Cyanogen CEO: We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 23, 2015

New Cyanogen logo

You may have heard Cyanogen’s name around the web today, after the company announced it had received $80 million in funding from Twitter Ventures, Qualcomm, Telefónica Ventures, Rupert Murdoch and several other big-name investors. In hopes to scale up in a big way, Cyanogen says it will use the funding to “hire talent and accelerate the development of its open OS platform.” In recent months, Cyanogen’s outspoken CEO Kirt McMaster has voiced his dreams to create a “Google-less Android”, which he hopes to one day bring to the masses.

It’s no secret that McMaster has a problem with Google and its alleged “tyrannical” control over Android. In fact, in a recent interview with Forbes, the CEO goes as far as saying “We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head.” That comment isn’t to be taken lightly, especially since the company obviously has big investors backing them up. No matter the feasibility of Cyanogen’s plans, that’s a bold statement.

BLU Vivo Air-5

Cyanogen hopes to create revenue-sharing deals with developers to integrate application services deep into the Cyanogen OS.

So what’s the first step in creating a Google-less Android? We’ve heard a lot of talk from McMaster in the last few months regarding his big plans, but up until now, we haven’t heard many details about how he actually plans to achieve his goals. In the same interview with Forbes, some details were outed regarding the company’s future hardware partners. Blu, the Miami-based hardware manufacturer, is said to create the first phone running the Google-less Cyanogen OS, that will be released later this year. Blu’s CEO explains that the details have yet to be ironed out, but he hopes that the new Cyanogen phone will use the Amazon Appstore, the Opera web browser, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage, Nokia Here for maps and Spotify for music consumption. It will also feature Bing for web searches and Microsoft’s Cortana for a voice assistant. “When these other apps are deeply integrated into the phone, most of the time they perform better than the Google apps”, says Blu CEO Samuel Ohev-Zion.

cyanogen (2)

Cyanogen hopes to create revenue-sharing deals with developers to integrate application services deep into the Cyanogen OS. Vikram Natarajan, Senior VP of Global Partnerships and Distribution at Cyanogen, says the deals will take a number of different forms, from distribution to in-app purchase agreements to customized services for specific countries. He even says that in some cases, Cyanogen will share revenue from those deals with OEMs that are struggling to narrow margins.

It’s very possible that this rumored Blu device won’t ever come into fruition.

Between developing a hardware partnership, locking in $80 million worth of funding, and boldly speaking up against the Google mothership, one would think Cyanogen’s path to success would be smooth sailing from here on out. But in the past, Google has been known to put pressure on partners that wanted to create a forked version of Android. Most notably, Google seemingly strong-armed Acer into canceling the launch of the CloudMobile A800, a mobile device running the Android-based Aliyun OS. Aliyun was a forked version of Android, incompatible with Google services, that had very little to do with Google. The smartphone was ultimately put to rest, likely because of Google’s warnings that the launch of the device would jeopardize Acer’s Android partnership.

With that said, it’s very possible that this rumored Blu device won’t ever come into fruition. Google may not be able to scare away Cyanogen with the same argument it used for Acer back in 2012, but it doesn’t seem likely that McMaster’s plans to create a Google-less version of Android will actually offer up something more substantial than what Android can offer today. The entire situation between Cyanogen, Blu and Google is quite muddy at the moment, so we’ll need to wait and see what comes in the future.

What are your thoughts on McMaster’s plans for Android? If the first Cyanogen phone without Google will be made by Blu, do you think it has a chance to make it in the mass market? Or will all of Cyanogen’s bold claims and plans ultimately blow up in their face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • wingaming

    I’m happy with an Android that has google on it. I won’t use an Android without Google.

    • MilesPro2010

      yeah I agree. I like Cyanogen, but I wouldn’t use it if it didn’t have Google’s services.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Agreed! Opera browser, amazon app store…Nokia maps? Screw that hot mess!

      • pablo

        Don’t forget bing for search

    • MattEgansHairLine

      So your a Google fanboi, never heard of a search engine fanboi before.

      • gruffogre

        How very uneducated of you

        • MattEgansHairLine

          how uneducated to not heard of search engine fanboi?

          Those surveys that say Roiders are less educated is true, even littlesofties have at least certification, funny how two week correspondence course makes them better educated than an average roider.

      • Levi R. Weiland

        Not a fanboy here. Cyanogen has fanboys. Google has users who like good software.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Yeah, they are called the product or basket.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Even though you are attacking cyanogen because Google told you you should!

          No you’re not a SEF, you like software in external beta.

      • kg2105

        And you’re an Apple whore who comes to Android sites to troll because you know Apple products are overpriced pieces of shit and you don’t how else to deal with it.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          i must have hit a nerve! Search engine fanboy and his little school friends, oh I so scared.

    • Sempet


    • Levi R. Weiland

      All with you.

    • Faslane

      BINGO! many won’t. They’ve used Google services for too long to be taken away now and what about apps etc.? No way in hell they can compete this late in the game, Amazon tried and app store I heard once….look where that’s at, no one uses it, not many anyways…..some people need to focus on one thing and not try to do a tiny bit of everything in order to perfect a product. This will never happen successfully.

  • Benjamín Rangel

    So they want to strip Google services from Android to put Microsoft crap in it? LMAO

    • Marty

      Microsoft’s “crap” isn’t crap. I use Here Maps, Bing and have used Cortana. All top-notch and excellent software. But Microsoft used to have Bing Maps back on the WinMo 6.5 system. Why MS cut it out, I can’t understand, but Bing Maps was pure excellence at the time.

      • Benjamín Rangel

        Well, it is crap for me , but if you like that crap that’s cool too my friend. Jokes aside, my comment was oriented to the fact that McMaster keeps satanizing Google just to put Android under Microsoft services? that sounds a little bit hypocritical

        • justd80010

          Here Maps isn’t MS and neither is Dropbox. The only MS services mentioned are Bing search, Cortana, which are really the same service and Onedrive. All of which are excellent in their own right and would allow for integration with any Windows 10 powered device out there. The difference here is that no user would be forced to use the MS services and no OEM would be forced to promote them when they compete with their own services on their own devices. Those are probably a few of the same reasons Samsung, the only truly profitable Android OEM, is now partnering with MS and attempting to marginalize Google on their devices.

          • MJay

            LG is profitable as well.

          • justd80010

            LG may be profitable today, Asus was for a short time as well, and HTC was too at one time. But the only Android OEM that has been consistently successful monetizing Android directly is Samsung… MS probably makes more from Android than LG does.

          • MJay

            I just wanted to make sure you were aware that Samsung is not the only profitable Android OEM. You may be right about the MS comment. Samsung makes the best Android phones (IMO) so they should be the most Profitable!

          • justd80010

            Yeah, in a round robin sort of way other rise and fall. But, outside Apple, hardware is difficult to consistently monetize, even Samsung is seeing their margins squeezed. They all know the smart play is in software, where the margins are much higher. But Google forces them to promote its services at the expense of their own. I think that’s the situation Cyanogen and a litany of other Google competitors are attempting to exploit.

          • MJay

            Here is the issue with all of this nonsense! The typical user (which accounts for about 90% of Android users) do not care about what Cyanogen is attempting to do. They pay attention first to brand (Samsung), second; what they are used to (Google services). The bulk of Android users do not root, do not notice lag, or any of that crop. They will notice if Google Apps are missing because those are things they use every single day!!!

          • justd80010

            That’s probably true in the developed world, where everybody wants, and many can afford, to chase the latest and greatest. But it’s not the case in much of the world where the Play Store isn’t an option and users are accustomed to side-loading apps on their Android devices already. It is these millions of devices that have made it impossible for Google to control Android fragmentation in the first place and it includes so big players in key markets like China, where they aren’t at all interested in helping Google, a direct competitor, gain control of Android on their turf.

