BlackBerry Venice AA

Liking that BlackBerry Venice moniker? I am too, but it is about time we stop forgetting about it. A new rumor coming from retired leaks extraordinaire Evan Blass (more commonly recognized as @evleaks) suggests this is not a name the device will keep once the phone is released. The popular upcoming slider phone is said to come as the BlackBerry Priv.

This new name definitely doesn’t flow as well as Venice, but it does make sense once you refer back to BlackBerry CEO’s comment on making an Android phone; John Chen told us he wouldn’t mind making an Android device if it was possible to make it as secure as BB10 handsets. The BlackBerry Venice is to have a high focus on Privacy, making the new Priv name very sensible.

Regardless of what it will be called, though, the upcoming BlackBerry Android smartphone looks to be a pretty awesome gadget. Its specs include a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB of RAM, a 5.4-inch QHD display, 18 MP/5MP cameras and that sexy physical keyboard that has become BlackBery’s stamp.

You can read up on all the murmurs in our BlackBerry Venice rumor roundup. Otherwise, all we have left to do is wait around until the official announcement comes around. What do you guys think of the BlackBerry Priv name? I am not the biggest fan of it, but we have definitely seen worse, and it still looks to be an awesome handset.


Edgar Cervantes
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  • Abraham Sarmiento

    Still a better name than most Chinese handsets, but Venice had a nice ring to it.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Ah, Venice.

  • Shajx

    Priv? So you read it as Pri-V?
    Sounds a little like BB prevert….

    …i like venice much better.

    • Skywalker

      Pronounced [ praiv ] perhaps . . .

  • Karly Johnston

    If Chen has any sense he will keep it Venice.

  • Rose

    Must be venice… theres’ a hidden word on it called “be-nice”

  • Jesus

    Looks like cheap plastic.

    • kr_metal

      BlackBerry’s top end phones never use cheap feeling plastic. They have weight and feel solid.
      Also, where are you getting the impression plastic from? The reflectivity screams metal.

  • Georg

    Snapdragon 810? Isn’t it the famous processor with overheating problems?

  • Kunal Narang

    It has Snapdragon 808 SoC according to previous posts. It’s wrong here. And Venice sounded much better.

  • Kunal Narang

    It uses Snapdragon 808 SoC according to previous posts. Plus, Venice sounds so much better than Priv.

  • You guys are finally making a product that could attract a lot of customers and now you wanna go spoil it by taking the awesome name Venice away and name it Priv? Are you freaking kidding me! Venice sounds way more better. #getrealbb #savevenice

  • John Doe

    I heard a rumor that is was running QNX with Android on top, which is how it will be more secure ..
    I was like ..What??
    Anyways, it was just a rumor ..

  • Vishal Shrestha

    Blackberry with Venice Nokia with the Nokia C1, here’s the truth though

  • xBURK

    I thought it was using an 808 chip?