Dropbox to shut down Mailbox and Carousel apps in early 2016

by: Jimmy WestenbergDecember 7, 2015


Dropbox acquired Mailbox, the extremely popular email client, way back in 2013, and unfortunately it’s now time to say goodbye. That’s right, Dropbox has just announced that Mailbox will shut down for good on February 26th, 2016.

Even though Mailbox has thousands of dedicated users, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Mailbox hasn’t received a notable update in months, which left many users to believe Dropbox abandoned the service. When the two services joined forces a few years ago, their shared goal of making communication much better for users made for a wonderful relationship. But as the two worked together over time, the Mailbox team realized that their goals weren’t as achievable as they once thought. “…we realized there’s only so much an email app can do to fundamentally fix email,” the Mailbox team said in a statement.

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Mailbox unfortunately isn’t the only service getting kiboshed in the new year. Dropbox has also announced that it will be shutting down Carousel, the popular photo and video gallery application that was launched in 2014. The Carousel team says it’s shutting down because Dropbox has learned that the vast majority of users prefer the convenience of interacting with their photos and videos directly inside Dropbox. Dropbox says it will be integrating key features from Carousel directly into the Dropbox app. Carousel will be officially shut down on March 31st, 2016.

Did you use Mailbox or Carousel? If so, are you bummed the services are shutting down? Be sure to speak up in the comments below.

  • MY

    Glad I never jump into Dropbox email system. Why in the hell these company always try to add stuff in their already working system? Instead.. why dropbox doesn’t include an API that allow people to use their email client from Gmail/Outlook etc… inside Dropbox. That would have had many sign in. Anyways glad again I didn’t jump into the email dropbox email thing. I loooooove dropbox but sometimes :-)

    • Nathanael

      That’s what it was….sign in with existing email

    • abazigal

      I saw this as Dropbox trying to give users reasons to store more files on their cloud service. For example, if you store your photos on dropbox, that might cause you to go over the cap and subscribe for more storage.

      Mailbox had at least one feature that gave it the advantage over the stock iOS mail app back then – the ability to attach files from dropbox (which I rarely used, but was nice the few times that I did).

      I guess their investment in Mailbox simply wasn’t paying off.

  • fatspirit

    I didn’t used dropbox itself for months (:

  • Luke Eclipse-Ujano

    I use mailbox all the time because of its convenient archiving and reminding system.. now I need to find an alternative..

    • Steve Brain

      Try Typemail my friend, been using it for almost a year. Truly an amazing app, and it does include a “to-do” list along with unified email list, etc. Completely free, no ads. Enjoy :-)

    • Nathanael

      Yep, me too. This is gonna make me so mad (well, it already is…) The syncing of accounts between desktop and mobile was awesome, as was the ability to EASILY email large attachments.

      • Florence Shadrick

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  • md45673

    Used carousel quite a lot but only as an extra app for looking for old photos. It did the job on my phone that I use Picasa for on the desktop. If they keep the essential parts in Dropbox itself then hopefully it won’t be missed

  • Jonathon Rios

    I tried mailbox and it disorganized my email with all kinds of labels that took me a long time to fix. I actually used carousel quite a lot until Google Drive storage dropped in price dramatically and with the release of Google photos I am not using the service anymore except as another backup along with Amazon prime photos. I only use Dropbox cause they have given me 100 GB free from an event I attended.