samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3 s3 standing aa

As Samsung released its Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for international handset owners, users that installed the software noticed several issues with their phones.

UK (model number GT-I9300) and South Korean (model number SHV-E210K) Galaxy S3 owners were able to install the highly-anticipated Android 4.3 update, but it appears that’s not an option anymore.

Apparently the Jelly Bean update brings a slew of problems including “reduced battery life, app crashes, inconsistent Wi-Fi connections, laggy performance and even complete lockups of the device on the lockscreen that can only be solved by pulling out and reinserting the battery,” at least according to Sam Mobile.

It seems that Samsung is on top of the problem, and may have stopped the UK Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 roll out completely to deal with the issues. Phones Review reports that it wasn’t able to update a Galaxy S3, after initially ignoring the update prompt a day before.

However, it’s still Samsung that looks bad, not being able to release a proper software update for a former flagship handset that’s just close to 18-months old, especially considering that Android 4.3 was launched a few months ago, and there’s already a next Android version out there.

On its UK Facebook page, the company acknowledged the issues reported by several users that have upgraded their phones to Android 4.3, saying that the engineering department is aware of them, and currently investigating.

The Galaxy Note 2 is also expected to soon get its own Android 4.3 update, but considering the Galaxy S3 issues, that update may also be delayed in order for Samsung to fix any issues, if there are any with that phone as well.

Have you upgraded your Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3? Did you experience any issues with it?

  • jecasanovag

    I have problems with laggy performance and even complete lockups of the device on the lockscreen

    • To me, the device has always been a bit laggy. Try switching launchers. I personally prefer Apex Launcher.

  • Josue Carrion


    • chris


      • Gator352

        Yup! Sure does! And it’s a beautiful thing too!

  • medberdai

    I couldn’t use for more than 3 days then I replaced it with CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 it’s based on Android 4.3.1. Some feature are lacking but it excellent in term of performance and snappiness. I don’t think I’ll return to Samsung firmware again

    • I’m running this as well and haven’t noticed any issues. Battery gets me through the day and that’s about it.

      • Meh

        the only problem with CM 10.2 that i see is that the camera performs poorly in low light, and HDR is missing (it didn’t work in 10.1 anyway, exposure changes do nothing)

    • Lumia Crazee..

      I read somewhere that cyanogenmod users are facing some problems with the camera and music player. Are you facing any such problems?

      • Martyn Morris

        I’m having problems with the music player, it just stops randomly and I have to open it all again or it lags.

        • aenews

          Just download Zoom Camera FX off the Play Store. It’s my favorite camera and gives me nice shots. I don’t really listen to music much so I don’t know. I’ve never had any problems with it, but again you can always download other music players off Play. Other than default Apollo, I use DoubleTwist, which is pretty nice. Cyanogenmod has plenty of its own features that make up for TouchWiz. Even better, there are so many apps on Play that are as good as or better than Samsung TouchWiz features. For example, one app I tried out recently is called Swipe. Pure Awesome app switching.

    • S3problems

      Are you saying that you recommend rooting it to solve the problems? I have been looking into rooting mine too, how to I go about it??

      • steve

        I recommend rooting then custom recovery then custom rom. Custom roms are wayfaster and even more stable. If you like the touch wiz look, put a touch wiz rom on. If you like pure Android, there I a lot to choose from. You also can over clock from 1.5 mhz to 2 ghz.

    • steve

      How did you re root 4.3 stock firmware with knox?

      • charles

        I upgraded using a modified stock rom that removed knox and came with root. Wouldnt recommend getting 4.3 though. Im having all the issues mentioned in the article

        • steve

          I have the note 2 international. It doesn’t seem to have all the problems that the s3 is having, my battery life actually improved. But my wife has the s3, she is running a custom 4.1.2, so I will just put a 4.3 custom rom on hers withroot already installed, but stupid me I got all excited about 4.3 and put stock back on my phone. Now I cant re root it. I will look for your method, it just takes a little while for the hackers to find root on new firmware.

  • Jack Parker

    I had no problems except for battery life, which is all i cared about so i reverted back

    If you wanna check out the firmware for yourselfs…

  • Tabraiz

    I am facing with lockup on lockscreen, due to which I have to wait few seconds to. Sometimes it’s complete lockup.

  • kerri

    My battery sucks and I can’t get into my fone sometimes! What I’m wonder is if for the people that have it already will there be an update to fix this issue

    • Hari

      Android 4.3 update completely sucks my Battery in my Samsung Galaxy Note-2. what should i do ??

  • Florin N

    my cousin got the 4.3 update and damn that S3 is laggy now.It takes about 3 seconds since you push the lock button and until the screen wakes up.Battery life sucks as well.
    Told him not to get the S3, but he didn’t listen.Now my Nexus 4 is the Android king in the house >:))

    • mememe

      Not with those crappy camera, non-removable battery or option to expand with MicroSD :P

      • Florin N

        Each to his own, but I prefer a reliable device than a frustrating one.

      • jacky d

        But faster processor and GPU, more memory and wireless charging. IPS screen is also better outside.

        • Guest

          Faster Processor doesn’t matter. It’s not like the S4 has issues with Android or TouchWiz.
          The US GS3 devices all have 2GB RAM.
          Wireless charging is slow and if you can wirelessly charge, you can plug the damn phone in. I don’t see the draw unless you’re in an airport and want your phone to get swiped or something…
          AMOLED screens have better power management. There are nice tricks you can perform with them (like putting a true black background behind your home screens) that can save significant amounts of power over the course of a day. You cannot do that with LCD screens. Contrast is better on AMOLED, as well…
          I also wonder if some of this has to do with the Custom SOC in the Int’l Galaxy S III devices…

    • Azri Yadiy

      same with me

      • aenews

        The Nexus 4 has far a far more powerful processor and graphics (Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and Adreno 320) than the Galaxy S3 (Snapdragon S4 Plus). While I love removable batteries and quality cameras quite a lot, I can perhaps live without them. Nonetheless, a maximum of 16 GB pf internal storage and no expandability is rather limiting. To be fair I have installed a couple hundred apps including ten EA games like Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Need for Speed as well as other heavyweight high graphics games like GTA III and Riptide GP 2 and still have 2 GB of space remaining on my 16 GB S3. Still, this is only possible because I move everything else to SD card, so… It is a hard call as the Nexus 4 has far better performance even when compared with AOSP on both. There isn’t much comparison, really. And the Nexus line is far cheaper for sure. In the end, I’m still pretty happy with my S3 as it runs blazing fast on Cyanogenmod and AOSP in general though I’m always looking forward to the new and better devices that come out.

