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Samsung has previously stated intentions to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates for its current and last generation flagships and Hungarian Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F) owners may have spotted an update heading their way in the past day or so.

Note-4-Android-6-0Interestingly, Samsung hadn’t planned to roll out Marshmallow to its older phones until next year and given that a number of Note 4 owners are still steadily receiving Android 5.1.1, we certainly hadn’t expected an update so soon. Therefore, we could be looking at a limited early rollout or soak test, which we’ve seen other manufacturers do in the past.

According to the source, Samsung’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow update introduces a new Air Command menu and a screen-off note taking option that uses the device’s S Pen. Marshmallow also brings with it some core Android improvements, including the new Doze mode to save on idle battery consumption and Google Now On Tap, to search for results based on the current content on the display. The update is also said to offer some performance improvements.

We’re not sure how long it will be until Samsung starts a broader rollout or if this is just a limited test or similar. We can only hope that a Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow update will spread across Europe and beyond before the year is out.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • electric

    Maybe it’s a lie

  • Aby

    Has the Theme change feature come in the marshmallow update to note 4?

    • Zach Cline

      Let’s hope so.It got the new air command and screen off memo so it could .

      • Aby

        I really hope so as well

  • McLaren F1P1

    Fake! The colour of the notification bar is still the cheap old ugly blue one unlike the white one seen in Note 5 leaks!

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