CEO: “Today, Cyanogen has some dependence on Google. Tomorrow, it will not.”

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 24, 2015

cyanogen kirt mcmaster steve kondik Cyanogen

Kirt McMaster, the outspoken CEO of Cyanogen Inc., has been in the news lately for expressing some controversial opinions on things like Google’s “tyrannical” control over Android or Samsung’s complete inability to build a decent mobile operating system.

But the opinions expressed on Thursday at The Information’s “Next Phase of Android” event in San Francisco are his most contentious yet. Not only has McMaster clarified his views on Google’s control over Android, but he laid out Cyanogen’s vision for a future devoid of any Google reliance.

To remove all doubts right from the get go, here’s how McMaster introduced himself: “I’m the CEO of Cyanogen. We’re attempting to take Android away from Google.” Asked to detail his vision, McMaster explained that Cyanogen wants to provide a version of Android that is open down to its core, that partners can use to build highly integrated services, in a way that is not possible right now with Google’s Android.

“We’re making a version of Android that is more open so we can integrate with more partners so their servicers can be tier one services, so startups working on [artificial intelligence] or other problems don’t get stuck having you have to launch a stupid little application that inevitably gets acquired by Google or Apple. These companies can thrive on non-Google Android.”

McMaster said Google Now is a model of a service that plugs into the core of the system, in a way third-party apps cannot. He went on to say that Aviate launcher (owned by Yahoo, one of the companies rumored to have shown interest in buying Cyanogen) could gain that sort of access to the innards of the Android OS, if it were to partner with Cyanogen.

So Cyanogen sees itself as a platform for other companies to build services that integrate deeply into Android, which is not possible with the Google-controlled Android. Won’t that infuriate Google? Of course it will, but Cyanogen isn’t worried, because its future is free of Google:

“We’ve barely scratched the surface in regards to what mobile can be. Today, Cyanogen has some dependence on Google. Tomorrow, it will not. We will not be based on some derivative of Google in three to five years. There will be services that are doing the same old bulls— with Android, and then there will be something different. That is where we’re going here.”

McMaster sees his company as a “white horse that opens the entire platform up.” “Google is running the table, and nobody likes that,” he said.

Right now, Cyanogen needs Google for its suite of services, like the Play Store, Gmail, and Maps. By imposing certain conditions to companies wishing to install these apps on their devices, Google has so far maintained a firm, if veiled, control over its platform. Companies that fork Android are shut down from Google apps, making it very difficult to create viable competing Android-based platforms. Amazon, which spent years creating alternatives to Google’s apps, is the one notable exception.

Cyanogen wants to solve this problem by working with partners, and by supporting alternative app stores. In fact, Kirt McMaster said Cyanogen would have its own app store in 18 months.

For the full transcript of the event, including commentary from Nextbit, the company building Baton, an app syncing service built into the next version of Cyanogen, check out The Information (paywalled).

It remains to be seen if Cyanogen’s grand ambitions will ever materialize. There are huge obstacles to overcome, not the least being Google’s attitude towards Cyanogen. So far, Cyanogen has enjoyed access to Google’s apps for its OnePlus and Micromax commercial implementations. It’s not clear how Cyanogen plans to play it cards, as it still needs Google to play nice for now. But its plans are clearly diverging from that.

  • crutchcorn

    Wow… Wow….. This is shocking to me personally… I am both really glad for the state of AOSP and Google-Free Android… Yet also fearful this may cause more fragmentation elsewhere in the ecosystem.

    • I am more shocked that he is so open about it.

      • crutchcorn

        No, most certainly that as well. I fear for the project that Google may try to take action against it. Don’t ask me how – as I wouldn’t know – I simply foresee it in the future. Again, not sure on how I feel about it. I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this?

        • I think Cyanogen is free to do whatever they please with AOSP, forking included. But they shouldn’t be surprised if they get cut out of Google’s apps, which could put an early end to their run with OnePlus, Micromax, etc. That’s why I am surprised they are openly discussing this. Then again, I guess they are safe for now. Would Google have the right to cut Cyanogen out? Legally sure, morally, it’s not clear, but I think most users will side with Google.

          • crutchcorn

            And that’s exactly what I was thinking. However, my concern is will this effect the way that ROMs are going to be pushed out and their allowance to flash GAPPS?

          • It shouldn’t, in theory. CyanogenMod is a different beast than the commercial Cyanogen. But who knows…

          • crutchcorn

            Indeed it is. However I’ve just grown used to companies acting FAR too much in their own case and fear Google growing more into this.

          • strangefruit

            How else should a company with shareholders act? Google is charitable but it is still a business and you probably have some of your pension plan invested there.

          • crutchcorn

            And I know that, but what I’m talking about is going against what Google has traditionally stood for with Android

          • strangefruit

            It’s just that most people will never root their phones, and I’m sure Google would like a more straightforward message coming about android, other than endless forks. There is a huge market out there that obviously prefers the apple messaging of just working and Google has to keep that in mind. Cyanogen is interesting but will always remain a minority interest. I’m not sure that their starting a scrap with Google will encourage confidence in their future.

          • crutchcorn

            *sigh* Yet again another person viewing android’s ability to hack and play with and modify as being an after thought… It enourages devs to be devs… What Google always trys to show and encourage. Google is one of few companies that realizes that the future is all with the devs. If this attitude shifts then Android… Just won’t feel like Android IMO (and many other devs I speak with). Google is making shifts, and that’s fine – but how they handle Cyanogen and other custom roms in the future will send a HUGE message to those of us concerned and already looking towards new platforms just in case. If nothing changes other than they get their OEM licence pulled, that’s fine and I get that… But if it’s more dramatic.. IDK.

          • strangefruit

            Relationships need both parties to play their parts. I’m using a rom whose dev has stopped. I don’t know anyone else with a rooted phone but it’s Samsung everywhere I look. Google cannot ignore market realities. Sure there are tinkerers but still a tiny fraction of the market. Google has its own interests in promoting and defending android. How should they respond when their interests are threatened?

          • crutchcorn

            But if, as you say, the market of tinkerers are small – then why is the idea of having GAPPS and other things on roms (aside from Cyanogen partnered hardware), something that they should remove? I dunno… I’m very possibly looking too much into this – I just feel like Han Solo walking around in the cave…

          • M.A,S,

            I think cynogen inc is just drumming up hype to gain more notoriety and headlines. While they may want there own platform, I don’t see them ruining the current ecosystem any time soon.

            Especially if Firefox and Ubuntu couldn’t pull off a viable mobilemobile alternative to android.

          • Tony

            Definitely Google may decided to give a certain signature to Pure Android OEM in order to prevent dreamers like Cyanogen from using them.

            Even with with Cyanogen going Solo. Don’t you think they’ll still create a black market for Gapps to be incorporated into their OS?

            Well not like they would do this officially. Since about 90% of Cyanogen lovers are nerds. What they will do which will be a threat to Google is create a black market community that shows how for Gapps can be installed on their OS.