  • pmenn5362

    Sprint and AT&T have both missed their launch dates for the update. I’m thinking the reason is because of the rollout problems in Europe. I commend Sprint and AT&T for holding back a little bit. I’d rather wait for a stable version than deal with a buggy half assed version.

    • BL

      I am on AT&T and they just rolled out 4.3 in January 2014. Holding off was wise, but pushing it out now when the problems have not been resolved was not. I am having all of the same problems I see reported on this forum 3 months ago. -.-

  • Rakesh

    I’m on note2 and have been uaing the leaked MJ5 Android 4.3 firmware for over a week now.. Having just one issue of wifi not reconnecting automatically when i am back in its range.. However, i feel battery life has increased.

  • raj

    it is not Android 4.3… It is nothing but Touchwiz 4.3 with nothing but SBloatware all over the place…. Hence the issues

    • chris

      shut up raj. Samsung will get it fixed ASAP. so just be patient

      • raj

        Chris: at least agree on one point that Google will know ANDROID better, right? Other Companies are just interested in making it look different and by doing so, they inject nothing but bloatwares

        • prasz

          Absolutely agreed with you. All these custom Androids are just a mockery of the pure OS… Nexus rules!

          • systemupdate

            you pay premium price for all the sensors, camera and addons, otherwise, everyone should buy nexus and not complain.

            so if you are a fan of pure nexus great, but if you want amazing camera and sensors then wait for the update and donot complain.

          • leo

            Are you seruious?? Do not complain?? WTF man. My phone I pail a lot of money for is a useless paper weight. Samsung HAS KNOWN about this and has done zero to fix this.

            I pay a premium price to not get screwed like this. so FU

        • RTR2011

          A LOT of the bloatware is Google bloatware. A lot of it is Samsung. In a lot of cases, you have lots of carrier bloatware (here’s looking at you Verizon). With every update, it gets worse, from all sides. I’ve had it with all 3 companies.

          • raj

            now, which company ru relying on?

  • chris

    stop complaining guys. Samsung will get it fixed. JUST BE PATIENT AND STOP COMPLAINING.

    • pmenn5362

      Plus 1

    • bob dobilina

      Hay chris thats easy for u to say this is my only phone and its nearly ruined.
      Last night while using the personal hotspot with phone plugged in the battery discharged completely.
      Was really looking forward to the new features in 4.3 now I just want a phone that works properly

    • Griffin

      It’s been more than a month since you posted this and IM STILL WAITING. Asshat.

    • leo

      No chris, I WILL complain. This might push me right back to Apple.

  • stu

    Android 4.3 update downloaded a few days ago on s3 in the uk. Problems ranged from freezing up, lock screen taking ages. Some audio problems with disjointed sound and music skipping when played. Have factory reset and it is running alot better but still got audio issues.

  • sleeco

    I had an awful time with my s3 after updating to 4.3, plus I could not root, so after two days i reloaded 4.1.2 and now I’m happy.
    Get it right samsung.

  • Jake

    You know, they are busy selling S4 and working on S5.
    Be glad that your redundant S3 got updated at all and don’t harass Samsung.

    • Spencer


    • David Avila

      Yeah Jake, its not like they can abandon S3, cause if they do, people won’t bother in buying S4 or S5 since they will be dropped in a year!

      • Jake

        They ditched S1 at 2.3. (Nexus S got up to 4.1.3 or so)
        But as it seems I’m the only one remembering this.

        I’ll never purchase a single Samsung product again.

        Maybe S3 gets a bug fix for the recent 4.3 update, but will never get Kitkat.

        • aenews

          It’s funny how the Galaxy S1 still gets the latest updates on Cyanogenmod. It’s still getting the same updates as the S3 and S4 simultaneously. The latest stable release out is Cyanogenmod 10.2 RC1. Android Version 4.3.1. RC meaning virtually stable and stable is on the way in a couple weeks.

        • chris

          they will, just be patient and they will update it to android 4.4.

          here’s the article on the Samsung devices to receive android 4.4 (kitkat).

        • RTR2011

          Typing from an old Droid X2, because it is more tolerable than my S3, after this horrible update. I’m using friggin Gingerbread.

  • micheal1601

    downloaded btu version before i updated i went into recovery mode wiped user data and cache then put firmware using odin on reset took battery out and again wiped data and cache booted normal. to be honest no issues at all normal usage is light to medium for my S3 and i just had 1 day 22hrs which is actually better than before and everything else working fine .

  • Tyler

    Is it at all possible to get the 4.4 stock version?

  • amit

    S3 Battery is draining rapidly after 4.3.. when it will be fixed? or shall I approach service centre to get 4.2 back on it? Suggest..

    • just hang-on no rush……..It will improve with updates. People at service centers won’t be of much help.

  • Blowntoaster

    I’d suggest a complete cache, dalvik cache and data wipe after install. backup everything and do a wipe. that should help a lot.

  • Beem Keeratithananun

    look like common issues on every versions of samsung phones

  • Djolence

    4.3 for GS3 is FAIL…. i installed paranoid ROM

  • George Av

    I’ve been on it since it got leaked, only issue is shit battery and bad wifi from time to time, the performance is better then the s4 on 4.2.2…..

