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Are pigs about to start flying? After begging for years and losing all hope, BlackBerry has reportedly turned around and finally decided that making an Android smartphone wasn’t such a bad idea. BlackBerry CEO even mentioned he wouldn’t be opposed to building a secure Android handset.

Rumors and leaks have intensified since then. The tech world has all eyes on the keyboard king as we eagerly wait for an announcement, but for now all we can do is give you a rundown of all the rumored details that have managed to hit the inter webs. The upcoming handset is said to be named the BlackBerry Venice. Want to learn everything there is to know about this rumored phone? Keep reading.

Keep in mind most of this information is based on leaks and murmurs, and therefore you shouldn’t hold your breath on any of these. We are only putting all the information together for you. Take everything with a grain of salt. Oh, and don’t forget to keep this article bookmarked, as it will continue to be updated as more details on the BlackBerry Venice appear.


The whole tech world is raging about the BlackBerry Venice design. While we have had pretty good keyboards in the Android realm, none of them have quite matched BlackBerry quality. This is why our eyes turned wide open and our hearts dropped when we first heard the rumors that an Android BB smartphone was probably coming.

Thankfully, all rumors have kept us satisfied. And I believe we can put a certain level of trust on the general idea surrounding the Venice’s design, as all leaks have been consistent.

On the surface, the BlackBerry Venice looks like your regular black slab. One of the earlier images from @evleaks shows a phone with a speaker below the screen, a microUSB port and a 3.5 mm headset jack, as well as what seems like a curved screen displaying a rather clean version of Android. This information was great and all, but it was the leaks to come that would really get the conversation going.

This thing has a keyboard, and it’s hidden right under the screen! You can literally slide the screen section upwards to the beautiful button layout. The image showcasing this part of the phone also came from Evan Blass, who then decided to treat us with an actual video of the phone.

Other illustrations include cartoon-like press renders from CrackBerry and @evleaks (yes, again), but those are a little more basic. What has me more excited are the leaked shots we saw hitting the internet last weekend. These are true photos of the phone, not press renders or fancy animations. The phone looks just as we expected, and we can finally see it from all angles.

We then went ahead and uncovered some exclusive images, also showing the device from different angles, but the coolest part is that these images gave us more insight on the software, as well as a hands-on video that recently went online. We will take a look at the clip during the software section, though, as that is mostly what it focuses on. Here are the images:


We can’t go too much into detail about this information just yet, as not enough about the handset’s internals has been strongly corroborated. The latest rumors do state the phone will come with a 5.4-inch QHD (2560x1440p) display, though. This would put the BlackBerry Venice up there with the big guys. It’s said to be a power house, so we should expect no less.

It’s also important to note that some of the images make it seem like the screen is slightly curved on the sides, a la Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s a cool little treat if you are into that kind of stuff, but it shouldn’t really make much of a difference. It’s said the display will feature a Super AMOLED panel, though, and that is definitely something to celebrate. At least for those of us who like deep blacks and vibrant colors.

BlackBerry Venice Leak H


As mentioned right above, the rumored spec list is still not yet worthy of too much trust, mostly because it’s not backed by many other sources or separate rumors. These specs come from N4bb, which claims the handset will feature a 1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Sure, it may not have the almighty Snapdragon 810 and the 4 GB of RAM that’s starting to become the standard, but this phone will certainly not disappoint. The Snapdragon 808 is plenty powerful, and 3 GB of RAM is great for multi-tasking. In fact, these specs seem to be identical to those of the LG G4, so you should expect similar performance. And the G4 happens to be a great smartphone!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 1600


I will say it right off the bat – BlackBerry has always been infamous for its sub-par smartphone cameras. Seriously… this stuff can get pretty bad, even with the newer handsets! Will a change in the operating system improve the situation? It’s hard to say, but we can only hope so.

At the very least we know the pixel count on photos will be pretty high. Rumors suggest the phone will come with an 18 MP rear-facing camera. The images also show some engraving around the lens with the words “OIS” and “FAST FOCUS”, so we can assume the camera will tout both mentioned features. On the front side, the Venice is said to feature a 5 MP camera. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it should definitely be good enough for those good ol’ selfies.

