Exposed: Legitimate-looking LG G5 poses for pics

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 16, 2016


It is now less than a week until February 21st, The Day when Samsung will Unpack its latest products, LG will show something special, and even Huawei is now trying to get in on the action. All this before Monday the 22nd when Mobile World Congress actually begins! With such a short amount of time remaining, it’s only natural that product leaks have taken a major leap.

Courtesy of the classified section of Dubai’s Dubizzle (think Criagslist) comes what appears to be the LG G5 in the flesh…well actually in a box to be specific:

lg g5 leak (1)

The seller apparently claims (1) the device was imported from the USA, (2) is brand new, and (3) has a valid IMEI number according to the page listing which can be found here. Noticeably missing is the physical retail packaging, however as the device – if real – is likely to be a review unit or promotional item that has been supplied sans the final box. It is also unknown if the accessories are included (perhaps under the phone) or missing.

The seller is apparently asking AED 2,500, which is roughly $680, for the device. Curiously this is not much more than the final real-deal might sell for so if this is an authentic product, it would be potentially a good deal, especially given the promise of having it before anyone else does.

The phone does look to be real, and includes a rear fingerprint sensor, the dual-camera arrangement, and the power and volume buttons re-mapped to the sides of the device where they were before the LG G2 put the business in back. The phone also looks to be made of metal, and may even have a removable bottom portion (note the segmented area) that could potentially allow users to change the battery or add components if the rumors of a so-called “modular” Magic Slot port hold true.

As the screen is not powered on, the presence of a second screen “ticker display” like that seen in the LG V10 and rumored to be present on the G5 can not be confirmed or denied. Likewise it is not possible to see the touted “Always On” display that is supposed to be included as well.

Curiously around the same time as this classified ad appeared on Dubizzle, so too did a separate one for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, both of which are significantly more expensive than this LG G5 offering.


Adding to the intrigue, the Galaxy S7 has also appeared on Dubizzle…


LG G5 (rumored) spec summary

In recent weeks, details about the LG G5’s specs have become much more of an unknown “known” quantity. Thanks to a Venture Beat post from legendary leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), the phone is supposed to have a 5.3-inch LCD display, which would make it slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch screen of the G4. The phone is said to have the same “ticker” display secondary screen that was made famous in the V10 and have a resolution of 160 X 1040 pixels.

LG G5 Always On display

The LG G5 will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor, the same chip that will power the Galaxy S7 (some variants). The silicon is based on a smaller, more efficient process and features Qualcomm’s customized Kryo CPU cores and a high octane GPU, thus it is expected to be quite powerful, though hopefully not as “hot” as last year’s chip. The Snapdragon 820 will be paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and customers will be pleased to know that, despite having a metal body, a microSD card slot will be present.

As today’s leak seemingly confirms, the G5 will allegedly use a dual camera arrangement on the rear of the device, taking inspiration from the dual front cameras present on the V10. With dual cameras you can compose very wide shots as well as other potential software magic.

lg g5 leak

The battery is supposedly going to be smaller than last year’s model: just 2,800mAh as opposed to the G4’s 3,000mAh. The device is expected to have Quick Charge support, wireless charging support, and via the Magic Slot, a replaceable battery:


Other noteworthy features rumored include an IR blaster mounted at the top, a USB Type C port, and a speaker mounted on the bottom of the phone. A high resolution audio chip is likely to be present.

Like the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 will support advanced uplink carrier aggregation technology currently being deployed by SK Telecom in South Korea. This will allow users in markets that support this technology to enjoy better connectivity for applications like video calling thanks to the presence of increased upload speeds.

Wrap Up

With this latest – and possibly greatest – leak comes an almost sure-fire guarantee that the various leaked images contained in the spec part of this story do indeed match up. Of course nothing is truly official until LG itself makes it so come Sunday, so to be on the safe side make sure the salt shaker is sufficiently iodized.

With that said, we want to hear your thoughts! Do these new leaked images look legitimate? Is the seller asking too little for the potential privlidge of being the first in the world to own the phone? Leave us yout thoughts in the comments section below!


  • HappySoul In


  • vmxr

    front side looks nice backside especially the camera looks…… :X

  • Ewww

  • Rafael

    Ugly =/

  • Qkie

    Omg, next samsung clone…

    • Nathan Casey

      How is this a samsung clone?