          • MJay


          • MattEgansHairLine

            HTC have been making the best droid phones for a few years now, samsung just spend the most marketing ($15.6bn this year!).

          • Jacob Bear Juice Senn

            You know MS owns Nokia right?

          • justd80010

            You know you’re wrong right. MS bought Nokia’s hardware division, they didn’t buy Nokia, and they didn’t buy Here maps. Nokia is still an independent company and still licenses Here mapping solutions, including to MS.

          • Jacob Bear Juice Senn

            You are correct, i apologize.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            “The difference here is that no user would be forced to use the MS services”
            “Those are probably a few of the same reasons Samsung, the only truly profitable Android OEM, is now partnering with MS and attempting to marginalize Google on their devices.”

            Yeah,looks like OEMs are forced /s

          • justd80010

            If you don’t know that Google forces OEMs to make Google services default providers if they want assess to things like the dialer and YouTube then you really shouldn’t be commenting on it.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            Dialer is available even if you do not bundle google and lol,I wont call YouTube a core part of an OS,do you?
            You are the one who doesn’t know why this stuff got bundled on samsung,go look around the web a little bit,it was all about patent litigation by microsoft.certainly samsung would like their own services to be more prominent not microsoft’s? :P
            forced to use MS services?yeah,lol,like the way they allow sth other than Windows Phone Store on their WP devices?just look around a bit!They only allowed Nokia to change stuff up and every one else was screwed.
            How can someone be so blind?Fork Android and lose Google services,Fork WP and get…screwed by court.ofc if you can fork it which I doubt.Now who forces stuff more?
            It’s so cool that Google haters create a lose-lose situation for Google,it’s either fragmentation or this shit,update through Google play service?you killing our AOSP!Not updating though it?Bastard why is your OS so fragmented.
            (Btw,I am against pushing APIs to Google play service,but you indeed love to create lose-lose situation for them)

          • justd80010

            Blind is pretending you can get compatible core components without licensing GMS, which is anything but open source.
            Look around the internet and come back when you know when the last time Google updated the non-GMS dialer for Android genius.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            Lol,I love it that you didn’t read any more than few lines,when did Microsoft update their dialer for open source community?You don’t understand the term ‘lesser evil’ right? :P
            go read my comment again,this time carefully.especially the windows phone store.
            I am done replying to you though,the person who started this whole thing is as clueless as you:
            Go read his example and how easily it was refuted :)

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            “compatible core component” ?
            Yeah,everyone is shipping phones with Google’s dialer.
            I don’t see any problem occuring on say,Galaxy S6?

      • Tommy

        I honestly like google maps, google search, and google now better. I don’t think the ones you listed are crap. They are actually good in my opinion, but I don’t think they’re good enough to pull me from the google ecosystem. Its pretty frickin awesome (comparing now to 5, even 2 years ago) really friggin “smart”

        • Marty

          If you ever get the chance, give Cortana, the first ever virtual assistant – albeit in a video game franchise, a try. It can be tweaked to be more user friendly on Windows Phone devices, but it’s a really sweet digital assistant. And I agree that Google Now is outstanding – probably the best, but Cortana can give it a run for its money.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            The problem is that they say it’s an Open OS and they want to rid us from google’s tyranny,Now I am not going to claim google isn’t becoming more and more evil as time goes,but how is Microsoft Open?!!!
            I don’t see any of their apps open source,doesn’t matter that media says they are so better now,They are NOT OPEN and getting away from Google and to buy in to this mess is exactly like moving from one tyrant to another….(potentially worse tyrant actually)
            P.S.:Just want to add that by using several closed apps from different companies you can’t say you got rid from tyranny.It certainly doesn’t make the OS Open as well.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            To claim Microsoft as worse than Google shows how little actual research you have done and how towing googles line is all you’re interested in.

            I suggest you spend ten minutes outside Googles walled garden and look at how nefarious Eric, Larry & Sergey are.

            One of my favourite recent ones is how over the last two years Sergey rammed Glassholes down our necks so he could get hold of Hugo Barros girlfriend and spent billions of company dollars to do it.

            No, changed my mind, it was Larrys illegal/faked drug profiteering.

            No, changed my mind again, it is that Eric Shitt tell us we shouldn’t do things if we don’t want everyone to know about us, but blackballs Cnet for daring to google him.

            No, changed my mind….

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            You are getting in to personal lives,look at this

            Microsoft is AGAINST open source,and tried their best to kill whatever open source.Now a company says we are launching Open OS and look,microsoft product in it!now is microsoft product open?
            Did you know about Halloween documents? :) I can tell you like 100 more ways Microsoft tried to destroy open source.

          • TrickyDickie

            After you just venomously anti-Microsoft or a completely clueless idiot?!
            Microsoft have recently open-sourced yet more of their software, and have been open-sourcing bits and pieces for years now lol

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            NONE of the said apps bundled with Cyanogen is open source,check your facts,I don’t give a fuck that unrelated stuff is open source.stuff that are going to be released are NOT,and that makes this OS,NOT OPEN SOURCE.
            guess what?android is open source.”bits and pieces” as you say is just a joke really.They are running the whole thing on a completely functional OS(even though it’s slowly getting crippled,Microsoft is going backwards opening more stuff but it’s FAR FAR FAR FAR more closed than anything Google does today)
            You can’t possibly believe that the company which said “open source is an intellectual property destroyer. I can’t imagine something that could be worse than this for the software business and the intellectual-property business.” and ACTUALLY acted like it for years is suddenly good because of some meaningless words and unrelated open sourcing right?

            Let me give a disclosure,I was a Linux fan,I loved that kernel and the only company that tried it’s best to shit in it was microsoft,They did everything they could,before android I used Maemo and I LOVED that OS,and I still love that idea more than Android.Ofc Microsoft had to send their agent to nokia and get rid of it ;)
            They stop at nothing,just last year they broke all their promise for not snooping in to emails by simply bruteforcing in to hotmail check here:
            isn’t that a breach of promise and a lie? I am MAYBE anti-microsoft,but I am pro-open source FAR more than pro-google,This action of joining microsoft is stupid,the company that tried all it’s life to destroy open source and failed to keep promise,how do you know that this time they are not going to lie like hotmail?sniffing manually through hotmail is WAY WORSE than automatically analysing material for ads.

          • TrickyDickie

            I really don’t know how to reply to that barrage lol
            I said that Microsoft is open sourcing more stuff, and nothing about the stuff they are including with Cyanogen.
            And yes, that stuff is closed source, but free. What would you actually do if you could see the source code anyway? You’d still see Microsoft as evil
            And that hotmail thing was a one off lol.

            Now be a good boy and run along and suck Stallman’s cock.

          • You haven’t been around long enough to know how much M$ was against Linux and open source in general from 1990-2010. Just because they have changed their mind, a lot of people will never forgive them for what they did in the past.

          • Michael Alan Goff

            And that’s the biggest problem, people are very willing to just continue to assume that Microsoft hasn’t changed. No matter how much they do in terms of Open Source, there will always be people like you that can’t move on.

          • Would you let an ex-con serial rapist baby sit your kids? Pretty similar situation going on here.

          • Michael Alan Goff

            Except it’s nothing like that.

          • Oh but it is. M$ has been fucking the open source community for decades, inventing all sorts of proprietary standards instead of using open ones, saying how they are going to kill Linux, and they even coined the term “open sores”. M$ should never be trusted again.

