Did you know you can play chess in Facebook Messenger?

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 1, 2016

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Did you know that there is a chess game built into Facebook Messenger that you can use to play against your friends? I sure didn’t, but it seems that anyone can have a go by typing [email protected] play” (without the quotations) into a message to initiate a game with your buddy.

Facebook Messenger Chess cropUnfortunately though, Facebook’s chess game is not a touchscreen implementation that you are probably used to if you have used dedicated chess apps from the Play Store.

Instead, players have to type in commands to move the pieces around and a picture is updated with the latest piece positions. For example, [email protected] e4” or [email protected] Pe4” will move a pawn onto space e4, and there are a selection of other commands for moves like castling or promoting a pawn. For a full list of commands, simply type in [email protected] help”.

It might not be super slick in its implementation, but this is not a bad way to play a game against your buddies across different platforms, as it works on iOS and PC too. Who’s up for a game?

  • RG

    When it’s not busy draining your battery.

    • Chris

      Doesn’t drain mine

    • Daniel Thursfield


    • saksham

      on my s6 E , it takes 300 mb ram even when its not running :(

    • Mike Smith

      It works through the FB web site, too.

  • Chris

    Nope and I don’t care. I don’t play games on my phone

    • saksham


      • God of chaos

        To say that he didn’t play games on his phone. Duh.

  • John Mart Palma

    Uninstalled Messenger. It takes up the RAM. :)

  • Adithya Raman

    I don’t Facebook anymore but that sounds fun

  • EasyCare

    So this is why it’s so slow and eats up all my RAM!!!!