      • Hans Pedersen

        It’s rectangular with rounded corners.

        • Eklavya Verma

          So are 99% of other phones out there…
          Oh, you were being sarcastic. Sorry :P

  • Žiga Štupar

    Wait going from 3000mAh(G4) to rumored 2800mAh(G5) its a fail if its true

  • Andrew White

    Packaging is simply wrong for starters, something you ‘might’ get with a $100 device.
    The mockup device looks cheap, as others have suggested.
    3GB of ram is retrogressive on a flagship device for 2016. Sorry but 4GB is now the benchmark. LG would not be that stupid.

  • That One Guy

    That is weird that you all care so much about how a phone looks, it is not a ?! LMBO! I would understand if it had something to do with feel in the hand, but you all actually care about looks, so weird!

  • jasonlowr

    Omg, its even uglier than the G4.

  • hideous. looks like LG screwed an HTC phone and had this ugly baby.

  • Keith Taylor

    guess no one wants to start the 5gb or RAM bandwagon yet.

  • siddharth nair

    Of fuck. They have absolutely ruined it! It looks awful. I am big samsung fan but i loved what Lg did with the G4.

  • Nathan Casey

    The back is eh, but the front looks really nice imo

  • Ali

    THe back looks like they skinned the phone

  • Kstylz


    • Adrian Zoltan

      if you own a S6 you already have 99% of the S7

    • Andre Senge

      Lol dude Samsung has the same boring design as every phone they release, what’s so wow about that.

      • Kstylz

        The best looking phone in the market

  • Cesar Ruiz Rosa

    Fugly what the hell happened with LG.

  • Ira

    I remember when OnePlus 2 was ugly when the leaks came out, and people got around to liking it. Likewise with Nexus 6P and its “massive” camera hump.

    Just wait for official pictures, in far better quality.

    • SaRPeR

      One Plus 2 is still the ugliest phone i’ve ever seen.

      • tansuperman

        Says you

    • Adrian Zoltan

      the nexus 6p is a gorgeous non fotogenic phone it looks great in “real life”, but this thing looks like it has a face and a soul … a rotten possessed soul

  • Donny Chau

    If this is the real picture of the phone, then the back is not very attractive. Hopefully, it will looks better in person. Like the Nexus 6P, the visor in the back is so much better in the release form.

  • Kstylz

    2013 we lost BB
    2014 we lost Nokia
    2015 we lost HTC and Motorola
    2016 we will lose LG
    2017/18 we will lose Apple

    • b

      Don’t forget Sony- they are dead since 2014…

    • tansuperman

      How is moto and htc gone?

      • Kstylz

        Moto now lenovo HTC please read the news

    • aaloo

      Lol. Apple is making over 90% of smartphone profit. I think you will probably lose everyone else first before you lose Apple. People have been dooming Apple for decades.

      • Kstylz

        Trust me they are stuck with iOS, unless they open it for 3rd party developers, it will die, also the speed at which IOT is progressing Apple can’t fool people with another ‘S’ variant

      • Andre Senge

        They are losing stock, also don’t forget about error 53 and their selfish ways of treating their customers. F*ck apple.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Indeed, you missed Sonny with their 5th generation recycled design :P

    • Adrian Zoltan

      but we got huawei, they had a incredible year of 2015

  • Mike Bastable

    I rather like it

  • lex lawrence Quintal

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? When samsung opted for glass back many says its fingerprint magnet which does not look good, then the fantards defended and says oh I can use a case for me not to experience that. When LG opted for something new to offer consumers aren’t they titled to use cases on it too? for the benefit of those people saying that it is ugly? For me It looks plain but majority of smartphone users are buying cases for their smartphone so I find it ok and not a big deal. And I see same faces every year commenting disappointment about the phone LG is about to announce so im not that surprised. At least G5’s face doesn’t look like a flower horn. XD let’s troll together XD

  • saas lesa

    Oh no, what have you done LG? Why, why why? I was waiting g5, but this is really ugly. Htc One vs iPhone, that is this phone. Wrong direction, so I have to opted for v10 definitely.

