DroidID lets you unlock your computer with your phone’s fingerprint sensor (Updated)

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 23, 2016

DroidID AA

Update: It looks like the developer already pushed out a new update. You can now dismiss the persistent notification, and there are a few other fixes. Check out the changelog below for the details:

  • Support for Samsung devices running Lollipop
  • Option to disable persistent notification in Settings
  • Launching the app will now invoke the unlock UI (hitting the back button will you to the main UI)
  • Unlock UI (ScanActivity) is now exposed to other apps so you can invoke it from a custom launcher action or Tasker
  • UI updates

Original post: If you happen to own an iPhone and a Mac, there’s a handy application called MacID that lets you unlock your computer with your iPhone’s TouchID fingerprint sensor. Not everyone wants to manually type in their computer’s password all the time, so this is a pretty convenient workaround. Thankfully, a developer by the name of Suyash Srijan has just launched an Android alternative called DroidID.

Once you install the DroidID app from the Play Store and get the Mac app up and running, just run through the simple setup process, and you’re ready to go. Every time your Mac asks you for your password, you can tap on the DroidID notification on your phone, scan your fingerprint, and that’s it. I’ve been using DroidID on my Nexus 6P all morning and it’s been working just fine.

There are a few requirements you’ll need to check out before using the app, though. DroidID is compatible with any Android device running Marshmallow or above that also has a fingerprint reader. You’ll also need a Mac running El Capitan or above. The app currently doesn’t work with Windows, but the developer says support is coming shortly.

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the Android app’s persistent notification. You can’t dismiss it, and for me, it’d be much easier to simply navigate to the app and input my fingerprint from there. The developer says a fix for this is also on its way sometime soon.

DroidID is completely free and doesn’t have any advertisements. It’s simple, easy to use and does what it’s supposed to. Who can argue with that? If you’re interested, follow the links below to download the Android and Mac apps.

Download the Mac client
Download DroidID from Google Play
  • DonSerrot

    I was excited until I saw Mac only.

  • Constantin Pomirleanu

    kind of pointless for Mac only, most people who have macs also have an iPhone …
    i wished it was for Windows first, then macs. …. thank you though … waiting patiently for Windows version

    • Wouter

      Windows? Ubuntu! :)

      • Michal Mlejnek

        Plus one to this!

    • abhisheksaral

      Windows even Supports that kind of feature!? It was possible for Mac becuase it is already supported byac for iPhone!

      • Yes, you’ve been able to log into to Windows using a USB fingerprint read for a while now, but it’s very rarely used.

  • vitriolix

    Cool idea, but I’d never, ever install this without source code. You are opening a giant backdoor on your Mac from an unknown developer without even a description of what his security practices are.

    • SuyashSrijan

      Hi, dev here

      Your password is stored on your Mac itself, in Keychain. To verify, if you open Keychain on your Mac, you’ll see an entry for “com.suyashsrijan.DroidID”. You can double click it to view its properties, and it will ask you to enter your password to see the password that is stored by the app. Since Keychain encrypts everything it stores, your password is also encrypted.

      Your fingerprints are not stored by the app, they are only read from your phone. The app only checks your scanned fingerprint against the ones registered on your device

      • Darshan Gowda

        Not compatible with OnePlus 2. App Says your phone doesn’t have fingerprint reader -.-,
        Can you push out an update with support for OP2?

        • SuyashSrijan

          It supports OP2, but OP2 doesn’t have an API for its fingerprint reader. That’s not a problem, because Android M has a native API for fingerprint scanning. Once the OxygenOS 3.0 update hits your OP2, the app will work fine.

      • truth

        Super bro !

        I was hesitating buying a Mac, now I’m sure I will ! :D

    • I’d worry about the closed source apps on your desktop first. Don’t be paranoid.

  • Ethan Campbell

    Boo. This doesn’t support 2 year old devices. My lg I got from my mom doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor.

  • Thaiger

    Dear developer,
    Have you made a version for Windows 10 ?
    So I can unlock my pc with my phone.
    Or mabe a version that unlocks the pc as it sees my phone near (5meter) with Bluetooth !?
    If you have not, then please make one !
    If you have, then please give me a link to the app/software, thank you.
    Kind regards Thaiger

    • RiTCHiE

      Why dont you just STFU and go make it on your own begging retard.

  • Works from my S7 Edge to my MBPr

  • IIRC you can do this with Unified Remote also.

  • Casper Pascal

    Your Mac password can be revealed if you’re focus on a textbox (or anything can type text), then use fingerprint on mobile device :D

    • SuyashSrijan

      I have fixed this, if you redownload the client from the website and replace the existing copy of the client on your Mac with the new one then you won’t see this happen :)

  • ysun

    Does this app support unlocking multiple macs? I have a personal mac and a working mac, it would be great if I can choose which one to unlock

  • Manar Medah

    My device is just trying to connect for ever and fail even though I have a marshmallow device and El Capitan mac
    Can anybody help me ?

    • Manar Medah

      hello ?