BlackBerry Venice AA 4

It’s no secret that BlackBerry is developing its own Android-powered smartphone. Thanks to numerous renders, images and leaked specifications, we already have a pretty good idea as to what the phone might look like. In case you needed more proof, we’ve just obtained some new hands-on photos of the unannounced BlackBerry Venice, showing off the device’s chassis, sliding keyboard and some software features.

Taking a look at the images attached below, we’re getting a good look at the Venice’s display and slide-out keyboard. Although we can’t be entirely certain of the display size, previous rumors have pointed to a 5.4-inch screen size. As for the software experience, this device seems to stick very closely to vanilla Android, with some added BlackBerry features thrown in. For instance, our anonymous tipster tells us there will be keyboard shortcuts available for creating quick tasks and a few others. As you can see from the third image below, there also looks to be some software shortcuts when swiping up from the home button. Aside from the normal Google Now shortcut, you’ll also be able to perform a quick local search and create a new message with ease.

It should also be noted that while we don’t have any images, our sources tell us that when the phone boots up, you’ll see an image of a bugdroid holding up a shield. This is likely due to BlackBerry’s focus on the enterprise, showing users that the Venice is a secure device through and through.

We also have a few photos of the new application switcher and shortcut/widget selection menus. As you can see from the first photo attached below, BlackBerry is making it easy for users to add communications shortcuts for composing new emails, BBM messages, texts and more. You’ll also easily be able to add new calendar events, schedule meetings and see the current day’s agenda right from your home screen. This should come as no surprise, as BlackBerry has always put a big focus on productivity.

In the third photo, we’re getting a good look at the recent apps menu. The applications in this menu will change size depending on how often you use each app, which is certainly a nice touch.

Making our way to the back of the device, we’re seeing the camera, which happens to come in at 18MP. We unfortunately haven’t gotten our hands on any camera samples.

That’s it for the pictures, but we also have a few more pieces of notable information to share with you. Apparently the Venice will carry model number STV100-6 and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. Previous rumors have stated the device will sport a Snapdragon 808 clocked at 1.8GHz, and will also feature 3GB of RAM.

The BlackBerry Venice is slated to launch sometime this November on all four major U.S. carriers. We’ll need to wait a little while before anything is official, but it’s always nice to see some more images prior to an official announcement. Now that we’re getting some more information on the new device, what are your thoughts? Would you be interested in the Venice when it comes to market, or will you pass? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Take my money!

    • retrospooty

      I have to agree , I like it. Hopefully they dont bloat it out like Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus and a few others do. It its a clean build, I may just buy it. For me its a perfect size and I love a real kb. Blackberry always had decent and reliable hardware, it was their software that sucked, especially as the years went by… Anyhow, that issue is gone with Android as long as they dont bloat it out with crapware like the others mentioned.

      • medic2003

        As a past android user, bb10 does not suck. App situation aside, it kicks androids butt. Apps really aren’t all that important to me anyway. Google being in my business is important. Rather have less apps and less intrusion. I’m using my z30 for nearly 2 years now and it runs slick still. No android I’ve ever had does that. That’s just my opinion having used both. I agree with you about the bloat ware, and I won’t replace my z30 with the Venice if the BlackBerry features aren’t there. Might as well buy an HTC if I can’t get what I want.

        • Mista_Mr

          Apps may not be important to you, but to a lot of people it’s big deal. Getting on board with google was a good move. Should eliminate the fear of people not having access to certain apps because blackberry didn’t have it or developers never had an app available for blackberry.

          • medic2003

            Google knowing what color their underwear is on a given day should be as important as apps to those people as well. My feelings and opinion on the subject. Sometimes it’s worth not having every app on your phone getting permission to pretty much snoop on you when they like it. Needing to use an app shouldn’t come with having to give up privacy.

        • FS

          Yes, BlackBerry 10 doesn’t suck. I use since I switched from my old iPhone BlackBerry Smartphones. It started with a Torch 9860, Bold 9900, Z10, Q10, Z30… and now I have the Passport Silver Edition.
          BlackBerry 10 is an awesome OS, but very young. Not all Apps are available, but there are many third party Apps. I don’t miss any App. So I you want a secure multiprocessing OS, nothing is better than BlackBerry 10!