            Well course if they do this, they’ll be lubricating Google’s bottom.

          • crutchcorn

            But they couldn’t do that with things like the Fire Phone out there… They’d be trapped….

          • I will side with Google. I use cm on my phone, and did on my tab. I love it, works better than stock etc.

            However, I don’t think cm opening up a store .

            Cyanogen is doing well, but Android as a company isn’t asleep too. I won’t say Google should cut their apps from cm ( but will support google if they ever do), but should that happen, it’ll be a really hard time for cm.

            Google suite of apps didn’t come overnight, and it’ll take really really considerable effort on the part of cm to Make such apps as great as the google apps.

            I don’t get it why they’re so open about this. Keep rolling things gradually, and see how it goes. It shoots off, then you have solid grounds to say something. Now his statements are all, ‘will will’.

            Its like going in for a battle and announcing your presence openly and loudly.

            Cm, go stealth mode. It doesn’t hurt to hit hard even if you never talked.

          • Except say, if the CM store gave developers a higher share of the revenue than Google does.

            Let’s say CM take 15% and gives the developer 85% instead of currently, where Google takes 30%.

            In that scenario, they could quickly become the preferred selling place for developers. At the very least, perhaps they could light a fire under Google to make their store more competitive.

            Unless a company is very impressive, they will be unlikely to be massively successful in cutting Google out of the chain. Ambitious of them to try though.

          • I would rather pay 30% and deploy to play store than pay even pay 5% and put to somewhere other than the play store.

            Who said developers are complaining about that? And do you think it takes easy cost maintaining those myriads of servers and countless data centers Google operates.?

            Come on friend, 30% is fair and never should be an issue here.

          • I’m not saying 30% cut is unfair.

            My point is to try highlight a possible strategy on how they could entice developers. Google are running somewhat of a monopoly with the app store currently. I don’t think their prices are unreasonable, but if credible alternatives sufficiently attract developers, who knows, it might end up being a good thing for consumers as Google will have to fight their competitors off and offer things for the customers.

            However, Amazon have obviously tried this approach. Samsung have their own app store. There are literally dozens of alternative apps stores you can use for Android. As a consumer, I have a huge preference to stick with Google’s own.

            Ultimately, I don’t think CM being cut off from the Play Store would be a good move for anyone.

          • Yeah. Makes sense. I agree. I wouldn’t recommend CM opens their own store. but if they do, then they’re in for a very rough ride.

            I hope they don’t let their relatively little success with forking Android make them pompous. Android belongs to Google, and in the first place, if Android wasn’t made open source, there wouldn’t be any company called Cyanogen Mod today.

            So CM should be aware of that.

          • M.A,S,

            But the pie is much much larger on Google’s side. A 30% cut of such a large pie is still more profitable than losing a 15% cut of cynogens much smaller pie.

            Plus, cynogen would need to replace all the proprietary services (like google location services, data syncing, gaming cloud, etc) that other apps and developers rely onon with either in-house services or lesser 3rd party services. No cheap easy task. Took Amazon years to build out the background services and its still not as rich as Google’s.

    • Rhan Candia

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Anonymousfella

      When i first read this article…

  • Marty

    I feel CM is better than stock Android. I use it on all of my rooted devices. But I think an independent app store would have a hard time surviving.

    • Boonlumsion Piyapon

      When Google make less profit on Android. Android will improve slower. Slower time to open sourcecode will come. And if need colse source all together.

      And … if Google don’t support CM. CM will also not have Gapps include google map and youtube. as well as all google api.

      • Marty

        A misunderstanding of the Android ecosystem. Google doesn’t make a profit on Android. They’re an advertising company and only profit from advertisements in the Android ecosystem. And CM doesn’t use Google apps. The CM user uses Google apps. When you flash a CM ROM, the ROM never contains any of Google’s proprietary apps (Google Play, Maps, Gmail etc). You, as the installer, have to download them – usually in a recovery-flashable zipped package – from whatever source you can find them and install them.

        • Boonlumsion Piyapon

          A misunderstanding of the Android ecosystem. Google dose make indirect profit form advertisements in the Android ecosystem on Android. Include chrome (As default search) gmail and google now.

          Yes CM doesn’t include Google apps because Google dose sue them in 2009. They have agreement and google stop sue. Now … most (if not all) CM user do install Google apps.

          … not dependence on Google ? Note that Google apps dose not using Apache License Google CAN sue CM again. Google CAN change terms of the license of Google apps AND Android. Any time.

        • Google does make profit from Android as it takes 30% of the revenue generated from apps bought by owners of Google approved Android devices and also the from revenues generated by ads. So saying that Google doesn’t make money from Android is erraneous

          • Marty

            Okay, granted. But Google doesn’t make any money from Android software or devices. And the only money they make in Android is through their own proprietary software. If an Android device doesn’t have Google’s proprietary software installed on it, they can’t make any money at all from that Android system. So to say Google makes money from Android is misleading. There are other Android systems that don’t use Google’s software.

          • ichuck7

            If people use Google on their phone browser, Google is profiting. The phone doesn’t even have to have Google Apps on it. It’s a technicality but Google can even profit without their apps as the guy before me said.

          • Marty

            And that’s advertisement revenue – as I said in my original post. Unless you’re saying that just the use of Google Search requires user fees.

          • ichuck7


          • Cami007

            Agree, but that has nothing to do with android, it is the same when you use it on your laptop or desktop computer regardless of operating system.

          • Cami007

            It is not erroneous because u can have android on a device without buying apps from google.

          • Marty

            I don’t think Google charges a fee for their proprietary apps, but you are right, you can have Android without the apps.

          • True, you can do that but then you would be the part of the small portion of people that do not, unless you live in China. But at the end of the day, Google makes money off Android, whether if it’s from consumers buying apps, ad revenue from ad supported free games or what they charge OEMs to preloaded their Play Services and Apps on their devices

          • Cami007

            Google does not charge oems to preload android on it, what google does is impose conditions on OEMs to allow them to use their app bunble preloaded with android.
            Anyone can get android, is free, but to get support from google, certain conditions have to me met, there is no money involved in the process.
            As I said, google does not make money directly off the OS, it’s main source of revenue is thru its search engine,it uses its android grasp via the the agreement made with OEMs to direct the user to use its services (search engine, play store, cloud services) but as previously said, as the user, you are not required to use them, as a matter of fact, when you are setting up your device for the 1st time, you can bypass the google part all together if you want to.
            Another example of this is the amazon devices, they use android and get it for free and do not give a dime to google in relation to the OS.

          • Google charges OEMs to preloaded Google mobile services

            Google might not be selling Android but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make money off it. If you read my first post here, you would see the ways Google can/makes money from Android users. There’s really no point in trying to argue otherwise.

          • Cami007

            In your search bar, bing, google, lycos, whatever you use, type does google charge for android, see what you come up with. Or read this link:

            If not, just read the attach pic.
            And if still not convinced, sorry i cant help a blind man.