          • Michael Alan Goff

            The biggest problem with what you’re saying is the idea that Microsoft can say anything. They can’t. Microsoft is a legal entity that doesn’t have any capacity for speech. People who work at Microsoft can say things. And those people come and go. There are few people who worked there in 1990 that still work there today. The CEO isn’t even the same one from 2010, neither are more than couple board members.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            If we want to get rid of a company,we shouldn’t go back to Microsoft tyranny,I don’t give a shit if they are better or worse,
            They are BAD,doesn’t matter if its less bad or more bad.they have tons of shit policies

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Are you trying to say all software should be open source and any software that isn’t is evil?

            So no one should be able to profit from their work? Except Google of course.

            If the world was left to people like you we’d all be using command line interfaces and looking at our Google Sooner Blackberry rip-offs.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            No,go to cyanogen’s website and the first thing you see “An open future” “what matters to us : Openness” (scroll down and you’ll see this one) scroll a bit more “It’s time for an open os” and more and you’ll see “An Open OS built by…(bla blah blah)”
            And then we have microsoft closed crap on the OS.isn’t this lying?
            And we have tons of Linux GUIs so go live in Microsoft’s FUD.GNOME and KDE particularly look good.Android is also Linux based and Material design looks pretty good to me.(your mileage may vary)

          • MattEgansHairLine

            how is it lying?

            Microsoft are doing one thing and using Cy as a outlet, just as they are with Xiamio (maybe SIC).

            Are you pretending that Google is open? Why are they so protective over the algorithm they copied from Robin Li? Why do they have limits on how phone manufacturers are allowed how they use Android, and force Google apps (everyone else calls it spywear) onto the build.

            Google call it open source because punters believe what they are told, dig and you will find a locked down OS that monitors you for Google, free in your mind, but not in reality.

            You think they lie more than Google? Because that would be a foolish position to take, seeing as Googles whole business is smoke and mirrors.

            I suggest you use search from someone who is not Google (currently being prosecuted in Europe for lying in more than one case). Then look at their history, even worse.

            How short is your memory? Forgot about Eric’s “creepy line”?

          • wrkerr

            I have to agree with you here. I was really hoping that Cyanogen would turn out a truly open source mobile OS, but this does not seem to be the direction they are heading.

            It was a bad sign back when CyanogenMod first went incorporated and a bunch of their open source devs left to start OmniROM. We’ll see.

      • Cole Raney

        Haha, bing…
        Although from what I understand bing maps is more accurate. I have never used Cortana, so I can’t compare there. Though, if we are comparing search wngine vs search engine, there is a reason Google is by far on top.

      • Levi R. Weiland

        Sure, but is it better than google? Goolge maps vs being maps? Google is better. Bing vs google? Google is better.

        • Marty

          What makes Google Maps better? If you say GM version 6 is better, I’ll agree. But GM Verizon 7 and above is not better, and is considerably dangerous to use while driving because of all the screen attention needing to be paid just to initiate a navigation. GM version 6 needed only one screen tap to do a navigation. Here Maps, though requiring several screen taps to do a nav, is safer for requiring less interaction than GM.

          • Levi R. Weiland

            Verizon is a whole different problem. But my google maps works fine for me.

          • Marty


  • Rodney

    Shocking how arrogant these guys became. Honestly ? I hope Google puts a bullet through your heads.

    • retrospooty

      Exactly… They went from great 3rd party ROM with fantasic features above and beyond Android to whiney arrogant douchebag with little to offer in a real short amount of time. 2 years ago Cyanogenmod ROMS were way the hell better than stock Android. now, there are very little totally stable versions of CM, and Stock Android (referring to 4.4) + Android Xposed tweaks are far better than CM… And NOW he is talking more smack than an iDouchebag with an inferiority complex? Buh buy CM, your time has come and gone.

      • kg2105

        Another +1, with CM11 and on the quality/stability of Cyanogenmod has been very poor. Some of the release candidates and stable builds are just nightlies with tons of known problems that they never bothered to fix. I am aware the roms are free and Cyanogenmod doesn’t owe users anything, but if they are gonna run their mouths this much they better be on top of their game and it is the opposite. Cyanogenmod Roms have never been worse. Also the quote about the alternatives being better than Google products once integrated is HILARIOUS. Yeah they are so great that is why Microsoft and Nokia are so dominant in the smartphone market LOL /s

        • Sempet

          Totally I installed the cm release on my s4 and ditched it after 2 weeks due to the sheer amount of glitches and problems I wouldn’t bother again I prefer the official rom but just rooted and debloated with nova on top works just fine

      • Rofl

        It’s funny how you use isheep’s as a comparison for any given argument… Just saying

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Load programme ‘defend Google at all costs’

          • gruffogre

            You should put your repeat statement before run.

      • Levi R. Weiland

        Yeah, totally agree.

    • Sempet

      Just seems pointless the vast majority want android with all the Google services apart from a few nerds and until they manage to get their Android adopted by the major manufacturers they will remain a tiny player in the entire android market this is almost as pointless as jolla and Firefox, also most carriers who sell the devices have huge ties in with Google which they won’t ditch in a hurry, I can appreciate the idea but wouldn’t want a Google less android and let’s face it the tekkies can easily root the average android device and strip out all the Google software.

    • Mariusz Kujawski

      Meanwhile Cyanogen will sleep on cash and his ROM will be used everywhere.

      • Darcy Myers

        Not by me. Don’t like the browser they plan to use. Hate bing search engine. Don’t like Microsoft and don’t like Cyangen.

        • Levi R. Weiland

          Bing sucks.

      • kg2105

        Nah a lot of people are going away from CM because of poor quality and their management being such d-bags (like this CEO). Microsoft will invest in anything that has anti-Google sentiments, even when it’s completely hopeless like this venture.

        • Mariusz Kujawski

          It’s only vocal minority which has little impact on overall usage. Not many people are interested deep enough to take politics into consideration before installing new ROM for their phone.

    • Jonathan King

      yeah going to be washing my hands of them soon at this rate.

    • mikexilva

      As soon as M$ deals with a company it become Google worst enemy…
      I hope the bullet goes directly to whoever bought it.

    • Levi R. Weiland


    • sithishs

      It’s what happens when someone hands you $80 million instead of you (and your company) actually earning it.

      • Rodney

        I think CM is forgetting who actually built, developed and maintaned Android over the years. The level of arrogance is just ridiculous…

        • Jason Cawthron

          Google didn’t build Android… They bought Android when it was 2.

          • Bharat

            Agree, but still they did manage to take it to 5.0 while Windows failing terribly during the same period due to their over-tight approach.
            They were pragmatic and so were able to grow it so far. There is a huge difference in 2.0 and 5.0.
            Give the devil its dues.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        What like the CIA’s in-q-tel investment in Google?

        You know, when Page & Brin pretended to be just like their heroes; a Mr Jobs and a Mr Woz, and faked setting up in the family garage with money from in-q-tel!

        Google was set up by two rich kids who stole Robin Li’s work.

        These facts are easy to find using Bing!

    • Martin Lane


    • Google puts a bullet through their head and that’ll be a wasted bullet on the part of Google.

      Its a waste of everything to place a bullet on this guy who’s already bulleting himself at the face.

      Big fail McMaster.

    • 404

      that’s right. google is life

    • MattEgansHairLine

      So, only open source if they do as they are told by Google?

      You have just hit the nail on the head, not really open source, just a fake open source for mugs who fall for marketing.

  • JLIT99

    Is Blu a member of the OHA? If so, this phone would violate the rules of the OHA membership.

  • Marty

    Bing is probably a more reliable search engine than Google anymore. And Here Maps is at least as good as Google Maps. Put Cortana to the task of voice controlling the built-in apps and you might have a system to rival Apple. Mainly because Apple’s Siri is the worst damn voice assistant in existence. And Apple’s maps can’t compare to Here. Plus Apple doesn’t have a native search engine. It uses Yahoo or Google or something else.

