Cyanogen CEO says Samsung will be “slaughtered” by competition in the next five years

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 5, 2015

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Samsung may have just announced their much-improved Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets, but according to Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster, the Korean tech giant will have to do much more to stay relevant in the next five or so years. In an interview with Business Insider, McMaster explains his views on Samsung, and that he thinks the company will eventually be “slaughtered” by new competition in the coming years.

In the interview, McMaster comments about how low-budget device manufacturers like Xiaomi and Micromax will diminish tier-one companies’ marketshare, such as Samsung’s, over the next 3-5 years. He even goes as far as saying:

The tier one OEMs like Samsung are going to be the next generation Nokias in the next five years. They’re going to be slaughtered. We think long term Apple itself will have problems because they’re just not good at competing at the low end.

Business Insider follows up by asking the CEO if he really thinks Samsung will be toast in five years. McMaster explains:

It could get pretty bad pretty damn quick. This is often the case. Look what happened to Research In Motion (RIM). Look what happened to Nokia. Last summer Micromax surpassed Samsung as the dominant feature phone player in India. We’re talking literally in eight months this occurred… This is just one market. We see this happen all over the world.

Cyanogen has worked hard over the past few years to break into the mainstream smartphone business by offering smooth software that is able to be run on budget-friendly hardware. And because of Cyanogen’s success with the OnePlus One, McMaster’s opinions on global marketshare are certainly worth something. Though the message may come off a bit strong, it makes sense. Smaller OEMs around the world can offer extremely budget-friendly hardware in areas where most people can’t afford Samsung or Apple-made devices.

The entire interview is a lengthy read, but it’s definitely worth the time. McMaster goes on to talk about Cyanogen’s recent partnership with Qualcomm and even comments on the company receiving a large investment from Microsoft. If you’d like to take a look at the full interview, head to the source link below.

What are your thoughts on McMaster’s interview? Do you agree or disagree?

  • roberthenderson

    Totally possible, especially if Sammy keeps pulling ‘genius’ moves like Ditching waterproofing, SD cards, removable/upgradable batteries and completely ignores premium features like front facing speakers.

    • Dreammage

      Apple has been pulling these “genius” moves as you describe them… from the beginning. And they have a 750B market cap. Not everyone wants front facing speakers in a phone.

      • Martin Lane

        Agreed, phones if done right don’t need any of these features.

      • n900mixalot

        Apple is Apple. That’s all they need to sell phones. It doesn’t matter what features they do or don’t include.

  • Alicemad

    I dissagree. Cyanogen messed up their partner (OnePlus) and now OnePlus is building their own rom. Cyanogen is a company that want to create a new version of Android free from Google’s influence and Google doesn’t like that. As for Samsung do not underestimate such a powerful company. They build almost everything. Their mobile division is just one of the many they have. As we saw their sales fell and they took drastic measures with the S6. Like the S6 or not it’s still innovation. Their own SOC and their own storage solution which is much faster than the previous and way faster than any sd card. If their sales won’t go well with the S6 (which I doubt judging from people’s comments everywhere) expect even bigger things with the S7.

  • Wjdzm

    When did he become a soothsayer?
    What makes him think the smartphone ecosystem will be present in 5 years?

  • TheBagging Man

    As soon as Samsung start removing features that their loyal fans boast about is the time when they will go backwards unless they can pick up new fans. Eg: Removable battery (if their going to make it non-removable you would expect Atleast a 2800ma) No SD card… Htc will be licking their lips

  • Anonymousfella

    This amount of trash talking the bigger players doesn’t suit the CEO of a small startup. Apple and Samsung have the cash to tide over few bad quarters, his company even can’t afford a misstep!

    • ed

      So did Nokia and RIM. I’m not saying it will happen but it definitely is a possiblity.

      • JK

        thats my point above….it can happen. who would have thought the record holder for phones sold would be nothing right now just 10 years later?

        • crackinthewall

          The problem with Nokia and RIM was they were both unwilling to follow what the market wants. RIM stubbornly held that the enterprise market wants them while Nokia let Symbian stagnate just because Apple and Android sucker at multimedia when they were released. Palm, though not as big as those two, would be a better comparison. It tried to change and put out one of the best mobile OS in the last 10 years and yet they still failed.

          Samsung, on the other hand, is willing to follow what the market wants to maintain their lead. To be honest, I doubt Samsung was worried about the other major manufacturers, they were worried about the Chinese manufacturers who are able to produce aluminum slabs and glass sandwiches for half the price. The problem now lies in Samsung’s reluctance to follow this new race to the bottom but I can’t say I blame them.

      • shivansh

        Nokia and rim fall just because of not accepting the trend -The android revolution- they just continued to follow BlackBerry os and symbian os which are out of date.

        You should have said this to Samsung if they continued to follow their BADA Os but Samsung study market and respond according to market.They are not gonna fall like nokia and rim.