          • I know this, all I am saying is that they make more from the Play Store apps either from direct sales or from ad revenues.

            Do you agree that Google gets a 30% cut from app sales? if you do agree then I don’t think we should be arguing in circles

          • Cami007

            I do agree on the profit from their services, not from the operating system.

          • Ok, services such as the Play Store, right?

          • Cami007

            Play store for apps, search services, cloud, mail client, movies, YouTube, etc.
            All these services, except of the app play store are available in other operating systems as well, the playstore you can side load to other android forks that dont offer them (like CM11) if you need them.

          • M.A,S,

            What are you even debating about? Of course google profits through android, nobody is arguing that. But there is a huge distinction to be made. Legally, if they were to directly sell the android software then they would face huge patent law suits or would be required to pay other companies who hold specific patents royalties.

            By making android open and free, google can profit indirectly and avoid royalties and lawsuits.

          • That’s what I have been saying, at the end of the day Google makes money from Android

          • M.A,S,

            Exactly. So I was a bit confused with why you were debating the previous commenter when he was explaining that google can only profit indirectly from android through the ecosytem (play store) or advertizing because Google would face lawsuits if they profited instead by directly selling android because of patent holders & royalties to other companies.

          • It all started from here. All I am saying is

          • Cami007

            So when you use google search, cloud, gmail, on your laptop that uses windows, google is making money of Windows too?

          • M.A,S,

            They would be earning there revenue off the windows platform, yes

          • Cami007

            I am sorry, what I was debating with the other gent was thst he implied that google profited from android, which is false, google profits from its services which are part of the agreement bundle they have with some OEMs.
            It is the same when you use their services from your desktop or laptop, they profit from it, but it has nothing to do with the operating system it is run under.

          • M.A,S,

            The important difference and distinction regarding patent lawsuits, google does.not profit directly from the sale of android code.

            Profiting by having a service on the platform is way different than profiting from directly selling of that software.

        • GoranJ

          Is there are any user that use CM without gaps?! I can’t imagine how would that look like?! :)

          • Marty

            I doubt it. But the point is, Cyanogen doesn’t provide GAPPs. They don’t even make them available on their website. They link to various download sites that package GAPPs for user usage, though. One of the better GAPPs packages, however, that CM doesn’t link to is PA (Paranoid Android). They package GAPPs in a variety of forms from full to micro.

            I just flashed a full PA GAPPs on my Sony Z Ultra that I flashed CM12 onto. The PA package is better, in my opinion, than the other most common GAPPs package in that it gives more system-integrated apps like Slides and Sheets and the normal Google camera etc. It could just be only a difference of the camera icon, but the other GAPPs package has a blue-round camera icon while the PA GAPPs package has the normal Google camera icon like is on the Play Store.

          • Cami007

            There are some, mostly in countries where gapps are ban.

        • M.A,S,

          You keep talking about flashing Roms
          This has nothing to do with the ROM community, this is about the for-profit Cynagen inc. And, for them to produce android software which their OEM partners can use, then the devices hardware & software (meaning cynogen inc) must follow the guidelines.
          This is why oneplus & micromax do come with google apps & services pre-installed.

          Your confusing the cynogen ROM with the separate Cynogen Inc. They are two completely different entities. The ROM and CM, which users can flash is not the same as Cyanogen inc, and the software that OEM partners can use. For an OEMS phone to come with Google apps its software must follow the guidelines set forth by Google.

          • Marty

            Why would you say Cyanogen provides the GAPPs (Google services) instead of OnePlus? Does Cyanogen install the OS on all of OnePlus’ devices? Or does OnePlus install the Cyanogen OS on their devices.

            Saying Cyanogen installs the OS on OnePlus devices is the same as saying Google installs the OS on all of Samsung, HTC, Sony and all other Android OEM devices. In that case, Wow! Google would be a busy bee. Likewise, if Cyanogen installs the OS on all of OpePlus’ devices, Cyanogen would be a busy bee.

        • Andrew Dodd

          CM doesn’t, but Cyngn (the company) does – all Cyngn products (CM on the Oppo N1, CM11S on the OnePlus One, “Cyanogen OS” on devices going forward) are GMS-certified and include the GMS software suite.

    • Flunk

      I’m not really sure forking Android is the right plan, regardless of Cyanogen Mod’s quality.

    • Charles7

      The thing is, can CM keep the evolution of Android moving forward as fast as Google? No way, now how.

      CM looks good now because they are riding on Google’s back.

      Furthermore, are they really going to get developers to put their apps in another store? Is CM going to have streaming services? etc. . . . I think they are getting a little ahead of themselves.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of breaking Google’s control, at least a little bit.

      • Marty

        I figure CM would do what other Google-less Android systems do and update when Google releases new software. It’s what CM does right now. The only difference would be that they bake in their own app market. And who knows if they’ll develop a streaming app/service or just use one that’s already established.

        • Charles7

          So, essentially. . . CM will continue to piggyback on Google’s version of Android.

          They just want to drop Google Play Services and have their own CM Play Services ;)

          The problem, if I’m reading the article correct, is that they want to allow third parties access to stuff that Google doesn’t, thus when Google updates Android they will make it harder and harder for CM to do the things they want, therefore CM will have to fork Android at some point IMO.

          I just don’t see how they will do what they say they are going to do without forking Android.

          • Marty

            CM wouldn’t be dumping Google Play services. They don’t use any Google Play services. You, as the installer of a CM ROM choose to use GPS when you flash them after flashing the ROM. And everyone who uses Android, including Amazon, piggybacks on Google’s OS.

          • Charles7

            LOL. . . Yeah, OK. You are technically right. I should have used Cyanogen Inc instead of CM in my comment.

            Cyanogen inc does use Google Play Services. CM ROM doesn’t ;)

            Nonetheless, here we are talking about Cyanogen Inc. NOT CM ;)

            So, I’m back to. . . I do NOT see how Cyanogen Inc will do it without forking, because Cyanogen Inc wants to allow deeper access to the OS for third parties. Not exactly the same as skinning Android.

            You seem to be thinking in terms of today, I’m talking about their future and what they say they want to accomplish which is in direct opposition to Google — Google isn’t going to let you piggyback and do whatever you want.

          • Marty

            Why do you say Cyanogen Inc uses Google Play services? Can you provide an example?

            And Google has no say about what you do with the open source software they produce. Google can limit an OEM through the use of their proprietary apps, though. Nevertheless, if CM (or CM Inc) doesn’t use Google’s proprietary apps, Google can’t say anything about what CM (or CM Inc) does with Android. Just like Google has no say about what Amazon does with Android.

          • Charles7

            Seriously? You don’t know why Cyanogen Inc joined the OHA and you don’t know that the OnePlusOne comes with Cyanogen Inc + Google Play Services? Same for the new device just released in India.

            I think, Marty, you are stuck with the custom ROMS and haven’t been paying attention to what Cyanogen Inc has been doing the last year.

            Finally, you clearly are not understanding my argument as to why I believe Cyanogen Inc would have to fork Android, so I’ll just let it be as I can only say it so many times.

