Crushing a Galaxy S7 Edge with a 400-ton hydraulic press is surprisingly dramatic

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 30, 2016

Drop tests are out of fashion, scratch tests are boring, and you can only watch so many videos of smartphones getting shot with assault rifles. Luckily, YouTubers come up with new ways to ruin perfectly good electronics all the time and now SlickWraps is joining the fun with a video titled “400 Ton Hydraulic Press VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.”

Yeah, you know where this is going. That poor Galaxy S7 Edge won’t live to tell the tale. That’s not surprising. But you know what is surprising? How dramatic the whole thing is. There’s smoke, and sparks, and flames, and whistles, and bangs, and plastic mush oozing out in slow motion. There’s even black fluid running down the press, and it looks a lot like blood, and OMG, what did you do to that innocent Galaxy S7 Edge, you sadists!

If we need to say it, don’t try anything like this at home. Those fluids and gases you see in the video come from the battery, and they can be corrosive and toxic. No amount of “Febreze or something” can protect you from their effects.

  • shekhar nair


  • Roby

    The stupid, useless shit people do to get ad revenue from YouTube…

    • Mike kizaberg


    • Michael Tefft

      They got you to watch it.

  • I dislike the garden-variety YouTube ad-click-baiting as much as the next person, but honestly that was kind of cool.

  • Dan McSweeney

    Utter stupidity.

  • Kevin Davis

    are these given away by the phone companies just to get their brands out there in a weird way or are all of these people actually that incredibly stupid?

    • jasonlowr

      They earn much more from youtube views than just a phone. If they ever get famous, they earn from ads and sponsorship as well.

      • nooneisthatstupid

        From the amount of views they got in the last couple hours I doubt they’ll ever get their money back from ads. They’re just riding the hydraulic press hype train started by a previously unknown youtuber as an attempt to gain public attention and make up the cost of that S7 by selling their decals.

        • sidkii

          Sounds like they are a smart ass company. Props to them.

  • Pite

    Have you tried turn it off and on again?

    • Greg Stancil

      Are you sure it’s plugged in?

  • KhemaySekhmet

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. Albert Einstein

    Why would you want to do this to a phone.. It is worrisome that we have such a need to see things constantly destroyed.

  • Major Sceptic

    Pretty ridiculous , makes about as much sense as ” let’s put a chocolate donut under a 400 ton press and see what happens ” .


    That was a picture of Jesus on the screen

    • 98kuroneko

      oh my… Jesus did came to save us didn’t he?


        He got pressed for your sins XD

  • lol

    cool, next i want to see what it will do to your head.

  • How do you earn money from YouTube?

  • 98kuroneko

    It bleeds!! Why not give someone else a Galaxy S7 than crushing it… Crushing a phone is like crushing your own money… That phone is considered goods as well… People these days don’t appreciate technology today yet killed it and hoped for a cheaper thing to come up in near future with better “enhancements”

    • Tuatini

      That’s because they will be the only ones to show such things on youtube, thus all people will rush on the video to see it and thus they will get revenues from this video. Enough revenues to buy a new phone and maybe even 2.

    • Dan McSweeney

      Exactly. They could have made somebody really happy by doing a giveaway competition or something like that. But instead they just smash it to sh**.

    • Hexlattice

      I liked to think it was a tear of sadness saying, “why me? Why not the iPhone??”

    • Iwanova

      I’m happy to watch it. It satisfying bro.

      P.S: He buy the phone by his own money, and he can do what he like!

  • Sam Corona

    These videos are stupid beyond compare….but we continue to ask ourselves…. What if?

  • PromethianKnight

    “Tell me Galaxy… Do you bleed??
    You will…”

  • Marty Despodov

    What bled out of this phone? It must be monster blood XD man I get scared of my own phone now when I know there can be something inside like this

  • meir

    What for ????
    It’s only a smartphone.
    What a shame thing to do.

  • noone

    Not sure I’d want to touch that with my bare hands. Who knows what kind of chemical reactions took place and what leaked out.

  • Rajvardhan Singh Raghuvanshi

    you should have given the S7 to me instead fo destroying it like this……

  • Elegant Young Gentleman

    Meanwhile people would kill to have this phone.. drop tests I get, because people drop their phones and want to see how a device will hold up. But why a pointless test like this?

  • mcdonsco

    Why did they have a skin on it?

    • xavier savoie

      The company slikwraps made the video

  • hzd

    Yay squash more things, I like to see the people who can’t afford an expensive phone squirm, and the fact that it will be Samsung fans that scream blue murder loudest because Samsung tricked them into wanting an overpriced by $200 dollar device.

    Can’t afford a Samsung sell your soul Galaxy device ? Use your brains and shop around for an near equal device that fits your needs for far less.

    I’m pretty sure the 95% of phone sales in the world are just sheep buying the latest and greatest HTC / Nexus / Samsung / Windows / whatever device just use social media and take a whole bunch of shitty selfies.

    Buy something that fits your needs and price range and STFU, if you had cash to burn I’m sure you’d by a sick sports car and burn fuel and rubber needlessly.

    Brain Dead hypocrites – Typed on my Chromebook PIXEL 2015 that’s charging my Nexus 6P and N6

    *poke poke jab jab*

    Sweet Irony :-D

    • Yielar1

      Can I have my 10 seconds back from reading your useless post.

      • Greg Stancil

        No. They are his now. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  • xavier savoie

    This was painful to watch

  • PhukdNtheHead

    Children in Africa could’ve eaten that phone

  • Jonathan Vargas

    Running out of ideas to get views? The things people will do for attention/views amazes me…dumbass

  • Tonderai Chambwe

    Still a better video than Batman vs Superman

  • masked?Mike

    holy fucking christ, pedo maomet and allah anal addicted

  • Isuru Ranawaka

    That rich bastards cannot find anything useful to do that with their money. Shame on you idiots!

  • Dirty Dog

    Serves absolutely no practice purpose at all…
    How does it help to know?

  • Lethal_1

    And how stupidly UN-realistic this test is .. A seriously new level of retard !!! Absolutely USELESS !!!

  • Satongi

    well, thats one way to get rid of camera bump, I guess…

  • Brad Fortin

    “But you know what is surprising? How dramatic the whole thing is.”

    The phone contains a battery with lots of stored-up energy, and that energy has to go somewhere if the battery is being squeezed. That’s not surprising, or shocking, or amazing, or unbelievable, or any of the other click-bait adjectives.

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    Who would of known it turned into a iPad.

  • marc biff

    More money than fuckin sense.