the year, at least thus far. They’re certainly waiting for CyanogenMod 10 to be released for their recently acquired device and we have good news for them – CM 9 is already available for all U.S. versions except for Verizon’s.

Steve Kondik, the Android guru behind the CyanogenMod firmare has released CM 10 preview builds for three of the available four Galaxy S3 versions including AT&T’s, Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s. And we’re not really surprised to see them come out, as we’ve seen plenty of CM 10 builds for other devices teased so far.

The Verizon model has not received its CM 10 preview build for a simple reason, the device comes with a locked bootloader, but both Verizon and Samsung did say that a future software update will unlock it – worst case scenario, there’s always the developer edition version that Verizon subscribers will be able to select.

Don’t get too excited yet though, as these CM 10 ROMs are still preview builds which means there are plenty of things to iron out. Before you ask, there’s no release date for CM 10 available at this time, but it will probably come out before Samsung releases the Jelly Bean update for its Galaxy S3 handset.

You can already check out the progress of CM 10 for Galaxy S3 by following the corresponding xda-developers Forum threads for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

However, we remind you that we’re not encouraging you to install CM 10 on your Galaxy S3, or any other device, and that whatever you put your device through falls under your responsibility. So make sure you back up sensitive data and follow all the steps as described in the forums in case you’re heading down this road.

And in case you install CM 10 on the Galaxy S3 let us know how it all works out for you.

  • raw2000j

    no flash support and led lights not working also have to put in airplane mode and then off for signal to pick up again for phone and internet.

    • MasterMuffin

      Why so many dislikes to that comment, raw2000j is just saying what doesn’t yet work -.-

  • T-mo SGS3 here and it works great…I tried this right out of box and then tried cm9 and went back to the preview of cm10, it’s so much smoother..i do miss toggles and themes, but that’s okay…I can wait for cm10 to mature then AOKP can benefit! I love me some AOKP thanks CM and everybody apart of the CM teams!

  • Sean Montague

    Why do people still think you can’t root the verizon s3? I did last night using

  • There’s a difference between rooting and a locked bootloader. Rooting lets you do things within the stock ROM. CM and other ROMs require an unlocked bootloader to access all the internal functions of the phone to operate correctly. (Workarounds pending…)

  • Anon

    Works great, but only downside is that there are lots of updates and you’ll have to be proficient in flashing roms or at least remember the process if you don’t want to look it up again and again. Recommending titanium backupso you can vontinucontinue to update while keeping your data.