Comics fans, here’s the best boot animation you could ask for

July 9, 2014

superhero boot animation

British graphic designer Christian Tailor created this awesome animation of stylized Marvel and DC Comics heroes and villains, and now you can use it as the boot animation on your Android device.

Christian works as a motion Graphic Designer specializing in information graphics, and his current clients include Al Jazeera and UK-based TV network ITV. The animation above is one of Chris’ spare time projects, and a pretty great one at that, if you ask me.

Graphic designer and Android theme maker Brian Roberts took Christian’s animation and turned it into a boot animation you can use to replace the default startup animation on your device.

And then Ronald Valdes turned it into a flashable zip you can download from here.

To install the boot animation, you will need root access and a special app like this one, though you can also do it manually by firing up a file manager and replacing the default file in the system/media folder with the new .zip file. Enjoy!


  1. Aries Santoso says:

    awesome…!! flashing it now…

  2. Jonathan Sosa says:

    That’s awesome.

  3. Dalvik says:

    Awesome! Thanks!!

  4. MasterMuffin says:


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  5. Michael Schulteis says:

    doens’t work with my CM Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 :(

  6. Rory Holliday says:

    can i be the first to say that is incorrectly named….there are a few DC characters in there…

    1. dogulas says:

      The world will be unfair until the Justice League movie is out and DC Comics gets the recognition it deserves. But not the recognition it needs right now.

  7. Rupam Rane says:

    The link is dead.. :(
    please fix it…!!! :D

  8. Driller says:

    Tried installing it with manually on CM11. Didn’t work. Tried it with the suggested app and afterwards i was stuck on the bootanimation.

    1. ClearlyYoureWrong says:

      Once you place in /system/media you have to set the permissions on it to rw-r–r–

  9. TechyMe says:

    Awesome stuff… I don’t mind some more.. :D

  10. Bart Cunningham says:

    It is a boot animation so I would get to see it once every few months or so. I don’t understand why anyone would bother. Do you reboot your phone just so you can watch the boot screen? It is a nice animation but…

    1. Jayfeather787 says:

      Yes. Reboot your phone more often, it’s not safe to go several months without rebooting.

      1. Bart Cunningham says:

        Not safe??? Why? Please be as technical as you need to as I am a Network Engineer and I have been using Android for many years. I am also a programmer and I have written some Android applications for my personal use. I would appreciate any details on safety issues related to not restarting my phone often. Thanks!

        1. Nathaniel James says:

          Just stop. Let us nerds enjoy this gift that has been bestowed upon us.

        2. Jayfeather787 says:

          Ah put a sock in it.

    2. martin golder says:

      And I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand why the idea of a nicer boot animation seems to offend you so much. You may not understand it personally, but surely you can appreciate why others might have a different preference to yourself?

      1. Bart Cunningham says:

        Doesn’t offend me? I never said or implied such. I only asked why someone would go to so much trouble for such a seldom seen thing. …and on the rare occasions I do restart my phone I don’t usually even notice the boot screen. I was just curious as to why and I completely agree about personal preferences. That and all the customization options are the reason I like Android so much! :-)

    3. justln says:

      My phone reboots every 3 days after a Titanium Backup so yes, I do watch it a lot.

  11. Amrit Zoad says:

    Link is dead.. Please Fix!

    1. The Mega link? It works fine for me…

      1. Amrit Zoad says:

        Maybe its the country problem I am facing. I live in India. Can u upload the .zip file on any other site?

          1. Amrit Zoad says:

            Thanks Bogdan!

  12. dogulas says:

    Haha…there are some significantly gratuitous messages included in the flashing process.

    Flashable zip worked fine for me.

    1. Amrit Zoad says:

      Do u mind sharing the .zip file with us. The link isn’t working anymore.

      1. dogulas says:

        The link works fine, just tried it again. Instead of installing the mega app as the mobile site says to, request the desktop version of the site. The download still works fine from there.

  13. Peter Blanco says:

    [nerding intensifies]

  14. Nishchay Vaid says:

    Can anyone upload the zip on some other site? MEGA is down in india.

  15. Nishchay Vaid says:

    Can anybody please upload the zip file on some other site? MEGA is down in india :(

  16. Wyp says:

    installed thru Boot Animations app, sadly, it says “failed loading the animation”

    what to do? TIA

    1. Piyush says:

      I had the same problem. This is what you need to do. Extract and navigate to system/media. Here you will find which is the file you need to use with Boot Animations. Hope this solves your problem. Cheers :)

      1. Tay says:

        It installed for me but the boot animation on my HTC one did not change

  17. jonathan3579 says:

    This would be one hell of a live wallpaper

    1. Abhi Jain says:

      I made a live wallpaper. It’s being uploaded to the play store right now! Credit is give where it is due, and asked Christian Tailor for permission to use it. It will be up in the next couple hours

      1. Brendan says:

        Can you make it so it’s not stretched by just adding black space above and below the animation?