BlackBerry Venice Leak F


We know the BlackBerry Venice is coming with Android, but we are not sure just yet which version it will tout. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow right around the corner, we certainly hope the new handset will adopt the latest and greatest mobile OS iteration from Google.

What’s interesting is that this phone’s software will be more than just about Android and its benefits over BB10. BlackBerry CEO John Chen previously mentioned that “if he could find a way to secure an Android phone, he will also build that”, and this seems to hold true for the Venice. BlackBerry acquired Good Technology on September, in an effort to expand its security services to other platforms (including Android).

Furthermore, a list of installed apps acquired by Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) shows us a bevy of BlackBerry apps being pre-installed on the Android handset. This would include popular services like BlackBerry Messenger, Hub, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Emails and more.


BlackBerry has been meaning to offer its services to Android users. That leads us to one big question – is the Venice about showcasing the services BlackBerry can offer to other Android users, or is it more about making an awesome device? To us it seems like the Venice takes the best out of both platforms.

A leaked hands-on video shows the Venice has great software features we have seen from both operating systems. For starters, the device seems to support double-tap to wake. The software looks very much like stock Android, but there’s definitely BlackBerry enhancements within. There was also BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Device Search. This will take care of all your communications. The Device Search will allow users to easily find any file, app or content from a single tool.

Remember how you could use the keyboard as a touch pad with the BlackBerry Passport? It turns out the Venice has the same features. You can use it to easily scroll around, which will help when viewing media or websites, as your fingers won’t be getting in the way.

Price and availability

Evan Blass swears this phone will be launching in November, and that it’s coming to all 4 major USA carriers. Other than that, details on availability are scarce.

No rumors on pricing have emerged either, but don’t expect the BlackBerry Venice to be cheap. It has high-end specs and likely a high focus on security, which will make it a valuable asset to many enterprise users. Not to mention, this smartphone will be all the hype among previous BlackBerry users.

Wrapping up

BlackBerry plans to make its big return to the market with a phone they could actually manage to sell in larger quantities. The Venice looks like a winner, with specs that seem to be great and software that is even better. The great part is users will enjoy all the benefits Android has to offer, all while not needing to sacrifice their BlackBerry features, as most of the main BB10 services seem to be coming with it.

BlackBerry Venice AA

It will all make more sense once more details show up. We understand there’s not enough information to really make a decision right now, but the announcement is on its way and more rumors will continue coming in! Remember to keep this post bookmarked and an open eye on Android Authority for all your BlackBerry Venice and Android news. We will continue to report on the mysterious phone, and this post will be updated continuously.

Hit the comments and let us know what you think! The real question is whether users will put their money where their mouth is. I honestly wouldn’t mind giving the BlackBerry Venice a chance. Would you?

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • NamelessStar

    Very interested as with samsung partnership seems it can push out a solid device.

  • ΆᾒɗṝǿıḓṁǡłwắȑèṦŭxṮīṁṥŢȫŏḹ

    I think for me, my main concern would be durability of the sliding mechanism and how it would hold up from the constant up and down motion. I believe the BB torch had issues like that.

    • Tootall

      I was at a luncheon with John Chen and he joked how bad the Torch was. He said it won’t happen with this device. “inferior materials” is an interesting comment. My Passport is a quality built device. A lot nicer then some of the slab devices coming out.

      • ΆᾒɗṝǿıḓṁǡłwắȑèṦŭxṮīṁṥŢȫŏḹ

        We shall see. I really hope Blackberry has a winner on their hands.

    • Fufu

      This video is the best part of venice when sliding up and down the keyboard

      • ΆᾒɗṝǿıḓṁǡłwắȑèṦŭxṮīṁṥŢȫŏḹ

        Interesting, seems very easy to slide up and down. Hard to tell how sturdy it will be but I am liking it.

  • Bob F

    I like it in theory. We’ll see.