        • ed

          Do you have access to sooner kind of time travel device in which you are able to see the future? If not, you can keep your certainties. Nothing is certain. As far as the market is going? The only smartphone sector that is seeing significant growth right now is the low cost market. Samsung is not king in this market. The Chinese companies and to some extent Motorola are. Low cost smartphones are getting better every year and are getting better faster than the high cost ones. It is not that wild of a claim to say that Samsung might be in trouble if they don’t change tactics. Again, I’m not saying this will happen. I’m just saying that it might happen.

          • shivansh

            Agree and i am saying it might not happen btw who knows.

          • shivansh

            Yea i got time machine at my home do give me a visit i will show u the

          • Nas

            Death & Taxes are pretty certain…

          • kg2105

            There is more profit to be made in high end devices than selling a bunch of low cost devices (see Apple). And those low cost smartphones are mostly popular in developing markets. Yes Samsung used to dominate both the high and low end, and now the competition is stiff at the bottom, doesn’t mean those manufacturers can actually make high end devices to compete with Samsung/other big manufacturers globally. You are also forgetting Samsung does not only make smartphones, they make a ton of screens (even for competitors) and memory, as well as appliances and other electronics. RIM and Nokia only relied on phones, and they were extremely inflexible it was easy to see them failing.

          • ed

            Quality smartphones are getting cheaper every year. In a couple years, the difference in software and hardware between a $300 smartphone and a $700 smartphone is going to be negligible. When that happens, what phone will you buy?

          • WiseMax


          • ed

            Yeah, and phones like that will only become more and more common. When the subsidy market in the US dies, people will start looking for phones that are at or near the price they were used to paying. This may or may not affect the iphone but it will definitely affect the android super powers.

          • ed

            You are probably right as far as the overall business. Samsung is a pretty diverse company. But the smartphone side of things definitely has a chance at failing.

        • Whatever1234

          You mean the iPhone revolution? You do know who created the smartphone market don’t you? You do know who the most valuable company in the world is don’t you? You wouldn’t be using android if it weren’t for Apple, what “android revolution”?

          • shivansh

            The frequeny of using you know .. Dont you ? Is so high that i doubt if you even know.

          • The_Sage_Mage_of_Rage_Uncaged

            I have known about Apple, as a company, for about…thirty years. Prices notwithstanding, for in this context they are either irrelevant, or a severely, cripplingly negative issue with Apple products, after the Apple II se, I never once cared to own any Apple product other than an iPod. PC user, Computer tech, competitive gamer, high-end game machine builder, versitility and scalability are indisposible, so that leaves most Apple products very undesirable, up to the decision to use Intel cpu’s, immediately after Intel had just lost all three PC markets to the vastly superior AMD chips. You call Apple legendary, I call it, retarded…when AMD64 cpu’s came out, Apple’s only strengths were the power of their graphics, and their audio recording apps. Other than those two areas, PC’s were and still are, far superior to Mac’s. I own an iMac (dual-core, Intel, all in one, free standing. Not the clear/colored plastic bubble iMac with OS9), and about five or six various quad-core, dual-core, and single PC’s, almost all being AMD. I personally do not find Apple products to be as practical or generally useful as their competitors. They seem to fit specific niches, and those who use Apple products, and call Apple ridiculous things such as legendary, seem like mindless cult members…
            Price has NOTHING to do with it, I absolutely do not desire Apple products because they do not appeal to me in any way, nor does the corporation, nor did their former dead CEO, Steve Jobs. Wozniak gets nothing but props and respect, though. He wasnt a douche like Jobs was…
            The thing is, we are talking about the same company, with its same approach to/with everything it does…I actually want an iPhone even less than an iMac…and, yeah, the iPhone was definitely NOT the first smartphone, I agree with you there!

          • Abhinav Tella

            I have both platforms. Having said that recent trends show Android is no less stable than iOS despite supporting greater range of hardware only downside on Android is deployment rate of updates.

            As for cost an iPhone costs close to a Galaxy to produce. They can raise the prices so high because they built a brand name. It does not mean one is better than the other.

            As for the smartphone revolution it was going to happen even with or without iOS/Android. They did give a bump though.

          • WiseMax

            The first Smartphone I knew about and used was a Blackberry (Company). The firzt Smartphone I owned was Nokia… The iPhone came later to me…

          • Whatever1234

            The iPhone came later, and changed everything that came after it. That’s what a revolution looks like. It even changed your beloved android. Do a google search for “android before iOS”.

          • shivansh

            I know apple and iphone created revolution but here we are talking about android so i didnt included apple , making it limited to android.

        • solcotto

          Samsung is a one hit wonder (S4) whose been struggling to stay relevant ever since. They do have a great phone in the Note 4 (I own one) but that’s still a niche market despite growing popularity. My iPhone 6 Plus is definitely my phone of choice.
          Trying as hard as they can to copy the iPhone is not the road to relevancy.

    • TheCorrector

      Dude. you need to read a dictionary. He’s the CEO of Cyanogenmod, which is an android based OS. He’s offering his opinion of Samsung ( Hardware manufacturer ) and their ability to react to the up smaller but hungrier possibly more agile newcomers. They are not competitors and he isn’t trash talking. Cyanogenmod can run ON Samsung devices but that’s as close as it comes. If he was the CEO of Xiaomi and said his company was going to slaughter Samsung THEN it would be trash talking.

