BlackBerry Vienna: company’s second Android phone shows up in leaked image

by: Edgar CervantesNovember 12, 2015

BlackBerry Logo Shutterstock

We never thought BlackBerry would be so enthusiastic about releasing Android phones. CEO John Chen recently mentioned there were other Google-powered handsets in the works, and now we are seeing the first images of what could be the next BlackBerry Android handset.

This image comes from renown BlackBerry fan site, which has gotten a hold of every possible angle of what is said to be an upcoming BlackBerry Vienna. We haven’t even gotten over the BlackBerry Priv craze, but we know that phone is not exactly for everyone.

This purported Vienna shots display the phone in multiple colors (white, blue, black and red), as well as a keyboard that looks very similar to the Priv’s, but has no sliding mechanism. This keyboard one looks to be always present, which some of you might prefer.


Aside from the obvious characteristics we can catch from the visuals, there’s not much to go on from this leaks. No specs or additional features were revealed, but you can be sure more details will come soon. BlackBerry has never been the best at hiding secrets, after all (which is pretty ironic considering they are known for security and privacy).

Be aware that we can’t exactly confirm the validity of this image quite yet, regardless of how credible of a website CrackBerry is. Not even they seem to be completely sure about their source, as it is claimed the images came from the website’s “tip line”, and nothing about the insider is mentioned. Regardless, the images are not crappy enough to discard, and the naming scheme goes along with what seems to be BlackBerry’s code-naming scheme for Android handsets (the Priv was previously known as the ‘Venice’).

We’ll have to wait for more evidence, but be sure to hit the comments and let us know what you think of a design like this one. I happen to be a bigger fan of the slider form-factor – would you agree?

  • Rahat Arman

    they just can’t get rid of the keyboard, can they? ugly as hell

    • MatthewPDX

      I was a physical keyboard hold out for a long time, but now that I’m used to an onscreen keyboard, I couldn’t go back. Can there be a huge market left for people who want a hardware keyboard?

      • Mary Drummond

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      • Steve Brain
        • Valentino

          You would be surprised how many former Palm users and former BlackBerry users that were forced to leave their platforms because of lack of ecosystem or apps needed for their work lives. People have moved on from physical keyboards because they were phased out by manufacturers, not by the consumer market. Judging by the popularity of the Priv early on, maybe BlackBerry is onto something by sticking to their beliefs in the keyboard. Now we wait.

    • Anthony Roberts

      I don’t think BlackBerry will release a all-touch device within their first year of going Android. There would be absolutely no difference between them and the other 100+ Android OEMs.

      BlackBerry does keyboards, they have patents for them and they make them very well. Armed with their 2 keyboard designs, they can stand out on Android and win back those they lost. Let them get their numbers up before they jump into making an all-touch device.

      BlackBerry needs a way to differentiate themselves in the Android world. Why would anyone buy a high-priced BlackBerry slab over a cheaper Samsung or Nexus phone or even chinese android manufacturers?

      • NamelessStar

        agreed to this point there are wayyyyy to many candy bar slabs on the market with little to no difference between them there has to be a defining factor on what makes BlackBerry different in the market

      • Devon

        So tell me, what happens when your space button on your physical stops working

  • BriniaSona

    I’d rather have the slider. But a second phone means they arent abandoning the hardware side afterall.

    • retrospooty

      Yup, the Priv looks sweet, this thing just looks … ancient.

      • Devon

        They just can’t let go of their fucking Q10

      • Faisal Shaharyar

        If you take a look at this device doesn’t this remind us of an year old device by blackberry Z3.
        i am thinking its a fake one.

  • teomor

    I’d buy this. Less screen, more battery (pretty sure the battery would extend all the way to the bottom) and always on keyboard.. less typos (no accidental touch) and probably easier to hold without touching the screen accidentally..

  • Andrew P.

    I’d have to try both, but at this point I’d probably go with the Priv.

  • Xio Mai

    I read Blackberry Priv was sold out at in just an hour

    • 404

      at that crazy price? dayum

      • Anthony Roberts

        How is the price crazy?? The 4.7 iPhone 6s 16GB cost about the same if not more…..

        • Caedmon Walters

          Based on its limited storage, the iPhone 6s 16GB is an extremely poor price-value option

        • 404

          oh right. the people are crazy then.

          • Faisal Shaharyar

            nice one…

    • Devon

      Hahaha because they didn’t stock up, most stores had 2-3 units each. Amazon probably had a few

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    So, the CEO of BlackBerry is John Chen
    Damn it I can’t unsee John Cena!

    • Xio Mai

      That was racist sir

      • Javid Nazim Mammadov

        Huh? That isn’t racist at all.

  • John Doe

    If it sells for ‘say’ $399~450 off contract and has decent specs it might garner some interest, but if they price it at $599+ it
    will have a hard time making any ground in the mobile market it is obviously not there flagship phone.

  • Daniel Moraru

    This is the proof that a misfortune never comes alone.

    • Laura Arroyo

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  • Faisal Shaharyar

    If you take a look at this device doesn’t this remind us of an year old device by blackberry Z3.
    i am thinking its a fake one.

  • Chris Eager

    Blackberry’s got game…add a full touchscreen and versions of all 3 to the “affordable” sector and they’re back on top. Their hardware has always been top tier and all business…adding near stock Android to the mix is a Samsung killer.