CloudMagic goes premium: introduces paid subscription for $4.99 per month

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 15, 2015

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CloudMagic, one of the most popular email clients on Android (and one of our favorites here at Android Authority), has long been known for its abundance of supported email services, instant push notifications, multi account support and custom folder sync settings. The best part is that, up until now, all of CloudMagic’s convenient features have been completely free. In a blog post released earlier today, the developers at CloudMagic, Inc have announced CloudMagic Pro, a premium email service that is aimed at power users.



CloudMagic Pro entails a few features that were already offered in the app for free, plus a few other enhancements. Here are the features you’ll get if you upgrade to CloudMagic Pro:

  • Add unlimited email accounts
  • Setup email accounts once and login on another device to have everything ready
  • Preferences sync’d across devices
  • Download attachments in background
  • Remote wipe your data if you lose your phone/tablet
  • Priority support

Unlimited email accounts were supported in previous versions of the app, so users will now lose that functionality if they decide not to pay. New with the update comes the ability to remotely wipe data if your phone gets lost or stolen, which is likely a feature that will be welcomed by many power users.

In their statement, the developers give a bit of an explanation regarding the move to a premium subscription plan:

We are often asked how we intend to make money and we’ve always maintained we’ll never make our users the product, and instead have premium plans for features that power users will require. So today we announce a new set of features and CloudMagic Pro.

If you’re interested in making the jump to CloudMagic Pro, it will cost you $4.99 per month. If you plan on sticking with the app for awhile, you can pay a flat rate of $44.99 upfront and save $15 for the year. If you’re interested, head to the Google Play Store to download this awesome email client. For those of you that have more than one account synced with CloudMagic, will you make the jump to CloudMagic Pro? Let us know your thoughts!

  • Anthony Dunlap

    Glad I have inbox then. I used to love this app but got invited for inbox and I made the switch real quick.

    And it’s not even true material design, and just themed.

  • MasterMuffin

    $60 per year for an e-mail client? What? Should be $1 a month at most. Stupid move

    • crutchcorn

      No kidding. And they’ll have one hell of a time making me leave Inbox now

      • BZ

        that subscription better come with a girl with sexy voice that reads your emails for you… other than that, no one is going to pay for that … hell people don’t even want to pay for a dropbox subscription that has more value than couldmagic

        • crutchcorn

          She better read a lot more than emails… And you should be into that kinda thing (as I taken man I digress). No kidding…

  • Pp

    I wish Android just had an email option that worked like iOS does. The stock iOS email app isn’t the most feature rich email app out but it always worked for 6 years. I’ve never been able to find an email app for Android that even comes close and who the F! wants to pay $5 a month for an email app that still has flaws? Even if it was perfect and its far from it who would want to pay that nuch?

    • The standard gmail app works flawlessly for me now that I can add my icloud account to it

  • browngeek

    It had interesting features, but yes, US$60 is a bit expensive. I reckon they are probably going after the corporate, volume licence market though. I’m more than happy with Nine though, at US$10 lifetime.

  • Andrew Hope

    Well, I’m so glad I had automatic updates turned off on the free version. I really didn’t want to switch to inbox, I love cloud magic.

  • john

    As en ex iOS user I need multiple IMAP and iCloud sync. This am allowed me to unify this, but these prices are too high. So I’ll leave iOS on cloud magic and look to transfer my IMAP accounts to inbox. If I can. Happy to pay a few quid/mo micro payments, but not this high cost.

  • Phil Hutchinson

    I use it on Android and iOS but no more. I have four accounts and it already syncs details across devices and platforms when you register with a Cloudmagic account. So what this announcement amounts to for me is basically that I must now pay them $5 a month or lose those things that made it useful and differentiated it from the competition. $5 per month is ridiculously expensive, when you think about what this gets you. You can purchase very accomplished email clients for one-off fees that come to less than this monthly subscription. Or compare it to an MS office 365 subscription. Yes that is a few dollars more but think about all you get for that!

    I will go back to the native iOS client and the native HTC One client

  • d3ac0n

    Blue Mail. All the above. Free. Cloudmagic can suck a fat one :)

  • I agree with the other comments here. I can’t imagine paying anything for an email client, let alone $5 a month! Somebody is in fantasyland!!

  • Jeffrey Spaggot Muntley

    How much is that per year to give Cloudmagic servers all of your email data? No thanks, I stopped using them already out of concern for my privacy


    I already preferred WeMail, but now I’m gonna make te full switch and abandon CloudMagic

  • Phil W

    Switched to BlueMail. Scrolling wasn’t smooth and the UI is rather ugly.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Will this work with my WebTV Account? ;-)

    I own several businesses that do not relate to one another and have many email accounts. I have yet to find a perfect solution that sync’s everything together. They can charge what they want but I’m not paying it.

  • BZ

    if gmail is not charging for email why should i pay anybody else a monthly subscription.. so far Boxer is my favorite email app for android

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