  • dj Shadow

    Sir I live in kuwait can you tell me when will I get official update 4.3 for samsung galaxy s3

  • AndroidShiz

    I bet the best way to fix this would be to remove TouchWiz and update the S3 with stock Android :-D

    • Angie

      How to do this?

  • Fegi

    Upgraded S3 to 4.3 three days ago. Phone works for 13 hours on light use. Main battery drain is Android System with 33%! Also one lockup, and some issues with phone not showing who is calling. Before update battey life was 20 hours of heavy use..

  • Android Developer

    it still has the same issues of slow contacts&dialer apps.
    and now it has extra problems.
    common samsung. please let me have a good reason to have your rom instead of CM and others… i like manye of your apps…

  • Susan

    Updated to 4.3 yesterday and had nothing but problems. Complete lock up when pressing home button to unlock the phone is the favourite! Really frustrating!

  • Riki Sutton

    Oh good, I’m not the only one with these problems

    You’re digging a hole for yourself Samsung

  • BB BB

    My S4 is shivering in its timbers awaiting the dreadful 4.3 upgrade. Why is it taking so long?..

  • mohsin

    Installed 4.3 on my s3 no lags battery improved and phone is much faster

  • stsan

    My battery drains over night pretty bad and also there is lag when I try and turn my screen on… Big lag

  • Jay

    I never thought I would say this but this update samsung has rolled out is actually making me hate my phone at the moment! Its so slow and laggy and even when im doing nothing with my phone the battery does not last long at all. Going to try a cache wipe and if that doesnt work go to CyanogenMod!

  • cronners

    Same prob for me …

  • Faisal Zahid

    Get the Pardus HD ROM premiere MJ9 .. it’s a custom ROM but just the IMPROVED version of sam official 4.3 .. i’ve been using it since a week and no issues at all

  • Chris

    Here’s a partial fix for the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 issue. I’ve tried it and it’s definitely improved the performance of my phone.

    • Lara

      I did what you suggested and I have to agree with you! the performance is highly improved by disable smart stay and smart rotation features from setting! Thanks a lot! Until Samsung will fix all these issues, this is the best way to use your phone on at least 90 % of its capacity :)

  • AKi

    Installing the new 4.3 Update was a major fail!.

  • Roc

    CFW are completely unaware of any problems locally. My 4 week old phone is now a nuisance to use with the faults mentioned above. CFW want to send it away to ‘be mended’….I think I’ll wait for a Samsung fix which they need to provide pretty damn quick

  • More Fromgroup

    we’ve found a part fix for S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 problems and posted it on our blog here

  • Graham

    I upgraded my S3 to 4.3… Disaster. Phone is now barely usable!

  • jack

    lol android is so pathetic. when will you ppl learn that software made by different people than the hardware is a trap?

  • pigeon on the roof

    The main problem I noticed straight away was that it sometimes doesnt switch on when you press the power button to bring it out of lock mode

  • OleBrom

    Nice to have us beta test for you Sammy.

  • Nightfury ‘pain

    same problem what sam mobile said. as u see 4 days ago I got notification of software update and I did it. but then after several hrs it has started causing problems like lock screen lagging and crashing apps. now my battery goes down like to 100% down to 44% in 15min.
    p.s every thing is off like sync , auto-updates, and low brightness. I regret updating to this version.

  • Gavin Jones

    Hi I installed the 4.3 jelly bean. I am facing problems with mine. It keeps freezing on lock screen and over heating. Will they send a new update soon.

  • João Carlos Nunes Bittencourt

    Touckwiz problem is fixed by just replacing the launcher. I use Smart Launcher.
    My problem currently is with the lags on lock screen. Even with old kernel and system tweaks, the lock screen takes 3 or 4 seconds to show up. Some times it takes longer, however it wasn’t necessary to plug out the battery.

  • veno

    Android 4.3. update completely ruined my Samsung S3, nothing works properly anymore and I have to charge the device twice a day. Horribly disappointed

    • Marcelo Santos

      Did you tried to turn off App Data Sync in Google Account settings? For me, this solved the battery drain issue.

      • Cindy Muir

        Will try this

      • Gma Kid

        Thanks for the advice…I just did that. But should I leave the gmail sync on in the google account settings?

        • Marcelo Santos

          Yes! This setting is just to save app data. For example: in iPhone devices, iTunes save the app data, so, when you buy a new phone, and you sync this new device, all data related to an app is restored: game progress, app settings, etc. In Android this kind of “app backup” is done by turning on this setting. So, when you will reset your Android device to factory settings, check this mark again, sync, and restore device. This not interfere in Gmail Sync or whatever another sync that an app do. Is just to save the app settings, just it. Go it? :-)

          • Gma Kid

            Thanks my battery life on my galaxy s3 has improved by turning off app data sync in google acct settings.

    • Cindy Muir

      I’m having pictures downloading over an over an battery won’t keep a charge

      • imxdble

        Have you tried clearing the browser download history? It solved the downloading issue for me.

        • Samantha Weismann

          How do you do that?

          • Tricia Schlenker

            Clearing the browser download history didn’t work for me. I had to go into the Download App and clear all the history in there. Now I no longer have 20 downloaded files constantly popping up.

          • BL

            Clearing the Download app history worked for me as well. That was one bug solved. There are several other ongoing problems caused by the 4.3 update that I am still looking for solutions to.

      • Dee

        Same here!

      • Rachel Dougherty

        I just did an update and mine is doing the same thing its pissing me off. I don’t like any of the changes

    • Lady Lightning

      Same here…I absolutely hate the new update. It has slowed my phone entirely, makes it freeze, and won’t keep a charge or even charge well at all! Nothing is working the same, and it seems like they took away some personalization options. I don’t exactly like having bubbles on my lock screen saying who has called and text me. Overall Boooo

    • MimiGG

      My phone is completely ruined now too and I wish I never would have updated it. I updated it when it was released in 2014 four weeks ago and nothing I try fixes it.