          • Marty

            The OnePlus One is OnePlus’ responsibility. OnePlus takes CM software and then licenses Google apps and installs them themselves. OnePlus is not Cyanogen. OnePlus is a hardware producer. Cyanogen is a software producer. Cyanogen doesn’t license Google apps. Cyanogen only provides their own Android software (devoid of Google Play services) to OnePlus and OnePlus takes it from there.

          • M.A,S,

            Oppo and one plus phones are approves by Google precisely because cynogen inc is following the guidelines.
            This is not cynogenmod ROM the OEMS are using, but cynogen inc which is separately created precisely so OEMS can get approval from Google.

          • DaveNull

            Cyanogen Inc is not a member of Open Handset Alliance. And if it was, it wouldn’t be allowed to ‘fork’ Android.

          • Ndifreke

            Isn’t Google the one offering Fork Android? Google is smart to me. Instead of loosing you, they give you the bones to nibble. At anytime Google can say AOSP must henceforth follow this guidelines. Tell me, what will a company hoping for freedom do when Google decides to control the type of bones offered to the dogs?

          • Marty

            Google would have to pay Apple and Microsoft if they decided to control AOSP. Google doesn’t fully own the code in Android. Some of it belongs to Apple and to Microsoft. One of the reasons Google doesn’t sell Android. Apple would have a serious claim against Google if Google ever chose to try to sell the Android OS like Microsoft has always sold their OSes.

            The only way Google can make money with Android is through advertisement and app fees. They give the software (Android OS) away for free and then license their proprietary apps to hardware makers. This provides an ecosystem in which Google gains revenue through advertisements and app fees.

            Just as Linux is free to the world, Android is also free to the world. Google can’t control that just like Google can’t control Cyanogen’s Android software or Amazon’s Android software.

            Amazon would laugh their ass off if Google ever told them they can no longer use Android.

            One thing Google could do, if they ever chose to, is stop developing Android. It would then be up to all the various OEMs and users of Android to continue its development. But I seriously doubt Google would even cut off its rich revenue stream to do that.

            In order for Google to keep people buying into the Android ecosystem – and continue using and buying apps from the Play Store and selling advertisment space in Google Search etc – is to keep it up-to-date, fresh and new. Hence the ongoing development of Android.

          • JosephHindy

            Marty, In order to be approved to have Google Play Services, you have to play nice with Google’s rules. CM has gapps = that means they play by Google’s rules. Amazon does not play by Google’s rules, that’s why Amazon Fire devices ship with the Amazon Appstore instead of Google Play. They’re not approved by Google and therefore do not get Google Play Services.

          • Marty

            I fully understand that any OEM that wants to use Google Play services has to abide by Google’s rules. But there seems to be misunderstanding of *who* OEMs are and who software providers are.

            Everyone seems to be saying Cyanogen is responsible for licensing Google Play services for each and every OEM that uses Cyanogen Android software (currently OnePlus and Micromax). I would think OnePlus and Micromax are responsible for licensing the Google Play services on their own devices.

          • JosephHindy

            No, what you’re not taking into consideration is that OEMs are also the software providers. HTC make HTC Sense, Samsung makes Touchwiz. Thus the process always seems like an OEM thing but that’s only because OEMs also do the software.

            In this case, It is up to Micromax and OnePlus to submit their phones to be licensed, but it’s up to CM to follow the rules and make them devices that can be licensed. The OEM really just does the hand off, it’s up to the software guys to make sure it’s certifiable. Obviously, if CM weren’t capable of getting certified, chances are that the OnePlus One wouldn’t exist as we know it today.

          • Marty

            Okay, so I had it all wrong. I figured the OEMs were responsible for certification of GP services.

          • M.A,S,

            Let me direct you to this article…..and, if cynogen inc software wasn’t within the guidelines set by google, no OEM phone running cynogen inc would get licensed google play apps and services

          • Marty

            That says the OPPO N1 was certified by Google to run Google services apps. Who makes the deal for OPPO? Does Cyanogen make the deal and have to live by Google’s guidelines, or does OPPO make the deal and have to live by Google’s guidelines?

          • Andrew Dodd

            Cyngn and Oppo were partnered for that. You can’t go through GMS approval without a hardware platform – Oppo provided a hardware platform that Cyngn could take through the GMS approval process.

            In the case of the N1, they likely worked together on the process, but I believe with OnePlus, Cyngn handled GMS certification. Also, Cyngn are the ones integrating GMS – that’s one of the aspects of the “Cyanogen OS” product. You’ll see things throughout their commit histories intended to allow for GMS certification, including occasional removal of features that caused CTS failures.

          • M.A,S,


            The commercial software, cynogen os, is developed for OEMS, and for play services, and therefore must past googles guidelines.

            Users aren’t flashing the commercial cynogen os, then installing play services. Those users are flashing the cynogenmod ROM which is separately maintained by a separate entity.

            One is a community driven ROM organization, and the other is a commercial company who’s OEM clients rely on having access to google play services and need there device and software to pass certification.

          • Doofus

            Get a grip. All these people talking about CM riding on Google….its Google riding on Linux. If Google is using it then they have to contribute to the code. Linux belongs to noone, thank God.

      • Andrew Dodd

        Only Amazon had enough of a content ecosystem to get developers to do this.

        Amazon started as an e-commerce platform that moved into content (music/movies), and only after getting a solid base there (leveraging their giant e-commerce platform’s brand) did they start moving to apps.

        Even then, Amazon’s a niche player with the Fire family of devices.

        Everyone at Cyngn are seriously out of touch with reality… They’re trying to do something that people with FAR more resources than they do (Amazon, Microsoft) have utterly failed to do.

        They seem to have forgotten that a large portion of their userbase came from people who installed CyanogenMod specifically to GET AWAY FROM THIS KIND OF CRAP. For example, I became a CyanogenMod maintainer because I was sick of Samsung’s constant attempts to get me to use their crappy ecosystem. (Disclaimer, I am no longer affiliated with CM and have not been since the Focal fiasco.)

    • MJay

      But Cyanogenmod is stock Android with added features! Cyanogenmod did not build nor create anything! They are using an OS built by Google and added features! My oneplus one lags and freezes more than any phone I have ever owned! The extra features are nice but not worth the instability!

      • Marty

        I understand that and don’t debate it at all. To me, the added features make CM better. But I have CM installed on a number of devices and they all works at least as well as a stock Google Android from a reputable OEM.

        And what you described of your experience with the OnePlus One is why I haven’t bought one. I’ve read of it being buggy.

        • MJay

          I wish I would have read before purchasing . I am thinking about flashing another ROM (which seems easy but have not tried yet) or waiting for OPO to replace it with their upgrade of their ROM.

  • thumper

    Cyanogen is the Linux of Unix. I wish them well as its an excellent platform and I only use phones that support it.

    • makapav

      You get it. Most of these screaming morons in these comment thread are completely missing the point. I am glad this is finally being done.