    Other than the unknown hardware, everything I see looks like potential. The biggest *if*, though, is the appstore. Amazon’s appstore is good, but it’s not even anywhere near the league of Google’s Playstore. If Cyanogen can somehow incorporate Microsoft’s Window Phone marketplace, then it would almost be a viability.

    • InternetTroll

      Seriously dude, put down the reafer.

      • Marty

        I wish I could pick it up. :p

    • Conor Reay

      Right now, I think it’s better to keep apple out of the picture.

      I think cyanogen could make it big with its promises of a completely open software. But at the minute they’re still just promises. When they’re dragging in default apps from different companies and corporations there’s bound to be some compatibility or privacy issues where that individual company will deny cyanogen to release a completely open os.

      IMO, Google is the best way to go when it comes to android, with a lot of things really. With Google’s android now diving into the world of watches and cars there really isn’t any stopping them any time soon. And after all they did create android in the first place, they’re the best to plan it’s future.

      • Marty

        ” And after all they did create android in the first place, ”

        Not really. Google bought up the creators of Android back in 2005 or somewhere around that time.

        The only thing Google did create was the Google search engine and Google Maps. After buying Android, of whom Andy Rubin was the real creator, Google created the appstore for Android.

    • Ali Abidrahmani

      “If Cyanogen can somehow incorporate Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketplace, then it would almost be a viability.”
      You sure you’re talking about porting a closed source app ecosystem to android? oO Oo
      Blackberry couldn’t even get android working on their platform…
      And it’s not like windows phone marketplace is a benchmark,It’s way worse than play why go through SO MUCH hassle

  • Jonathan W

    So basically it’s normal android, with worse apps in place of the google ones? ok lol

    • Marty

      Nope. Better apps in place of the Google ones.

      • Conor Reay

        I have to disagree, Google is becoming known better for its sync capabilities. With Google apps everything is everywhere instantly and always connected. Where as Microsoft is very much capable of all this, they have roots in the pc market, giving Google an advantage, imo

      • Jonathan W

        I do like cortana. But a lot of the other apps, like the amazon appstore, are not really the greatest IMO. I guess i could see dropbox being alright, but google drive already provides the same exact functionality.
        I guess i’m just wondering what would attract big OEMs away from google into Cyanogen OS. All of the changes seem like they are basically the same or worse versions of what was already in Android.

        • justd80010

          For one only Samsung has successfully monetized Android. Additionally some OEMs have their own services but still have to make Google services the default, so they essentially promote a direct competitor. A compromise they don’t have to make on Cyanogen… so far.
          Dropbox has far more robust integration with MS Office than Google drive does. So it’s probably a superior solution to Drive for enterprise users.

          • Ali Abidrahmani

            Amazon apps is simply a deal breaker though,apps get updated months after play store(if ever),and amazon is not known to care about developers AT ALL(there were reports that FAoD doesn’t generate money),they change prices as they wish force you through a DRM(uninstalling amazon appstore results in losing access to all apps) and last(yet the most important part),their library is weak…like very weak,I invested $10 there and couldn’t find anything to purchase(and then I purchased Plex only to get s**** by lack of updates)

      • InternetTroll

        Marty’s been smoking on McMaster’s dong too long.

        • Marty

          Sadly I don’t live in Colorado or Washington state. No toking going on here. :(

          • kg2105

            You are definitely on something, those “replacements” for Google’s services are all inferior and will only ensure that nobody buys these CM phones. Amazon couldn’t pull it off, and they have way more resources/talent than CM does.

  • frhow

    Cyanogen team wow how you’ve changed!!

  • InternetTroll

    Cyanogen now starting to sound like North Korea. Someone off these fools so we don’t have to hear their rhetoric anymore.

  • Derek923

    My question is, what Cyanogen?

  • salehinbinothman

    Mother Google is huge enough and doing very well being an android user I think many cannot live without Google let be more realistic it not broken Don’t fix stock andtoid or so called pure android
    Is The best of the best Google as done don’t leave home without it Google the future is now .

    • Cory

      I would have to disagree. I find Sense to be so much better.

  • John Sullivan

    No Google services means no sale. It’s why I’ve stayed away from the Amazon tablets and phone.

    • justd80010

      There are tens of millions of non-Google devices sold all over the world every year, clearly Google services isn’t the deciding factor to a lot of people.

      • Marian Zamfir

        iOS, Windows Phone and Android (the one and only) : all use Google services.. Give me for example a smartphone that sell 1 million every day and you won this.

        • justd80010

          Xiaomi… I win.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            Morron! Do research idiot

          • justd80010

            Says the 3rd grade education, internet D-bag that can’t correctly spell MORON.

          • keithtae

            XiaoMi is based on android and uses google playstore LOL

          • justd80010

            You should be LOLing in shame… Xiaomi uses an Android fork and runs it’s own services. It does not use the Google play store.

          • keithtae

            most of the people use android apps on xiaomi phones you moron, they sold 61 million units in 2014 but only 17 million users are actually downloading apps through Xiaomi market .

          • justd80010

            Idiot, Google services ARE NOT loaded by default.. I don’t care how many people side load them. You’re too stupid to realize that’s my point. People are already used to side-loading on Android, they don’t need Google’s default services and millions NEVER load Google’s services. Still unable to comprehend? Probably.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          That was easy.

          My iPhone 6 has no Google apps, search is by Bing and Wolfram and web search is default Yahoo.

          Don’t even need an ad blocker if I want to watch YouTube, just search using Bing and it kills all the Google marketing crap.

          My privacy is more valuable than a free email account.

          • Guest123

            If your privacy is more valuable than anything u shouldn’t even be using a smartphone or connect to the Internet.

          • keithtae

            Youtube is owned by google. LOL

          • KingofPing

            Says privacy is valuable to him. Owns and uses a modern smartphone.

            Well, I’m laughing.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            True, but then again, looks like there could be some money for us in it.


          • Marian Zamfir

            You don’t use Google aps, but they are there if you want to. You have the Google aps on iOS. If you want you can avoid using Google aps on android too.
            You can try again if you want..

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Maybe you should try and read what googles T&Cs regarding roid, maybe you should try again?

            Like did you bother to read that Google only support devices for a maximum of two years, and that the majority of devices get zero support?

            Did you bother to read what Google impose on manufactuerers?

            Didn’t think so, try again…

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Someone had better tell Google that!

            I guess you privacy isn’t

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Only an idiot puts Google apps on an iOS device, want ads, get the Google app, don’t want ads, just use bing.

            Easy really, and why do Google make apps for ios? Because no one has any money on roid, it’s like showing ads to a tree.

          • Marian Zamfir

            The better app it’s the one that suits you.
            Google it’s making money for showing those ads, they have nothing to sale so it’s not important if Android users have / don’t have any money.
            If you ask companies that sell products on Android if the users have money, the answer will probably shock you.
            And again, Apple and Google have a contract for those apps, Google didn’t enter in AppStore by force.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            …had a contract, past tense.

            Anyone can force there way onto the App Store, as long as the app is virus and malware free.

            What are you trying to imply?

      • Shubham Singh

        But when is comes to android they do and not everyone is living in china.

        • justd80010

          Yeah, because it’s 1980 and who needs to worry about those 1.2 billion people in China, it’s not the largest smartphone market in the world or anything. Nope, outside the mature economies of the west there are more people using Android without Google services than with them.

          • kg2105

            China is not the largest Android smartphone market if you only look at legitimate manufacturers. Yeah there are probably hundreds of random brands in China most of which do not have Google services, but they are only sold there and a lot of them are shady POS. You can’t weigh it equally with legitimate Android products, even though you are obviously biased and you want to. Besides legitimate manufacturers sell smartphones there too, so it’s not like there is zero Google services in China. For most people Google services are a huge part of Android, even the casual users who don’t care about the details want Google Maps, Gmail, etc. They will notice and react negatively if it changes to bing or hotmail.

