Facebook will reportedly unveil a new Facebook phone later this week, with the device said to be running a new Android user interface / fork which could be called Facebook Home.

What appear to be two distinct sources suggest that Facebook Home is the name the social network is going with. A new 9to5 Google report reveals the Facebook Home name:

Facebook’s invitation to its Android-related media event next week is much less cryptic than it would seem. The invitation reads “Come See Our New Home on Android.” While, based on these words, Facebook seems to be teasing at a new Android-related Facebook experience, our sources say that the tagline reveals the actual product name: “Facebook Home…”

The same product name seems to be confirmed by a new @evleaks tweet:

“The version of Facebook for Android currently on this device needs to be upgraded to support Facebook Home.”

Facebook will make everything official on April 4, and we’ll cover the event thoroughly since it’s Android-related.

A previous report revealed that this supposedly HTC-made Facebook phone will run a forked Android version that will incorporate various Facebook apps and that the handset will look more or less like an iPhone and will offer competitive specs. Facebook and HTC are apparently already in talks with mobile operators to carry the handset, although we’ll have to wait a few more days to find out availability details for the handset.

On the other hand, a recent Wall Street Journal article said that Facebook only wants to take over Android devices by replacing the Home screen with a Facebook-based user interface of its own rather than actually creating a different Android fork like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire tablet family. While some OS modifications would be required to make everything possible, this wouldn’t actually be an Android fork. The name Facebook Home makes a lot of sense combined with this particular story.

Would you replace your current smartphone with one running a Facebook-based Android OS version (whether it’s forked or not)?

  • the one in the picture is htc desire.. i had one…

  • wilsoxu

    wow it’s a htc desire!!

  • aholsteinson

    “Would you replace your current smartphone with one running a Facebook-based Android OS version (whether it’s forked or not)?”

    Nope, I don’t sue Facebook.

    • Andrew Mezzi

      Most people don’t sue Facebook.

    • Aholsteinson high as fuck, thinking he’s Apple and shit.

      • aholsteinson

        Lol, spelling fixed :)

  • Ignacio Martín

    Are they going to force a new home screen if you install the fb app? Glad I don’t have a fb account!

  • anonymouse

    wow, they are going to launch a blue HTC Desire, SCAM!

  • hafeez khan

    Wat the Hell…Its Another Disaster for Facebook .. Just an App is Dreaming of Being the Master (OS) … Facebook is an App and it will be forevr …. lol

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Only if they pay for my data connection.. At least for data to/from Facebook. Now THAT would be a Facebook phone.

  • Like all launcher, will probably need to see what it can do. If the facebook launcher actually has interesting features that makes my phone’s usability higher (and maybe making it look cool) why not?

    As long it doesn’t forces tracking or whatever in that nature.

  • William

    Why would anyone need a facebook phone?

  • kevinSwarts

    I’m totally changing my GS3 for the Facebook phone – “Said no one ever”


    April fool’s!!!


    April fool’s!!!

  • Galaxy S4

    It will only be a launcher called “Facebook Home”, like “Go Luncher”…

  • Moore

    If they can beat droid features why not? Thats such a big step up for them.. Zuckerberg has a great team! I hope they do updates better and faster than android or apple!

  • Just the way FB won’t let me delete a previous account (they’re “keeping it inactive” or something) gives me the willies about a phone with mostly FB on it. It’s going to store all my contacts, texts messages, and call logs, and potentially has the ability to sort through the files in my SD card. So, strike one because it’s FB. Strike two if it comes in some Chinese-made phone. Strike three because FB home is just a forked version of android, and that means that there could be compatibility issues with some apps I just can’t let go of because of work or otherwise.

    This phone is just so wrong on several levels. Glad I’m not an FB shareholder.