  • asdf

    Updated to 4.3 while rooted and while the update was successful, I lost the ability to send/receive MMS messages and use the AT&T data plan I pay for each month. I could still make/receive phone calls and send/receive SMS messages, and use Wifi, but that’s it. Couldn’t get into the APN setup to re-enter AT&T’s info in there, so I had to restore back to factory 4.1.1 OS, update to 4.1.2, and then root my device again. And of course the backup I made could not be restored, so I lost everything….

  • Alan Roper

    I have very laggy start up from lock screen, can’t open apps from notification bar, late retrieval of messages, a rapidly dying battery which then went from 9% to 61% in 5 minutes of charging during which I rebooted it, screen locks up for about 1 minute when 2nd party hangs up after a phone call. I guess a fix will come and hopefully before I get pissed off. Don’t want to root it as it will void my warranty. feeling very disappointed with Samsung. Is there anywhere that I can email Samsung UK This is on my GS3 after 4.3 upgrade

  • ette70

    I have lost my 3 x 4 keyboard. Only option now on Language and Input is Samsung Keyboard and Google Voice. Portrait keyboard option gone

  • jc

    Did the update overnight and noticed my phone was not charging properly next day. I have to turn the phone off to get a charge. Even then, ot can charge all night and still not get a full charge.

  • husamco

    The update is not stable,

    there is problem with it, that when you tab on screen it take’s long than before and the silent dead is active, that’s mean after while the mobile will not respond to you, you have to re-operate it again.

  • dissapointeduser

    My phones battery drains EXTREMLEY fast, goes from 100% to 90% when connected to WiFi in just an hour, not to mention when I use it. The android OS uses 60% of the battery and the phone is very laggy.

  • craig

    Backup data, factory reset, disable bloat ware, get rid of touchwiz, problem solved,4.3 running smooth

  • Luke Knudsen

    Well, they will probably have it all figured out once at&t rolls it out in the US in like 2 years.

  • Luis Pachas

    I found all the problems metioned since i updated mi galaxy s3. I hope samsung fix this soon.

  • Kettzy

    I have not updated my S3 since its not rolled out in India. But I have started facing battery charging and drain issues even with 4.1.2. Also, there have been some cases of call drops. Is anyone else with older version having the same problem?

  • phajej

    My Facebook video streaming is no longer working. YouTube works for a bit then stops working. I have to restart my S4, if I want my YouTube service to work again. The default apps only show three apps that it thinks I need to use. The Samsung Video app is useless!!! This is stupid. Samsung is stupid.

  • Neil Coutinho

    Really disappointed with Samsung on this. Been waiting for so long. Going rogue with CyanogenMod now

  • makis

    My battery lasts only a day it used to last almost 3. The wake up of the phone takes 4 to 5 seconds it used to take 1. The good thing is that scores higher in antutu tests. Hope to fix soon the problems.

  • Randchai

    I am just wondering how come Sammy didn’t catch these issues in their testing ???

  • hornby25

    I initially had problems even with the installation via kies. It froze halfeay through so my phone ended up in recovery. After getting it installed via a different computer I wasnt impressed. Incredible lag and the ever so annoying lock screen issue which can take up to 20 seconds to get me to the lock screen. I can only hope this is fixed promptly as it is incredibly annoying. Would advise anyone to stay away from 4.3 until it is fixed.
    Galaxy S3 owner.

  • gabi

    Yes! It’s terrible!! The home button doesn’t work properly, the processes have no speed, battery lifr is shortened… mostly it bugs me that I have to insist pushing o the home button so that I can unlock the phone… can I undo this update?

  • TCM

    I took the 4.3 update that was offered – unfortunately! Since then I can’t connect to my OEM B/t car kit, amongst other issues. The update is a disaster, even more so because it was delayed for so long in order to get it right. Samsung failed miserably.

  • andy

    Upgraded to 4.3.. Never more Samsung device :-(. The next phone will be Nexus 5 – to be dependent on 3rd parties hacking around the lowlevel OS seems to be a bad idea. The phone locks after ending a call for a pretty long time; waking up from sleep with ON/home takes something like 10secs.. Standard apps crashes.. it’s a joke. Bad for Samsung anyway – today you have just one chance to rollout such “issues” filled SW.

  • Lojza
  • Marcelo Santos

    I can confirm: I turned OFF App Data Sync, and after 6 hours of use, and some calls, I still have 86% battery. I saw this in another forum, and make this change in the last Saturday. Since, no more battery drain. Sorry: mine is a S4.

  • TheGCU

    Just remove TouchWiz from the update lol. It’ll run fine.

  • Adrian

    Unfortunately, yes, I made the upgrade and now it’s…well, not the S3 I bought. Actually, the most annoying thing is that it doesn’t come out of standby when you want. Of course the battery life went down a lot, so that’s another issue. Sometimes I find the phone in standby with its’ battery warm, which is weird. This is how I would describe this new Android 4.3 update: WEIRD. Weird for what is happening to the phone and weird for Samsung not to do extensive testing BEFORE actually letting us update the OS. What were they thinking? Anyways…waiting for the fix….

  • john

    Managed to solve the problems with my phone by doing the following:

    1. Factory reset
    2. Disable smart rotation
    3. Disable location services (using BetterBatteryStats app I determined that it was location services that was sucking the life out of my battery)

    Image shows the battery life I was getting a week ago after installing the 4.3 upgrade and what I’m getting now after doing the above.

  • Stat_jack

    I suggest They Fix all that stuff in 4.4 Kitkat they promised to release for Samsung S3 I9300
    Hope It doesn’t Take them alot of time because The Lock screen Issue is too frustrating

  • Joshua Stephen Becker

    just updated to 4.3 I have a T-Mo US Galaxy s3 and right after the update it said sd card removed and now will nopt read my sd card, I don’t have another one handy to see if its the card itself, just odd that it did this literally after the phone rebooted from the upgrade.

