(Update: gameplay video!) Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy IX to Android

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 28, 2016

Update, January 29: Eager to see how Final Fantasy IX looks on mobile? A gameplay video has been posted on a Square Enix Japan YouTube channel (via FinalFantasyUnion). Enjoy!

Original post, December 31: Square Enix has been working to bring just about every Final Fantasy game to mobile devices for the past couple years, and it has just announced its next re-release that’s coming to mobile. Final Fantasy IX, one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time, is coming to Android, iOS and PC sometime in 2016. While there’s no specific release date nailed down as of yet, we’re just excited that the game developer has decided to bring this iconic title to Android.

We’re not entirely sure how much Square Enix plans to change in this mobile-friendly version, but we can conclude, at least from the trailer attached above, that we’ll be seeing some improved graphics and smoother animations. Square Enix is promising “high-definition graphics, newly added achievements, auto-save, high speed mode and several game boosting features.” There are no details regarding any of these new achievements or ‘game boosting features’ so far, so we’ll need to wait for more information in the new year.

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The game’s trailer doesn’t show much more than cutscenes, though the battle system seems to have received a few visual tweaks.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.08.09 AM (2)

As stated before, no exact release date has been given, but we’ll update you once we learn more. What’s your favorite Final Fantasy game? Are you excited to finally play IX on mobile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Square Enix on Google Play

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  • Okay…..they skip 7 and 8, two of the best FF games, and also delay the international release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained. What are they doing over there?

    • Johan

      Was going to say basically the same. Gave you one vote up instead.

      FF7 is available on iOS though. So it might come to Android as well.

      Unfortunately all new ports seem to be the “cheater” version, which is a deal breaker for me.
      So I wonder if this is a “cheater” version of FF9…

      • SharkGaming

        Can’t you just emulate the original version?

        • Svnjay

          Yeah but that is illegal and the company doesn’t receive any revenue.

          • Svnjay is illegal

            Assuming that the original version was pirated makes YOU illegal.

          • Svnjay

            Yay, I’m illegal!

      • leonffs

        what do you mean cheater version?

    • leonffs

      7 is available on iOS. I am sure they will release it on android eventually. Likewise I imagine 9 will come out on iOS first and then come to android after a while. Square has got the mindset that android users mostly pirate their games so they don’t really like releasing stuff for android. Which is also why the android versions of square games are really shitty compared to their iOS counterparts. For example see Chrono Trigger which is fantastic for iOS but a buggy pile of crap for Android that has to have an always on internet connection to play. This DRM is not present on the iOS version.

    • Angelica A (Angelikita)

      FF7 will come eventually to android and 8…. must fans (me included) didn’t really liked it that much.

  • fiva

    FF9 was 4 discs, I hope HD improvement still squeeze less than 2GB in Android version

  • Steve

    They should release 7 first as they promised. It’s been out on iOS for months now.

  • Marty

    Ehh…forget FF, let them do a Tomb Raider GO.

  • Matthew Uniack

    Still waiting for ff7 on android… Would’ve completed by now and been ready to start ff9 on release

  • smokebomb

    FF IX was my first exposure to the series and to this day still my favorite iteration.

  • Where’s FF VIII? A better game than VII, imo. Not a better story, but the way they do magic in 8 still hasn’t been surpassed to this day. Also, it’s a much better game than IX. So, when can we expect 8 to come out? And where are ANY of these for OS X?

  • Nyaa Nyaw

    I truly enjoyed this game!! but there seems to be a problem, i encountered a bug at the last boss fights in the game.. (yeah i beat the game after 4 days of playing and grinding levels and doing sidequests tho it’s still not a perfect save) this bug is that Vivi LOST most of his gemstone required for his ablilities!! hope you update this game in the near future, it’s my favorite game of the series..