      • crackinthewall

        He also said that “Samsung couldn’t build a good OS if they tried” in another interview. A lot of people interpreted this as McMaster talking about Bada/Tizen but a quick look at Cyanogen’s website will reveal that he’s talking about Samsung’s take on Android. They see Cyanogen as a separate OS. This is definitely trash talking in whatever context you want to put this in. Trash talking about Sony or LG wouldn’t get them the same media mileage.

        • KapteinStein

          Well.. He’s right… Touchwiz fucking sucks balls and is the only reason I no longer use Samsung phones. All Samsung devices I’ve had I’d have to put cm on and because of Samsung appleish nature when it comes to open sourcing, even cm with Samsung sucked balls

          • CM sucks it’s always buggy and has features that either don’t work like they’re supposed to or at all.

          • KapteinStein

            Yes… Especially on Samsung phones. Depends on how much the manufacturer shares how good cm will be. Anyone have a one plus and can tell me how cm works? Never got an invite and now the phone is to ancient to catch my interest when replacing the LG g3

          • Jason Cawthron

            You don’t need an invite now. I love mine and all of the invites I have given out have been used and everyone loves them. The screen is kinda buggy but it’s a hardware issue that’s easy to fix with (The digitizer Ribbon grounds out on the chassis and makes ghost touches) some electric tape.

          • KapteinStein

            Who cares a year later? The one plus two will have invites again. One plus is pathetic

          • shivansh

            Cm is always buggy just take a example of cm12 tons of bugs are there. Instead of trash talking about other bag they should look into their’s and stablize there ROM. Cm used to be great aftermarket rom but now it suck ballz

          • mobilemann

            you’re what’s wrong with these websites. It’s not a brand war, stop acting like you’re 11.

          • KapteinStein

            No one is forcing you to read the comments. Free speech have you heard of it?? Commenting on what people can and can’t talk about on the Internet…you must have a sad life

          • mobilemann

            The fact that you have that avatar and ask about my life being sad is quite funny to me.

          • KapteinStein

            Never asked you about your life you moron! Haha learn to read

          • mobilemann

            you’ve already done it. see above, king of reading comprehension.

          • KapteinStein

            “you must have a sad life” is a statement. Stay in school!

          • mobilemann

            Thanks for the tip kid. I have more gear than you have pubes. When you grow up you’ll realize it’s more about the user less about the platform

          • OG Mudbone

            Rooted my s5a, debloated, installed xposed mods and tweaks. Xposed beats out Roms anyways.

          • KapteinStein

            That’s a much better solution to the “Samsung problem”

        • Jason Cawthron

          For all intents and purposes the OE Roms are different OSs. They all suck and are filled with battery killing bloat ware. Long live CyanogenMOD!!!

      • OG Mudbone

        Its trash talking. Cyanogenmod is a product of the AOSP. Android runs on a VM anyways.

    • Arman

      I totally agree! Oneplus One users are already disappointed. They really don’t need to piss off more people.

      • shivansh

        Even cm on micromax yureka sucks hard specially camera software is disgust and lags in many areas. I sold my micromax yureka after using 1 week and this device is a fail now.Dont know from where SHIT(CEO) got balls to talk all this trash.

        • Rocker

          stop spreading fake news shithead.. yureka has one of the best budget camera and software works quite well.. using it for 4 months without any problems whatsoever..

    • coldspring22 .

      It’s not trash talking. Did you see Xiami redmi 1S? Same specs as iphone 6, and works like a champ including great camera, but only $130. Samsung is in trouble and so is apple.

    • Uh dude get with reality: cyanogen is by no means small and by saying that, he was promoting his partners, who are the companies eating Samsung.

    • Jerome A. Hicks

      Good point!

  • JK

    you know, I would have thought this was crazy a few years ago but it reminds me of Nokia, they used to be the biggest. Now, they are barely a blip on the map. Or Blackberry. I think all brands go through good, and bad times in the mobile industry. I could totally see Samsung disappearing. I’ve been saying Apple died with Jobs. I could see both of these brands not being relevant as the years go by.

  • Imran

    I seriously doubt that Samsung will be slaughtered, they still have a large R&D Base to fall back on. They manufacture most of the stuff that goes into their own phones and also they are suppliers of many other phones like iPhone, etc.

    They may be getting slaughtered at the bottom end of the market, however, they need to guard against Xiaomi and One plus as they are targetting their top end models and not the feature phone market that can always be won by pricing wars. But still with the reach that they have and the after sales service that Samsung offers, they will be tough to slaughter.

    • Reality

      Samsung will be okay.

      Cyanoguys are jealous? Maybe. :D

      • Airyl

        People said the same thing about RIM and Nokia.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          They did? Lol, I remember most ppl pointing out their demise. I know that’s what happened to Microsoft as well.