  • V-Phuc

    “The Venice looks like it will be made mostly of plastic, which is a
    usual characteristic for BlackBerry handsets. We can tell you no
    BlackBerry phone really feels cheap, though, so you should keep your
    mind open about going back to “inferior” materials”.
    OMG. LOL. So Blackberry phone will be made in plastic, but AA tech review says it does NOT feel cheap. On the other hand, Samsung got hammered year-in, year-out until recently with their cheap plasticky phones. Double-standard big time, don’t you agree? Anyone from AA cares to justify why plastic on Blackberry is acceptable whereas the same material on Samsung phone has been called dirt cheap. LOL.

    • G.I.GIO

      I read the Z10 has a steel frame but it’s coated. My SE Passport is made of shiny stainless steel and most other BB10 phones also use metal instead of plastic, so I’d be surprised if the Venice is all plastic… especially not frame and sliding mechanism. If it is made of plastic then it should be more affordable than current Android flagships (except for Chinese phones).

    • onstrike112

      My BlackBerry Leap might be plastic, but it feels durable and the rubberized back feels amazing. My Silver Edition Passport is steel all around it.

      • V-Phuc

        My point is it’s the same material going on the BB and Samsung phones. However, techno-nerds critics such as on AA hammer Samsung for cheap material, but turn around and say “Well, it’s not so bad on BB”. Isn’t plastic still plastic wherever it is at the end of the day? That’s the hypocrisy, obvious double-standard that I want to point out. And now, see what happens with Samsung phones. All metal and glass, but then lost all their features that distinguish them such as removable battery, microSD, IR blaster, waterproofing, etc. Don’t you agree about the hypocrisy POV? AA, care to say something?

        • onstrike112

          Samsung makes cheap plastic crap. BlackBerry knows how to make a phone constructed out of plastic that doesn’t look like a child’s toy. Samsung doesn’t.

        • ieatcalcium

          I gotta agree with you here. I hope they dont make it out of plastic. Only time will tell though.

        • CoreRooted

          Actually, it isn’t “plastic is still plastic”. BB has always used thicker, more durable plastic on their devices. Like, when you remove the back off practically any BB device, it feels solid. It’s heavy and has mass to it which makes it feel much more secure. Do that with any Samsung device (that has a removable back now) and you’ll notice that their backs feel like thin wafers.

          So yeah, BB DOES do better with plastic than Samsung (and most other manufacturers). You have no point to make.

    • Nathan Cox

      blackberry uses denser plastic than samsung. Samsung also used glossy plastic which they didn’t like but when the GS5 can out last year they praised the back of it for being grippy but didn’t like the fake metal.

  • KeyserSoze

    I hope lots of people buy this sliding keyboard gimmick. I love seeing buyer’s remorse, gives me great joy to laugh and poke fun at these idiots. Where is the stand-alone numbers row? Typing will be slow as fuq on this physical keyboard. Inferior stuff.

    • Raj Brar

      If you don’t like the slide out keyboard, there is an on screen keyboard. BlackBerry never put dedicated number keys any o their phones. I guess there a fool born every minute.

      • KeyserSoze

        Right, good thinking. People will go out of their way to buy a heavy bulky sliding-keyboard phone just so they could use the onscreen keyboard instead.

        • Brian

          I’ve been selling phones for 10 years now and people are tired of the same old stuff year after year. The keyboard would not get stuck bc it’s obviously not made like the other sliders are. When people see my blackberry classic they all say wow I wish I still had my berry. Think about it, why would someone buy an $800 note 5 or galaxy edge when they can get a premium made blackberry that does the same thing and half the price. Look at the one plus 2 and blackberry leap. These have both high end specs and built very well. The carriers want $32.00 a month for 24 months on a no annual contract for a note 5 that’s insane! So if a phone is $300 full retail price then you only pay $10.50 a month for 24 months. Now that’s pretty reasonable especially if you have 5 lines, and I didn’t even add the plan or insurance yet. So trust me when I say that these high end iPhones and galaxy phones have their days numbered.

          • Mozukortick

            you are lying.

        • Raj Brar

          No because if you want a glass slab phone, there are already plenty of choices.

        • MidloJagz

          Some of use have big fat fingers and typing on a screen sucks.. I had a Dell Venue Pro which was similar to this and its nice not having the screen covered by the keypad when your on a website or something.

