G Cloud Backup: Easy cloud-based backup and restore

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 29, 2012

Cloud storage and cloud syncing seem to have crossed the border between fad and necessity.  With many people losing their mobile devices daily (1 every 3.5 seconds, according to sources), backing up files to cloud servers is one step towards preserving your precious phone data in the case of catastrophes.

If some misfortune befalls your Android phone — for example, if you lose your phone or someone steals it, if someone you know accidentally reformats your phone, and other similar unfortunate events — you will not need to worry much if you’ve synced your files with G Cloud Backup.

Created by Genie9 Corporation, the G Cloud Backup app syncs all your contacts, messages, photos, phone settings, and a lot more to the cloud. The app will also automatically upload your files so you can go about your day without worrying about losing your files.

In case you lose your phone or accidentally delete a file, just load the G Cloud Backup app and you can restore the lost file straight from your cloud-based backup. You can even use this app to instantly restore files and data from an old device to another brand-new device.

To be able to use the app, you will need to create a G Cloud account.  After getting an account, you will select which type of data you want to sync to G Cloud. You can sync your contacts, call logs, messages, browser data, videos, photos, music, document files, and system settings. Unfortunately, you cannot sync your apps and the app data to the cloud. These could have been a good addition to an app so you can automatically restore your apps on another device.

Once you have determined what data you want to sync to G Cloud, the app will automatically upload your files to your cloud account. By default, the app will upload your files daily basis and only if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You can also view the number of pending files to be synced and the size of cloud storage left in your account. G Cloud provides free 1 GB storage. Once synced, all your files are safely stored in G Cloud. You can see a list of all your synced data by going to the Restore tab.

Take note that you can only use the app on one device. If the app detects another account when you activate G Cloud on another device, it will deactivate the previous account and activate the G Cloud on the new device.

The app will also prompt you to restore your backup up files or continue backing up the files on the new device.

I tried using the app on the Galaxy Nexus. Afterwards, I loaded the app on the Galaxy S3. All my backup files from the Galaxy Nexus were successfully restored on the Galaxy S3.  I didn’t even have to undergo a complicated process just to restore my files.  It was all a sign-in and tap Restore button affair.

This convenience can be easily appreciated in cases when you lose your device or you want to transfer your files to another device.

You can also customize the app’s settings such as the backup time, notifications on the status bar, deleting backup files, changing the types of data to be synced, and many more.

While 1 GB of free cloud storage is offered by G Cloud Backup, this may not suffice for some.  If you need more cloud space, get additional 10 GB of storage for about a dollor monthly, or go unlimited with only 4 dollars monthly.  It’s up to you to pay either monthly or annually.

The G Cloud Backup app itself is free for download from the Google Play Store.  Check it out today and let us know what you think of the app.

  • $4 a month seems like reasonable insurance should your phone get lost/stolen! I like it…

  • The app looks good but the thing is: Can the developer / hoster be trusted with one´s confidential data?

    • Hi Vince, this is Sara from the G Cloud team, and this is definitely a valid question and the answer is that the developers have no access to the data; it is encrypted on your device using military grade encryption before being uploaded using a secure SSl connection where it will reside encrypted on the trusted and highly secure Amazon S3 Cloud…

      • Jeth

        G Clouded. Sara H. Thanks for the explanation. :D

        • Oh, you’re welcome :) G-Clouded, that sounds cool :)

          • Gil Uriel

            Hello Sara,

            Something is not clear to me …
            If data is encrypted on my phone BEFORE uploading it and you don’t have the encryption key,
            How can I see the files when I’m surfing my backup on site ?


  • Hello! It’s Sara H. again from the G cloud team and I’m happy to announce our big App update; now with the new social integration users can gain up to 8 GB for free! We hope you find our App useful and give it a spin today.

    • Krystal Erick Berney

      I have an android phone now and need to get a new phone if i get an iphone will all my pictures on my g cloud transfer over? Im tryin to make sure i lost my fiance in a car accident 2 months ago and dont want to chance losing those.

  • dgriffin65

    Does this app backup and restore apps and desktop folders etc? One of the things I like about icloud is that when I replaced my iphone and then did a restore on the new phone, all of my current apps were automatically installed and each screen was configured like the original.

  • Diana Townsend

    I use both a Samsung S3 phone and a Nexus 7 tablet. I installed gcloud on the Samsung phone and want to sync my contacts between both devices. I would also like to do this with my calendar on both devices. Help!!!

  • nootchie

    So im using gcloud and restored my phone but I cant find the pics now on my phone? !! Where would they be?

  • Steve

    I use this app on a daily basis. For what it’s worth (FREE), it’s actually pretty good. I replaced my Samsung Galaxy SII with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 a few months back. I installed this app and just downloaded all of my backed up pics, videos, texts and call logs (no need to download contacts since they’re backed up by Google Gmail) onto my new phone. It did the job. Just make sure you’re on your wifi for faster downloading (and not to use up any of your data plan). By the way, if you want to give it a try, download and install the app and use the following code to get an extra 200MB of free storage space: ZFY6ME. By default, you get 1GB of free space. With this code you’ll start off with 1.2GB of free space.

  • Justice Born

    How do you make it so that when you delete a video from your phone it remains in the gcloud?

  • Javier

    When trying to transfer sms messages from a HTC to a Samsung Galaxy S5, I get a “Change messaging App” message:
    “You will not be able to use some features of Samsung applications if you set G Cloud instead of Messages as your default messaging application. Setting G Cloud as your default messaging application may also affect your ability to send or receive messages, in which case Samsung shall not be responsible or liable.”
    Is there a solution for restoring my text messages to my new phone without risking Samsung’s messaging system? My calendar also won’t restore, is there a solution for this?

  • Roger K. Boodhu

    i dont understand this app… i backed up my contacts , factory rest my phone , logged in back in the app to find nothing was there .