        • Plazmic Flame

          I agree that BB10 does not suck, it’s actually pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the mass market has spoken and doesn’t want BB10, forcing BlackBerry’s hand to make something the people want. So here comes the Venice…

          • medic2003

            The lack of carrier support, and apps is what hurt. IF and I say that knowing, if is a huge word in thus situation, the apps people had needed had been present, no one would be using android now lol. Not having snap chat and crap like that hurt bb10 badly. Had the carriers pushed it, it would have done better. I realize this is an android site, and I’m not trying to stir things up. The point I’m trying for make is that much of the mass market has no idea bb10 even exists. I refused to use bb7 because android offered more of what I wanted. My only smartphones prior to bb10 were androids. I base my opinion off of my own experiences with the 2 os. That said, you are right, the market has spoken. It’s a shame though.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Agree – I love the phone and the idea of a qwerty if I want one sometimes. I used to have a Torch when I was on Verizon and it was amazing when it first came out. This is the 2015 version of the Torch!

      • Harry Flores

        It’s going to have both keyboards!

  • John Wentworth

    This isn’t a hands on, it’s a few leaked pictures

  • MaxPower27

    The “Property of Research in Motion Limited” sticker is interesting. I thought that the company name had been changed to “Blackberry” a couple years ago.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • Tjaldid

      they don’t exactly have the money to spruce on new stickers… or they just like to recycle

      • Jesse Pentecost

        Well they are still buying companies up all the time. They just bought Good for 400 million, they have money to throw around for stickers if they felt it necessary haha

    • NamelessStar

      Having been a previous employee this one item makes the device official. They will only sticker items like this when they are close to release. Same thing happened with the BlackBerry Passport leaks only time I took it seriously is when they got tagged with with sticker in the photo.

    • annon

      I can answer that as an Ex-Employee…. they’re still “Research in Motion” operating as “Blackberry” until 2020 as a legal entity. Also why waste the stickers you already have

  • John Doe

    My GF will definitely be getting this thing .. as her current BB curve is almost dead after 5yrs of punishment ..
    Love the display that looks like the Samsung Edge’s ..

    • NamelessStar

      It is a samsung edge screen, big partnership between the companies samsung gave displays to use.

      • Daggett Beaver

        Samsung makes the best displays, hands-down. The Samsung display on the Nexus 6 is what makes the Nexus 6 appealing, IMO. I won’t even consider another vendor’s phone unless they have the same or similar quality. This phone is very tempting, and having that display qualifies it for consideration.

        • NamelessStar

          Yea I tend to agree the display on samsung devices is top notch above any I have seen on mobile devices.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Usually when you have an “Exclusive Hands-On”, it means you put your own hands on it, not pictures of someone else’s hands-on.

    • Andrew Grush

      Fixed title. :)

      • Daggett Beaver

        Thanks! It doesn’t matter to me, but just out of curiosity, do those curved display edges do anything or is that just for looks? Anyone know?

        • Andrew Grush

          Nothing that we’ve heard about, but doesn’t mean there isn’t some special feature that utilizes it. On other hand, wouldn’t be that shocked if it was just for aesthetics.

          • 0hStopItYou

            that shortcut with google now – does that mean they made the BB hub for android? :O

          • peterallcdn

            BB Hub and other software features will be available on Android, iPhone and possibly even Windows phone eventually via the BlackBerry Productivity Suite. So yes, this device should have an Android version of the Hub.

        • Civil__Engineer

          That Curved Edge is the perfect receptacle for the BB Hub Notification center (Which happens to be a much better notification center than iOS, and Andriod’s) , as it stands right not you have to “peek” using gestures, having it always available would be a great improvement over an already good organized HUB.

          • Supa_Fly

            I would NOT say it’s better.
            BB Hub Notification Center or simply the Hub ONLY displays it’s power when you have ALL your accounts’ notifications show up there. When their isolated into their own accounts as I have them then the power of the Hub is gone.

            3 Email Accounts: 1xBES10,
            (note I have full access to all BES10 IT Policy’s so nothing is blocking anything for how Hub operates)
            1 Twitter
            1 FaceBook (No notifications are enabled during the setup of FB: too many girls that post crap every 15 mins from someone else i.e. ‘This girl “K” shared “Eartha Kitt’s Jambox” … you get the idea of nasty spam right? Right!)

            Now I personally Isolate EVERY one of these into their ‘own account’ for notifications. Peek shows me all the icons for notifications no matter what application I’m on. However if I Peek then Flow into the Hub … HUB remembers ONLY my last place I checked. So If I checked SMS HUB remembers SMS’ Hub … BUT If I wanted to Peek ‘N’ Flow for Emails … Sorry I have to Peek, Flow, Tap and Tap Again to select the specific email accoun I want.

            This is NOT efficient. No. Why don’t I have everything in the main Hub? Because I HATE the clausterfaq of its display of mixmash of everything.

            To me for 3yrs almost is NOT better … it needs more work. 3D touch offers similar experience but with alternatives to how I use Peek, Flow, and The Hub.

            PS: Before you all hate on me look up my old delinquent Blog, posts over the years of BB10/BES10/BES4.x/BBOS then say something.

