Huawei to launch four P9 smartphones this year

by: Darcy LaCouveeJanuary 19, 2016


Huawei has risen to become a major market player due to its successful handset portfolio that nicely spans the mid to upper tiers of the market. According to a source familiar with the matter, Huawei is planning to launch a small range of P9 flagship smartphones this year, which should have a wide range of consumer preferences covered.

Although we don’t have the exact specifications for the smartphones, the source states that Huawei is preparing to launch four variants of its 2016 flagship. There will be the regular P9, a budget oriented P9lite, a presumably larger P9max and an “enhanced” edition P9, which packs in some additional hardware features.

The larger P9max is also said to feature additional RAM and a larger storage capacity than the regular model. The enhanced P9 is set to come with a dual 12 megapixel rear camera sensor for additional depth information capture, picture refocusing and aperture adjustments. Huawei has used this dual camera setup inside some of its high-end smartphones before. The last hardware detail leaked suggests that Huawei will be sticking with a 1080p display resolution for its P9 range, as it doesn’t believe that the additional battery drain from QHD is worth the slight boost to image quality.

Huawei smartphone reviews:

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be seeing any of these smartphones just yet. Apparently, Huawei isn’t planning to unveil any of them at the MWC next month, instead the range will see a dedicated unveiling some weeks after the event.

  • jdoe

    really confused right now, which is huawei’s main flagship line? P9? Mate 8? Mate S? or all of them?

    • Andreas Larsson

      The mate series, the p series is more esthetic focused and sacrifices battery size just to be thin

      • jdoe

        thanks for your resourceful information, now I know the difference between p and mate series

  • Jmurder209

    It’s All Of Them, The P-Series, Mate-Series & The Mate S-Series. Other OEM’s Have Multiple Flagships, Like Samsung, LG Or Motorola. I Was Really Close To Buying The P8 Max Too, But Opted For The Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition Instead. Some Of The Reasons Were Because It Only Had A 326 PPI At 6.8 Inches, The P8 Max Would’ve Benefited Having A Quad-HD Display More Than It’s Smaller Counterparts Because Of It’s Size. Plus It Didn’t Have Any U.S. LTE Bands Or A Fingerprint Sensor, Since I’ve Gotten Used To Having That Feature & Would Very Much Like To Have It On Any Flagship Device. But Everything Else About The P8 Max Was Mostly Great, It’s Slim 6.8mm All Metal Unibody Design, The Huge Reverse Charge Capable 4360mAh Battery. It’s Small Round Non-Protruding Camera That’s Placed In The Top Left Corner, Since Most OEM’s Like To Make Their Camera Modules Way Bigger Then Their Necessary & Put’em In The Middle! Another Huge Reason Why I Passed Was That Ridiculous Looking Wannbe iOS UI That Doesn’t Have An App Drawer. Chinese Android OEM’s Need To Stop Trying To Dress Up Their Devices Into Looking Like An iPhone, It’s Just Plain Sad! So, I’m Hoping That Huawei Will Fix All Those Wrongs In the P9 Max, Which They Probably Won’t. Especially That Awful EMUI, In Some Past Huawei Midrange Devices On Initial Setup, Huawei Actually Gave You The Option Of Running The Device With Their Skin Or A Stock Build Of Android. I Wish They Would Give Us That Option On Their Flagships, Since Like Samsung, Huawei’s Flagships Have Great Hardware, But Crappy Software! Who Wouldn’t Want A P8, Mate S Or Mate 8, But With Stock Android! Just Like People Would Love Having A GS6/Edge/Edge+ Or The Note 4 Or 5 With Stock Marshmallow! Google Should Force OEM’s Into Giving Us End Users That Option, Come On Google! And As For The Note-Series Running Stock Android, Just Add Some Split Screen & S Pen Like Features To Marshmallow! Honestly, I Wish The Google Play Edition Program Wasn’t Cancelled, I Really Liked Having Those Options.

    • Andreas Larsson

      “The P8 Max Would’ve Benefited Having A Quad-HD Display More Than It’s Smaller Counterparts Because Of It’s Size”
      By that logic shouldn’t tablets have even higher ppi? P8 max have equal ppi as the iPhone 6s and I never heard anybody say it is low res

      • Qba

        Huawei have event on 21 February.