Ford Sync 3 Android Auto

Ahead of the barrage of CES 2016 announcements heading our way, Ford has revealed that it will be supporting Android Auto, along with Apple’s CarPlay, in some of its latest vehicles. This is certainly good news if you’ve been looking to make the most out of Google and Android services while on the road.

Ford announced that its range of 2017 vehicles that use the company’s Sync 3 automotive technology will gain support for Android Auto. A separate upgrade option for its 2016 Sync 3 vehicles will also appeared later on in the year. Ford says that there are 15 million of its vehicles on the road already that are using its Sync technology, although many of these will be on earlier versions that won’t see Android Auto support.

In addition, Ford also revealed that it has just added a number of new apps to the AppLink Platform. These include AA member services, Concur expense tracking and Eventseeker’s location-based service. There is also a new 4G-powered Sync Connect feature that can be used to remotely start up and locate a vehicle, check fuel levels, and unlock doors, all from your smartphone.

For more information about what Android Auto can do, check out our breakdown at the link below.

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June 3, 2015
Robert Triggs
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  • Michael Hall

    Now all we need in the UK is for Ford to fit Sync 3 to ANY of its vehicles! We lag so far behind the States that it’s no wonder buyers turn their backs on Ford in the UK.

  • John Doe

    I have a 2015 Focus ST with the older system… I wish Ford would allow us the option of having
    the Sync 3 upgrade, even if it costs us $$ for the upgrade it would be worth it ..

  • Randy M

    Sync 3 will not let Pandora function thru the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have a 2016 Ford GT 5.0, and it just doesn’t let it.