  • RoatanTerry

    I upgraded yesterday. Battery lasted half a day. I’m accustomed to a day to day and a half.

  • nas

    My s3 is suffering from all the problems written above including battery and performance problems This Needs to be fixed asap

  • ThonglukJan
  • Seta Sera

    I updated my S3 last Thursday and have quite a few issues. Initially l was pleased with the update but as the day wore on l found lag, sluggishness, crashed twice had to remove the battery, email taking long to load, battery drain, switched itself off twice… multi-task not working at all. Wifi always saying unstable regularly… One week on my music players are juttery on playing and adding to that calls are garbled .

    It is beyond belief that a big money making corporation would roll out an update that makes things WORSE not better… Samsung need to be aware that customers have a lot of choices in where they can shop for products and are very choosy, so you need to keep your customers happy, or bye bye… So take note…

    • intrimazz

      for wifi: remove the ones you connected to then re-add them – should clear the wifi unstable msg – had this same problem and it fixed it once I did this – now if only my pictures via txt would stop classifying themselves as a slideshow and just send the pic as is -.-

  • Lanze777

    My update came 2 days ago on November 22 and every since the phone is downloading the same pics and documents that I’ve had on my phone for years… it shows up at the top of the pull down screen and it’s doing it hundreds of times a day. It says download complete so I clear the screen and 3 seconds or less later it comes right back, the bad part is that it’s always the same downloads as before… same thing over and over. The Samsung Rep I spoke with said to download kies and put it on my laptop somehow, but I don’t see how That’s going to help if it’s just repeating the same downloads over and over? Does anyone or has anyone had the same problem and can tell me how to fix it? It’s killing my battery and it’s not charging fast Enought to keep up without me turning off my Wi-Fi or my network connection from At&T 4g of course. I just need some info if anyone has had the same problem and how too fix it… it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank you for any and all your help!!!
    Lanze 777

    • Seta Sera

      I looked it up on the web, suggestion was to clear cache in downloads. Worked on mine. Go into settings, goto download app then clear the cache on it, switch off your phone and it should be ok…

  • Ronnie Price

    well I received the update for Android 4.3 on US Cellular this past Friday morning and the only problem I’ve experienced is the occasional status download notification recurrence which is a little annoying but, other than that am enjoying the over-all experience. I

  • muzzer1964

    Have 4.3 on my s3 virgin uk. Nightmare! Accelerated loss of battery power, some apps very clunky, have to wait an age for screen to respond when press home button, and absolutely the most irritating thing is the occasional complete lockout where I have to remove battery to get phone working again! What are samsung doing to resolve? if that slow,is there any way of putting back to 4.2?

  • Tholor

    I upgraded on about 12th November and my handset S3 is now as slow as a snail to wake up and lags all over…very unhappy! Tholor

  • emopunkfairy

    My s3 keeps jumping music…randomly changes txt tone…can take ages to bring up the lockscreen. Ive had to take battery out to get into my phone! Does anyone know how to sort it out?
    I don’t think I did jellybean update my phone jus came up with ‘update available’ think it was called ‘software update’…..HELP!!
    Email me with your reply

  • Steve Polasky

    Upgrade seemed to go smoothly, then discovered shortcuts missing, and keeps downloading ICS and photos over and over again.

    • Cleckert

      having the same problem with the ICS and photo downloads

  • herrobp

    Phone calls are going straight to voicemail and I have a slew of months old notifications that repopulate once I delete them. It’s a disaster! If these issues were resolved, I’d rather like some of the changes. Screen real estate is better used in the texting app and the misic app is nicer with this version. I like the non moving quick settings in the pull down menue, and the icon that puts them all in the same window. But an update that wrecks incoming call functionality is an unmitigated disaster!

  • very frustrated

    I updated my phone last night and it performs horribly. I didn’t have these problems before last night my phone worked fine now I can not connect to WiFi at all. Very disappointed! !! Please fix this problem asap

  • mr barber

    Updated mine about two days ago and I have no issues the battery life always been shitty on my S3

  • pissed off

    Randomly without me knowing my phone updates in the background i went to look at it and it was constantly restarting without getting anywhere, when it did get somewhere it would then restart again, used kies to recover it, lost EVERYTHING!!! now my phone turns on and looks like it runs but i can only type 3 numbers into my phone so then it freeze’s and crashes, i cant even call 911 000 ect its impossible also was able to send 3 text messages before it crashed yet again and now im unable to even open that app. none of my apps work everything crashes app store doesnt open my phone is completely useless!!!!!!

  • Basyt

    why so much of delay by Samsung….HTC has rolled out in One X …..every manufacturer is rolling out an update for their devices….F what is wrong with Samsung.

  • kathy m

    My phone did the update and since then continually shows docs that were downloaded months ago. You can clear the notifications but they just show up again. Minor but quite irritating to have to continually clearvtge same notifications multiple times.

    • Garland

      I’m having the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Samhung

    Okay as with all updates I do not expect the phone to be the
    same, however the latest update to my galaxy S3 to Version 4.3 is unacceptable

    First and formats the text notifications, the fact that
    messages show up on a locked screen defeats the purpose of a lock screen
    entirely, I did find the setting that allows me to turn off the message
    preview, however I still get an enormous box stating I have a new message, a
    lock screen is all about privacy in the first place, the only option is to turn
    it off entirely so I will not receive a notification even when I am unlocked.

    And then now I can no longer drag icons from one panel to the
    next on the app screens, this is beyond annoying.

    The real problem I see is you are allowing children’s input
    as to the preferred operational functions, they are of course in control of the
    world and the day to day operations for the rest of your consumers.

    IMHO all future changes from an update should be introduced
    as a you tube video or a complete explanation of the functions that will be
    removed on an update, if I was made aware of these changes I would not have
    performed the update, now along with the reception issues I have considered
    switching from US Cellular to Verizon, now I think I need to re-evaluate the
    Samsung products all together.