          • kg2105

            lol exactly, it was definitely the opposite for RIM and Nokia. They refused to do anything different because they thought their customers would keep buying the same stuff from them over and over.

          • Airyl

            Haha, no. Either your memory sucks or you went to websites filled with fanboys.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            Really? (I also fail to understand how I saying that people were pointing out the demise of certain platforms meant that I went to fanboy sites) these operating systems aren’t around anymore for a reason. I remember people calling BlackBerry’s OS too text based and ancient, windows mobile slow and buggy and touch flo 3d was said to be like putting lip stick on a pig (windows mobile). Symbian was said to be confusing and when they went to touch screens it got even more confusing because some elements throughout the OS required only one tap while others required 2. These are only some of the complaints that I can remember from all those years back. People were complaining hard. Motorola was even begging Microsoft at the time to do something about Windows mobile and Microsoft didn’t act quickly at all. This is one of the reasons I believe that Microsoft and Motorola had a major falling out I think that’s how it went between those 2.

        • Samsung doesnt only rely on the Smartphone business.
          They make displays, semiconductors, etc.

          • Airyl

            Because we’re definitely not talking about their mobile division.

      • Embarrassing

        Probably, CM is now a rom for third world countries like China.

        • primalxconvoy

          Economically, China is NOT a “third world country”. They have the second biggest economy, after the USA.

          • sithishs

            It’s ok. let him live in his denial.

          • Social science

            They actually are a third world country. By per capita value, China is very poor.
            Total GDP is not the appropriate metric to use, since most of the economic power is concentrated in such a miniscule fraction of the population.

        • Airyl

          Embarrassing to know that a rom for third world countries is infinitely better than one from a multi million company.

      • BZ

        yeah probably since the S3 was released.

    • huh?

      Maybe if it was 5 years ago, I might entertain him, but cyanogen sucks azz so much now, no one even likes it.
      This ceo is past his time man.

    • BZ

      I agree except for the R&D part. Samsung doesnt really spend that much money in that area, most of their money goes in marketing and advertising which still gives them the upper hand given the fact that they do have a lot of money to spend there. And yes I agree with you samsung should not have tried to take over the low and and high end altogether.

      • bakakun028
        • BZ

          yeah R&D for everything they make. The context of this article is within the mobile industry. Not parts, components and everything else they make.

      • kg2105

        They make the best screens and they make chips for themselves as well as a lot of competitors. Doesn’t spend much on R&D? lol what a joke of a post.

        • BZ

          yeah.. no, we aren’t talking about components or parts here. We are talking about phones. So yeah if you want to get out of context you are right.

    • Nokia had it all too.

  • Sumit

    First Cyanogen should explain their volte-face over OnePlus One users in India wherein they declined OS upgrades.

  • BatDroid

    Bullshit!…. If samsung starts being a little more smart, it will send likes of Xiaomi to the same dirty hole they came from. If sammy starts using similar tactics. They make almost everything they need to manufacturer a smartphone. Use their own chipset+camera+display+sensor. Release lessor no of models in mid range, no touchwiz, and release updates more frequently. Cut down marketing costs. They have the best after sales support, best supply chain, at least in this part of the world. Only arguably’ next to apple globally. I think they need a midrange flagship, something identifiable, like Moto G.

  • Alex P.

    Two things:
    1) When my smartphone breaks, I expect to be able to easily exchange it or send it for fast replacement. I can do it right now with Samsung devices (and other devices like Motorola’s, LG’s or HTC’s smartphones). Hell, I can order, for example, Note 4 today and receive it tomorrow and if I won’t like it – instantly send it back with prepaid shipping and for full refund. Can’t do that stuff with brands like Xiaomi, Micromax and other generic crap which has no official presence and distribution network in USA or EU.
    2) Samsung has a capability to release any kind of low-budget devices, including the smartphones priced around $100 or even less. And they’ll do exactly that when they think it’s “right” to do for them.

    So yea… Lots of BS talk from a BS company.

    • Chong Wen Hao

      Xiaomi is not crap. Just because they do not sell their phones in you country does not mean that they are crap.

      • n900mixalot

        Uh no. They are crap. The volume buttons are crap. The camera is crap. The USB port is crap.

        • Chong Wen Hao

          You must be a troll. USB port? Seriously?

  • mishek

    Cyanogen CEO shouldn’t be so cocky. OnePlus is already working on OxygenOS.

  • Martin Lane

    No, just no.

    I use a OnePlus One and there is not much unique about it other than the price and a few minor issues which remind me everyday why it was so cheap compared to the competition, I will be buying a Galaxy S6.

  • tooshea

    Apparently he didn’t get the memo that Samsung scored best new device award at MWC 2015.

  • Samsung 4 life

    If you think that samsung is going to get slaughter by phone like yours then all I can say is that you’re an idiot

  • Nazgul

    The big difference between Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry is that the mobile phone business is not Samsung’s only skin in the game. They are a MASSIVE multinational corporation with fingers in everything, especially in their home base of South Korea. They have boatloads of money as well as their own world famous brand.

    Niche competition will either get bought out by larger companies or remain niche.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m no Samsung backer. I own the aforementioned OnePlus One.

