Making your Android Tablet Homescreen look like the iPad

by: Carl ParkerApril 4, 2012
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Are you in love with the Apple look but not with the iPad? You don’t need to be crazy over Apple to admit that iOS has one of the best looks on the market. It’s sleek, it’s catchy, and the way those icons shake when you move them definitely catches anyone’s attention.

But, if you’re an Android user who’d just like to adopt the look without actually having to buy the iPad, your prayers have been answered. One of the reasons why people love Android, after all, is that it’s extremely customizable. Inject some iOS aesthetic into your Android tablet with Espier Launcher HD.

Espier Launcher HD is based on Android 2.2 and allows you to enjoy the iOS experience right on your Android tablet. After you’ve downloaded the launcher onto your tablet, Espier Launcher HD replaces your Android icons with iOS ones.  From the Photos icon, to the Music icon, even including the Maps and Settings icons, the resemblance is uncanny and may fool some people who only take a moment to glance at your homescreen.

With Espier Launcher HD, you’ll be able to easily create folders and edit them quickly.This launcher supports switching between landscape mode and portrait mode on any Android tablet with 800×400, 1024×600, or 1024×768 resolutions.

To make sure you enjoy the iOS look to the last detail, Espier Launcher HD supports the same animation you’ll find on the iPad when you enter and exit applications.  The launcher supports dynamic icons, as well as widgets. Pinch out and you’ll be able to enter a hidden screen to view applications you don’t want anyone else to see or those that you’d want to unclutter your homescreen with.  Slide the taskbar to the right and you can access the system function switch area.

Espier Launcher also packs multiple scrollable home screens. If you were in love with the way iOS icons shake when you move them around, Espier Launcher HD gives you that same effect when you hold down on an icon. From there, easily rearrange your icons the way you like them and in the way that best accommodates your workflow.

The only thing that really affects your iOS immersion experience, however, is your statusbar at the bottom. At the time of this writing, Espier Launcher HD still retains a few glitches. Some users have complained that the widget sizes are messed up and squished and Espier Launcher HD unfortunately does not support resizing widgets. Others have complained that the icons are too small and spaced too far apart. Future releases of this launcher may have those issues fixed, so keep an eye out.

Despite the launcher’s glitches, the Espier Launcher HD is still a treat for Android users who can’t deny their attraction to the iOS’s look but don’t want to give in to the Apple fever. If you want to bring that sleek aesthetic into your Android tablet today, Espier Launcher HD is available for download at the Google Play Store.

  • alex2792

    Great now all that’s left is smooth scrolling, stable browser and thousands of tablet optimized apps and you got yourself an iPad!

    • Jengs99

      suck your balls

      • alex2792

        Thanks for the offer,but I’ll pass.

    • FuckFanboys

      You forgot an OS that comes without the need for instructions – Droid sucks – just like Jengs99 likes to do on his balls!

      • There is only Android!

        The reason Android seems complicated to you is because iOS is for stupid lazy people that aren’t intelligent enough to operate a device with option and user freedom. Android doesn’t require instructions, you just need to be smarter than the box your phone came in.

        • Cole Raney

          Oh my god you guys are such idiots. All of you.

          What’s wrong with being simple to figure out? In fact, it’s better to be simple to figure out. If iOS had all the features and functionality of Android, then I would stay with iOS because if how well it’s designed and how simple it is to figure out.

          To you apple fanboys: Android does not suck. Just because it has a different way of doing things does not mean it sucks.

  • Ray Dunham

    I think… The crAPPLE look is well unintelligent. If any 3 year old can use it. I’ll keep my Android looks, and functionality. Thanks anyways.

  • AndroidBrian

    If you want it to loop like the I pad you can also just press app drawer icon.


    Is performance good after installing it?

  • Num1239

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