  • Ash

    Wish I had read this before….Only noticed the firmware update when I plugged my S3 into Kies to do a backup. Downloaded the 4.3 update, now my wifi is constantly searching and saying the connection is unstable. No wonder the battery life is going to crash. Can I just plug the phone back into Kies and revert to the last back up, which will be what I had just before the update?

    • Chris

      No don’t do it unless you want a hard brick

  • sunshine

    My dad has the s3 and no matter what I do, can’t seem to get rid of the ‘software updating’ icon on the top left hand corner and there is no movement on the progress bar either. However, he is experiencing severe battery issues even though it hasn’t updated! Terrible :(

  • Chris

    I upgraded to the 4.3 on AT&T it is very stable good, battery life, my only complaint is that not all of my apps show up on the battery usage screen? And the wifi connection sucks when you get a weak connection it disconnects and I have to manually reconnect it. I hope everyone on the international versions get their stuff sorted out. I am very happy with mine although I did hard brick it by trying to flash back to 4.0.1 with Odin. I recovered it and quit playing with bootloaders. If you try to downgrade the boot loaders you get an instant hard brick.

  • Mary-Rose

    Since updating my phone I cannot get it to stop downloading my images over and over again its lagging greatly and my apps freeze to the point of having to shut my phone off because I cannot use my screen or buttons at all. I love my Samsung galaxy s3 but seriously this update has caused a lot of frustration.

    • Chris

      Go to the application manager and got to downloads clear app data and cache, this will fix you up. Should improve your battery life significantly and free up resources on the phone to not freeze as much. If the phone continues to freeze try a factory reset after doing a backup in Kies. Need help with those things use a Google search.

  • ahlmad

    I updated my device SHV-E120S to 4.3 Jelly bean 2 days ago and i m not having any issue at all its working fine so far

  • Angie

    I updated the software on my samsung galaxy s3 and now it no longer connect to my home wifi network…what to do?

  • Josh Cain

    Anyone know how to get back the data key? It used to be in that swipe down menu thing but since update it is gone. Very big pain to have to navigate menus to turn on/off data.

  • Josh Cain


  • Cindy Muir

    Yes I have pictures that keep downloading an my battery won’t hold a charge! Is there any help coming out?

    • LouieLou74

      go into the downloads app and clear your list for all downloads. that will solve that little problem. i wish the battery issue was a simple fix.

  • Kelsi Contrades

    I cant even open google play or call out sometimes

  • annoyed

    Battery goes from 100% to 50% in about 2 hours on standby.. ridiculous

  • Prplsnst

    I had pictures I downloaded on my S3 and after the update, it keeps showing up in the notification bar that the pictures were downloaded even though I already deleted them.

    • LouieLou74

      Hi Prplsnt, go into the downloads app and clear your list for all downloads. that will solve that little problem.

  • Unhappy S3 owner

    The main problems I noticed straight away were that it sometimes doesn’t switch on when you press the power button to bring it out of lock mode and also the bettery drains twice as fast.

    • Unhappy S3 owner

      I am running Android Revolution HD 40.0 which is the stock S3 4.3 rom with perfomance tweaks (device is completely lagless).

  • jasmine clark

    i have the samsung galaxy s3 and i recently updated to jelly bean 4.3 ever since i am not able to connect to any wifi it still has all my recent wifi connections but it just wont connect and its using all my data which means my bill will be high PLEASE FIX FAST!!!

  • Ian

    My galaxy seems to work fine after EXCEPT it keeps redownloading everything that I’ve gotten off of the browser like pictures and .zip files. My notifications bar is always full of these downloads and if I clear them all it’ll only be a few minutes, if I’m lucky, before the bar is full again. Wish I wouldn’t have updated to this bugged garbage.

    • LouieLou74

      Hi Ian, go into the downloads app and clear your list for all downloads. that will solve that little problem. i wish the battery issue was a simple fix.

  • mess1115

    I used to LOVE my samsung s3, never had any issues with it. Since I updated it, nothing but annoyances. The battery lasts only a few hrs now with sufficient usage, my wifi wont stay connected, and I absolutely HATE that my messages and missed calls are displayed on my lock screen… ive turned off the preview msg option but its on the entire phone not just the lock screen. I hope these issues are resovled!!! Also is there a way to get rid of the contact avatar in text msgs? So cartoony and irritating, I mnow whos talking I dont need a stupid picture there every msg.

  • shay

    The latest sprint upgrade destroyed my note 2. Battery life cut in half and wifi doesn’t work. There are some partial work around for the wifi, but nothing permanent.

  • shanny

    My phone eats battwry, it randomly blacks out and the worst is that it reboots, then continues to reboot forever. If my battery goes below 60% the phone will randomly freeze then die and get stuck in a reboot loop forever.

  • Baby aardvark

    My battery not longer holds charge at all. Tried replacing battery but no different.

  • Gma Kid

    Yes the 4.3 update for my galaxy s3 is eating up my battery! Very disappointed seeing how ive been christmas shopping & just when I need to use my phone the battery is drained after being on the charger a few hours before! Please fix this problem fast before I regreat owning a samsung device!!!!!!!

  • sean

    Yes i recently downloaded a software thing and now when i play music its lower then normal :$ please help fix problem as i like my music lol.

  • sean

    And i didnt like how it made my text msg colour change to pink for no reason when i updated it thinking is was for the good. I hate it !!!

  • St1ngR

    My S3 sucks now, generally harder to use. Google Maps 7 ruined my Maps & Navigation experience. How do I uninstall 4.3 and Maps 7? Please help!

  • Jackie

    My WiFi notification keeps turning itself on for no apparent reason afterI turned it to off status.

  • Bill Schlotfelt

    I’m not in the UK and I am having the same problems listed above. I have so many concerns that I wish I could go back to the previous version.