          • justd80010

            Okay, if you only look at “legitimate” OEMs, by those I assume you mean only those running Google’s version of Android, the entire Android market share plummets.
            For MOST people the phone they have is an Android fork that doesn’t come with Google services. You’re the one that’s biased and views the world from some place in the west and doesn’t have any consideration about “most” people while you promote inaccuracies and falsehoods. Dude, just look it up. You’re claiming that some of the largest smartphone vendors in the world are “illegitimate” because they don’t have Google service installed by default, it’s an absurd statement.

          • Shubham Singh

            Actually I made an assumption that you were referring to china where android ships without GApps. Then i would love to know a about the economies where people buy use android without GApps

      • Guest123

        They probably didn’t have a choice or they have never bought a phone with Google service before. No doubt there are people who didn’t care. I rather put my money with a big company with a history than 1 who wanna put bullets thru other’s head, who knows, one day they might just put a bullet to my head as well.

    • Jason Zhang

      Yeah, I made the mistake of buying a Kindle Fire two years ago and it sucked that I had to get it rooted to get the Play Store and apps I need such as Gmail and YouTube. Now for the past year since I’ve rooted it it’s been laggy as hell. No Google Services = no way I’m gonna buy the phone/tablet

    • Bob

      So true. Mcmaster has only to look at amazon to see what a disaster is in store when you don’t bundle Android with Google services. And that was Amazon, which is 1000 times bigger than Cyanogen. That fool is full of hot air and it’s all going to blow back at him.

  • razielpr

    Guess what they will still be a forked version of Android and Android belongs to Google so they won’t have their own OS it will still be Googles property and I will love to see Google sue them for copyright infringement.

  • Bradley Uffner

    Seriously, “A bullet through the head”? How immature, combative, and arrogant. I had been a huge CyanogenMod fan, but this just turns me off completely. I’ve been looking forward to the first stable Lollipop CM build for my Nexus 6, but now I’m going to have to look elsewhere. Maybe Paranoid Android.

    • Give benzo ROM a try, rock stable, 5.1 and has every feature you could want

  • Jacob Bear Juice Senn

    So, Cyanogen is going take AOSP and replace all of the good open source apps with a hodge podge patchwork of apps that include Microsoft products? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Cyanogen just stole those idiots money.

    • Cory

      Google’s apps like Maps Gmail Search Drive aren’t open source. They are closed proprietary software. This is why Google apps are missing in Pure AOSP roms. Also Cortana is actually really good as is OneDrive.

  • millar

    There OS? Its based all on android…

  • MJay

    So what will Cyanogen do if Google decided to stop dumping the source code for future iterations of Android? What will they build Cyanogen 13,14,15,16, etc off of? Somebody please help me with the answer to that. There is the easy fix to forking.

    • saurjk

      I would love this to be answered as well.

    • Marty

      Android is actually open source software. Highly doubtful, but if Google did stop releasing source code, any future Android software would diverge from the current and continue on in a completely new direction. You’d likely see completely different naming involved and completely new and proprietary features. The OS name could also be completely different, rather than continuing with “Android”.

      • justd80010

        Android Open Source Project would continue on. Google already does this with Google Mobile Services which sees AOSP components not updated and left incompatible with GMS, it becomes increasingly the case with every iteration of GMS.

      • MJay

        Just because it is open source that does not mean that are legally obligated to dump anything! In response to the latter, that would mean that they (Cyanogen and etc) would be responsible for creating new features on their own, making it stable on their by themselves, and etc. I just went back to a note 4 because my one plus one was the worst phone I have ever owned. I have never seen a phone so buggy! Ever! Even the Bluetooth did not function properly! Cyanogen is incapable of creating anything by themselves!

        • Donald

          I dont know what your problem is, but I own the Oneplus One and it has been the most stable phone I have ever owned. Plus, if you really hate Cyanogen that much, wait till friday (March 27th) when Oxygen OS comes out. Oxygen OS is not connected to Cyanogen whatsoever, therefore you should not have anymore problems.

          • MJay

            I loved the features, it was just too unstable. Happy with my note 4 now. Plus, I went online and saw tons of people who experiencing the same issues I was. The battery life sucked as well. I was putting it back on the charger by 3 pm with light usage.

        • Ali Abidrahmani
          • MJay

            They are obligated to keep it open (in other words they can not say we are closed and only working with specific partners), but are not obligated to dump their code. FYI, I would never consider C Net credible for news.

  • Caitlin Wolford

    I’m sure the billion android users are terrified of the thousand cyanogen users.

    • MJay


  • If they can do it, maybe it will push Google to UP their game and produce a more user-friendly setup. Also, if this phone is made and Verizon Wireless supports the device, I’ll get one for my upgrade. I’m not devoted to ANY side and I don’t care how bold anyone ACTS, as long as they deliver.

    • Marian Zamfir

      Don’t get so fired up. Google has way to much experience to be grounded over night. Samsung is a very big company with many fans and play it cool with Tizen. Who is Blu ? Why no big company support this ?
      It’s likely Cyanogen to be made an example ;)

  • tyb82

    Uhhh…. isnt Google the reason you are who you are…

  • Hoggles

    If it weren’t for Google, McMaster wouldn’t have a job. What a royal A-Hole.

  • DarrenSaw

    Big words and no customers. Cyanogen will be unlikely to make it, still if these investors want to pi$$ money up the wall that’s their prerogative I suppose.

  • Will S.

    Why would anyone want an Android without Google services? Just why folks?

    P.S. No paranoid responses about Google selling your please.

    • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

      Because what Android can do, it’s market position, and the apps available, and lack of suitable choices.

      iOS is not for me, Windows lacks in the app ecosystem, and the many other new alternatives don’t cut it yet. You are left with Android.

      But Android can still be really great without Google apps. I don’t care for any of their apps other than the Play Store and Google Now.

      The one thing Android can’t live without is Play Services, it has too much built-in.

      • Cory

        Windows is doing better in apps it just lacks quality apps.

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    This won’t work. And not because it uses Microsoft services, which i already use and love in my Android device. The mission for a more open OS dies the minute you put closed and proprietary services. Why Bing instead of DuckDuckGo? Why Spotify when it locks you into its streaming Spotify Connect protocol? Why both OneDrive AND Dropbox?
    That, and the Amazon appstore is shit next to the Play Store.

  • Craig Trunzo

    LOL. These guys are dicks. The only reason they exist is because of Google.I haven’t used Cyanogen in a while, and after all this nonsense spewing from the CEO’s mouth, it’s a certainty that I never will again.

    After MySpace, I’m surprised Rupert would touch another dying technology wannabe.

    • Isn’t that what dying people do with their money…. waste it on worthless shit?

  • Tommy

    I think cm was pretty cool as a “custom” ROM over the years, but android is pretty friggin big, and aosp… I thought that’s what they were all about… google leaves everything open for people to do more or less whatever they want with it. I mean, am I missing something? What the hell is this Looney talking about. You know a year or two ago there were a couple stories bouncing around about them jacking peoples development work setting them up to look bad… Maybe they got.some screws loose. Seems like going from fun loving hackers to… assholes lol

  • Lijo

    ….the new Cyanogen phone will use the Amazon Appstore, the Opera web browser, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage, Nokia Here for maps and Spotify for music consumption. It will also feature Bing for web searches and Microsoft’s Cortana for a voice assistant.

    I cant just stop laughing…

    • David B

      No consistency at all or seamless integration between those apps

      • SamLehman617

        All Google needs to do to put a bullet through Cyanogen’s head is integrate their services a little more. Five to ten years down the road, integration of services within an ecosystem is what will win over tech buyers.