  • crutchcorn

    Cyanogen has a very interesting stand… I don’t know what their end goals are – as they say one thing, do another, and seemingly think and stand by another. The most inconsistent company ever.

    • Bruce Willis

      It is like those unimportant wannabe celebrities who have no talents. They need to stay in the news with scandals (or controversial statements in this case) to stay relevant since they don’t have any qualities which would make news coverage worthwhile otherwise.

      • crutchcorn

        Exactly… Which is strange because Cyanogen does NOT need to do that… They’re the base of many roms, and they’re doing well…. I just don’t understand it personally

  • ashwinmkumar

    Other than stealing Android and sprinkling a few very very minor ‘features’ what has Cyanogen. Look at the big picture. They have done nothing. His words are worth nothing!

  • ashwinmkumar

    Nothing against the small players. I would love more competition, but this is too much!

  • someone

    Okay, so let’s see who won the game when Nokia and RIM got slaughtered. The winners were Samsung and apple. Now if we look back, apple and Samsung were well established when Nokia was ruling the phone market. Fast forward today, we are talking about two beasts in the smartphone market, while micromax and xiaomi are currently new players. We cannot compare xiaomi and micromax now to Samsung or apple, 10 years ago. It will take the new entries 20 good years to step up their game. And guess what? By them Samsung or apple, will be monopolies. So…. Slaughtered? No, not a chance

    • Derek923

      And supposed Samsung decides to play the game of lower prices lesser profits like the micromax and xiaomi etc. Who will be slaughtered? Supposed Samsung decides to sell phones like the s6 for $450, I think evryone will fall for it and lot os these new phone manufacturers like the likes of micromax and xiaomi will be dead.

      • someone

        Exactly. And one more thing there I gotta say. Being first in just one country doesn’t mean they slaughtered a big giant like Samsung. Even if each and every countries’ manufacturers becomes first in their respective countries and Samsung stays second, it still stays as on of the top dog. And ya, as you said, micromax, xiaomi etc only got price to play with, and if Samsung starts doing the same, they would be no where.

  • John Vu

    Apples and oranges. RIM and Nokia were destroyed by the increase popularity of Android. Samsung, Xiaomi and the likes use the same platform.

    • Bruce Willis

      Yeah this guy is just seeking for attention, I cannot understand why the Interviewer did not ask him about his obvious logical fallacy.

  • andybondy

    I’m glad that Samsung might see facing competition from companies like OnePlus, Micromax and so on. I dislike too much of the Android market share being taken up by one company. I owned a Note one and Two. Touch wiz was not a good experience.
    But all these big players do have better support after sale. That’s where the new guys fall down.
    As much as I love my OPO I think if anything went wrong I’m pretty much on my own. They Sell at virtually cost and with shipping and parts repairing my phone will mean it’s basically easier to replace.
    That said I’m all for more people getting the kind of specs I have at the price I paid. If it shakes up the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. Then I’m all for it.

  • retrospooty

    Seriously… Cyanogen has gone from an awesome 3rd party rom maker to a corporation full of a bunch windbag/douchebags in record time. Less than 1 year.

    • Bruce Willis

      Well after JB there were already many equal/better options for custom ROMs~

  • Rick_Deckard

    So much arrogance of that dude… So much pride of the cheap cell phones… Go figure… I much agree about the price though…

  • namesib

    Does he just make controversial statements to stay in the news?

    • Gabriel Belmonte

      Yeah probably…
      Kirt McMaster reminds me of those unskilled actresses of film industry who post their nude pics on internet and think that they just became more famous than the establish actresses …

  • DavidVarghese

    Keep trash talking, “Crynogen”. You’re definitely not getting my business at this rate.

  • Pete Best

    McMaster seems to think the best way to do business is by being an arrogant douche. He’s playing the part perfectly.

  • Ruby H.

    Perhaps Samsung and Apple will loose out on market share in the developing nations but they’ll remain very relevant in Europe and N.America.

  • systemupdate

    They’re going to be slaughtered. What a classy CEO? haha.

  • yardie

    says the company who takes google OS and makes it the buggiest version of android ever

  • Bruce Willis

    Can’t this guy just shut up? It looks like he is just looking for attention… They should give him an award for being the biggest asshole in the tech industry.

  • Is anyone else getting sick of this dude? How are you going to bite the hand that feeds you, not only does he talk badly about Samsung but also wants to pull Android away from Google. Hey jackass, how about starting something fresh since your so confident in your company that peaked last year and is going nowhere fast. He basically piggybacks of googles OS then wants to break it away from them, genius.

