Galaxy Gear concept video insists on a flexible display smartwatch

by: Chris SmithAugust 20, 2013

Galaxy Gear concept

A video shows off a Galaxy Gear concept “built” around existing Galaxy Gear patents, rumors and speculation about the smartwatch that’s expected to be unveiled in early September alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

While the video is inspired on existing Galaxy Gear online chatter (just like previous renders we’ve seen for the Gear), the folks at T3 who imagined the Galaxy Gear in the video below suggest that the device will have a rather large flexible display and also phone features.

However, recent reports have revealed that the device will not have a flexible display in spite of what a Samsung patent hinted, and that the smartwatch will not work independently as a phone.

Instead, the Galaxy Gear will be an Android-based companion device meant to offer fast access to notifications, fitness apps, and work closely with other Android devices – presumably, only Galaxy-branded products made by Samsung.

That said, the Galaxy Gear concept shown in the video might become reality one day, especially considering that Samsung is really interested in making mobile devices with flexible displays. We will note that the video was likely created before reports saying the smartwatch will not have a flexible display were published. At the same time, we’ll add that images from patent filings do not always show the actual design of upcoming devices.

A very detailed report revealed specs and features for the Galaxy Gear, although they can’t be confirmed just yet.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Gear on September 4 in Berlin, Germany.

  • Joshua

    The render is quite amazing. The look is great. Most likely the final product will not have a flexible screen, but if Sammy is really true about getting devices with flexible screens, they really should look at this!

  • Robert Crosby

    What if you can take the watch off your wrist and make a phone call or play games that would be my worthwhile.

  • Bryan Z

    And if Samsung pulls this off: they’ll have my respects for sure

  • lil bit

    It says s-voice and s-health ahah. No thanx to preloaded bloatware. No surprise, Samsung is king in that area.

  • End in sight

    Beautiful render.

  • I think this is not impossible. This is an existing technology. If the top layer is some sort of an advanced Gorilla glass – it is possible. It can also be manufactured in a slightly bent form so there is little stress once you fix it into your wrist. also, the display LED can be manufactured in a slightly bent form.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Couldn’t this be worked out as a phone?

  • simpleas

    just wow…

  • RaptorOO7

    Looks, cool . . . but sort of like a prison id bracelet of the future.

  • Karl Blanco

    This should be waterproof!

    • Francesco Cozzolino

      it is

  • Micro Shaquer

    Awesome if this render becomes a reality.

  • Hitch’s Apprentice

    The Heck with Apple……… Samsung is the way to go!