        • Raj Brar

          There is a video on YouTube of the device. It is not bulky or heavy. The keyboard is touch sensitive which will allow you to navigate the OS and the browser. The physical keyboard will be usable for those long essays while the onscreen keyboard will be for shorter messages. On screen keyboards are so bad that people created short forms and simple for simple words.

    • ieatcalcium

      It’s going to be hilarious when this phone sells better than the Note 5, and keyboaRd enthusiasts like myself can rub it in your face how much faster we can type, and with less errors.

      • KeyserSoze

        BB sells better than Samsung? Nice fantasy, bwahahahaha! BB is dead, let’s face it. Every release of their “spectacular flagship” is received by cricket chirps and you’re the cricket.

        No numbers row, no Swype, no typing in landscape mode? Like I said, slow and inferior as fuq. That keyboard tray is a nasty dust, bacteria, and food crumb collector and will no doubt jam the sliding mechanism in no time.

        • iCrap

          Why couldn’t you type in landscape mode with a virtual keyboard? if this in fact launches in 2015 and consumers are aware of it (read: marketing), then this thing will sell like hotcakes. blackberry quality with android os. you’re foolish to think you won’t be able to install any android virtual keyboard.

          • KeyserSoze

            Using the virtual keyboard kinda defeats the purpose of buying this phone for its KEY FEATURE doesn’t it? DURRR!

          • ieatcalcium

            Not really…. If I’m masturbating, I can only have one hand on my phone- Swype. If I’m texting someone back and forth quickly, I can use both hands on the keyboard. I’ll admit, Swype is much better for the times when you only have one hand, but for times when you have two, the keyboard is much more accurate and faster. Plus, it’s hopefully going to be a touch keyboard like the Passport, so it has more use than just typing. You can scroll, and flick-to-correct too. That makes it one of the best, and fastest keyboards that you can’t really achieve from a software keyboard. You don’t even need to lift your fingers off the keys, unlike on a screen.

        • ieatcalcium

          But has that happened to any of the other sliding phones? No. Also, the new line of blackberry phones without android are still selling relitively well compared to their old phones. What’s holding people back is the lack of app support. So I’m not sure what crickets you’re talking about.

          Also, the thing still has a touchscreen. It’s not like putting a keyboard on a phone makes the touch screen non-functional. Just look at android devices that have had keyboards before. They had swype, they had landscape typing, they had all that. What’s the point of landscape typing anyways? They keyboard covers 90% of the screen. I feel like you’re just making excuses as to why your phone isn’t going to be inferior to the BlackBerry that’s going to be coming out. It’s going to be a market-shaker.

    • Dmitri Faleev

      I would like to point out that you’ve used no numbers in your response.

      • KeyserSoze

        4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
        Sorry, statement not clever. I’m typing numbers now, and very efficiently from a computer with a REAL ten-finger keyboard, not some slow-azz tiny little slide-out thumb-operated substitute. :-P

    • Akar

      Fact #1: There are people (like myself, and I’m not alone) who would rather have physical keyboard.
      Fact #2: Not everyone needs physical keyboard – these individuals can buy phones without it.

      It’s funny how you base your idiot benchmark on objective opinion, projecting your own preferences as universal taste indicator, while it is in fact just your opinion, nothing more. The sole fact I have to point out that people have different needs, only proves how narrow-minded you are, and defeats any further attempts on explaining such basic things. How to discuss an idea of colors with someone blind? Oh, and that was a figure of speech; somehow I feel this needs underlining, too.

  • 4ron

    This phone will live up to the hype and put BlackBerry back in the ball game. The unique features BlackBerry is adding as well as the best security in the business will give it added market appeal for consumers and enterprise.

    • MidloJagz

      It may also get some WIndowsPhone users to finally jump to Android too.. I am tired of subpar support of the WP OS.. and have been wanting a QWERTY.. Given how the 950XL is supported.. I may find myself jumping to Android.

  • smokebomb

    Had BlackBerry embraced Android (and smartphones in general) 6 years ago, they wouldn’t be playing catch-up.

