‘Galaxy S Edge’ name spotted in Vodafone site source code

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 26, 2015

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For a while now we’ve heard rumors suggesting at least one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will offer up an edge display somewhat similar to the Note Edge. More recently we learned Samsung will allegedly offer dual edges this time around, alongside other improvements that should alleviate some of the issues consumers had with the original Note Edge.

Looking for more proof of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s Edge model? As first reported by Netherlands-based Galaxy Club, it seems that a new placeholder page for the Galaxy S6 has now appeared on Vodafone Netherlands’ website. At first glance, there’s really nothing to learn from this page, but digging into the source code reveals an interesting tidbit: a developer note makes mention of the need to add a “pre-order form for Samsung Galaxy S Edge” in the future.

While obviously this is a placeholder page and the note could simply be based on anticipation of an Edge model and not because Vodafone has definitive proof from Samsung, we have to admit that the idea of the name “Galaxy S Edge” makes a lot of sense. After all, Samsung didn’t call the Note Edge the Note 4 Edge. Of course there is still the possibility that the dual-edged model won’t use the “Edge” moniker at all, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if this possible leak proves true.

Unfortunately nothing else can be sleuthed from reading the source or looking at the placeholder page. What do you think, could Galaxy S Edge be the final name of the dual-edged GS6?

  • AdjustedFlow

    Sigh, the gimmick of all gimmicks.

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      It’s pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung they are Android nothing else matters period.


      • squiddy20

        And yet, their profits have been steadily declining for the past few quarters, their UI still looks like it was designed by a child, and the sales numbers for the last few flagship phones (Note and S) have been well below what Samsung was expecting.

  • Peter Blanco

    Anyone else wonder who finds this stuff?

  • asdf

    finally, true bezel-less :D

  • namesib

    We want picturrrreeeeessss D: