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Facebook has been phasing out its old Chat option in favour of its new standalone Messenger app. This hasn’t gone down particularly well with some users, as the new app eats up extra storage and RAM just to achieve similar functionality as before.

The Facebook Messenger app isn’t all bad, but if you’re looking to go back to the good old days, the Chat Re-Enabler app from developer AntaresOne is worth looking into.

Rather than installing yet another client, the app simply re-enables the old chat option within the existing Facebook app. Facebook so far has not actually removed the old functionality from its main app, it has merely disabled it. If you want to re-enable the classic chat, uninstall Facebook Messenger and install the Facebook Chat Re-Enabler. From there you can simply open up the regular Facebook app and resume using the old chat method.

Chat Re-Enabler has been confirmed to work with the following Facebook app versions:

  • (and any version before)
  • (latest Play Store version)

The only downside is that this feature may be completely disabled by Facebook in a future update, rendering this method unusable. In the meantime though, this is probably the best solution for those of you pining for the old Facebook Chat.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • milos pejanovic

    or just use the mobile version on your browser. its a lot faster, and eats up less memory that either facebook app.

  • Venom_Unit

    Tested with version does NOT work…

    • Stefan Marinescu

      dude..i have that version and it works…just uninstall facebook messenger first!!!!! and after that install this program ..simple stuff

      • Venom_Unit

        Thanks for the tip it works now, uninstall the messenger first

        • Barrett Jasper

          it’s in the instructions.

  • Chris

    I might be one of the few whop likes the separate app. its light and simple to use. better designed and programed then the actual facebook app.

    • T4rd

      It just has permissions to pretty much everything on your phone. It’s a bit excessive if you look at it.

      • Chris

        most people freak out over permissions not knowing why they are needed

    • Barrett Jasper

      but a huge resource hog.

      • Chris

        not for me

        • Barrett Jasper

          It is for everyone….if it’s installed it’s a hog. You might not notice it, but if not installed at all it won’t use any. but yes, it is a wakelock nightmare.

    • Dawid Poleszczuk

      its one of heaviest android app actually

  • Richard M Henderson

    Didn’t work for me either. Version

    • Stefan Marinescu

      dude..i have that version and it works…just uninstall facebook messenger first!!!!! and after that install this program ..

  • Luuk Oosterhuis

    doesn’t the “facebook chat re-enabler” take any extra space and ram too?

    • Stefan Marinescu

      nope..it doesn’t appear on the running programs :)

    • Barrett Jasper

      nope, just tweaks the app itself and then you don’t need it.

  • Sudo let’s you do that by default, don’t really understand the need for an app

  • Deki

    You can use the browser or you can clear data on FB app, then log in again. I do it that way for some time now ;-)

  • In order not to install another app for messaging on Facebook, you install another app. How smart!

    • Barrett Jasper

      except it isn’t NEARLY as bloated and requiring of permissions. FB messenger is a huge resource hog. This isn’t at all.

  • Anonymousfella

    What made them see sense suddenly?

    • Barrett Jasper

      nothing, it’s a 3rd party app/tweak. Nothing to do with FB Inc. whatsoever

  • Barrett Jasper

    it works people, read the instructions. You must uninstall messenger first.

  • Richard M Henderson

    That worked Stefan. Thanks.

  • working on v23. APLAH!

  • Stian van der Krug works!

  • lAmDroid

    Once you uninstall the app tweak, the feature locks again. So it’s not exactly “permanent”

  • Daniel G

    So I made a video demonstrating how it’s done, It’s really simple and I love it, also it’s by XDA which I love!!!