Fitbit adds support for 12 new Android phones from Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 7, 2014


At CES Fitbit announced that its fitness trackers now support 12 additional Android smartphones from a variety of manufacturers in addition to the Samsung devices already supported.

Fitbit devices including the Fitbit Force, Fitbit Flex, and Fitbit One now support recent smartphones and tablets from Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google. The full list includes the Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Razr M, Droid Razr HD, Droid Razr Maxx HD, HTC One, LG G2, Moto X, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 (2013). These devices join the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, Note 3, and Note 10.1 which Fitbit already supported.

Owners of the newly supported devices can now sync their Fitbit devices directly to their smartphone. Previously they’d have to rely on the computer USB dongle to sync their data anywhere. Now those users can finally get the full benefit of owning a Fitbit with real-time fitness tracking data.

The latest version of the Fitbit app in the Google Play Store has support for the new smartphones built in, so users just have to download it to get started.

While the new app update supports more devices, the list of phones Fitbit supports is still relatively low. The company is aware of this, and it working to support new devices as they come out. There’s no word on if Fitbit will support any more existing phones, however. With any luck the company will eventually find a way to support all Android devices regardless of manufacturer. That will likely rely on Bluetooth standards across multiple devices among other factors.

Is your device supported by Fitbit yet? If so, do you think you’ll pick up a Fitbit tracker?

  • davidstallard

    Nice to see the list of supported devices expanding, but how long until they bring call notifications to Android? Their website still says:
    As part of an upcoming firmware update, with iOS 7 on your iPhone 4S and later, you can choose to receive incoming call notifications right on your wrist when your phone is nearby.”

    Doesn’t even mention whether this functionality will come to Android or not. Not a bad device but call notifications (plus e-mails, messages etc) would make it MUCH more useful.

  • Xajel

    Wondering what is the challenging thing that stops them from supporting all Android smartphones ?

    • doode

      Google dragging their feet on bluetooth protocols. The Fitbit devices require bluetooth low energy which wasn’t properly put into Android until KitKat. IOS has had this for a while and Samsung had made their own proprietary drivers which allowed their newer flasgships to get it to work. All other devices lack required software.

  • MidnightCPT

    As a FitBit user, I know that it is limited to phones with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. So many phones will never be supported, not to mention Google didn’t introduce BLE support properly until KitKat.