During I/O 2015 Google unveiled that it is bringing a full offline mode to Google Maps by the end of this year! Google already made it possible to save specific maps for offline use, but this new change takes things much further.

While the offline feature is aimed at markets that might not have the best mobile data, this feature should reach all markets that Google Maps is available in. The offline mode will let you not only save maps, but you’ll be able to search for locations, get turn by turn voice direction, and much more. Basically anything you can do now, you’ll be able to do offline.

We’ll be sure to bring you more details about when offline Maps is coming as soon as we learn more!


Andrew Grush
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  • Rodrigo Naranjo

    About feakin time! Thanks google!

  • Albin

    I think we can thank Here maps for that. I’ve been using OSMAnd but would switch if Google Maps goes onto my microSD card. (Uh Oh, maybe I’m just a greedy troll with too much personal entitlement.)

    • pseudo

      Nah, 100% agree :)

      Either that or both of us are greedy. :)

  • saakshath

    Finally at last.


    Also will save some of the phone battery and overheat .. running gps + data is killing the battery fast .. gps only will save half of the battery life