Following that legitimate-looking design sketch of the OnePlus 5 – which we confirmed as a prototype and not the final OnePlus 5 – our source has now provided us with a photo of another prototype. As I mentioned in the previous post, this is not what we’re expecting from the OnePlus 5 when it launches in June or July, but it does provide a nice insight into what OnePlus was thinking, and seemingly decided against, in the build up to its 2017 flagship. One thing you’re not going to want to hear is that it looks like we’re in for a significant price hike this year.

Back to the photo for a moment, the two most striking details are of course the oft-rumored dual camera setup and the seemingly re-used OnePlus 3/3T chassis in which it lies. Interestingly enough, it corroborates a dubious earlier image revealed by India Today – one that we took issue with as a fake. While we’re not saying that image was actually​ legit, it’s possible it was created by someone that saw this early prototype.

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May 8, 2017

We have no dimensions to go on, so we won’t venture any guesses as to the screen size or resolution, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think this device looks any bigger than the OnePlus 3T. We also note the larger spacing between the volume rocker and the alert slider.

We were unfortunately unable to procure a photo of the front of the device, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it revealed smaller bezels than any previous “flagship killer” based on other information we have received (dual front-facing cameras have also been rumored).

It goes without mentioning that we’re not seeing a fingerprint scanner relocated to the back of the device here, so the nature of the front-facing fingerprint scanner will also have to remain a mystery for now, whether it remains a solid state depression beneath the display or becomes an under-glass solution like that originally rumored for the Galaxy S8.

OnePlus 5 price hike

Our source also had a few things to say on pricing, revealing that the OnePlus 5 will use “more costly components” and that OnePlus is “looking at a significantly higher price point due to components and design”. Our source does note that pricing is not yet confirmed, but that it will definitely be higher than previous devices in order to “signal competitiveness with the biggest brands” and could be as high as $650.

This detail, if it pans out, will surely upset a lot of die hard OnePlus fans, but all things considered, is there anything about the OnePlus 3T that wouldn’t have made it worthy of that kind of price tag (barring OnePlus’ debatable track record where customer service is concerned)?

OnePlus has been steadily increasing the price of its flagships with each new iteration, so if the OnePlus 5 comes with a meaningful upgrade in both design and materials, then a concomitant price increase stands to reason. While it may very well be sad to lose the characteristic price-performance ratio that OnePlus has built its reputation on, the company has been signalling a move to the big league for quite some time. And no one can deny that, pound for pound, OnePlus delivers far more than any other OEM for the price.

No one can deny that, pound for pound, OnePlus delivers far more than any other OEM for the price.

With rumors circulating of dual cameras, a ceramic and metal build, 8 GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 835, 128 GB of storage and a QHD display, sooner or later OnePlus’ prices were always going to have to more closely resemble those of mainstream flagships. Just think about it for a second: if OnePlus delivers the same price-performance ratio as it always has, just imagine what $650 will get us. Of course, OnePlus has always managed on razor thin profit margins, so the price may very well be lower than $650. But it certainly won’t be cheaper than the OnePlus 3T.

As we said at the outset, this is not at all how we’re expecting the final OnePlus 5 to look. Its status as a prototype means we’re more likely to see an all new design in this year’s flagship. An all-new design that looks set to feature even more high-end internals than any previous OnePlus offering, with a price to match. Hit he comments and let us know what you think of the possibility and let us know what you want to see OnePlus do this year.

Kris Carlon
Kris Carlon is a Senior Editor at Android Authority. He is a half-British Australian who lives in Berlin, travels a lot and is always connected to a laptop, phone, smartwatch or tablet (and occasionally a book).
  • AndroidUser

    Who’s okay with the curved back? I hope the official will have the back flat.

    • Why?

      • Simone

        It is personal preference nothing objective, but I personally use the phone when it is on a desk, and when you do that with a curved back it just wobbles annoyingly.
        Probably a curved back is more ergonomic when holding the phone, it really depends on personal usage.
        But I have no problem holding a flat back phone, while using a curved back phone on the desk it is really annoying.
        It is a minor and personal problem​,but I would not buy a curved back phone atm.

