Facebook Messenger best voip and sip appsUsers grumbled when the Facebook app lost its Messenger integration, forcing users to either download the separate Messenger app or use their mobile browser. Those who are particularly averse to the app have remained on the browser for some time now, but it looks like even that option is slipping away. A new dialogue is now showing up on the mobile version of Facebook’s website for many users, letting them know that the only way they can continue their conversations will be to download the separate app.

At a glance, it appears to be the kind of message that you can just ignore. The friendly reminder says “Your conversations are moving to Messenger,” with an explanation that soon the app will be required if you want to keep chatting with your friends. Many users are discovering that by “soon,” Facebook means, “within the next few seconds,” because although dismissing the alert brings you back to your list of conversations, tapping any one of them will take you to Messenger in the Google Play Store. It’s possible to hop back with the back button, dismiss the dialogue again, and eventually wriggle your way back into your conversations on the mobile browser, but the signal is clear: Facebook wants you on the app and off the browser.

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May 2, 2016

Their motivations for this are pretty transparent. Facebook is now in command of two of the most popular messaging services in the world (with WhatsApp being the larger of the two) and it’s no surprise that the company is interested in monetizing these massive platforms. We learned previously about the ads that will be coming to Messenger, so pushing all of their users into one easily controlled app is a natural move for the social giant.

What are your thoughts regarding Facebook’s apparent decision to take Messenger access off of the mobile version of their site? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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  • blanco112

    I needed an excuse to use my phone less. Not being able to check messenger is one way to do it.

    • Jose Lugo


  • Kazuberz

    welp.. looks like facebook is staying on my computer and my computer only. see ya metal. you did your job

  • alixetjon

    Screw. You. Facebook.

    • dorothea lenizek


  • 3165dwayne

    lol, I don’t use facebook but Ive heard many people hating on the messenger app. this doesn’t really surprise me that much.

    • People just want an excuse to hate Facebook. Their messenging app is better than Hangouts.

  • Sai Sreekantt M

    waattt….monetizing whatsapp & messenger ??? ……oooo they r doing lots of gud things to google….giving away to Allo ….

  • Hans Pedersen

    Whelp, just means I won’t be using messenger on my mobile then. There’s no chance in heck that I’ll install any Facebook apps on my mobile.
    And yeah, I did notice the browser messenger is nagging worse than a porn site about installing the app this week.

    • talon1812

      Just use facebook in your web browser. Problem solved.

      • Hans Pedersen

        Maybe read the article you’re commenting and the comment you’re replying to? :D
        “… I did notice the browser messenger is nagging worse than a porn site about installing the app this week.”

        • talon1812

          I did read the article. And I don’t have that problem.

  • Renato Fortes

    For now in Chrome, i just required the site for desktop and it doesn’t show me the annoying message and redirect me to play store.

  • dorothea penizek

    I think it is totally dictatorial and a pain in the butt!

  • Matt Lamoureux

    I refuse to install FB Messenger because of the ridiculous permissions it requires. Oh, well – it is easy enough to tell people not to bother contacting me that way anymore…

  • Fabian Taveras

    I’m personally against what Facebook is doing but I’m not gonna lie messenger isn’t a bad texting app. I just wish that Facebook left it as merely optional.

  • caucasionally

    I don’t have the Facebook app, but due to a few friends using messenger I was forced to finally get it. There are times when I won’t use the app for an entire day and it still pops as a using 2 to 4% of battery on a charge. That’s what kills me the most about that app. Why do you run allllll the time? Oh ya, you’re guilty of the same thing Instagram as far as running alllll the time goes… I just want one app for it all. That’s probably not ot going to happen any time soon.

    • Rosin

      That’s why I don’t have the app either; I don’t even have the Facebook app. I just access it through a browser shortcut on my homepage. When Facebook makes apps that don’t hog resources, I will probably install them.

      • caucasionally

        I wish I didn’t have to give in. I have a friend who needs to be on wifi a lot and she’s uses fb messenger. Having her switch to hangouts was a no go unfortunatey. I had to conform.. Damn you fb messenger. Damn you!

    • HSidhu

      they are running it all day as they are tracking you … …

  • DBS93

    what ? advertisement on the messenger app? no… I’m hiting that 1 star rate the moment i see an advertisement invading my conversations ?

  • Moob

    Facebook can F.R.O.

  • JasonWhite

    Man. Everyone is so salty about this. Messenger is a feature rich communications app. I use it all day every day to talk with many a friend and family. Haters gunna hate. I enjoy it.