    • TDN

      What really makes me laugh is Blu CEO’s comment, “When these other apps are deeply integrated into the phone, most of the time they perform better than the Google apps”

      Lol, wut?!?

      I have used a Windows Phone, it (in my opinion) did not perform better than my Android phone. Add that to the fact that Windows Store and Amazon app store are severely lacking, this threat is laughable.

      • crackinthewall

        I think they have a different idea of integration. With Google services, you’ll be able to have a fully functioning phone with just ONE account. I just looked at those apps that Blu is touting and I can already see five accounts being synced on my phone. There might be an argument for Spotify but Blu is selling their phones in places where GPAA is available.

    • JSo

      You’d think with that $80 Million, they could make there own versions of all those apps instead of using other peoples work.

  • David B

    I once installed CM11 without the gapps…. It was traumatizing

  • Craig Nelson

    Will someone tell me how Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia and Spotify are more Open than Android. Oh yeah sure anyone can take Microsoft operating system and make it there own. Matter of fact there are lots of companies taking windows phone 8 and adding tweeks and putting it on there hardware because Microsofts OS is free and open. I’m being sarcastic of course. For people that made money and a company off a free and OPEN operating system they sure are whining a lot and how do they punish Google? By working with people that are less open than Google.

    • Michael Alan Goff

      Android is open, yes, but Google has been working hard to try to make sure they control it as much as possible. I’m not saying the others are more open, just that Google is hardly the champion of OSS.

      • Craig Nelson

        I’m not saying Google is the Champion OS. I’m just saying Cyonogin’s main argument against google is how they don’t open up there apps. All I’m saying is neither does Microsoft and all the other partners Cyonogin inc. are working with. At least Google allows them to take an OS owned by them and let Cyonogin or whatever manufacture do as they please with it.

  • mad876

    I think Cyanogen has totally lost sight of why people installed their Roms back in the day. I don’t want a phone without Google. Who ever told him that’s something I wanted off my phone? They’ve already screwed up their partnership with OnePlus even though OnePlus isn’t a big competitor. But really Kirt no one cares about the issues which seems more and more personal each day than that of business. I really like using my google services seamlessly… Phone and Browser(Web).

    • pattyc

      Then keep using google, others will like google less android

  • daggettbeaver

    CM12 on Note 4: You want GPS? Flash stock first, get a lock, then flash CM12. You want reliable SMS or camera? Don’t worry, I’m sure the geniuses working on 5.0-base CM12 will have those working by the time Android 6 is ready. Way to take Android away from Google, guys.

  • James Theodore Retuya

    nothing to do with the article but let me just say kudos to AA for this well-written article. that’s more than i can say for a certain tech site whose articles are consistently flawed.

  • TheOracle

    Too many comments to read so I hope I’m not repeating here. Blu are rebranded Gionee’s and nothing more. Their markets are mainly South American. They’re featherweights at best and Cyanogen must clearly be collectively smoking something strong. Their ceo is a moron. $80m is going to do nothing, zero, zilch, zip in todays market.

  • Stephen Sharp

    Biting the hand that feeds you is bad. Telling the hand that you are going to bite it may be worse

  • Sahil Roy

    This arrogance comes because of some easy money coming their way from some big names. Android is Google’s baby and no company would like to see its baby being raised in a different way. I am sure CM would do the same if someone messes up with their core design. McMaster believes arrogance wins investors.. so good luck to him.

    • Cory

      McMaster and John Legere would probably get along well. Similar personalities.

  • TDN

    I used to like CM, but that was before I purchased my first Nexus.

    • Cory

      I never likes CM. Used it once. Was more laggy and unstable than touchwiz. Haven’t touched it sense owning an M7 M8 and soon M9. Sense is far better. Even better than stock.

  • dadamaja

    Cyanogen will you please die a horrible death already

  • mgg_g3

    I am sure a lot of people would switch in a heartbeat if the app permissions would be fixed so that the user decides what permissions to give to apps instead of the other way around. Android is good, Google services are good, but when you look at apps there is a lot of trash and poor programming. Why would a camera app get network access if I only want to take pictures ?

    At the end of the day, these guys will try to steal some of Google’s add revenue money … revenue sharing works well when there is revenue to share.

    • Cory

      So basically what iOS does for app permissions? Which I still am not to sure why Google hasn’t done that yet.

  • Mana Farrell

    I just cannot see this making ground.

  • p3ngwin

    “Aliyun was a forked version of Android, incompatible with Google services, that had very little to do with Google. The smartphone was
    ultimately put to rest, likely because of Google’s warnings that the launch of the device would jeopardize Acer’s Android partnership.”

    Acer violated their agreement with the Open Handset Alliance. Acer tried to “eat their cake and still have it”.

    The OHA is over 84+ companies agreeing to share hardware, licenses, support, software, services, etc for a common and compatible Android. You don’t agree to join the OHA, to benefit from it, then violate the agreement for your own gains that you don’t share back with the OHA.


    the OHA website:

    “What have members of the Alliance committed to?”

    “All members of the Alliance have committed to making the initial version of the platform a commercial success. Some companies have contributed significant intellectual property to the Alliance that will be released under the Apache v2 Open Source license. Others are working to make sure their chipsets support the platform. Handset manufacturers and mobile operators are working to develop handsets based on the platform. Commercialization partners are working with the industry to support the platform via a professional services

    you can either be a member of the OHA with all the benefits that come with it, or you can enjoy the freedom allowing you to sell both
    “AOSP Android” and AOSP devices….only you’ll do the latter with NONE of the benefits that come with OHA membership.

    This is what Barnes and Noble did, and so did Amazon. Also Acer could have sold AOSP-Android and Alibaba’s “Aliyun-OS” devices, just without OHA and Google’s support, including pre-installing Google’s proprietary Apps.

    As an OHA member nobody is forcing you to do anything, except abide by the agreed standards of the OHA if you join, because you
    are NOT permitted to cherry-pick the benefits as an OHA member WITHOUT abiding by the responsibilities that come with membership.

  • edxgerrard.8

    “A bullet through the head”? are they serious ?
    Google can put abullet through the cyanogen head , a d1ck though their ass and mouth
    and their os will be based on android so why the fuck they are makeing it so big
    and ok I know the android is open source software but can cyanogen make oxygen os from the scratch and be as good as android I doubt it

  • Sathira Katugaha

    Bing for search results = better performance than Google apps…. I’m done, already I’m not buying one of those phones for my life.

    • Ali Abidrahmani

      They already do,In my country Strict Search is always on and you can’t disable it because of my region
      Probabe that they striked a deal with Iranian Government.

  • Guest

    this idea is going nowhere. even if google is controlling the android market its not bad because at the rnd if the day users are satisfied n getting most of android. why would people go fr a device which has maps powerd by some company music by some1 else.

  • Guest

    this idea is going nowhere. even if google is controlling the android market its not bad because at the rnd if the day users are satisfied n getting most of android. why would people go fr a device which has maps powerd by some company music by some1 else n something more by some1 else. google delivers itld

  • Ankit Dubey

    this idea is going nowhere. even if google is controlling the android market its not bad because at the end of the day users are satisfied n getting most of android. why would people go fr a device which has maps powerd by some company music by some1 else n something more by some1 else. google delivers it in the simple way all at one place only powered by google dats wat consumers need.

  • Pana-Guest

    these guys are running their mouths a little too much for their own good. so basically all they want to do is remove the google ecosystem and replace it with alternatives (some are actually good alternatives).
    why don’t they create an original os? like firefox os or ubuntu? stop riding google’s d*ck and build your own source code or stfu, in the end if they don’t do this, it will still be labeled as android-based OS just like the rest.

  • ConCal

    This describes CM perfectly.