  • Your site is a mess AA. That image isn’t even fully visible on mobile.

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    • John

      They should have used Bootstrap for their responsive design.

  • Coverptech

    LOL. If they go over 450$ for the base model, they will not sell as much. Price to performance was always their strong differentiator. Take that away and you’re better off buying a big brand flagship with waterproofing and physical stores to go in case of trouble.

    • AGBReader


    • mark

      This assumes they increase the price and sell the same phone, which would obviously be annoying. But if they want to do things like add on features or increased shipping options, that’s going to raise the price.

    • My name is….

      So, if its 500$, price to performance cant still be the differentiator?

      In what world do you live?

      • Coverptech

        It can, but there is a psychological leap beyond the 4XX$ mark that will make people ask themselves “Why should I buy from this brand, when I can get more feature filled phone, with proper service, locations etc for a 150$ extra?”

    • The Pool Man

      It isn’t that hard at this point for OnePlus to release Flagship 5 as an amazing phone with a flagship price and a Thrifty 5 which follows in the tradition of the company of offering a great phone for a great price.

      • Wanooknox

        That’s exactly what they should do… but then it kind of means they have to support two devices for software updates too… might strain their teams a bit much.

        • The Pool Man

          Perhaps they can do an iPhone trick — which is — upgrade the 3T a little here and there but basically be using the same code. Since they have to support the 3T anyways for a bit. So from their perspective it’s really a 3T plus. Plus a bigger battery, double the storage options maybe.

          • Wanooknox

            I’d like to see it, but these guys aren’t Apple big, so who knows. It would sure be nice though, because I’m in the market for a new phone anyway.

        • achusaysblessyou

          But they have already supported 2 devices, their main OnePlus # line and the OnePlus X device. Then again they only ever released one model of the OnePlus X and haven’t yet upgraded it.

    • achusaysblessyou

      I guess we’ll just wait for the Axon Pro X or whatever ZTE has up their sleeves.

  • hmilles

    Actually looks pretty good but i would prefer sharper edges and a flatter back, just like the OnePlus phones in the past. I find all these iphony-rounded phones a bit boring

  • Blowntoaster

    Going the expensive price route is going to ruin OnePlus for the majority of it’s fan base.
    People liked the OnePlus 3 and 3T for it’s price and the fact that they had the performance to keep and and even embarras some of the big brands for half the price.

    Don’t lose your way Oneplus. Stay true to what you were with the OnePlus One and OnePlus 3/T.

    • In short, hope, it doesn’t become 1+ (-1) and result a big Zero instead.

    • The Pool Man

      It helped me dump iPhone. If the phone was $50 less than iPhone — why really switch?

      • mark

        Because it’s still giving far more pound for pound. An apple cell phone of all things! I’d switch to any Android flagship at the same price let alone cheaper.

        It’ll be a shame to lose OnePlus at the mid range price, but there are plenty more good devices at the mid range now.

        • The Pool Man

          Yo Mark. Switching to Android wasn’t easy for me. The learning curve was ROUGH.

          The only thing that saved the day before the OnePlus return window expired was Nova Launcher’s ability to make my OnePlus more ‘iPhone’ like in GUI. This isn’t an aesthetic thing as much as an 8 year habit thing.

          (To me the app drawer is amazingly intuitive if not regressive. I want everything I need on the surface of my phone. Not some giant cursive clock and weather widget that allows me to show of my background pic. And I also didn’t need a Google Search field big as a door across the top of my phone. Or a big gaping hole if removed. So once I found Nova could restore enough of what I needed back I became a happy user — but that was one big learning curve. And I appreciated the return of numeric notification buttons.)

          I’m tech savvy and so this means what I pulled of is IMPOSSIBLE for the less savvy to even consider switching. Not to mention losing iMessages or whatever it’s called now. (Luckily ‘Find My Phone’ just fixed the ease of ‘Find My iPhone. And I can feel a Messages like client ls looming within months.