    • Testuda

      I use Messenger too. It’s pretty much all I use, tbh. I don’t feel the need for WhatsApp. Never tried it though.

    • talon1812

      Definition of a real slave is one that doesn’t even know they’re a slave.

    • Richard Cheese

      You’re a crawly bumlick.

      • JasonWhite

        Richard – do you typically spend national holidays sitting at home insulting strangers on the internet? That stinks, man. I hope you find your positivity in life.

        • Richard Cheese

          It’s not a national holiday where I am. Stop casting aspersions on my lifestyle you knobhead.

  • MacAndCheese

    Messenger is a really good app. Why all the hate?

    • Vinicius Lima Silva

      high resources hog, basically. Anything that is made by facebook team is high resource hog and leak too much battery juice. For now, Messenger isn’t a bad app (in general), I’m with you. But soon (when it become mandatory and have ads in it), then I’ll just remove it and uses only desktop for facebook. It works as excuse to become more productive haahhahaha

      • MacAndCheese

        Lol, yeah I get what you mean. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone cuz because it drained battery and it’s just really slow. So I use it in the browser instead.

        Let’s hope they don’t ruin messenger hahah

  • Facebook disgusts me…

  • meyerweb

    Just one more reason to avoid Faceplant.

  • Mohamed Salim

    How does Facebook use a lot of battery I got Facebook’s app and messenger app on my phone it does not drain my battery 

    • Vinicius Lima Silva

      Well, try to uninstall both apps and test for a few days if you will get more screen on time. For me, Uninstalling just Facebook main app resulted in +30 min.

  • Vinicius Lima Silva

    when ads become reality, then I’ll just remove this app from my cellphone. No chat anymore in cellphone.

    it will even make more productive

  • Oaklandsteven

    So, if your using Chrome Mobile, go to settings and click ‘request desktop site’ and you can forego the message. I tried it both ways, and never got the message, and was not directed to Play Store on the desktop site. Let’s see how long that lasts…

    • visculamia

      Thanks for the tip! I rarely use messenger, so I have really no need for that stupid app, this workaround is perfect for me!

    • Kommentator

      Unfortunately, desktop sites, especially facebook work like horsecrap on a mobile device. A pain in the butt to use.

    • nordic material

      Thank you for the tip! “request desktop site” is a great workaround.

  • Thats why i only use Telegram Messenger No drama in it

  • James Childress

    I don’t use the Facebook app anyway. Browser only for me.

  • talon1812

    That’s because facebook wants to hijack your phone or tablet by constanly listening to and recording you.
    Solution- revert back to a version of Facebook no hígher than v. 25 and install the facebook chat enabler. It’s always been there, they just disabled it after version 25.
    If you can’t find it, let me know and I might upload it to dropbox.

  • Martin Taylor

    Just use the main FB webpage on ya device (browser), once there hit ya settings and check the use desktop version….

  • Martin Taylor

    But then again, what is wrong with using the App, been using it since it 1st came out, the chat heads alone are with getting it, you can minimise the convo and leave a wee head on ya screen whist ya do something else, just get it and stop ya wimping out :p

    • DDD

      Now just imagine if you were being forced to use the mobile browser instead of the app. Would you stop ya wimping out then?

  • MASierra

    To let FB know you don’t like this, all you need to do is not download it and stop using FB to talk to people until they let you do it either via the app or mobile site. I know that’s impossible though. That stupid site is too deeply integrated into people’s lives. They may not know how to communicate with family and friends outside of FB anymore… I can’t stand FB personally. I refuse to use the site in favor of talking to people either on the phone or in person.

  • Eddie J. Camacho

    FB can suck donkey balls

  • Rob Geeson

    I linked the Facebook website as a bookmark to my homepage for about the last year.

    There’s no way I’m installing the ram and battery battering Facebook or messenger apps so I guess I’ll just have to not reply to people’s messages anymore

  • Niels

    Just hit the “request desktop site” in the chrome menu and you’re good to go

    • SonOfKrpton

      Woah. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot buddy!

      • Niels

        You’re welcome. The advantage of refusing the use of the Facebook app since the beginning, is you immediately start looking for workarounds the moment they change something ?

  • Antonio Melo Ribeiro

    I will stop using the phone to access FB if they do that…

  • Kevin Davis

    Facebook,never had it,never will.Nor twitter,instagram,pinterest,snapchat,etc.,etc.,etc.I also don’t care about google+,hangouts,etc.Not having those things leaves me a great deal more time to spend on websites completely over filled and trashed by invasive,crippling adds unless you are using an adblocker.I like to turn the adblock error off every now and then to remind me how badly most websites suck.