  • paulf1

    Cynogen haven’t they just parted company with opo so who they gonna put there Monet on

  • Realisy

    Why so much hate? Lol.. I see you are expanding like crazy but, sounds bit like a blackberry CEO who didnt k now what net neutrality was… Cyanogen is dissing everyone now… And that list includes names like google and samsung.. I see that you need publicity but please just try building a one stable android release that has less bugs than samsung and google… From my experience of trying your snapshot releases you have such a long way to go…

  • jay flores

    The downfall of Nokia and RIM was there inability to adapt and embrace change. Nokia wanted its OS to work where they should’ve got on the Android train. RIM should’ve recognized the rise of Apple by producing an all touchscreen phone to go along with their qwerty phones. Anyway, i dont see it happening. Majority of the US market are about contracts and monthly payments. These companies that rely on e-commerce will have a hard time here due to people not wanting to shell out upfront cost for a phone.

  • Zmaku

    Well, being dominant in the cheap phone markets and the high-end quality markets are two very different things. So if Micromax surpassed Samsung in India doesn’t indicate any form of downfall but only that they have cheaper offerings in the low income neighborhood. But if any OEM want to achieve any real success it needs to be in high-end phones category. Oppo, One+ and some other OEMs know that so they are stepping up in that direction. But their devices are not so cheap anymore, obviously. Everyone wants the best experience possible for their money. So as those emerging markets are progressing more and more there will be increased need for high-end devices. And that’s where the real money is. Just ask Apple. And regarding the Nokia case, IMHO someone should do a very long time in jail for that, try to guess who… So, no, I don’t think Samsung has this problem.

  • WTF, Actually these guys will be wiped out of the planet soon. One of the main reason i brought OnePlus One just because of Official Cynogen Mod. I like CM form using it on my Samsung Device. But they have not Give Android 5.0 Update and No more OTA updates for INDIA. This is simply cheating and i will never buy a cynogenmod Handset. [on twitter they says “you can always flash CM” yes we can ,,, then why should we buy a cynogen handset? ] This is STUPID EXCUSE!!!

    He have no idea about Samsung! They have a strong background, They have big R&D, People, OLED & CHIP Factory’s , DRAM, SSD etc. List goes on.

    This year Samsung Already won prize for 2015 Flagship THE ONLY 14 NM Mobile Processor manufacture.

    After few Google Official Android Updates There will be NO CYNOGEN MOD. SELL YOUR SHARES AND GO SAFE.

    If you guys stay with users regardless of “”Exclusive partnership”” you may stay…. otherwise ,,, boom,,,, END of CM.

  • Marty

    “Cyanogen CEO says Samsung will be “slaughtered” by competition in the next five years”

    Ohh shit! The Samsung fanboys are gonna be furious. They’ll throw such a shitstorm fit…

    • jaemurl

      LOL just NO. It really made me chuckle.

  • Some Faggot Commenter

    I am really sick of hearing this dick open his mouth with very little to actually say. He’s trying to be the John Leger of the smartphone market but he really isnt.
    He’s a dick with a bad attitude and he’s going to piss off the wrong people.

    That being said Samsung and Apple will not (for the foreseeable) future be “slaughtered” by second rate, second tier manufacturers. Will they lose ground, yes. Will they possibly lose the low end market, yes. Will they wither off into non-existence while Cyanogen is still figuring out how to steal more features from Commits to Cyanogenmod, No.. Not going to happen. At least not how he is describing it.

    There is ALWAYS going to be a place for a premium built, premium feeling top notch device from a top notch manufacturer. They may have to restructure things but they aren’t going away anytime soon.

  • evald

    Look who is talking. The bullshit rom man that stuck 10 times per day.
    I don’t even understand why this rom is so famaus.
    You will be slaghetered. You will see

  • shivansh

    This cyanogen CEO is shit .. First stabilize your ROMs then talk about other slaughter. Bugs and bugs all over in cm12.

    • Martin Lane

      This, they should worry about they’re own problems first and foremost.

  • noobie

    Im confused, Why are these custom ROMs based on android and not standalone ROMs? How does this benefit Google/android?

    • shivansh

      Google services are included in every rom .this is where Google makes profit from android(as android is open source).

      • noobie

        What are these google service? Do you mean google maps and stuff?

        • shivansh

          Yea google maps,gmail,google app, movies,music and ads

          • Raptor

            Can’t Google just withdraw their license from this company and kill it off at once?

  • flye

    I foresee cyanogen will get slaughtered by their ceo always talking crap and pissing everybody off in the next five years

  • Scott Ricketts

    Yup, it’s been a week since he’s been in the headlines. Time for a moronic statement.

  • Sandeep Doguparthi

    This cyanogen ceo is a big jerk

  • diper07

    I would choose samsung or apple any day over micromax or xiaomi.
    Because samsung apple gives best after sale service and their handsets do not come with hefty bugs.
    for instance check the flagship phones of micromax or xiaomi. Those have serious heating issues and battery life problems.

  • Sadiq Night-Fury Ahmed

    They better cut costs when it comes to ads and marketing and after that they should slash their prices off their phones. If they don’t then they will die out in the coming years. Their devices are really overpriced. Oneplus One FTW!