          All this said, I get your point. An Apple user might say “but that phone is only $50 less” and I’d say, “But it has an amoled screen which iPhoney should have had YEARS ago. And twice the storage. And 2 to 3 times the RAM, which every computer needs no matter what nonsense Cupertino spews.” ;)

          But my points stands: $50 less will not be compelling enough for an iSwitcher. Trust me.

          • Vallenrod

            Interestingly dropping phone and breaking its screen is much less expensive for the Iphone since amoled and super amoled screens cost much more.

  • domsch1988

    Even as a 3T owner and OP lover i have to say that this looks really close to the later IPhones. Not really a bad thing, but i feel OP is loosing some of it’s design identity.
    Apart from that, Specs and price seem to be decent. It’s just that, like any other phone released this year, i don’t see a real reason to upgrade here. Dual cameras is nice but more of a gimmick. There really is no compelling reason to put the 3T away and get something new…

    • mark

      They’re going to increase the bezel size?

  • Would prefer 256GB storage tier over 8GB RAM.

  • john

    I will spend up to $450 for op5. Not a penny more.

  • The Pool Man

    OnePlus should have a OnePlus5 and OnePlus3U. (U comes after T.) The 5 would be pricey and fab and all flagshippy. The 3U would be all about that amazing price with amazing spec thing.

    • Christopher Mosson

      I like how you think!

    • This’d work for me

    • Overheated Oven

      there is no way last year they announced that they will focus on only one phone per time so ……….one model per year so they can keep up the update support and the demand

  • Jehan Kateli

    Is there any info on how the dual cameras will be used? I’m personally hoping for an optical zoom.

  • Christopher Mosson

    Having seen other renders of the possibe dual camera setup I’m hopeful that the camera stays centered like it’s predecessor. The horrible IPhone 7+ bump looks bad and would hate to have it tarnish the O.P design language they have sported with the centered camera since the +1. (OP X excluded)

    The price with what OP have usually offered may be an indication of improved quality over the older generations, how they can perfect what they have offered before is going to be nothing less than a miracle because of the outstanding quality they have already provided. However, this may be about a possible IP rating of 67/68 and further water resistance the fans have been crying out for. It’s been stated many times that water proofing on devices is expensive.

  • Marian M

    “is there anything about the OnePlus 3T that wouldn’t have made it worthy of that kind of price tag”

    The 3/3T has a 2015 camera sensor, is not waterproof, has a 1080p display and a rather small battery.
    I don’t see how it could cost more than it does right now. Not saying it is bad, I own the OP3, but you get what you pay for.

    • sere83

      Yep, i own a oneplus 3 too and for me it was the last oneplus phone that really represented great value. Real shame about the price hike again, have a feeling they will lose their main advantage for many people. If it is near top end flagship pricing and still lacking features like IP68 and higher res displays i cant see it doing well. Also oneplus camera software is still lacking imho compared to other flagships.

    • EP_2012

      No SD card or high quality audio recording either.

      I’ve always said that oneplus phones aren’t the best at in any single category other than performance. But when you begin to pay a premium then you really need a device that offers top end features across the board.

  • Affan Vohra

    looks like dual cameras are the future, funny thing is samsung didnt implement it on s8, Note 8 would surely be launch with dual camera, Oneplus is following the trend, hope to see good camera result from this module

  • Malik

    Being someone who has owned the 3 main iterations of the phone, I like how the phone looks, but the significant price hike is troubling. If it were to go above 500 USD, what would make it any different than LG (whose G6 you can get for 500), or Samsung (whose s8 can go for 650). I’d be alright with 6gb and 128gb of internal space if it means a more manageable price. And honestly, I don’t need ceramic.

    • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

      >”hat would make it any different than LG (whose G6 you can get for 500), or Samsung (whose s8 can go for 650). ”

      The software? Sure, the price is fantastic. But the main reason I use OnePlus is because of its software, which is basically as smooth as stock Android, as well as the speed in many areas (their way of overcloking the CPU when launching apps, their F2FS, the customization in the software, etc.). I went from the S7 Edge to the OP3, and did not look back. So this “why just not buy LG or Samsung” argument doesn’t really work for me. But I still consider a high price tag a deal breaker for the simple reason that I have no guarantees when purchasing the OP phone: if something happens, what would I do? Therefore, paying anything over $400-450 is not worth it imo. Too often do modern phones fail or get defect in some way or other within the first year. I’ve already owned 2 different OP3T phones that had bad AMOLED color (parts of it was pinkish).