  • Gen

    I don’t like it, not one bit!!! For one my memory is full on my phone and I can’t download nothing more on my phone. So I’m trying to have the apps that I feel I really have the need for. I don’t like that they’re forcing the app on me. It’s really annoying!

  • I don’t understand you people who use a messenging service, but refuse to install the damn app. How many of you are using Hangouts only through the browser? Zero.

    • DDD

      How many people are using Hangouts? 20.
      If someone doesn’t want to use the app, they shouldn’t be forced to.

  • Takis


  • Kiloe Young

    This is so stupid. Screw you face book. I only use the browser and I will continue to do so. I don’t care if I have to “open desktop site” I will NOT install messenger. It’s a terrible app that drains my battery. Screw you and your ads in the steering pile that is messenger.

  • Paul M

    My phone is rooted,I removed Facebook app entirely. I checked what privileges the app wants when it’s installed, it might as well have root, it’s pervasive.
    So there’s no way I’m ever going to install their privacy-busting battery-eating memory-bloating CPU-hogging network-eating apps on my phone.

    • Kommentator

      That’s exactly why I won’t install their Codecancer on my phone. Unfortunately most people seem to not give a fuck about it, and that’s why they can force us to them our gps, contacts, callendar etc on a battery hungry app. Why don’t people care about priviliges on their phone -.- they could install a spy cam at the shower, would be the same as those f***ing apps.

    • armstrong1969

      1000 percent agreed. Its the heaviest user of everything on your phone. Geee I wonder why hahaha. They must get little nerd hard ons when they drum up this junk trying to get our info to sell. Think we are all so dumb and gullible.

  • yourhums

    I won’t install messenger. I use a browser that lets you emulate a desktop. Problem solved.

  • immobeijerling

    Eehhhh how about NO!

    That was the last straw for me. Just deactivated my FB account. I’ve had enough of their autocratic BS. Life goes on without Facebook, well for me it does anyways.

  • Well id go as far as to use service such as pushbullet or better yet “Join” to avoid using their messaging app. And if that gets blocked for whatever reason, I’d remote control my desktop and use the browser as a container. Sick of social bullies like fb

  • xswegxx

    theyre integrating ads with ur messenger app to make money off u, they dont give a shit about if u value their service..

    • JasonWhite


      I’ve been advertised to in one way or another every day of my existence since before I was even old enough to comprehend it. Same for YOU too. Advertising is and always will be a part of life.

      Facebook is a free service. Of course they are going to put in ads. No one is forcing me or you to use it. But guess what? I DO find value in it. It helps me connect with countless friends and all of my family in one easy to use place. And I would MUCH rather have that connection than forego it so that I might skip the mild-to-none inconvenience of a couple ads. Everyone flipped out when Instagram put Ads into our feeds but those take about 0.2 seconds to scroll right on past and forget all about them.

      I give the whole situation a resounding, “meh.”

      • xswegxx

        tbh this entire situation is opinion based, and majority of the ppl dont want advertisements while chatting with friends. Facebook already puts ads on their main one, and should leave it like that lol

      • armstrong1969

        Facebook did just fine before targeting ads. And they did just fine before cellphones could even handle browsing the site. Yes im that old. Ive been a user for almost 10 years. Their messenger is only useful for group messages. My cell works fine. Call me or text. Message me on fbook ill respond a wk later at the earliest. Its unprofessional. Unlike Blackberry messenger where you messages are ENCRYPTED FOR PRIVACY. Lots of us still care about that. Pathetic that our young generations are so willing to give up freedoms our great great uncles and dads died to protect. Clueless and entitled.

  • Rob Geeson

    Easy solution – request the FB desktop site in your web settings and your messages return. The webpage scales like the mobile version, at least on my LG G4

    • Kommentator

      Desktop sites, especially facebook are a pain in the ass to use on mobile devices. That might fixes it for one or two messages but if you are using the browser for normal facebook “business” (I won’t install their f***ing apps), that “solution” sucks really really hard.

      • Rob Geeson

        I don’t see why it’s a pain in the ass. The desktop site scales to your mobile screen and you can access messages just fine. Lighter than Facebook lite.

  • Captain Jack

    I don’t chat with people on FB and that ends the requirement for using FB messenger.

