6 best Flappy Bird alternatives

by: Joe HindyAugust 11, 2014
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Flappy Bird alternatives
The iconic Flappy Bird game came and went seemingly overnight. The developer closed up shop on his mega popular game and that left us with, well, nothing. Since the game reached viral success, there have been many imitations but only a few are really worth checking out. Yes, they are clones but since the original is gone these are the only options we have to be a part of that Flappy Bird madness. Let’s get started.

Flappy Bird alternativesFlappy Bee

[Price: Free]
Flappy Bee is the quintessential clone if you want pretty much exactly the same experience. Most of the graphical elements are the same as are the physics. You can win medals so there is at least a point to this one that you can achieve if you feel so inclined. There isn’t much else to it. It’s a simple clone and doesn’t ask for much.
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Flappy Bird alternativesFlappy City: Cookie Bird Game

[Price: Free]
Flappy City features a much more colorful graphical environment than the original Flappy Bird game and, admittedly, the bird in this one is quite a bit cuter (if a little more pudgy) and higher definition. It features better sound effects, better animations, and leaderboards so you can challenge your friends. It actually seems to be an improvement in almost every way from the original.
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Flappy Bird alternativesFlappy Doge

[Price: Free]
Hey it has its own online currency, a well-regarded meme, and has popularized an entire breed of dog so why not give it its own Flappy Bird clone too? In terms of graphics, it’s the same 8-bit style that many find charming and the other graphics are pretty much the same as the original Flappy Bird. In fact, it’s all pretty much identical except instead of a bird, it’s a doge. No, I will not be doing any meme jokes here today.
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flappy bird alternatives

flappy bird alternativesFlappy Nyan

[Price: Free]
Definitely one of the most colorful clones on the list and it features one of the first famous cats on the internet. There are over 80 skins available and 10 themes as well as a game mode where you can play it backwards if you want to and the Nyan Cat theme to top it all off. It’s definitely one of the most feature-packed clones available with a recognizable character to boot.
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flappy bird alternatives

flappy bird alternativesFloppy Bird: New Season

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Floppy Bird wasn’t as popular as these other clones but it has been rated fairly well. This one is apparently played in landscape mode, features a number of skins for the bird, and various backgrounds for the levels. The obstacles are a little more challenging and there are varying difficulties if you want to start light and move up. It’s among the best games graphically
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flappy bird alternatives

flappy bird alternativesFloppy Bird Party – Flappy MMO

[Price: Free]
Last up is one of the most interesting clones on the list because it’s the only one that is multiplayer. Okay it’s not really multiplayer. There are just a bunch of ghost birds that randomly flap but it’s nice to show people who don’t know that you’re playing with other people and even if there is no one else there, it makes you feel like there are some other people there. Loneliness sucks, so why not?
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flappy bird alternatives

Wrap up

If we missed your favorite Flappy Bird alternative, let us know in the comments below! Really, though, we recommend going to find a better game to play!

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    What You think about his one? :P


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  • Knight

    What about the one built into Android 5.0 Lollipop?

  • debjyoti banerjee

    Bird duel is a great game where you can compete with ghosts online….

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      Nice one :)

      Have you published it on iTunes?

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