  • flye

    Meanwhile they are still forking from aosp?
    Funny much this cyanogen.

  • Rushan

    No Android No Cyanogen. Don’t try to bite the hand that feeds you

    • Jimmy Beam

      His threats were aimed at Google and it’s control over Android, not Android itself which he intends to wrest from Google’s cold dead corpse and then ruin it with this ridiculous “alternative “.

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Google is Android
    No Google means no Android means no Cyanogen

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Cyanogen is saying pretty much that Google users have no choice but to use Google services. And that’s the problem they want to fix. Wait, what? I use Dropbox for most of my files. Whatsapp is my preferred messaging app. Play Music is my favorite. Google Maps is my go to app. I have a choice.
    The question is, will I have a choice with Cyanogen’s vision? As far as I can tell, I’ll have to use HERE maps and Microsoft apps off the bat. I hate Opera mobile browser, I don’t like Bing and I dislike the Amazon appstore by itself. But if I liked it, I could have it on my phone anyway.

    What I’m trying to say is, a Cyanogen OS phone without Google is not giving people a choice at all. You are forcing them to use apps they may or may not like just because you think its OK.

    They’re creating a problem to the solution of a problem.

    • Good point. That’s why I love Google… they give you choice in almost everything they do, even creating multiple products in the same category to compete with other Google products! No other company is as noble or does this!

  • Ellie Powers

    It’ll be a good thing if Cyanogen does take off as Google dominates too much of the internet with dominant search, video, browser, email and dominant smart phone platform. At least competing services to Googles will get a look in if Cyanogen smart phones do well. Otherwise we could end up with a choice between Google or Google if Google continues with little competition. The company name ‘Google’ is too much of a metaphor for where the company is heading.

  • Sandesh Damkondwar

    I don’t believe that Cyanogen can take down Android at least at this point. They need make people(normal who don’t flash custom OSes frequently on their phone) more aware about this OS. Cyanogen team need to launch their own play store like service before making such controversial statements.

  • Lilith_Black

    The whole comment on “better alternatives” is bullshit. Seriously, Bing a better search engine than Google? Are you kidding me?

  • Garrrtt

    So I would need 6 different accounts to run my phone smoothly and sync it across devices. Not cool.

  • Jeff

    Awesome! So instead of getting shitty, uninstallable apps preinstalled by my cell phone company, I can get them from cyanogen. NO THANKS.

  • Joseph Griffin

    I hope McMaster fails and leaves Cyanogen, his shit is damaging Cyanogen’s image beyond repair.

  • pablo

    Bing…. That just ….

  • Nirmit Mehta

    Companies like these are money hoggers. Sooner or later Google would buy this company and prove everyone is a sell out, that includes kirt whatever.

  • 3223

    Personally, I lost respect for Cyanogen the moment I found out that they screwed up Oneplus for its India launch, re: the Micromax vs Oneplus fiasco over Cyanogenmod OS in their smartphones. Agreements may be agreements, but as strongly worded an agreement is, it takes integrity of parties to make things work. The fact that Cyanogen, after agreeing with Oneplus, went ahead with Micromax for the Yureka line of phones made me totally disgusted with the company.

    Im not saying the big Goog is all better and is an absolute saint. But at least they don’t go screwing customers up the way Cyanogen did.

    And now with this level of hubris from Cyanogen, I just hope Cyanogen collapses, and from its ashes arise a revamped company (and team) with people’s interests at heart (rather than solely for greed and lining their own pockets).

  • Konstantin Stefanov

    “the new Cyanogen phone will use the Amazon Appstore, the Opera web browser, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage, Nokia Here for maps and Spotify for music consumption. It will also feature Bing for web searches and Microsoft’s Cortana for a voice assistant”

    this sounds SOOOOOO much like the Frankenstein of mobile OS …. i would NEVER use any of those services not because they are part of CM but because 99% of them are names that used to be good and now are crap or just crap by default, or something that i prefer not using because i just dont like it and its crap

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    So what this means is that Cyanogen and Blu want to make another typical Chinese brand phone? Why???

  • Cole Raney

    It is weird how “tryannical” they say google is over android. I mean, google made android. They have a right to implemented anything they want. I may hate what Apple does with iOS, but I don’t think they are being tyrannical with it. They own it, and can do whatever they want.

  • Diabolic

    Those guys are making me laugh lately.

  • Reezy

    Should just let user choose.
    Love CM but hate all that “new” sjit, hate the current cLock,filebrowser, camera,audofx, gallery,browser,messaging and the music app they provide. I remove them after each update.
    Just let me choose what I want. They are doing the same as google but with other apps how is that any better.

    Would be awesome if they had a google-less rom and all google-incl rom.

  • Parag Agrawal

    You couldn’t possibly be more thankless…..idiots, I don’t know how anyone could invest in these guys.

  • Aqwaman

    Well, that escalated quickly…!!

  • Alex

    WTF is wrong with these guys?! The moment Cyanogen departs from Google is the moment I depart from Cyanogen. It is THAT easy!

    Cyanogen heavily depends on Google and it’s services. They are not even remotely close to building and maintaining their own ecosystem.

  • Alex

    The moment Cyanogen departs from Google is the moment I depart from Cyanogen. It is that easy.

  • disqus_xWPsKDvFvr

    Google be like: Awe… Isn’t that cute…??? They’re so precious at that age.

  • Jallarhorn

    If “integrate application services deep into the Cyanogen OS” = non optional, I’m out.

  • Major_Pita

    Their business model should now include a mandatory muzzle for their CEO.

  • jasonx

    Funny how they want to get rid of Google and forced bloat ware on us.

  • ufish2

    It’s for the bucks,sold themselves out to MS for dollars..and they proved there point when they went to samsung to grabbers….roms arent that big a deal

  • diper07

    Cyangoen CEO has gone made seriously.. Some days ago he was saying that samsung’s end is near.
    Cyanogen is more like publicity stunt company.

  • Anothermuse

    So the strategy to topple Google will be to use second/third tier manufacturers and cobble together programs and apps that are almost as good as Google offerings? And then market is as? What? Hey everyone, this stuff is almost as good as google’s stuff!

    I’m all for avoiding monopolies, but the strategy doesn’t seem to make sense. Other than a handful of people on tech sites, there’s not that much interest in roms, and there isn’t any distribution or marketing plans other than the CEO making crazy statements.

  • Joe Sixpack

    Google, who do most things right, is no villain. Replacing Google with Bing, who steal search data from Google search (google it up), sounds like a prescription for failure. If it isn’t made by Google, I don’t put it on my phone.

  • Dan McSweeney

    Dear Mr. McMaster, based on your performance so far, I’d suggest you steer clear of firearms of any sort, as you will likely just end up losing most of your remaining toes.

  • Asish Behera

    I like cyanogen but…
    with out google it’s nothing…
    and due to CM’s ANTI GOOGLE nature I am not gonna like CM any more

  • totnuckers

    Wish these cynocrap fell flat on its face, together with its arrogant bosses

  • JSo

    “Amazon Appstore, the Opera web browser, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage, Nokia Here for maps and Spotify for music consumption. It will also feature Bing for web searches and Microsoft’s Cortana for a voice assistant.”

    Yeah…good luck with that.

  • Radial

    First I’ll say I love my OPO, and I’m running CM on my Note II, both run exceptionally well. None of the OS changes or mouthing off at Google really bothers me (they’re all as bas as each other) what REALLY bothers me is they are now in bed with Murdoch, that is the sole reason CM is a no go for me any more.

  • mantrik00

    I am using a Canogen based One Plus One device. Trust me, I would not have considered buying the device if it wasn’t a Google certified device with support for Google play services & Google Apps. I believe, most Android users are attracted to Android devices because they love Google’s services. Most would not bother about Cyanogen if it becomes incompatible with Google’s Android. The sooner Cyanogen realises it the better.