  • Kommentator

    I am so f***ing pissed in those assholes. I never installed the damn facebook app and I don’t want to. I don’t want notifications for any horseshit and Facebook wants a RIDICULOUS amount of rights on my phone. Even the f***ing messenger would want to know my gps! Go f*** yourself, stupid peace of s**t, facebook!

  • Tiffany Green

    I think Zuckerberg better pay attention to the one-star ratings and negative reviews that will begin to overflow Google Play! If Facebook is about user choices? Then let the user decide if they prefer to have access to Messenger via a Browser (my preference) vs being asked to download another app!

    Fu’ you Zuckerberg, you are a 2nd Gen Myspace Tom!

  • master94

    This only affects Android so to avoid it download dolphin, and switch the user agent to ios. No more annoying bounce backs to playstore to Download.

  • Raul Acevedo

    Fuck Facebook. Those are my thoughts.

  • This terrible battery hog and the leviathan of a company behind it are a shame of modern society.

  • Preethi

    I dont want messenger cht.wt to do.

  • Paul Abruzzo

    I installed the FIrefox browser to my phone. I then added the add-on called “PHONY” to Firefox. It makes the Firefox android browser look like a desktop browser, not a mobile one. So now, I just log into facebook on my phone and it thinks I’m on my desktop and no more problems checking messages.

  • David Howell

    Confirmed, it does. Going to be doing this for the forseeable.

  • hala

    Hate facebook now!

  • Jesse Duffield

    I think this is backward logic. The way to increase use is by making it more accessible to more people on more platforms, not taking away perfectly functional options. I uninstalled Facebook apps after they ground my phone to a halt. I prefer telegram, but if someone sends me a message I reply with the browser.
    Now I have to tell people that if they want to get hold of me quickly they need to install telegram, or I’ll reply to their messages when I get home to my pc. Result: more people install and start using telegram.

  • armstrong1969

    I will never install facebook on my phone. Ever. I dont want to share any of my information to facebook. And dont. My computer barely runs the website anymore as its always trying to take my information. My computer generates all kinds of messed up fake tracker info to confuse it. Zuckerbergs a theivin antisocial loser.

  • Dan Arnold

    I was using an app unrelated to messenger or Facebook when Messenger insisted on overlaying with a message. I couldn’t get rid of it even after viewing the message, so I deleted the app. “Messenger” is the most annoying Android app I’ve used. I’m considering deleting Facebook entirely because of it and FB’s other insistent, constant efforts to insinuate itself.

  • connor

    its simple economics, the more they can force user integration, (i.e. the more daily users they have) the better their company looks in the eyes of potential investors, even if people just click the “turn off notifications” button once a day, it still makes you a daily user, so they win either way, its such a scumbag thing to force on its users, but they feel that with a billion users they’re too big to fail (yes, they don’t need to be doing this, it just shows extent of their greed) so the messenger app it is

  • Carl Sciberras

    the reason i use the web is two fold, i dont want the additional app. and two, it doesnt install.
    so no fb for me

  • Johnanthan Swonson


  • Chris Dock

    I downloaded the Facebook Lite apk to get around this (it isn’t on the Play Store). Honestly so unfriendly to users.

  • OVE

    Facebook users are dumb fucks why bother? They are potentially evil too. I don´t want them to have any photos of me or use my name on their FB page but does these idiots care. Fuck them all from CEO to users since they don´t give a SHIT ABOUT MY PRIVACY.

  • Diane Shirley

    I enjoy messaging at home on my MAC on FB sometimes, but I absolutely do not need it on my phone or tablet. I just don’t message on FB on either one. Everyone who uses FB hates Messenger and so many do not use it or have uninstalled it, I’m surprised it’s still a requirement. I don’t use it, never will.

  • Jesse Farmer

    Because of this kind of shit, Facebook is something I check occasionally.

  • Mary Bubbleburp Tecoma

    It’s now impossible to delete Messenger, as sub standard spyware off my Facebook page.
    So now the Government can spy on all our conversations in the guise that we might be terrorists.
    The only terrorists are they and if I have to, I will DELETE facebook hahaha

  • Mary Bubbleburp Tecoma

    What’s that, the enemy always tries to win? Divide and Conquer. So either way, they win, they can either spy on computers now using Messenger and plant whatever they like in the meantime, OR they can stop us communicating with friends.
    Both ways they win.. or they ‘think’ they win..
    Dumb ass Luciferians.

  • Richard Cheese

    Fuck you Facebook.