  • Bill Schlotfelt

    How do I turn off the feature that makes the camera flash go off ass part of my notification, frankly the sound and vibration have always been enough for me. It even goes off when my alarm goes off in the morning, I know where my phone is I don’t need a light to flashing to find it.

  • Terry

    I’m having old email attachments that I saved on my phone, download over and over since upgrading to 4.3 (galaxy S3/Tmobile) I went to the T-mobile store and they said “hmm… don’t know”. I see below someone else had the same issue, but didn’t see the resolution. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated……

  • Sarah

    Since the upgrade, every time I get an incoming call a bright light flashes… how do I get that to stop?

  • marie

    I’m upset and disappointed that my software basically downgraded. I watched my brother update his phone to kitkat and was under the impression that I would be able to as well; I never updated my new galaxy s 4, which I love. Now I regret it and wish I could reverse :( it is a nuisance and I’m growing less patient waiting for a solution. My phone is so slow, my wifi constantly crashes, apps that never gave issue now constantly have problems and I hate certain options I can’t turn off anymore like predictive text methods and date stamps on my photos. PLEASE resolve soon, I paid $680 for a phone that is now just as crappy as my old one!!

  • Dee

    Everything is fine except it keeps telling me in my notification bar that a lot things are downloaded. But its the same thing. Everytime I clear them off they come right back! Its very annoying.

  • Kimmie

    I don’t have a battery issue, my issue is downloading music. I have the DownloadMP3 downloaded on my phone. I have downloaded many many songs, and then it just stopped. I typed in the song I wanted to download, found it, clicked it, and there was a blip in the screen and it wouldn’t go to the download option. Could anyone please help me.

  • Annoyed

    How the hell did this update pass internal testing? I have the Galaxy Note II and it pretty much destroyed my call quality, settings, battery life, entire phone acts like it has epilepsy. Often takes 2 or so seconds to respond to user input now. Also added a forced update of Gmail app, which the last few versions are really really really bad. I wasn’t even going to upgrade, but it kept harassing me every 5 minutes, should have just kept hitting not now…

  • sahib

    I updated 4.3 uk international after installing just go to settings> about>software update they update 24 mb patch n voila phone issues fixed and running super smooth n giving great battery life

  • daren

    i am currently having a problem with my galaxy S3… i start to charge my mobile at 8am and even after 7hours of charging the battery is not fully charged and also it depletes really quick about 80 % can be depleted in about 4 hours… please help… i really need some advice

  • John

    Battery Life severely limited on my s3 after upgrading. Their bad.

  • Wachinagi

    There are certainly so hiccups here. Rebooting the phone, get to unlock screen, unlock, it reboots itself again. annoying, but it only happens once. Had Fring installed, and the update isn’t compatible. So I kept getting a pop-up that fring had suddenly stopped. No way to do anything, had to reboot and quickly uninstall fring before the phone tried to load it. Again, annoying, but solvable. The battery…UGH. I have an extended life battery. I can run all radios (GPS, Bluetooth, 4G LTE WiFI, etc all day long and I usually end up at around 78% battery left. With the update I start at 100% and within 15 minutes I’m already at 77%. That’s a HUGE problem. Tried turning off Google App sync, testing now to see if that helps.

  • Amy

    I’m having some of these issues as well and another one thats quite irritating is the automatic sync every 5 minutes and dowloadsns on my notification bar …I cant seem to find anything in settings to help solve this issue.I DID HOWEVER manage to solve the battery issue by downloading “Battery Doctor” from market store!!!


    • Amy

      If you go into your market app and undo the auto update apps and clear download history that will fix the many many download and sync notifications that everyone is having…it solved my problem and my battery no longer goes fast:) hope you all can fix ur issues your having as well as samsung needs to fix all issues asap..unhappy costomer

  • stacy f70

    I updated to android 4.3 and i hate it. The same 8 files keep downloading over and over. No matter what i try, i can’t make it stop. Also my wi-fi is unstable and several apps have stutters when i try to use them. Im trying to figure out how to undo the update before my phone takes a flying leap out of the closest window.

  • pallab

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (SHV-E210K), its the Korean version and I update it (to JB4.3) 2days ago, I really surprised to see its noticeable performance boost, Antutu benchmark rate now 19175 and Quadrant rate now 5760. Real racing preforms better than before!
    But my cellular network drops continuously after the update, that makes me annoyed :(
    Hope soon Samsung kies server can retrieve this issue by another update….

  • aqeel

    I dont like the update as it ruined my fav settings
    I cant have my old fasioned keypad now. Colour tone is also an issue

  • monty

    Useless update. Phone no longer operating correctly. Battery not even lasting a day. Notification bar completely gumed up. WIFI not operating properly and the whole phone has slowed down. How do I get this bug filled mess off my phone.

  • Anna

    So, yes. The update completely ruined my Samsung S3 i9305. It took only one hour to this. I knew before that this may happen since someone else tried this with an S4. It was the same story: heating up and getting the battery empty in a few hours. Before Android 4.3 everything was cool.
    I was a little bit suspicious about this update but I wanted to convince myself that all this is happening because of Android OS, not other apps. So yes: now I can say with the hand on my heart that Android 4.3 it’s awful.
    I don’t want to try different version for downgrade and after that not to be able to register on network. So I hope that there will be a solution for all S3 and all S4, unless there is a strategy for Samsung to buy another phones . :)))

  • Pretty Hips Washington

    Ok so I also have an s3, and all it did was turn on and off whenever it wants after the 4.3 update, I sent my phone into Samsung to see if they could fix it. Should I have done that?

  • Cnote78z

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I just downloaded 4.3. Does anyone know how to shut off the message preview pane on the lock screen? No matter what I do I can’t find out how to shut it off. I managed to fix the camera flashing when the phone rang but this bug is proving difficult.