      2. Mo Yang says:

        How come you’re charging for this? Is the graphic designer getting a portion of the proceeds?

      3. Kewjoe says:

        Did you ask Christian Tailor if you can make money off his work too?

      4. Mark says:

        You can not ask money for this unless the creator is getting a portion of the profit

      5. Cherokee4life says:

        Just giving the designer credit in the description of the app does not make it legal. You really should state in the play store listing that you got consent from the original creator to sell this. OR…. just don’t make money off of it.

      6. Mo Yang says:

        I contacted Abhi Jain about charging for something he didn’t create and he replied, “Thank you for your concern. Per developer request, I have made the application free, but he has indeed allowed me to post it on the play store as a free app. I would have appreciated it if you had emailed me before flagging my app, but thank you all the same. ”

        As of now he is still charging for it. Please flag his app. Not trying to be a troll/jerk/etc, but I feel strongly against one trying to monetize from something they didn’t create. (i.e. Kangers on XDA don’t charge for their Kanged ROM.)

      7. Abhi Jain says:

        guys the app is free now, the original designer did not want the app to be a paid one, so it is free now. @mo_yang:disqus, I made it free before I replied to your email, google takes between 1-2 hours to save changes on the play store. If you look now, it should be free. Thanks for understanding, and I apologize for originally charging for it! I am happy to report anyone who did buy it, has been fully refunded, and can now easily install the free version. Thank you.

      8. jonathan3579 says:

        I just saw this comment. Awesome! I’m sending it from my PC to my phone now. Thank you!

        Edit: I know it’s not exactly right to complain but the only complaint that I have is the characters look squished on my phone.

      9. Finley Field says:

        You cunt

    2. Mo Yang says:

      Creating a live wallpaper with this can be done by following the directions in the link below.

  18. ArGy says:

    Download link please that mega link doesn’t work for me

  19. damaged says:

    Don’t know if this applies to any other devices, but for the Nexus 7 2013, there is no need to replace the in system/media, one just has to add the to data/local and it will override the one in system.

    1. Mlibbey says:

      andddd you put me in a boot loop(not your fault)

  20. TopXKiller says:

    OMG this is amazing <3

  21. th0rx says:

    A bit too marvely for me, but still pretty cool.

  22. Erik Åberg says:

    To childish

  23. David Walker says:

    On my S3 there were no folders in the system/media folder only a couple of samsung boot qmg files. So I moved those out and put the folder in there and it still isn’t working. It reboots, shows Samsung Galaxy SIII and then goes black, then boots to home screen. I even changed the permissions to rw-r–r as someone suggested. Any ideas?

  24. Jerry says:

    Guys please take a while to rate and review my game. Do let me know any suggestions and any improvement that you want me to add.

    any feedback and support would be appreciated :)

  25. Aniket Patni says:

    The material design is strong in this one.

  26. Stefano Capanna says:

    I have Galaxy S4 and the bootanimation file are two: bootsamsung.qmg and bootsamsungloop.qmg how can I use this .zip?

  27. mobilemann says:

    only hulk venom and iron man get mouths.


  28. Jack Frost says:

    How did Christian, Brian, and/or Ronald turn a heavy sequence of more than insane amount of PNG files for this bootanimation into a single-file animated GIF posted on this article?! There’s no way I could turn the stock AT&T bootanimation into a freaking GIF on my freaking Chromebook with so much PNG files!! Somebody please do either a stock AT&T bootanimation sequence or both Samsung Galaxy S5 power on and power off bootanimation sequence into a GIF and reply with a working link!!!! I need to see that GIF happen!

  29. Angel says:

    Same case: bootsamsung.qmg and bootsamsungloop.qmg. Can anyone can help us?

  30. Und3rCTRL says:

    Would I be able to flash this like any other .zip using clockworkmod recovery?

  31. Fie Oliver says:

    How can i resize the boot animation?? It become big out of the screen pls help

  32. madmaninabox says:

    but if it was hd…

  33. Andy Kershaw says:

    I cannot get this to work, tried using the app of on the post and it failed, tried replacing it manually and changing it’s permissions to rw-r–r– and now it just shows the word android which gleams over and over. I’m not stuck in a loop or anything this just doesn’t work.
    Any ideas?

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