    • Adrian Zoltan

      go for the nexus 6P you wont be disappointed

  • Rowlin

    Look beautiful, front looks like the G3, removable battery, expandable storage, perfect

  • HellNo

    UGLY as HELL!!! i can’t believe my eyes.
    OMG LG is going to collapse this year.

  • Shkodran

    Yeah, if LG could rotate that ugly camera module about 90 degrees, it would look less ugly. I currently own the G2 and it has the best design LG has ever made, but this, this is shit. I guess I’ll be skipping LG G5 this year and buy the G4 instead.

    • Dan

      Feel the same the G2 is awesome!! I held off the G3 because of the inferior battery and the G4 because it was WAY TOO BIG and only had a mediocre CPU (not to mention the gay leather). I’m off to Samsung for the S7 Edge as it ticks way more boxes for me and my G2 is now starting to show its age.

      • Mike Bastable

        Gay is NOT a disparaging adjective in 2016. Really!

        • Adrian Zoltan

          fun fact : it really was gay leather, it was taken from Bruce Jenner’s scrotum

          • Mike Bastable

            Wow you should do comedy!:
            In a locked, dark room, preferably alone….you should be used to that…
            Your OTHER comments here were actually quite smart so lets hope the throwaway homo / trans fobia is “just a fase” you are going through.
            Good luck with that.

          • Adrian Zoltan

            PC is ruining the internet, “throwaway homo / trans fobia” sure, I actually identify as a lesbian, you need to loosen up, lube maybe?

          • Mike Bastable

            PC hate is not an excise to be rude dear.

          • Hugo

            and black and handicapped? cause that would make you a lock for some government funding..

      • Adrian Zoltan

        the G3 was phone of the year 2014, and it was awesome

  • Person Dude

    I think it looks phenomenal. If the module slot makes it with a removable battery and SD slot (looks like it did), this will be my next phone!

  • Fornavn Etternavn

    Front side is amazing and back is okay. I will just slap a dbrand skin on it

    • Adrian Zoltan

      the back has a retro soviet look

  • Dan

    The G5 looks to be a big let-down for me, I was hoping it would be similar in style to the V10 but slightly smaller (5.3”), with an 820 Chip and Better Battery (Higher mAh and wireless charging).

    Looks like I’m going to have to jump ship to the Samsung S7 Edge as it ticks far more boxes for me (Massive battery, 820 Chip, Good looking, Good size, Waterproof, Wireless charging) although I’m not a big fan of the front button!

    LG for the G6 please go back to your G series roots (G2 esp) and give cutting edge technology with a fantastic battery life at an affordable price and REINSTATE THE REAR BUTTONS!!

    • Adrian Zoltan

      same here the first design leaked looked great, I wanted a bigger screen a minimum of 5.7 edge to edge and baseless and with a sleek metal look,, this thing looks like bender from futurama…in a bad way

  • Fornavn Etternavn

    Way too many people care about the phone’s design when 90% off them put a case on the phone.

    • Adrian Zoltan

      sad but true, naked is the only way to go, naked an insured of course

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    Reminds me of an all metal Moto X

  • charlie Jason

    I wonder if Nexus 6P was just as hated when it first leaked. I always liked the camera design but I know some really disliked it during leaks.

  • lbwc

    the fingerprint scanner hump looks hideous. I don’t mind the camera.

  • Andreas

    it is funny how time change… I mean… any cheap china phone looks better then this..
    They would had gone with the huawei/finger print cards fingerprint scanner instead.
    LG finger print scanner is not good…

    Removing this battery this way is a good concept that in all honesty should have been done much much earlier.. I hope many more will adapt this idea…but you can’t get away with that this phone look cheap looking…

    LG G2 was very impressive device.amazing formafactor, display and battery life, only the buttoms on the back was the bad

    Where the china manufactures need to catch up is mostly the camer section…besides this I think manufactures like LG, htc and sony has lost its touch

  • Garrett Lee Reyman

    This saddens me. I think I’ll hold on to my G3.

  • Dylan!

    They should’ve kept the design of the G3/G4 but with a fingerprint scanner on the power button (or had an iris scanner like the Lumia 950)

  • Andre Senge

    Where’s the Huawei P9, dammit this guy has the G5 and S7 which both look like shit especially the S7, but no Huawei P9 so that tells me its not gonna be at the MWC. :(