    • Raj Brar

      Tell that to all to Android OEMs not named Samsung. Plus in 2007, BlackBerry did consider building an Android device but stopped because of Money. I would have would have cost 4 billion in they had a billion to spend. It was decided that having having a billion to build a new OS would be better would be easier to secure

  • ieatcalcium

    Lawd, oh lawd please make this phone USB-C before release. PLEASE. PLEASE. MAKE THIS PHONE HAVE USB-C. THAT IS THE ONLY MISSING COMPONENT.

    • Daggett Beaver

      The picture shows micro USB.

      • Filly Jnr

        And he is saying… To change it…

      • ieatcalcium

        It’s not a final product. It could very well change.

  • Dave Craig

    They should replace the word Blackberry with the iconic symbol, on the front and back. More leading edge, sexy, and would sell millions more units. There are tens of millions of former Blackberry users who are currently on Android and loving Google services. If this is all true, it would be a relatively seamless transition for former fans.

  • I’ve played with it and it’s awesome

    • dc2000

      lies… lol

      • Nope. I work for a marketing firm and we just got our hands on it the other day. It’s big. But nice.


      Can you disclose anything else about the Blackberry Venice?

  • Phoc Que

    Am buying this over the idiot Samsung Note 5

    • G1andonly

      As will I.

    • Zaid Shakil

      Me too :)

    • Akar

      So am I. Samsung doesn’t give a crap about European market, so no official way to buy Note 5. Good bye, Samsung, let’s just hope BB doesn’t make the same mistake. If they don’t – I’m guying Venice on the spot.

  • Chizusyo

    which would you rather get, the venice or note 5

    • MidloJagz


      • Chizusyo

        why do you prefer the venice

        • MidloJagz

          Slider portrait keyboard. My fingers are too big for screen touch typing. I am faster and more accurate with a keyboard. The WIndows10 phones look to be really really dull and I need to upgrade. So after 10 years I will change. My first windows Phone was a WM5.0 HTC Universal. Loved that thing. My favorite WindowsPhone since WP& was the Dell Venue Pro which this looks a lot like.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I’d rather have the Note 5, but this would be a very close second if only it has a fingerprint sensor somewhere we haven’t seen yet.

      • Chizusyo

        Then how often do you use fingerprint scanners.

  • Bruce Banner

    One of the photos shows active frames. Not sure there is any other ‘android’ devices with active frames. Looks like a bb10 user interface for multitasking between already open apps with android on the. No android device has ever produced a qwerty close to BlackBerry’s modern standard.

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  • Shrey

    expected price of Blackberry Venice will be..??

    • CoreRooted

      No price or spec info has been made available.

  • MidloJagz

    I have been waiting for this phone since the Dell Venue Pro was discontinued. I was hoping it would be in WindowsPhone.. but it just maybe the phone that gets me off WindowsPhone. If the quality and camera is there.

  • Paul Reiter

    Why not have 5th row for numbers? It’s a dealbreaker for me.

    • Filly Jnr

      the 5th row is software…

    • Denton

      Yes the 5th row is virtual

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Does anybody think this won’t be anymore then $600 unlocked? I’m interested in buying one to play with, but that’s the max I’d pay for a BlackBerry.

  • Chizusyo
  • Sri Harsha Vardhan Kakumanu

    Definitely buy this one !

  • Sachin Saini

    here it goes. what nokia can’t done they did. This sound like delicious. lolz first first salary will be going for this baby…

  • Achintha de Silva

    awsome no words to say waiting till Nov.. very happy to get android in BB.. let’s stand up again BlackBerry…

  • BobBarker

    Fingerprint scanner? I am not going back to typing in a code to unlock my device…

  • haytham

    i really cant wait to get my hands on this phone…i switched to android devices after the market break of blackberry but i kept my bold 9900 and recently got a BB10 Q10 because i could not stay away from the beautiful blackberry keyboard…so imagine a phone deaigned by blackberry and operated by androis…thats a win-win to be honest! just cant wait…

  • JeanClaude

    Looks awesome, though I’m a bit sad to see QNX out of the picture, I also understand why, it would have never caught up with the apps.

  • Rose Kentspeth

    I hope they release it soon! I would buy it. I’ve been one of the many Android users who loves a physical keyboard. I’m on my second Photon Q, but it’s on its last legs. I was considering trying to find another one, but if the Venice really is coming out in November for Sprint, I may wait.