  • Aaron

    battery fail for me too now… Usual I could go 24-36 hours….6 six after update

  • Mariah Bamgartner

    Just updated this morning and now my phone isn’t reading my sd card at all. Wtf?

  • Griffin

    Just got the 4.3 update a few days ago, wish I’d read this first. I can no longer stream music to my bluetooth speakers, it sounds like crap with hiccups and lags. Worse, it ‘damaged’ my SD card, forcing me to reformat it and lose all my data/pictures. Going crazy right now with this!!

  • Sahil Sabharwal

    I have upgraded my Galaxy S3(India) to 4.3 through Odin..
    Everything is working fine, not much i can say about battery, mine is not that bad.. battery backup is OK, the only thing is it gets heated up very soon if y play a game for long or put it for battery charge

  • thanousay

    It ruined my s3 and would just completely lag out. however, I backed up all my photos and music and did a factory reset. This made the 20x faster even faster than my last update, so I recommend doing this fix :D

  • kjay

    my batterywont charge and my phone keeps crashing since the update sadly. I got excited for the update just to ruin my phone, i might aswell buy a new one and save the headache

  • Vonda Sumler

    Yes since upgrading my S3 I get the massage internet connection is unstable

  • Gweiloo

    Idk why this update happend also to has anyone lost there lock screen notificationn setting i used to have my phone light up and show me theres a text and now i have to press the button and unlock my phone to look at my messages not a huge problem but now im more cautious about pressing the lock button cause two months ago i had to get a new phone cause the button broke and i cant find the setting anywhere in my setting menu i have a s3 if anyone knows why or im just missing it please let me know

  • Robert wildes

    Every time I look at my s3 its downloading how do I make it stop?

  • shorething32

    I just got the update. My only complaint besides having to go third party again for Flash, is how can I limit the background processes. I already have background restrictions turned on, but before the update I have the option to limite the processes to: NONE, 1, 2, 3, OR 4processes. Now It is a general setting but everything is running in the background and the RAM is near zero. When I had these problems before on the Galaxy S3 I just limited the background processes to 1 and the phone was super fast. How can I get that after the 4.3 update? There is so much garbage running and it prevents me from being able to smoothly use this phone.

  • luna

    Mine was updated in December…had battery problem beforehand. After update had Wi-Fi not working;crashing apps; unable to send anyone texts or make calls. I’m spoke to over a dozen tech support reps-&they weren’t able to fix @all. Good advice: stay away from update…unless you want to buy another phone:(

  • Matti Virolainen

    I could say that my s3 is totally ruined after this update. battert lify went even worse (e.g. from 100 to 94 percentage in under one hour). In addition, phone collapses all the time and it is constantly downloading some ‘samsung … 14.81 MB’ but never finishes.. this almost reminds a windows products..

  • Robin

    I am fairly new to the smart phone world.I have had my phone 18 months and loved it….until the update. I have the constant downloading issue…phone keeps downloading but cannot find file. It keeps telling me my internet is unstable. My battery is not lasting because of this and my phone is slow. I know samsung will resolve the problem. I am going to try some of the suggestions for the constant downloading issue.

  • Phil

    I have upgraded and my battery life is rubbish. Can I reverse the upgrade?

  • segro

    None of my whatss app, hangouts, viber or tango works properly on S3 anymore, not mentioning youtube than never loads… Help please…

  • aswin

    No im in the update on January well..antutu score close to 20k…good work samsung

  • Amit

    Batter charging time now is 4-5 hrs,Android 4.3. update completely ruined my Samsung S3, nothing works properly anymore and I have to charge the device twice a day. Horribly

  • sdubuis

    G III … it sucks!

  • Mikey W

    I know it’s a small issue but never the less it’s really annoying my fone doesn’t learn words like it used to and doesn’t learn my txt patterns. Also its extremely laggy on lock screen and battery life does dissappear quickly. I’ll be upgrading soon but got to live with this crap for a couple of months.

  • Jj

    Hi my name is Jj I recently received a new s3….I updated it & it says everything was successful. …but when I check in settings about the phone. …..everything is still the same & the first update was for the new Jelly bean….it said it was successfully installed……so I pressed the new software update. ….it says everything’s up to date. .. but I have no trouble with my phone besides it won’t let me send apps to the sd card….only ect……so idk what’s going on..

  • karol9617

    i have a droid dna, had an update, made my phone unbelievably slow! I cant take waiting a minute for one simple message to load. if I am having a conversation it takes the longest time for the message to show up. Sending a message; I have to wait a good 20 seconds for the message to show up in the bar. it is the most annoying thing ever. I cant run multiple apps like I use to because it lags.

  • disappointed

    My phone was better before the update. I wish I hadn’t done it. Battery life is worse. I hate the date stamp on videos and photos that you have no choice over. It can’t be removed. Texting is worse too. Lots of other niggling problems. Samsung, you messed up.

  • jeff

    4.3 update on my note 2 makes my phone very laggy and it freezes all the time…..battery seems fine, tho. Those are the only 2 problems I have noticed and I have had 4.3 for almost 2 months.

  • Trial Boy

    GUYS you all need to format your phone before using it AFTER the update! That’s what i did and i am enjoying android 4.3 like a CHARM on my S3

  • My S3 was updated on the last week of February. And I did not notice any problems others have brought up.

  • Hfug

    It is slow and laggy at all times. I was very excited when the prompt to update showed up, now I just want to undo this. Let’s hope they fix it soon or they will suffer the wrath of disappointed users.

  • Glen

    After updating to 4.3 my s3 turns off once charge reaches 100%. This means I can no longer use my phone as an alarm clock of a morning as it turns off once fully charged.
    I waited so long for this update and now I wish I didn’t update.

  • michelle

    same with my husband updated now wont keep charge and app crashing

  • Wahaj Qadir

    Yes I have s3 and it ruined my mobile. Plz help my email

  • Ben Hong

    can’t update the google apps, have to download the updated ones from somewhere like apk mirror