  • Casey Chan

    If anything, Samsung would survive better than smaller manufacturers. Why? Right now they’re just keeping prices up to reap maximum profit off their brand image. What would happen if they got into a desperate situation of decline in market share? They can just do what they’ve done before. Lower their prices all the way down – and they can afford to undercut smaller manufacturers – it’s simple Economics: economies of scale. Unlike Nokia, Samsung makes almost all its core components for phones. It’s more expensive for companies like Xiaomi, who don’t make their own components, to buy parts from others, so yes, Samsung may lose market share now while they are still setting crazy high prices, but when push comes to shove, I doubt they would sit there and be “slaughtered”.

  • Abhijit

    Mid range and low range devices will be definitely slaughtered.

  • Samsung is making enough big mistake. So the fall is a matter of time.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    He does know that Samsung builds stuff, right? Not just the TouchWiz Android overlay, seemingly countless phones, the components used by many other phone manufacturers, speakers, televisions, computers, appliances, light and heavy machienery, and who knows what else? He is like a puppy on a porch, baking at cars, claiming victory as they drive away, past him. Slaughtered indeed. Dolt.

  • primalxconvoy

    I love my Galaxy Note 2, but I have felt that Sammy hasn’t made anything new that really excites me. No Andoid TV box, not mobile phones or tablets that fully support both USB peripherals AND HDMI out (their 11-pin system being useless) for “out in the field” use, and little or no gaming peripherals or hardware, either. Add to that the awful new S6 (no exsd, nor removable battery), and my interest in them for a new phone is fast dwindling.

    Samsung needs to innovate.

    • Martin Lane

      Samsung have been innovating, quite a lot actually since the the Note 2 was launched.
      Lots of improvements over the last two years, your clearly not a power user and definitely not technically minded if you can make that comment.

    • jaemurl

      Then get the Note 4. I mean are you really serious? Innovate? They’re the ONLY ones innovating… Who else do you think will have a dual bent screen, not to mention a single bent screen? Oh and your S-Pen? Even till this day after thousands of phablets, no one has this and I think it’s still one of the most innovative functions on a phone. I mean, I was using NFC payment since Galaxy S1……


    LOL! Who is saying? Cyanogen, the Bug Lord. Again LOL. Can’t make a good decision and they’re pretending Samsung’s destiny! LMFAO XD I think they better should make their base strong XD Pity on you Cyanogen

  • James Theodore Retuya

    lol this is funny coming from mcmaster because cyanogenmod is already irrelevant.

  • ddd

    Blah! Blah! Blah! Cyanogen ceo(D bag and asshole) doesn’t know shit about samsung at all. Samsung is #1 company in the world which create different products like curved phones and smartwatches, and gear circle and more different products. New galaxy s6 and s6 edge have tons features and new different design, and better camera and display, but any companies can’t do nothing. Apple is far far behind from other companies in the market because apple’s products display made from LG ips lcd and camera made from Sony, and processor made from different companies. Apple design the products and make os ios 8(copy from android os). Do you want to buy piece of garbage products like apple products?
    I think samsung will create alot of ideas for their products throughout the future but apple will be slaughter forever.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    So, he said same about Apple, but you love more the Samsung’s part. Right?
    Bashing Samsung must go on.
    But Apple’s a$$ must be well licked, so all the tech media is engaged to do it. Patriots!!

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Nokia was NOT slaughtered by Asian OEMs, as this article mentioned,- but by US.
    US didn’t want some other’s company to mess with their total control over the ppl’s data.
    That’s why the attack so dirty Samsung now.
    With articles like this
    (this CM guy mentioned Apple too, but it’s “not important”. Right?)

  • Akki

    Minimising the effect of something which consumers complain about is something else, but minimising the effect of software which consumers don’t even want that at all is all different. This is what happens to Samsung. All know this nerd McMaster is all bout nothing after the beef b/w them & OnePlus. But what if they r just speculating and might prove to be true.

  • suli8

    i used to like cyanogenmod… back when it was a community of people with passion ….now, it’s just another company.

  • Bavani Sankar

    OK, I just read some comments below. People, the majority hates touchwiz, not Samsung hardware. I think Samsung can survive even if it’s smartphone business goes down because it’s got presence in other segments too, like ssd’s.
    Yes, the CEO is an attention-whore, but that doesn’t make his company’s software worse.
    As for buggy cm builds, I installed cm12 nightly on my moto g, and I must applaud the work that went into making it bug free. I find it much more stable than my stock ROM.
    I also have an ancient sgs with cm11. Even though it’s slow, I don’t have any bugs on it.
    People, you should appreciate the fact that cyanogenmod supports and has active development teams for reams of devices, most of which are already discontinued by their manufacturers and no longer receive upgrades to future iterations of android. And above all, FOR FREE!

  • handlebar

    so he wants to say if samsung would have ignored touchwiz this time and invested on them like microsoft did then they would have been more successful ?

  • Forgotmypassword

    The high end is where the money is. Just look at Apple. Selling devices at that price and still being at the top not just in profits but in number of devices sold. Ofc smaller cheaper manufacturers have all the tools to overcome ones like Samsung and HTC with the help of growing markets, but at the end of the day a big part of those who own a cheap and sweet Android will want an expensive apple..