  • alex

    1+ is clearly heading in the direction of premium devices. Unfortunately, it does not only mean that the prices will keep increasing until it gets there, but also that its phones will eventually become less open – consider locked bootloaders and void warranty if unlocked.

    Also remember that 1+ phones (still) offer better value for money only at the moment of release. Then the prices of other flagships drop, but not the 1+.

    I currently have 1+3T, but not sure if my next phone will be from 1+… HTC does definitely deserve a second chance with its recent devices and openness policy, and if only ZTE axon range were available officially in UK …

  • tewkewl

    Most likely fake news. Photoshop job. The big coup the CEO is talking about could be two front cameras. Most pics we take are selfies. We need a capable front camera. If he can deliver that, it will be a winner!

    • Overheated Oven

      Most pics we take are selfies.?????????? hahahaahahahahahahahahah that was a good one

  • Ajax Bleach Powder

    I wish they would go back to the oneplus 2 design and skip the curved screen and metal design im here for specs not gimmicks and for the love of god plz remove the camera bump

    p.s 6in screen plz

    • Overheated Oven

      lol 6′ go get a tablet man this is ridiculous

  • machop

    Remember, at this point, price hike, screen, etc are all speculation.

  • Kyle Dowling

    I feel the sheer lack of common sense is terrible. Everybody wants a $400 phone with waterproof, QHD screen, 8gb of ram, and the newest everything else (processor, camera, etc). 6gb is seriously overkill for a MOBILE operating system so why go to 8? The SD835 is already seeing shortages (hiking the price). And on a 5.5″ screen, no one can notice the difference between and and 1080 ( unless you use vr). The 1+5 will STILL it be cheaper than all other flagships so why is everyone combining about the price hike?

    • Vallenrod

      Problem is that their phones are not available in local outlets and if something happens service is famously bad.

      • Kyle Dowling

        I’ve never had to send my phone back but if you have a software problem, you will almost definitely find an a solution from the community. I’ve heard mixed reviews about OnePlus support.

        I do agree with the glass or ceramic portion though. They don’t seem like a good idea from a practical standpoint. As long as you throw on a minimalistic case (like rhino shield) your screen should be fine and you’ll still be able to see the beauty of the phone.

        • Vallenrod

          I have phone encased in heavy duty case of respected brand. It had fallen on its face and the borders should have protected it. Screen didn’t struck any object and yet it was cracked. I doubt light seen would provide better protection

          • Kyle Dowling

            That’s why I use words like “probably” and “should” because I know nothing is 100% with phones. Me personally, I’ve dropped my 1+3 multiple times (even slammed it down onto concrete when trying to catch it in midair) with the OtterBox case they sell and my screen hasn’t cracked yet. That really stinks though. What phone was it?

          • Vallenrod

            Galaxy S5 and I paid for the screen probably as much as phone was worth .

  • mrtang

    I use to own the Oneplus One and now have the OnePlus 3. To this day the two major weak points are phone call quality is poor, many of my friends have complained about barely being able to hear me, vs when I used a motorola burner quality was crisp. And the camera. Please fix these two issues before you break the 500 dollar price point.

    • Anon

      My call quality is great. Not one problem.

      • Vallenrod

        This example shows how inconsistent quality is on OPO. The price has to reflect that. If they going to make price comparable to flagships it has to be together with anything else i.e . service

        • Anon

          I don’t know. My girlfriend has been using her OPO for over 3 years now and the call quality is great too. He/she might have just gotten a defective unit. Should have replaced it on day 1. I don’t see call quality being a major problem on the Oneplus problem as well.

          • Vallenrod

            Whether it’s quality is below or average is beyond the point of having readily accessible service.

          • Anon

            All phones, including iPhones and Samsung flagships have defective units. Whatever you say, most people who own OPO are generally happy with it.

          • Vallenrod

            Did you read my response at all or are you trying to say that OPO service is as easy available as other brands?