      • wezi427

        Please tell us the point with your grand wisdom.

    • tsiguel

      Only difference is, the Linux of unix doesn’t forma partnership, screwing their previous one in the process… And since when is Linux a company?

  • tushar

    You guys think Cyanogen is gonna get Musk’s funding soon?

  • Darcy Myers

    I have never liked this guy. From his phone being invite only and the ways he wanted people to get invites to his cockiness in thinking he is so awesome. I get wanting to do what you wish with your phone and Google supports these places using their operating system. If he is so great why doesn’t he make his own all together. He wouldn’t be where he is now without Google’s android. It’s that simple.

    • mit7200

      You do realize that Cyanogen had nothing to do with the method of sale of the Oneplus One, right? Although, I agree, not a big fan of his either.

    • Cami007

      This guy has nothing to do with how the phone is sold, the company is OnePlus 1, they entered in agreemen t with this gentleman’s company so they produce the software used on the device.

      • Darcy Myers

        Well it represents him and his company. If it were my company I would have found this unacceptable and found a way to end the agreement.

  • flye

    I’ll be surprised if they will not turn into another Google or Apple.
    Don’t be a hypocrite cyanogen.

    They bit the hand that feeds them and now trying to’free’ android from Google?

    Stop forking from AOSP right now. Built your own Linux system.

    • Gage Peterson

      And please don’t make it with java

      • Airyl


        • Gage Peterson


          • Airyl

            Because coffee is really good.

          • totnuckers

            because programming in static type language keeps your sanity while maintaining the code than the monkeypatch dynamic language like javascript.

          • Gage Peterson

            I agree with you on both counts. Static type checking is useful and monkey patching is never a good idea (often called don’t modify what’s not yours in JavaScript). However there are many statically typed languages other than Java with type inference and better enforcement of immutability which is also a huge sanity saver.

    • Chris yaritz

      Cyanogen piggybacked on Google with their added features, now they think they can wear the Big Boy Pants. So they are flipping the bird to Google, as they did to OnePlus. Where would they be without Google ? Answer– Nowhere!

      • MicroNix

        Exactly. Pretty crappy to be calling someone a tyrant when they put all the sweat and time into a product that you piggy backed off of. This new venture is already DOA in my book.

  • DrakerZero

    That backstabbing jacka** piece of sh** cyanogen,let them try though it will fail miserably.Keep Dreaming Cyanogen.

  • Adam

    I see them being more successful then Samsung with Tizen.

    • Kane

      Tizen is the best.

  • beano

    After the OnePlus/Micromax debacle this guy has zero credibility. I don’t trust Cyanogen anymore.

    • Martin Lane

      My OnePlus One is working great on CM12, very happy with it.

      • You obviously have no idea what happened between the two companies

        • Martin Lane

          Don’t really care, OnePlus One is a great device and Cyanogen mod is still working very well for me.

          I wouldn’t even be that bothered if the device shipped with no gapps, so long as it’s available as a separate package to flash it’s all good.

          • Airyl

            You really have no idea what happened between the two companies, huh?

          • flynsarmy

            As someone who actually doesn’t, could you fill us in?

          • Airyl

            The gist of it is that OnePlus was supposed to launch the One in India with CyanogenMod as usual, but Cyanogen left OnePlus out in the cold by signing an exclusive agreement with Micromax from India. The agreement states that Cyanogen is to exclusively support the latter’s upcoming online brand Yu — a direct competitor of OnePlus — in India.

            The big problem is that Cyanogen apparently knew fully well that OnePlus was going to expand to India and decided to sign the agreement with Micromax anyway, backstabbing the brand that had helped them so far. According to OnePlus’s co founder Carl Pei, OnePlus “can’t explain Cyanogen’s decision because we don’t fully understand it ourselves,”. Keep in mind that during this time OnePlus was swamped with things like their deal with Amazon India, their Black Friday sale and the opening of their store in Beijing.

            This forced the already busy OnePlus to start developing their own ROM based on Android Lollipop. This could’ve ended right there, but Cyanogen’s founder Steve Kondik took to Google+ and accused OnePlus of stealing features from CyanogenMod for their own ROM. This act was the solidifying act that will probably end their relationship not too long from now. For now, all international units are still supported by Cyanogen, but Pei has hinted that they may no longer continue updating the phone in a year.

            TL;DR – OnePlus wanted to release the One in India, Cyanogen backstabbed them by signing an exclusive deal with Micromax, OnePlus got frustrated and decided to make their own ROM, Cyanogen accused them of stealing from Cyanogen and their relationship is now very rocky.

          • Martin Lane

            I read you’re reply below and guess what?

            I still don’t care, still loving my OPO.

          • Airyl

            There’s nothing wrong with the device. It’s as solid as a device can be. Just don’t get too comfortable with CyanogenMod.

          • Aravind Sudheer Babu

            If you dont care about anything, then why the f*ck would you care to comment here.
            F**kin troll..

          • avi

            he is FCKING HAPPY TROLL, do not reply to him

          • frankob

            Would you love it less with a custom OnePlus mod, instead of CM? It could happen, you know…
            It’s not the OPO in question here, but CM, mind you…

          • Martin Lane

            Might never happen.

          • frankob

            If you care to be an informed user, you should care about what happened. After the incident with CM in India, OnePlus started prepairing their own Android mod, obviously intending to gradually diss CM…

      • Nazgul

        Well, once OPO releases their own OS, it will spell the beginning of the end for their fractured relationship. I think both parties are better off without one another.

        • Martin Lane

          By the time this happens I’ll be on new device anyway. I have no loyalty to either, I’m just as happy with stock android.

          But right now I’m really enjoying my OPO with CM12.

          • Andrew Kwan

            Cm12 isn’t stock Android. Let me guess…you don’t care?

            *#*# troll.

          • Martin Lane

            Like I just said im just as happy with stock Android, nowhere did I say CM12 was stock android, it’s not even the stock rom for the OPO.

            Did you have a point?

          • avi

            he is just a FCKUING HAPPY TROLL ,,, dont reply to him

    • frankob

      I thought about that, too. They seem like saying one thing, thinking another, and doing a third one…

      • aabsa

        Just like USA in politics.

        • heyhey

          I’m confused here… Did u not mean Russia?

          • Johnny

            Lol, ofc no. Watch less TV.

          • Guest

            Yeah, news can’t be trusted. Only knows the REAL truth.

        • frankob

          I am afraid we can really say that for politicians all around the world…

    • SebaKL

      Agreed. He seems more of a noise making controversial tabloid character rather than true visionary on a mission.

    • Charles7

      Yeah, it’s hard to listen to them talk about openness when they are signing exclusivity deals and f’n over partners.

      • Timothy Anderson

        You beat me to this comment… I was going to say the same thing… ditto. Everyone talks about how they are different and they are going to be open, while they really mean is that it will use their services and do it their way.

      • Andrew Dodd

        Don’t forget the Focal fiasco, where they attempted to use their CLA to obtain commercial rights to Focal in order to provide a closed-source variant.

