CheapCast, the Chromecast emulator, is now in the Play Store

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 13, 2013


While Google’s Chromecast isn’t exactly expensive, many users simply can’t buy it due to limited availability. Other people may already have Android-powered devices like the Ouya or HDMI sticks like Favi and may want to “upgrade” them with Chromecast functionality.

Put simply, CheapCast, on which we first reported last week, lets you emulate a Chromecast receiver on just about any Android device. That means you can get some of the functionality offered by the Chromecast dongle for free and without too much hassle, and perhaps breathe some new life in an old Android device you have laying around.

The developer of CheapCast Sebastian Mauer has made the first public beta of the app available as a free download on the Play Store. We gave it a try, and it mostly works as advertised, though there is a fair number of bugs and weird problems, as we’d expect from an early experimental project.

cheapcast screenshot

The app has one major limitation for now – it doesn’t work with the Chromecast Chrome extension, meaning you won’t be able to stream browser tabs.

Some users reported that they got the app to work on the Ouya Android-powered gaming console, and even on the ill fated (and pretty much useless these days) Google Nexus Q. Check out this video for more details.

Sebastian Mauer says he will continue to improve and tweak the application, and make its code open source so others can work on the project as well.

  • Peter Bognar

    Please put up a more visible link to the app next time, it took me quite a while to find it in the text… Thanks! And kudos to the good mr. Mauer!

  • nuttmeg
  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah, and as canadian, that possibly will never get the chance of buying a $35.00 Chromecast (maybe on EBay for $100.00), it’s a good alternative.
    Tried it yesterday and today. Works very good with my Android TV stick and my Nexus 4…

  • David Kinder

    The only thing i dont unerstand about this app, other than playing around what good is it. Even if the device is older, if i can install this app, then I can run naitavely anything i could stream to it. Netflix, google play, and in the future Hulu, HBO Go. They all would run on any device I could put this app onto so what does this app get you then?

    • Richard Delo

      I have a use case for it. I have a set top android box that is directly connected to my TV. It’s hardware is high end and much better than any chrome cast device. There are streams out there or apps that only support chromecast as a method of streaming the content to your device. This would allow me to make my device support chromecast even though it is not one. For instance I have found a iptv streaming app that only supports chromecast for sending to the TV and only android as the remote. Theoretically I could use the android box to stream to itself all internal or possibly I would have to use a phone or tablet as the remote.