          • Anon

            It depends on which country you are in. I never needed it anyways.

          • Vallenrod

            Sure in China it is not a problem ,but I doubt OPO aims at one market only

          • Anon

            I’m not in China lol

          • Vallenrod

            You also don’t represent all OPO users.

          • Anon

            Duh. I never claimed to. Hop over to xda. Hop over to the OnePlus forums. Hop over to reddit. People are generally happy with it, even after 3 years.

          • Vallenrod

            Then why you used argument of not having any problem with the phone personally as it reflects experience of 2ntre comunity.. Secondly I have learned about service problems as well as insecure and volnurable to hacking update delivery from no other place than XDA.

          • Anon

            So I can’t express my own personally opinion anymore? What the hell is wrong with you? I initially only talked about my own experience. Then I said that the community felt the same. I did not use my own experience to reflect the views of the entire community. You made that connection on your own in your mind. None of my business.

            Yes, and they addressed it promptly. This isn’t unique to OP. Vulnerabilities exists and get patched all the time.

          • Vallenrod

            Actually the security problems arose because of OPO was either delaying for long time or ignoring the problem. Of course you can share personal experience , but in this case you asnwerd to my general observation that with no dealers and easy access to the service OPO doesn’t present a good deal with the suggested here price. So basically you were saying that what I wrote is load of crap because you had no problems.

  • takuarc

    Looks like we might be seeing two phones from 1+ this year. A high end dual lens camera and a budget friendly single lens.

  • If they go above 500$/€ they will be basically shooting themselves in the foot as you will be probably be able to grab other options from more established brands at about that price (or slightly higher). They will be killing their major selling point: a VERY good product at a VERY good price. If they just release a VERY good product at not so good price, they are just another Huawei/Honor.

    • sharkhark

      Your absolutely dead on correct

  • sharkhark

    If they go anywhere close to that price when they don’t come thru as rumored to have a S8 type screen and possibly lower HD resolution and bezels vs non bezels then this is just a refreshed phone. Nothing to justify getting that close to other premium phones.
    5.5 inches?
    The smaller S8 is bigger and the s8+ even more. They look ridiculously amazing in person and it sounds like oneplus is just another Chinese phone.
    I could buy other cheaper Chinese phones for less I only pay more if you give me something extraordinary. This is bland.

  • nuvolavinz

    Wow, I was just thinking about upgrading today, but they can forget about me if they go above 500…

  • DethEngineer

    well good bye OnePlus, you are great company, but for that price I will move to other OEMs

  • mark harry

    I’ll stick with our 2’s, we have 3 and we’ve gotten upgrade fatigue.

  • first last

    😂 goodbye OnePlus. 😂

    If they raise it to 650 they’re done.

    They can’t sell already because only above avg users even know how to get one. Most people just pick something out of the carrier store and that’s the extent of their research on phones.

    I was thinking of getting one but if it bumps to 650 then I don’t think it’s worth it if some of the rumors about the phone (spec wise) are true.

  • first last

    I miss Nexus

  • LoRd_KeVo I

    Price hike to compete… huh. Because that worked out so well for the Pixel 👀

  • Vallenrod

    Haven’t read previous post here is my opinion: with the increase of the price and rightly so for specs and component quality, should be established dealer network ,proper customer service and fast security updates that will close holes in software. Still it is chinese company and country of origin is a concern of mine . I have hard time convincing myself to buying cellphone from any country that has authoritarian government. Just because we don’t know what kind of software were ordered to be installed by said government. In Canada , for example , state used computers and electronic devices are not allowed to have chinese made components .

  • Jm5150

    welcome to the capitalist cell phone scam.. every other phone cost $200 to make and we’re charged $650-$850 so why shouldnt they charge $650 for the OnePlus?.. they charge it BECAUSE CONSUMERS STUPIDLY KEEP PAYING IT.

  • SoNic67

    They should stick to the mainstream SD6xx chips. The 8xx are not really needed purely from performance view point, it more of a “social status” issue. Nobody that spends $700 (for “status”) will consider OnePlus versus Samsung, Apple or even Sony, Moto.