Online banking is one of those conveniences of the modern age that seem pretty obvious. I mean, if you can assure your customers that they can do transactions without taking a trip to the bank and lining up for what could probably be a ten to thirty minute wait, then you’d probably jump on it.

Well, a lot of banks still haven’t got the message – but there’s one less bank to worry about. Capital One has just released a mobile banking app for Android.

Yup, that’s right. If you’re a Capital One customer, you’ll be able to do online banking from your phone. Online banking isn’t new, of course, but smartphones can’t handle the normal browsing pages for online transactions. Anyway, here’s a short feature list of what Capital One customers can do with the app:

  • They’ll be able to find the closest ATMs and branches
  • They’ll be able to check Rewards information
  • They can view the recent transactions of their account
  • Finally, they can use the app to contact customer service

So yeah, that’s a pretty short list of what the Capital One Mobile Banking app can do. Too short, if you ask me. Still, it brings a measure of convenience for many Capital One customers and they’re probably a bit happier for the convenience.

If you want a chance at using the app, you can drop by the Android market and download it free of charge. Now, if they just work on improving it, Capital One may have a killer app on their hands.

Source: Android Police

Update: Mark Andrews from Capital One was kind enough to give us a more complete feature list. Here are some of the features not listed above:

  • Customers will have access to the current current balance, although it may not be up-to-date to the most recent transaction
  • Credit card customers will be able to make payments on their card
  • Customers with bank accounts will have the ability to pay bills and transfer funds between accounts

Also, a little elaboration on how the branch locator works: it uses either your GPS location on your phone or an entered zipcode – making everything convenient for wherever you when you need funds.

Thanks to Mark for further clarifications and hope Capital One users take advantage of the app.







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  • Capital One is large financial institutions and it offering native Android mobile banking apps with the introduction of the official app. All account holders of capital One can now check their pay bills, view recent transactions, Balances, transfer funds between accounts, rewards and also find the nearest branches and ATMs with Capital One Android App.

    • Jon Garrett

      the app works but it looks terrible on tablets. its stretched and re sized from phone sized screens. this app needs an update ASAP to fit larger screens without stretching and distorting the graphics.

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  • Geniece Battle

    Since Capital One does not have branches however for its checking accounts so that you can make a deposit, it would be great if they developed the app so that you could scan a check with your phone to deposit money into your account. Currently you have to deposit a check into another bank account and then do a transfer that takes about 2 business days to end up in your Capital One checking account. This one added convenience would make me a customer for life!