        Overall, I have to say, “Good luck with that”. They will fail – not even Amazon has made a significant dent in attempting this and they’ve got an entire content ecosystem at their disposal.

  • William Overmars

    He wants to separate his vision of CyanogenMod from Google, but don’t we all use Google’s apps and services?

  • Luka Mlinar

    So they’re essentially going MIUI in a way. I think they underestimate Google’s ability to put a stop to their plans. If MIUI is anything to go by, they wouldn’t but show them a middle finger again and they just might.
    Also moving CM away from Google services could make or break them. Somehow I can’t imagine a Android fan going “Ok Yahoo”.

    • Tony

      Hahaha you got me on “Okay Yahoo!!”

    • M.A,S,

      Firefox OS and Ubuntu mobile efforts faced similar challenges, and I would think they would have had a higher chance for success in these similar effoets compared to cynogen.

  • Rodney

    Some dependence on Google ? You are using Google built OS for crying out loud… I do agree with their vision, but you can’t be really “independent from Google” while using any version, build or whatever that comes from Google – open source or not. Same goes for Google Services, can’t imagine even 50% of CM users to stop using Play Store, Gmail, Maps etc etc.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Can’t even imagine 95% of cyanogen users ditching Google services. Most of their users are tech-savvy individuals who flashed the ROM themselves.

  • namesib

    Good luck competing with the Play Store…

  • abhish3k

    So, this means that individual companies can build their own app stores and compete with Google’s services? GOOD LUCK. With the massive amount of data and influence Google has, this is Bullsh*t. I would rather trust Google with my data than any other company. CyanogenMod is what everyone likes. It provides more customizations and flexibility than Stock Android. That’s it.

    • Cami007

      Actually they do, samsung has their own app store, had it for years, so does Sony. They both ship them with their android devices, there are a few app store out there too, totally independent of google, amazon is 1 example of that.
      What google got going for them is the amount of services they offer for free on top of their app store.

      • abhish3k

        The question is how many people actually use them to install apps. Amazon app store is the only one some people use it and that is also because they offer free (paid) apps. If it was not for this, nobody would be using it. Nobody wants two app stores, one of which (play store) has largest number of apps. And, I am sure Amazon is collecting data from people and selling it.

        • Cami007

          I couldn’t tell you how many, but people do use them, in the case of Samsung, if you own one of Samsung smart watches, you can only get apps for it, thru their app store, I imagine it works the same way for their VR unit.

          • abhish3k

            See, they are making you to come to their app store. They can easily put them in Play Store like other OEMs have started doing with their apps. This kind of thing never works. Eventually, people get frustrated.

          • Cami007

            I agree with you, but they are trying to build their own ecosystem, like apple and google for that matter. It is way more complicated for us user, and they do not seem to get it, on the other side of the coin, it forces competition wich translate in better services for us users.

          • abhish3k

            Did you read this – “that partners can use to build highly integrated services” . This means they are not building their own ecosystem. They want to provide software (base) for other companies so they can replace their own “highly integrated” services in place of Maps, Play Store. That is why in my first comment I said – “with massive amount of data and influence Google has, this is Bullsh*t. I would rather trust Google with my data than any other company”. So, even if these companies do replace services, they are not going to as good and secure as Google’s services.

          • Cami007

            I agree with you, i was just talking about companies like Samsung, Cyanogen Inc. Is saying one thing, I hope they do good.

  • I will side with Google. I use cm on my phone, and did on my tab. I love it, works better than stock etc.

    However, I don’t think cm opening up a store is a good idea. If they’re opening up a store to hold apps that aren’t allowed on Google, fine. But if they’re creating a store to rub shoulders with the over 700k apps in play store, then they’ve lost before they battle.

    Cyanogen is doing well, but Android as a company isn’t asleep too. I won’t say Google should cut their apps from cm ( but will support google if they ever do), but should that happen, it’ll be a really hard time for cm.

    Google suite of apps didn’t come overnight, and it’ll take really really considerable effort on the part of cm to Make such apps as great as the google apps.

    I don’t get it why they’re so open about this. Keep rolling things gradually, and see how it goes. It shoots off, then you have solid grounds to say something. Now his statements are all, ‘will will’.

    Its like going in for a battle and announcing your presence openly and loudly.

    Cm, go stealth mode. It doesn’t hurt to hit hard even if you never talked.

  • dirk

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve supported CM since my G1 but this new vision they have is ridiculous lol. I get it though, you go from community driven to shareholder driven so it changes your mission. CM will always be around but it will never even come close to Google. It took them years to build everything CM will always be just a rom that forks from android. Even if they built their own OS it wont be in the big 3, android, apple, windows. That’s alot of competition good luck.

    • M.A,S,

      Look at the fight FireFox OS is facing trying to get there mobile & devices operating system to catch on, and they’ve been in the tech game longer than cynogen.
      Hell, even Ubuntu abandoned mobile plans, whos early game plan felt similar to cynogen’s.

    • Craig Trunzo

      Do you really consider the current version of Mobile Windows Big 3? IMO, Apple and Android are it. Things may change with Windows 10, but right now, I don’t consider Microsoft of competitor of note.

  • James Donut

    Dear Cyanogenmod, it’s for your good that you stay on google’s path if you want to be relevant longer.

  • Loving stuff

    Wow.I need to have Google services more. If cyanogen wants to break free from Google I’m staying with Google instead of cyanogen

  • Craig Nelson

    CM needs to calm down Google is not the bad guy. They are a multi billion dollar company that just like any other company wants to make money. Google gives away their operating system which they spend their hard earned money developing and put it out there for anyone to use. Amozon and all those chinese manufacturers use it with no complaints from Google. They uses software developed with another companies money for free and use there own services. I think thats fair. If you want to use Googles services which is the only WAY Google makes money on it’s own Operating services you have to follow it’s terms which I see no problem with. There would be Cyongen if it wasn’t for Android. No one is getting mad at Apple or Microsoft for not opening up.

  • Preben Nielsen

    And here we saw Cyanogens vision of how they can get to run on even FEWER devices. Fork away from Google…. and fail. Cyanogen has made some ok small improvements on Android but make no mistake – Android without Google behind it will fail bigtime.

    Seems I will have to choose a different custom rom in the future….

  • Scott Ricketts

    Wow. CM as a project and community is doing great things and will always have a soft spot in my heart. CM Inc and this guy? Not so much. I feel even better at getting the new Moto X instead of the OPO.

  • Renascienza

    Sure that some competition is very good to Android scene. And I have no doubts either on a future with non Google alternatives.

    But for now, we need be honest: Google controls so much devices because they have a very nice App Store, for instance. Even Amazon Store (the better so far) sucks (yet? I hope so). Competitors backup, cloud, office, mail, etc… Sucks. There are some solutions to maps that are starting to become mature, useful and profitable, but still …

    You can hate Google, but these guys build very good services with adversing support and people like it. Is the moneymaker for them, that’s what they do.

