Exclusive: Moto G launching July 29th with Moto Maker available in-store

by: Nirave GondhiaJuly 27, 2015


The Motorola Moto G (2015) has been the subject of many rumours and leaks over the past few weeks ahead of its expected announcement tomorrow but while they have focused on the specs and design features, none have touched on the potential release date.

We can now exclusively reveal that the Moto G (2015) could be known as the Motorola G 4G and will launch in the UK (and presumably many other countries) on July 29th; that is in just two days, this Wednesday and just one day after the handset is announced. The information comes to us from a source at UK retailer Three UK, who has shared an image of a stock update for employees which reads:


As you can see, Moto Maker – which is Motorola’s customisation service – will also be available in store in the form of a voucher that will presumably need to be activated online and given that 800 phones have been sent to Three stores alone, supply shouldn’t be an issue in most markets as the supply chains seems plentiful.

Motorola in video:

As part of the phone’s launch in the UK, Motorola are placing 200 tablets in Three stores to demonstrate Moto Maker and this is likely to be a strategy that will also apply to other carriers; we’d certainly expect US carrier to have an in-store demonstration of a similar kind.

Also revealed in this image is that the Samsung Galaxy J1 is a big seller for the UK network, with stocks “heavily constrained” and our source also revealed that the entry-level handset is in sharp demand as it is available from the very low price of £8 per month on contract or £59.99 outright and unlocked.

Back to Motorola and the Moto G could become as popular as the original handset, especially with the rumoured specs that include a Full HD display, choice of back covers and an expected price tag of just $179.99. At that price, the handset may yet be a bargain.

Are you planning to buy the Motorola G 4G? Let us know your views in the comments below guys and don’t forget to join us tomorrow for coverage from the launch events in the USA and London.

  • Tommy Crosby

    I can’t be alone who have read “Moto Maker Peice Of S*t Tablet” instead of “Moto Maker Point Of Sales Tablet” right?

  • Leannabbott

    ………rocking the androidauthority > < Make It Easy

  • Lola Joseph

    Why do all these Android sites keep presenting different info about the Moto G. Half say it’s a 720p phone again and the other half claim it’s full HD. Is it possible they’re screwing up leaks with the Moto X or possibly there’s two versions of the G coming out?

    • Arol Wright

      There are two versions of the G coming out: one with 8 GB/1 GB RAM, and the other one with 16 GB/2 GB RAM. Now, the part they are screwing up are the rest of the specs. Some pages say that the 2 GB version will sport a 1080p screen while others say both version will have 720p, some say it will also sport a Snapdragon 615 and some say both will have a Snapdragon 410…

      The Moto event is tomorrow though, so there’s not much time left to know.

      • Mac

        If the lower spec phone has only 1 GB then it’s garbage. 1 GB cheapo phones were a thing in 2013. Now it’s time to raise the floor. 1 GB just isn’t enough with the increase in RAM usage of apps and current phone OS.

        That’s not even talking about the 8 gig of storage which is a complete joke unless there’s an SD slot. I have the original 2013 G with 8 GB storage. Only 5 GB available to the user – no SD expansion – just a few albums and you run into an issue of apps not updating because only so many hundreds of megs are available.

        • Arol Wright

          Well, I lived on a Galaxy Y with 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB storage (2 GB expanded) for 3 years before I got robbed (I don’t have any phone right now), and I didn’t complain. I’m actually not a heavy consumer however, and it ran on Android Gingerbread so it didn’t consume much either. I know that technology has advanced, but at least for me, it’s not total garbage if it has a decent price tag. I live in Venezuela, so it’s not like I have really high expectatives for Android phones.

          What I do find absurd is that they’re selling the 1 GB version on $179, when you can pick up a Moto E with the exact same specs on $99.

  • WAusJackBauer

    Speaker on the back? :/