          • Jamie

            if you pinch the hub only un read messages appear and you can select the one you want. You can select specific accounts or contact to be priority which will sit on top. If you want to select a specific account and open each one up then do it but just because your using the same number of steps as the other OS platforms doesn’t mean BB10 is NOT efficient. I use my BlackBerry for work also. I have two email accounts, all the social media accounts, BBM, SMS, phone calls, voice mails and app notifications all show up there. My appointments are always in the HUB with a simple swipe down from the top rather than having to open the calendar app to view my up coming appointments. If you refuse to use the HUB in the efficient manor it was designed to be used, that’s not BlackBerrys fault but yours.

          • Supa_Fly

            It’s an OS and you’re placing blame on an end user and support tech in how to use an option clearly designed to be used, lol. I don’t need a lecture nor a lesson on HOW to use BB10 I’ve been using it 3 months under NDA before launch – Enterprise user. If you read my earlier post to which you replied to – you’d not try to give me a lesson on how to use BB10 at all. The fact that you “use your Blackberry for work also” doesn’t mean you troubleshoot it like I do, so my use cases are for VERY different reason than you. I on many occasions need to show my Z10, Z30, Q10, Classic and now Passport (testing) to various users/day in production – I’d like to keep my personal information separate than my corporate information. I actually organize my personal data VERY far down the side-bar Hub list under just about everything else – this way it’s out of view and thus ‘out of site, out of mind’ to the untrained End user.

            Now you understand why I choose not to mixup everything in the Hub. Besides going to a specific email in a recent list by a specific hub account is MUCH faster than scrolling or even searching for it under: 10 calls, 5 SMS, 4 personal email accounts (just from 1 mailbox), just to get to a users’ reply some 15mins ago which is the top 4 listed in the Work Hub.

            Did you know you can separate your Work Space BES10 mailbox from the personal list? Sure I can do that but my Work Space locks in 1 mins while my device locks in 2mins … to me this is a corporate security measure. Because should I EVER be in a rush and never think (say family extreme emergency) to just shut down the screen not realizing old BBOS habits (it would mean fully locking the device) doesn’t do so in BB10 then at least only my personal account is as risk after 1mins. Legal conditions would never apply to me in that situation.

            First the simple fact that BB10 allows you to augment The Hub the way I choose to – and mentioned above means it is NOT my problem nor am I NOT using The Hub for which it was designed to be used – the option is there clear as day. Thus it WAS intended to be used that way. A better implementation would be to Flow into a section list to choose which Hub you wanted if you segregated each. Think of it this way – Some people like emails in Conversation view (Gmail or Outlook 2010/2013), and some don’t – I’m in the latter camp. The Hub is really no different in it’s organizational choice list.

          • Jamie

            Why would any IT manager need to demonstrate the working of the OS to employees by using their own device? If you don’t want your personal information displayed and you don’t want to separate work and personal space than that’s too bad. Your living proof that no matter how good something is you can’t please everyone. The OS is efficient, you obviously are not because of the way you choose to run it.

          • Seb H. Miller

            sounds like user error to me… no offense

          • ATInsider

            Android is incapable of running The Hub. The most it can do is treat the hub as a basic app. Nothing more.

          • theCHIVERChance

            I did hear a good idea somewhere about swiping from a specific section of the edge will take you to a specific account. That would be efficient!

          • JayQ330

            That’s allot of work, imo Android has the most efficient & user friendly notification. I didn’t know how much had to be done in bb notification, but I always thought that notifications from Android would be better if they would allow customization of keeping “type” notifications together, gmail, outlook; twitter, Facebook, Google+,& so on.

        • JayQ330

          I’m going to guess that it’s meant to give the illusion & feel that’s it’s thinner than it actually is, it’s hardware keyboard seems thinner than usual but still could feel to thick

    • You’re just nitpicking.

      • Daggett Beaver

        No, I’m not. If a car magazine had an article entitled “Exclusive Drive Test of the New [insert car]”, I would expect to read about the author’s own experience, not see pictures of someone else driving the car.

      • Andrew Grush

        Nah. Honestly, I agree with Dagget. The title was misleading, and so we changed it. :)

        • 0hStopItYou

          btw as a tip from a buddy who worked at BB: it’s going to cost ~$800 CAD.

          • kr_metal

            So, typical high end phone price. That’s good.

          • Smiley

            I thought it will cost something like this, but what concerns me the most right now is “How will this device be updated? “

          • calden74

            I have heard 600 dollars for the entry model from numerous Blackberry insider sources, 800 might be for the top model but is definitely not the entry models price, though I don’t think it’s even 800 as BlackBerry just wouldn’t be able to push them at the price.