    When finally the contestants develop solutions that reach their level, Oh… Things can start to get interesting, and everyone has to gain from it. Even Google.

    Unfortunately, the Micromax case puts some doubt the ethics of Cyanogen. It may be that these are not the right people to lead the way. Only the future will tell.

    • Cami007

      Dude you hit the nail on the head.

  • ichuck7

    I could be wrong but I don’t think this will work out for Cyanogen. I think people want Cyanogen because it has Google services. Is ironic that Cyanogen thinks Google is too controlling. That’s one reason why Google backed off of the iPhone. Apple is a tyrant. Some of Google’s control is definitely for the better. If it wasn’t for Google, Samsung will still be putting their shitty menu buttons on phones instead of recent apps.

  • Stadi

    I’m using CM (OPO) because it comes with the Google suit. Without them it would be useless for me. That’s why I would never use an Amazon tablet. I have nothing against making Android work with other services better, as long as it stays Google. Also this McMaster guy is an asshole. CM would be much better off without him. Also can’t take him seriously as he’s using Apple products…

  • TeeJay1100

    Cynaogen died the moment this CEO became the leader! CM without Google would instantly die. People now only use CM because of Google. It will be recorded, this guy just messed up most One Plus 2 sales they may have had because of his idiotic comments.

  • vangeodee

    They will be opening up their own app store in 18 months? Don’t make me laugh, Windows Phone and Blackberry have been at it for years now and they’re nowhere NEAR Google’s Play Store.

    “Some dependence” WTF, CM uses Google source code, you biitches practically eat from Google’s palm!

    Arrogance. Remember Icarus? Fly too high and your wings of wax will melt.

  • Groud Frank

    Cyanogen will always be dependent on Android as long as they use even a single line of Android’s source code. In their case they are using the vast majority source code. If, for whatever reason, Google stops developing for Android then Cyanogen will die; much like a parasite when its host dies. If Google decides to do something trollish and block Cyanogen mod from using GApps and the play store then I am sure their Cyanogen will lose all appeal.

    • Abdullah Alam

      “Much like a parasite when it’s host dies”

      Shots fired.

  • Carter Von Seggern

    Cyanogen mod doesn’t seem to realize that Google owns android and if it’s such a big problem then they can start building there own operating system from scratch!

  • MaxPower

    Money make people greedy

  • BrandoHD

    Is this the same guy that was sending emails from his iPad?

  • bytewise

    Google has poured millions if not billions into Android. Somehow everyone expect them to completely open source every bit of it.

  • He’s a child.

  • Sathira Katugaha

    these guys are idiots. trying to take over the operating system off the biggest company or at least the biggest IT based company in the world! I would never buy a phone without google apps anyway.

  • Sathira Katugaha

    if this was their plan they shouldn’t have announced it so early giving google time to think and destroy them.

  • Cami007

    1st problem I see with this idea is more fragmentation of an already fragmented OS, since google owns android, they will still have to wait for google to release each generation of it, to work on it and modify it at will to suit their needs.
    2nd problem is apps and security on it, if they want to add more appstores, they will have to implement some sort of security features and product checks just like google and apple have done, and this is per app store on it.
    3rd problem is the credibility of this company, after en OPO/India fiasco.

  • ciac

    The only reason I used and loved Cyanogenmod is because that’s about the only way for many devices other than Nexus to get anything close to clean Android. To me the cleaner the OS, the better. I didn’t really appreciate some of the features CM tried to built into the system, such as Apollo or Equalizer. Always removed those with root. To me those things should be installed at the user’s discretion. Now not only don’t I see the point of them breaking free from Google, it seems to be misguided — being close to what Google offers for their nexus devices with minimum modifications is why they are popular? With the CM12 apparently integrating even more Cyanogen custom features that may or may not be extracted, I dislike and worry the divergence of CM from a clean and native version of Android.

  • AndroidBrian

    People don’t want a to use a different app store.

  • Tony

    Don’t worry Cyanogen, XDA developers isn’t going anywhere. You can always start from the scratch again.
    Google is keeping everyone together. Don’t this companies ever learn?

  • Adobo King

    Cyanogen, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If it weren’t for Google, you wouldn’t exist.

  • Cami007

    These are the little things that I see with these wrong approach:
    1st. Implementing other app market stores, will require finding a screening method for this apps, which is something google an apple already have in place. In other words there are security and risks concerned that need to be properly address to be successful, and this goes for any app market store they decide to use (one or several). As abit android user I can already install any app market place I want on my device, so what is the attraction that they are actually offering?
    2nd. Android is open source software but it isxdtill own by google, therefore they have tovwait for google to release updates for them to work on improving, which takes time and causes more fragmentation on a already fragmented OS, meaning they will always be a step behind google.
    3rd. After the OPO/India fiasco, where is the credibility of this company? The way things are coming out to the public, just shows how poorly and un professionally things are handle internally, which later on will translate to poor customers service.

  • kcassell419

    Firstly: If it wasn’t for google/android in the first place, these fools wouldn’t even exist.
    Secondly: why shouldn’t google have some control over their own operating system?

    Go it alone for tiny details which will only appeal to a fraction of the android market, which happens to be a fraction of the mobile market? Knock yourself out! It will be a pleasure to watch you go crawling back to where you left off – with your tail between your legs. Apple has control/restrictions but look how well they’re doing. Douche.

  • Latheryin

    Wow these guys have really turned from running joke to a complete waste of space. They already have issues with merging untested code that bricks devices, Steals apps from developers and decides to close the source off. Now that their theme engine will be obsolete in a few months they have not done anything except stab both OEM and users both in the back. What a sad thing CM has become. Not sure who is a bigger joke in the android world. CM or MuII

  • Françoilson Silva

    Krl, é nos Cyanogen… os caras tem potencial para isso, vai ser um desafio a todos eles, mas espero o sucesso do grupo…

  • Stefano Carlo Coronado Mondoñe

    Jeez. All I want is a non OEM version of Android that lets me intergrate with Google upon choice

  • James Theodore Retuya

    the cm ceo is a twat.

  • crackinthewall

    But there’s already an alternative to Google’s version of Android, it’s called AOSP or have they forgotten about it? If say, Samsung wants something that interacts with the core of the OS, they’re free to do so. Sure they risk losing Google services, but isn’t that kind of the same thing that will happen if they went with Cyanogen Inc?

  • dimiav

    ” We will not be based on some derivative of Google in three to five years”
    yeah… lets see you staying exist for 3-5 years…
    with so much controversies lately i am really not sure if they know what they are doing.

  • Rushan

    Hey CM you are not some dependency from Google,you are totally…

  • aj700

    Google = Ubuntu & Cyanogen = Mint linux. Thats where this is going IMO. Let Google innovate, we will take the good things from them and add what customers want to create whats cool and can sell…. I stayed with Ubuntu after a while, looks like same gonna happen here.
    (Sent from a 1+1… :D the irony)

  • hetaldp

    Exclusive Deals and Open Source ! this guy is out of his damn mind !