    • The-Sailor-Man

      ‘”but at the end of the day a big part of those who own a cheap and sweet Android will want an expensive apple..”
      Why not the BEST ? Expensive Samsung?

    • On a Clear Day

      Only if they are bereft of common sense and don’t value their freedom at all.

  • kyle

    didn’t cm get booted from phones India?

  • Choda Boy

    The more I hear from Cyanogen, the less I want to do with them. But, I guess I am not a part of the market they seek to take.

  • Gamora

    Cyanogen now sucks anyways

  • On a Clear Day

    Once upon a time there was a reporter who wrote an obituary, and a fine one indeed it was; recounting the accomplishments of the deceased – which were many, varied and more than a little impressive in terms of his literary, social commentary as well as contributions to serious thought about the why fors and what nots of life. The passing of this man would of course be mourned by many near and far and his loss leave a void that would be long in filling – if ever be it could – but without doubt it could be said that this was a man of singular character whose passing was worthy of both note and a moment of reflection by all. (OR words to that effect.)

    Only problem was, the deceased wasn’t deceased, and when Mark Twain read of his sad, unfortunate demise and the lamentation it naturally engendered in friends and fans, he was needless to say somewhat surprised but pleased to know it wasn’t so.

    The comment he made in a letter to a friend has become a famous one. “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

    One of the problems of those among us, whom others among us deem as being “visionary and/or revolutionary”, that those according said individuals these accolades for get is that there is a fine line between being visionary and having tunnel vision. The very ability that allows the visionary to keep himself focused despite outside distracting influences on his “vision” is simply the positive side of the negative side of the quality. Samsung is one of the more dynamic companies in the world; it is manned by Koreans – some of THE single most hardworking of people on the face of the earth – not to mention smart as hell – I think that it far more likely that they will “Live long and prosper” than the contrary – and like all negative, premature, dire predictions of doom and gloom voiced not so much for actual useful purpose or worth or need – as with this statement – I think that the “Reports of Samsung’s upcoming slaughter are most likely greatly exaggerated.”

  • sue

    He may be right about Samsung but apple? There seems no stopping apple for many many years in my opinion. I dont know how he could even make that prediction about apple after the massive sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.time will tell i guess

  • shatner

    Can’t wait for Samsung to go Gangnam style over these so-called competitors lol

  • shatner

    Also, China should learn not to mess with Samsung, which is Korean.

  • Whatever1234

    Apple doesn’t compete at the low end, they’ve never tried to and never will.

  • Hassan Salman Dita


  • swag

    what baffles me is how a company as big and successful as samsung, is struggling to make good phones. their phones are overpriced and overrated and offer no real deal breakers over competitors like Alcatel, Asus, Xiaomi and Oneplus

    • nondimwit

      Xiaomi is not a good phone… and neither is Oppo or Meizu or [insert any Chinese made phone for the Chinese market].

  • LeetLawrence

    Man Kirk McMaster can go take a hike. He’s such a scumbag and gives Cyanogen a bad name.

  • Byron Molix

    How does his opinion matter professionally? His company is in bed with the company he mentions, but he doesn’t sell phones. He doesn’t sell anything with physical inventory needs and margin requirements. As specious as his opinions on Google’s stewardship of Android were, they at least were tinged with relevance since that’s what his company does. Samsung could probably pull back on their marketing campaign and drop prices now and still maintain their Tier 1 leads, but that’s not how their business is set up, and it doesn’t seem like it will matter if their preorder numbers are accurate.

  • Casper Steuperaert

    Cyanogen is talking a lot of trash lately, better be careful.

  • Dorian Black

    I think Cyanogen needs to be careful right now. We don’t know the fallout of the OPO deal and nor do they. We do know they made a powerful enemy. OP seem small but they represent a much larger, much more diverse set of companies (let alone their government investors). It’s nice that Cyanogen got the low end QRD deal but in the scheme of things it’s really hard to know what that will actually mean in the long term – particularly as Cyanogen breaks away from AOSP to become its own beast entirely. This whole thing smacks of middle management bravado.

  • forresthopkinsa

    Cyanogen really needs to shut their huge mouth

  • Not so fast. The S6 doesn’t look like a major leap on paper, however, in your hands it surely is the best Android phone ever made.

  • iKing

    Hahahaha Are you kidding? Dear CEO, Samsung has the greatest flagships in the world, and you are saying that it will be slaughtered by your cheap Mods? It isnt possible. I strongly support Samsung and I hope it improves the durability and features in its upcoming devices. Apple is also one the best companies like Samsung. Both of them are the greatest competitors across the Globe and they wouldnt even let your devices interfere between their competition! Back off – Cynogen! Be Careful!

  • Phyl O Butoyi

    Apple was the father of brilliant smartphones to me but truthfully speaking, if it took such a short time for people to catch up especially after everyone started filing tiny patents in apple fashion, apple stagnated and became copiers instead of trendsetters. Shows that apple is nothing special, their advantage being their phones and OS mesh perfectly. If google fine tuned the Nexus and android Samsung would die, im a samsung fan but specifically to the note series, nothing else.