  • Eliezer Costa

    Thanks but no thanks. Nice try though…to me Android + Google = the perfect match.

  • Kurian joseph

    Loved android only bcoz it came from Google. Cyanogen talking as though he who invented android and Google is borrowing it from cyanogen.

  • thestig

    good luck with that .. :P

  • BB BB

    No play services no maps , Gmail or anything else for that matter. They will be shooting themselves in the head.

  • MrChris

    “Good luck” – I’ll find you…

  • Faslane

    WOW, pretty arrogant. And also, Who’s installing CM anymore? LOTS of other options and how about and app store? People will need apps. I don’t see this happening successfully at all.

  • space_racer

    I will stick to the Android(Google) even if it means I am the last person using it, I dont care if I get scroogled.

  • NewModelNo15

    And the minute one of their users tries Amazon AppStore for the first time, will be the moment that user decides they DO want Google on their device after all.

    *And before anyone blasts me with the “Google fanboi hurr durr”, go check out Amazon Appstore and see for yourself what a haphazard, non-user-friendly mess that thing is.

  • Bailey

    What services are they going to offer that are better than Google. When most people look for information they Google it I haven’t many people say I am going to Bing it’s ingrained in peoples mind. Amazon app does to compete with Google play its OK on tablets but rubbish for a phone. Instead of creating services for themselves they are banking on other people at best its a mess. And of course Microsoft are there giving away more services to someone else because the windows OS is not even worth thinking about

  • McLaren F1P1

    In summary, it’s replacing/substituting the evil Google with another evil only coz they lending u cash! I think CM ceo needs a bullet very quickly in his a$$ as he’s completely crazy! Another disciple of Stephen Flop!!

  • tvikr

    I can understand ripping off some of Google’s awful bundled apps such as G+, but these people seem to want to eliminate Google from Android just for the sake of it. Isn’t the Fire phone from Amazon already doing that?

  • aaloo

    Go cyanogen go.

  • Bobby Wright

    ill say it again. I hope Cyanogen’s “OS” goes down in flames.

  • bob

    How to fuck yourself 101

  • TodaysGOP

    It is funny. I google Cyanogen OS, go to the Cyanogen page and ALL the examples have Google services. No wonder he could not hack it at Samsung.

  • AndroidModder2014

    Wow this is news to me. I didn’t realize Cyanogen was so king that they could just nix google apps and think that people will come flocking to them in droves. I think McMaster forgot who actually maintains the AOSP source code and he thinks Cyanogen controls it. We’re going to take back android from google, but if we get too successful we’re shit outta luck because google won’t maintain the source and we’ll actually have to do work. OH FUCK.

  • Akash Patel

    Before you know we will have a mess of android distros like Linux distros. Each android distro will have its own services, separate from Google services.

  • A.M

    Haven’t touched CM in yrs I stepped away from had lack of customs enjoyed it on my Epic 4g CM9

  • crutchcorn

    First off, Cyanogen STFU. Putting a bullet through their heads??? Hoenstly????

  • v1nce

    If the Cyanogen OS wants a screaming chance of staying alive, the developers need to run away from McMasters screamingly fast and revive the OS under a new name. Heck, if they’re not already running it’s too late. Years later when someone does a What Happened to Cyanogen story, the header will read “CEO + Hookers + Blow = Bye Bye”

  • dgrantuk

    The mixture of VC investment and multiple partner tie-in’s can only mean the end of free CM. The basics will be free but anything else will be charged for. Let’s face it, everyone on Android is used to a free lunch (even though they know that Google is making money out of them) so it might be hard to adjust to Android with not only different services but also services that want your money!

    I personally trust Google with my stuff. It sounds weird I know, based on how they make their money. Apart from the occasional Maps bug, their apps are nice to use and serve my needs. I’m sure Amazon or MS would do as well but if it ain’t broke…

  • Joyti

    I have some insight into the Cyanogen development process which might interesting some people

    – The hacker mentality is very much grounded/rooted in the company. Many of the features/functionality/bug fixes are typically hacked together without much long term thought on how to resolve the issue properly. As a result they have a lot of tech debt which continues to pile on.

    – A lot of the original Cyanogen team come from Samsung. The engineering team consists of smart people, though most have just been brought on board because they knew one another at Samsung. They don’t necessary have experience or skill set to manage the company or teams. This is evident in the lack of engineering processes and understanding of agile principles.

    – Integrating with OEM partners takes a lot of planning and preparation which they are ill prepared for. Their continued arrogance and hackish engineering process has made integration with OEM very painful

    – The QA team is completely dysfunctional. The QA manager has zero experience on how to manage a team. There’s lack of understanding of the various different levels of the AOSP stack and what types of testing is needed. There’s no unit, functional,regression or automation testings. There’s no system or dogfooding programs. The team is constantly in reactive mode. Overall the people that have been hired don’t actually understand QA. If you are seeing issues with your devices then this is probably the root cause!

    – Did I mention arrogance? They are completely full of themselves.

    – Stupid people have given them money to over indulge themselves with more stupid arrogant people

  • gerald cragg

    I do not really understand, it’s to boycott Google in favour of microsoft.
    Isn’t that a bullet in the brain?

  • I use Official CM OS in my YU device and i appreciate their work but i don’t understand why they want take away google services from CM OS i mean i’m happy with Google Now and Google Search so just to me move away from Google i don’t want to use Bing. I can use spotify anyway on Android and CM then i dont wanted Spotify as integrated service in my phone. If i want i can download. If i want i ll download dropbox or one drive but i dont want them as integration in CM. If that’s the plan for CM then i guess whole point of CM started is going in wrong directions. Community push CM because mostly people wanted to wipe crap and bloats out of the OS experience and looking for more customization and control over the OS. So much hate towards Google is so wrong.

  • Ken

    Are the fixing a perceived problem with Android or just looking for a new way to scam money off the concept and framework that Google made popular? Sounds like a money thing to me. And teeming with Microsoft for some of the key apps isn’t like their only working with companies known for openness and non-monopolistic tactics.

  • LeetLawrence

    Any other day I wouldn’t defend Google, but Kirk McMoron can kiss my a** if he doesn’t want me to use the Play Store, and so can any phone manufacturer that partners up with Cyanogen.

  • Archadae

    Amazon, Opera, Onedrive, Cortana and Bing? This sounds like the worst setup ever. If they’re trying to force alternatives why not firefox and duckduckgo? It’s it more worth it to get in bed with Microsoft than to make a good product?

  • MattEgansHairLine

    So you all claim android is open source, but get all upset when someone wants to get rid services by a criminal company who treats users like cattle to feed there ad revenue.

    What a bunch of moronic search engine fanboys, lobotomised by google

  • Bharat

    CM has been cool. It adds life to old phones. But, only success it had on a new phone was on OnePlus. That was a superb phone. Smart, intelligent, pragmatic design with value-for-money. It is a mass phone with class.
    CM’s challenges will come now. They need to go all out on new phones. They need to fight stock droids from Moto.
    With CM, phone manufactures need not have to bother about software updation. That will be outsourced to CM. It is the new trend of outsourcing in the world of mobile. The CM success comes from updates and support.
    Any competitors for CM there?? Google may pay you to beat CM !! Ha…ha..!!

  • Mauricio De la Orta

    Well, there’s a huge market for them, and it’s not in the would be owners of new smartphones, but in those people that already own a handset that hasn’t been updated by the original manufacturer. that is millions and millions of potential users!! And they don’t even have to sign a single deal with any manufacturer, but they’ll eventually want to.

  • mrosata

    I love Google, but damn it all if I don’t love an underdog more!