Corning video: see how Gorilla Glass 3 is made, and why it eventually breaks

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 8, 2013

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Gorilla Glass is an amazing material, without which our beloved gadgets would look quite differently. We’ve shown you how Gorilla Glass is made in our recent How It Works, and we’ve also told you about the latest generation of the material, Gorilla Glass 3, which Corning has just introduced at CES 2013.

For many, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video should be even better at explaining the chemistry (or is it magic?) that Corning uses to make its fortified glass. The company has just released two interesting videos that demonstrate the amazing properties of Gorilla Glass 3.

The first one shows a simulation of how Corning manufactures Gorilla Glass, including an animation that explains ion exchange, the crucial process that makes Gorilla so strong. Titled Why Glass Breaks, the video also touches on an aspect that has raised many a question over the years – why does Gorilla Glass sometimes cracks or shatters when exposed to seemingly weak shocks. The cause is the presence of invisible defects on the surface of the device, which can be harmless, but can also cause the glass to fail under the right conditions.

The moral of the story? Don’t keep your phone with your keys or other hard objects, because, even if you don’t see scratches on the glass, its surface can suffer damage that can lead to cracks.

Speaking of cracks and scratches, Corning is touting the resistance to scratching of Gorilla Glass 3. The new material is much stronger than common strengthened soda lime and an unspecified competitor (Dragontrail?). Gorilla Glass 2 scratches when a load of about 1.12lb/0.5kg is applied, while the new Gorilla Glass 3 withstands the test even when a 1.8lb/0.8kg load is applied.

  • techy

    very impressive

  • tBs_Battousai

    And the first thing we’ll all do is fit a screen protector!!

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy I, and it just will not break. I’ve dropped and dropped the thing. Is gorilla I the best? or Galaxy I impact best? Usually when I drop it the case pops off and battery falls out.

  • Freedomless2012

    Listen to me carefully.

    There are multiple forums and complaints that this glass is defective and they are absolutely valid.

    I have always been an iPhone user and for some sick and twisted reason I decided to switch to a Samsung Mega 1 week ago.

    I got the phone and i absolutely loved it.

    I used the phone on the first night right before bed and everything was working and fully functional. I placed the phone down in a secure location with the screen facing up.

    I woke up in the morning and the phone would not swipe open apps.

    I assumed my fingers were dirty or something and went about having my breakfast. After getting past my morning nonsense I went back to my phone and noticed a perfect straight line across the glass. Had I not known better I would have thought someone cut it with a scalpel because it was such a fine perfect line.

    And then the battle began with AT&T whom flat out looked at me like I was a lunatic when i said I did not drop or bang the phone.

    There was no bumps, dings, knicks, or ANYTHING. The only thing was this perfect straight fine line.

    The At&t response for my 24 hour phone?

    Here is a number, go home and call Samsung.

    I asked the rep to call for me and tell them the details and that there was no visible damage.

    Nope, that is not our policy to call the manufacturer.

    I then asked him to cancel the policy I switched to the previous night.

    Nope, go home and call At&t.

    My girlfriend sees i am about to snap tells me to go out and cool down and spends 1 hour with the AT&T store rep and gets him to call Samsung who tells the guy over the phone to replace the unit.

    Nope, sorry. That is not our policy.

    Sweet mother of God. But wait it gets better. WAY BETTER!

    We go home and call AT&T and they cannot believe the jack$%^ from the store did that and tell us they do not have the phone in stock but if we go through insurance they will waive the fee and the insurance will send us the same phone.

    No problem.

    Fill put the paperwork, upload it, and the next day a tiny box comes in the mail.

    Hooray, it is my new phone?

    But it is the wrong phone. Instead of a 6.3″ screen that the Samsung Mega has, they decided to send me a Motorala MotoX with a 5″ screen.

    I get the rep on the phone and they tell me they have a right to send me a comparable unit. I begin to laugh out loud at how ridiculous that is due to the size difference.

    Call back tomorrow and well see if we can get you the right phone.

    Next day I call back and they send me a new phone. And yes, it is the Samsung Mega.

    I take super extra care and immediately insert it into a case to ensure safety and guess what?

    The next day there is another scalpel like cut on the screen. This time from the right upper corner to the middle left of the screen.

    It was then that I started searching for defective Gorilla glass and came upon this article.

    So in 7 days, I am on 3 phones. 2 of which have defective broken gorilla glass.

    You know what time it is?


    I can be reached at [email protected]

    • Perry Green

      I totally Agree with you on this matter. I’ve had my new Galaxy S3 phone for about 5 weeks and now I’ve gone through 2 screens and waiting on another replacement again already. This time rather than replace the glass, the whole phone will be replaced with another one that most likely will arrive with the same defective glass screen. Why are we buying phones from American Companies that are selling us Garbage that is “Made in CHINA” ??? A $600 Phone should be Child Proof and just about indestructible. We are being ripped off. A phone should not shatter from an 18 inch accidental drop. The name GORILLA Glass should be completely removed from the products, because the material is as weak or weaker than standard window pane glass.