Last night the author of the last few CyanogenMod boot animations, 73v1n, graced the world with a completely revamped boot animation for CyanogenMod 10. The CyanogenMod 9 boot animation featured the CyanogenMod mascot, Cid, which seemed to generate a lot of rage from many CM fans. During the bootup process, Cid’s facial expression changed a bit, looking angry, bad, evil (or bad ass) depending whom you ask. Learning a thing or two since last time, the author decided to completely redo the boot boot animation, removing all traces of Cid, version numbers, and making it as clean as possible.

Since the last time I made one of these, I realized that boot animations should be pretty, but they shouldn’t be 30 seconds long and 15MB in size. So this time I made a boot animation that’s small and pretty. It’s only 2MB for the largest version! Also it doesn’t have the version number or a mascot in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with CID, I just couldn’t find a way to work him in. And haters gonna hate…

Downloads are available for various tablet and phone resolutions below. Once downloaded, open Choose your desired vertical or horizontal resolution. Copy the corresponding to your devices SDCard. Using Root Explorer or ES File Explorer, place the new file in /system/media/. (You may want to backup your previous as well.)

EDIT: It seems the 720 vertical file included below is a compressed zip and causing booting issues. If you have the Galaxy Nexus or another 720 resolution device, please use this file.

Vertical: 240, 320, 360, 480, 540, 600, 720, 768, 800 (Example: Galaxy Nexus Vertical is 720)

Horizontal: 240, 480, 600, 720, 768, 800

CM10 Boot Animation Mirror 1

CM10 Boot Animation Mirror 2

CM10 Boot Animation Mirror 3

So what do you think? Do you love it compared to CM9’s boot animation or do you miss Cid?

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  • rikomenzies

    Has anyone tried this on a Nexus 7 running a CM10 nightly build?

    I’ve tried the method described above, all root permissions granted, and yet I can’t move into /system/media. I tried File Explorer HD, ES File Explorer. Even tried the Android SDK, which kept giving me “access denied” messages.

    I even got bold. I unzipped a CM10 build, copied/pasted in there myself, then rezipped it. Tried to flash it into my N7 and it just aborts the installation.

    I’m not bricked or anything–everything works fine, it’s just that I can’t seem to get this to work. I’m fairly new to Android so I hope I’m not asking any stupid questions.

    • Andrewral

      same problem exactly. Just says the boot animation can’t be moved or deleted and the new one can’t be moved into system/media. I’ve only tried es file explorer

      • kevin

        Go into EZ File Explorer toggle “up to root” on then scroll down and toggle “root explorer” and “mount file system. This will allow you to overwrite files in root.

        • Andrewral


    • lastb0isct

      Yeah, I don’t think its as simple as they say in the article. I even granted myself su in terminal and was told the boot animation zip is a read-only file. I can’t even change permissions on it!

  • nelonez

    what would the resolution be for galaxy s3??

    • Andrewral


  • b-cizzle

    The 720p boot animation you have listed in the edit block doesn’t look like the new cyanogenmod boot to me. It just has the words android and a slight reflection effect..

    • trevburley

      I’m getting the same…

      • Andrewral

        i’ve tried some other custom boot animations and they all come up with that on the s3 :/

        • Artie Bee

          Had the same problem guys…Got it working…The system actually looks for the from “data/local” first, then “system/media” second is what I’ve read.
          Step 1: Open a root explorer and go to “data/local” (I use ES-File Explorer)
          Step 2: Copy downloaded file(s) to “data/local”
          Step 3: Set permissions to “rw- r– r–” User Group Other

  • sudara

    need right bootanimation for galaxy s

  • Matthias Kaiser

    regarding the file/folder permissions i am using ‘Total Commander’ with root permissions. before you can copy something to the system/media folder you habe to remount it as Read/writeable because after startup it is only readable mountet. when i copied the new file to system/media i see also only the slight flashing word ‘Android’.

  • dwi aulia rahman putra

    nice. good job brother. :D

  • Nate

    I friggin’ love this animation. Thank you for posting it! The CM9 one was very cool, but the 30 second display time was unnecessarily long. I also love the lack of versioning on this animation so us CM9-ers can use it as well.

  • Can i install this on my Tesco Mobile HTC Wildfire S? As the others f**k up the network by telling me i’m on O2 and losing all my contacts on my Sim card. But resetting to the original ROM its back.

  • Juaz
  • someone

    This works for me! Just used astro to unzip original file, then ROM toolbox to apply it.

    Used on GALAXY S3