Facebook begins testing WhatsApp integration

by: Robert TriggsApril 6, 2015


Last year Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a popular rival online messaging service, for $19 billion and appears to have begun testing some level of integration between the two services. Appearing in a new version of its Android app (v, Facebook allows users to send and share news directly to WhatsApp.

The new feature appears as a simple “send” button alongside the usual array of responses to a post. You can then share the item with a user in your WhatsApp contact list. However, I haven’t been able to find the button using Facebook v32, so perhaps this feature is only available to voluntary beta testers. See the screenshot below for a quick look.

Facebook Whatsapp buttonHow far Facebook and WhatApp will end up being integrated is currently unknown. Previously, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum stated that the app would continue to function independently, but that doesn’t mean that the two apps couldn’t begin to share some common features. Rumors also suggest that in the future the two apps may share the option to send messages between each other, effectively sharing their contacts lists. There’s also the possibility that Facebook may be interested in WhatsApp’s online voice call technology.

For Facebook, just having users share additional content between the two platforms will likely drive more ad revenue its way and could help bring additional users to each of the two platforms.

We will have to see how integration with WhatsApp affects Facebook’s own Messenger service, or if the company intends to keep the two as distinctly separate platforms.

  • bat0nas

    This is happening..

  • David Starkie

    I fail to see how this is necessary. Sharing a Facebook post by instant message?

    • teomor

      How else would you send it to another person? By email? Who reads email any more?

      • David Starkie

        Share it to another person directly on Facebook? It doesn’t have to be posted publicly. Facebook also uses push notifications and therefore it’s just as quick as a WhatsApp message.

        • teomor

          Isn’t that instant messaging too? Or did you mean, post it on someone’s wall?
          What if you want to send something to someone whow doesn’t have a Facebook account? I do this all the time…

          • David Starkie

            I meant post it on their wall. Good point about not having Facebook. However, if they don’t have Facebook, let’s hope they never replace Facebook messenger with WhatsApp :)

          • fb


        • mad876

          Not everyone checks their Facebook Page regularly

  • Nishabtam A G Vayabari

    Great news for attention seekers

  • Thank god, when I read the title, I assumed FB is planning on dissolving the Whatsapp messenger altogether & including it in the FB app.
    I almost installed Telegram.

  • markelite

    I don’t see how this is going to be useful feature,, all it is going to do is to annoy people using whatsapp by recieving short fb urls pointing to facebook.

    • fb

      feature learned from wechat, we will see ;)

      • markelite

        So, whatsapp with the app now aye?

  • Mr. Zeo

    if i am not wrong there is a WhatsApp API for this
    so this is nothing special


    • Android Developer

      This is actually what you do for any app. Here it’s directed just for WhatsApp.

      • Mr. Zeo

        this API is just to share things on WhatsApp

        • Android Developer

          I know. But if you remove the part of the package, it’s for any app, so it’s useless and you already can do it for any app you wish (just put the package name of the app you wish to share to and that’s it).
          It doesn’t provide any API. It’s just the normal sharing.

          • Mr. Zeo

            exactly what i said
            this feature is nothing special which we can consider as something which only Facebook’s app got
            any other app can add this feature

          • Android Developer

            OK, sorry for that. English isn’t my main language.

          • Mr. Zeo

            no problem

  • philosopher_Mk

    I don’t understand why facebook is not using simple share button so people can share posts anywhere. Now you can share fb post on facebook and whatsapp, what about viber,mail,hangouts,skype,saving to pocket,twitter etc.

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t use fb app, you can’t share . Stupid facebook.

  • Ez0rus

    Viber > Hangouts> WhatsApp >Messenger

    • Android Developer

      so where does it puts telegram?

  • Wouldn’t it be better to just replace FB Messenger with Whatsapp? It’d have the versatility and reach of Whatsapp. And instead of adding “send to Whatsapp” in FB, it’d be smarter to use “post to FB” from Viber. Also, by linking your Whatsapp account to your FB one, you could easily sync your conversations throughout your devices. Whatsapp’s current policy is a bit cumbersome, with me having to manually backup and restore everytime I change my phone, and it’s annoying when the new phone uses a different number or country.. Just a suggestion anyway. But Zuckerberg is probably way smarter than I am to listen to any of this.

  • Gentijan

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  • Aryan Durgavle

    G8t its working fine…..

  • Dori

    Before integrationing facebook with whatsapp, facebook should be integrated with it self, to be able to share a post from facebook in message.

  • MrAttWttSome

    Does anyone still use Facebook/Whatsapp? Silly retro Facebook users. It’s 2015 guys.

  • Ron Gorodnitsky

    Well, where is the update? it’s been a month…

  • Madodoza Othusitse

    how is this thing working