  • Karly Johnston

    jajaja…. this fool thinks he can compete with the resources of Google Inc. Not even Samesung and their pathetic Tizen stands a chance, this guy and his shoestring budget thinks teaming with Micromax at the loss of OPO makes him a Google killer. again… jajaja

  • What’s the consumer’s stake in this? Why should *I* care? Isn’t this about some guy whining over how much access he has to MY wallet compared to Google?

  • without google and android u r just some arrogant dicks,

  • Bone

    Is this the fool who sends disrespectful emails from his iPad?

  • So partnering with established Google is bad and untrustworthy Cynogen is better?
    Cyanogen has lost it’s trust post OPO issue. Also, when did CGM ever was error free in any of it’s version?

  • TheDrake

    After the One plus debauchery, I’ll never flash CM again.

  • Andrew Kwan

    Perhaps the rest of Cyanogen should fire this guy. A bit too radical with him at the helm. Especially if he is going to influence more backstabbing deals and whatnot.

  • Sargent

    Cm, on one plus is fine for now. Far more control with privacy guard which seems crippled otherwise.
    Google should have a level field on its os just like Microsoft is required to do. That is necessary. The os should work with or without Google services. I don’t see any of that happening soon.
    Until then, the os any version is crap, fine for them, but the consumers are just targets. Crap for us.

  • Flip Jumpman

    Sent from his iPad… Dummy!

  • Skye Simoncelli

    Wish Samsung would consider partnering with Cyanogen. The best software running with the best hardware, plus it seems neither are particularly loyal to Google…

    • Flip Jumpman

      Actually not a bad idea… I would maybe consider buying another Samsung device if that were to happen.

      • Skye Simoncelli

        Samsung are a bit of a strange company. They can make great processors yet stick to Snapdragon. They can make great camera sensors yet often stick to Sony. They’re famously bad with software yet refuse to hand it over to google. A Cyanogen Touchwiz however could greatly profit both companies, allowing Cyanogen to demonstrate its software prowess on one of the largest mobile brands, while Samsung can concentrate on its hardware like it does best.

  • Cyanogenmod has changed, software and the people in the public eye. Sadly, not for the better. That’s just my opinion though.

  • LeetLawrence

    If my phone came with Cyanogen, I’d voluntarily flash some other ROM onto it. No more Cyanogen for me.

  • nikolas

    Nobody likes that Google runs android? I do! Between you and Google its Google ALL THE WAY! I hate arrogant people.

  • MJay

    Okay, I just recently got the oneplus one! It is the first phone I have ever rooted (which I love by the way). The device itself is wonderful! The software lags like crazy! It freezes as well. I love the extra features but it is not worth the instability! They are far from taking anything from anyone. They think they can free themselves of Google and but can not make a stable rom. Things are always force closing etc. What would they do if Google stopped dumping the source code into aosp? Then how would they build new versions of CM? They would have to come up with their own new version from scratch! Fix a simple ROM first. Check out some of the problems I have: Constant Lag when texting, switching between Windows, the notification bar always comes down while I am on the phone and yes screen is off, things are always force closing, phone freezes, and many more! I can not wait until this ROM is replaced with Stock Lollipop that Google built! I thought it was just my phone until I went to forums and saw that their official rom is unstable! Many people flashed to Pac Man roms and etc! Sorry for the long post but this needed to be mentioned! They better sit back and shut up! Enjoy the fruits of Google labor!

  • Sayan

    What if Cyanogen doesnt use any Google services on their own rom.. but now google being the owner of the Android “software” under apache..
    Do you think Google might sue OnePlus for not using their services but still continue the use of their software?

  • fredphoesh

    Kirt McMaster is a hypocrite (and a wanker). Just watch. He is every bit as power hungry and greedy as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook… He is nothing without android, if he “takes” android from Google it will be theft.

  • Private Citizen

    I’m extremely satisfied taking down .apk files I want and not being dependent on any app store.

    Having 2 processes total running and no google analytics has other perks. Like an extra hour of on screen time.

  • The Calm Critic

    Seen the prequel to this drama already and it’s called Replicant…. If CM themselves can’t get behind Replicant’s cause, then why the flying fuck should be given to theirs?

  • Mathews Mons

    they have backstabbed one plus one and now they want to take control from google
    they have no ethics

  • Eben van Ellewee

    Mr McMaster stop stamping your feet like a little girl already and come up with an alternative. I think you will find that most people WANT to use Google Services… But you know, if you want to cry about it not enabling you to provide ROI in Cyanogen… at least show us how you would do it better after Google has provided you with a soapbox to preach from… #entitledmuch

  • If this is where they’re headed, mark this day as beginning of fall of cyanogen. It would seize to exist in 2 years from now.

  • lalala

    and that is when the already almost unknown to non-tech people cyanogen will drop even more to obscurity.

  • Nigel Jones

    With no appstore, and no google services there is no way I’d bother with cyanogenmod. I like google services and use them extensively.

    That being said, I like the principle of openness, and having other app stores, or other implemention of “deep” integration such as google now alternatives would be superb. I’m just not clear how they achieve this without alienating many …

    I am using CM12 currently, and like it. But I’d go to stock if I had to…

  • findinghomer

    wait, I want to make sure I got this right. Cyanogen has built their own operating system, by using Android open sources allowed and owned by Google. But now they are upset because google has certain aspects locked down , that are not open source. So cyanogen wants to completely remove Google from the equation, and “take android”? things like this could put an end to open source platforms.

  • Sudhan

    Any thoughts about Ubuntu Mr.McMaster?

  • Craig Trunzo

    Famous last words.

    “We don’t need Google to survive as an Android-derived OS”

    How’s the Fire Phone doing with that?

    Tizen is going strong, right?

    History has shown time and again that only Google-Approve Android products have staying power.

    The only exception is the Kindle, but that widely popular product is a far stretch from a “mainstream” Android device and it is subsidized by Amazon’s huge wallet to achieve the specific task of selling eBooks.

    Unless Cyanogen finds some way to get actual Google services installed without being Google-Certified, they are dead. The very small subset of Android users that even know what Cyanogen is won’t install an OS that kills the Google services. Since they are now an incorporated entity, I am guessing that the second they release an uncertified OS that include Google services, that are going to get sued into non-existence.

  • Ryan Oshane Martin

    what a disgusting guy. Cyanogen u have lost my trust. Backstabbing fu#$

  • Bernd Stoeckel

    I’m using their product as something on Google’s services. I probably won’t use any of their products as long google is existing and they are moving away

  • totnuckers

    So basically they are doing the Amazon way and make money for themselves from making their own store. Good luck about that.

    OTM, no Google AOSP no CyanogenMod

  • gspotkilla

    yea and hes a dick period. “calm the f down” cuz his shit is last getting certified. S a D mcmasterbaiter.

  • Great news. I hope they will launch their own app store so I can launch my video locker hide videos com.hidevideos.videolocker app