        • Fair enough. I just didn’t see the prior title being that big of a deal. The fact these are such clear images of the device are what I cared about.

          All good.

  • I think my definition of “hands-on” has strayed from yours over the years.

  • Paul

    A good start. But if Blackberry wants to jump into the Android market and hit the ground running, I think they are better served getting Cyanogen to plop their Android OS on Blackberry’s devices. There is a significant following of Cyanogen as an alternative Android OS to Google. Blackberry could capitalize on this and gain a group of customers from both the Blackberry market and Cyanogen market all at the same time. I think it would be a perfect pairing. I liked my Blackberry Storm before Android jumped into the market. I really like Cyanogen, and want a phone with their Android OS. Put the two together and I will be a lifetime customer. Are you listening Cyanogen? Blackberry?

    • It’s a very bleak and negative thing for BlackBerry to do. Don’t forget this company caters Enterprises and High End Execs.
      BlackBerry shall go for it’s own Custom ROM and port most of BlackBerry 10’s utilities and features over Android.

      Honestly, That’s the best thing to do. BlackBerry 10 is an awesome OS, but lacks Apps. With Android at core, App problem will be dealt automatically and signature BB10 features that people love shall be a part of Slider. This combination sounds even more killer

      • Paul

        Going for it’s own ROM will only let it attract mostly former and existing Blackberry fans. There’s a large Cyanogen customer base, worldwide. If they paired with Cyanogen they could work together to bring whatever Enterpise solutions they want from the Blackberry world into the Cyanogen OS. On their own they will only take a small share of the Android market.

        • That’s where you’re getting it wrong. BlackBerry still is targeting the Niche Market of Professionals. If it goes Cyanogen it’ll be a laughing joke when it comes to Security (And BlackBerry is very, very serious about that). Plus, Going Cyanogen will just make it another OEM who assembles Hardware and install CM, There’s nothing unique. That’s what BlackBerry never does. It doesn’t mind have a tiny market share, It wants a premium chunk of the market. They don’t have targets to sell 10s of millions of those, they just want to sell 10M per year (All Hardware). And personally I prefer going the Niche Path

          • I’m with you on this one. BlackBerry is all about security and forget CM, the company wants to control its own software. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google was eager to get them onboard to increase Android adoption amongst professionals and corporations. I’d expect the BB ROM to be very similar to BB10 except with Android and as we can see from the images, BlackBerry are actually trying to be quite unique with their BB device. I meant that recent apps menu looks like a fabulous idea. Stock Android with a touch of BB Flair could be the answer this company is looking for.

    • Stefano Gamage

      The fact is that cyanogen hasn’t still created a full OS that is independent from Google, and a lot of people anyway use Google services, so for blackberry it’s a safe move (since it’s gonna be their first android phone) to go on stock android.

      • Paul

        ok, so going with stock Android is more independent from Google than Cyanogen Android version? I don’t think so. Besides, your missing one of my key points, which is there is a huge following of Cyanogen as an alternative Android OS. In order to grab the largest group of Android users, they’d be better off with Cyanogen over stock Android. Look how many Android users went through the hassle of getting the OnePlus One, just because it had Cyanogen.

        • Stefano Gamage

          No i’m not saying that they should go independent from Google because the if they want to sell the phone, they should make it more google friendly. And yes, Cyanogen is a great OS but without the Google services it won’t be a much of a deal (at least from my point of view)

    • David Onter

      What an ignorant, dumb idea…

    • Daggett Beaver

      Cyanogen? Bleah!!

    • Josh Matthews

      They have too many unique software features built up over the years to go with someone else’s take on Android with none of their own software.

  • Chito

    I was really hoping for a description of the typing experience.. Balance of the phone in hand, etc.. If it feels like typing on an old Blackberry Bold I’d be sold.

    • theCHIVERChance

      In this video he says with the screen up it is very balanced

      • Chito

        yeah, saw that video this morning…. When it comes out, if Blackberry says that it’ll have fast updates.. I might just throw out my Nexus 6 for this device (pending reviews first, obviously).

  • It’s looks pretty good physcially! Obviously it’s way too early to comment beause we still don’t have any official info, the software is what tempts me the most.

    I’d really love to see BlackBerry Hub, Guardian, Virtual Keyboard and Gestures running on Android!

  • Chris Jutting

    with a 5.4″ screen it’s gotta be super tall when the screen is up. I’d gladly purchase a smaller one of these. Maybe in the 4.5-5″ range.

    • Chito

      Would it matter? Screen up is just for typing no? The rest of the time it would be regular big phone size.

      • Chris Jutting

        Even screen down 5.4″ is too big for my tastes. 4.5-5″ is my ideal size.

    • N2fw

      My thoughts exactly, that’s one BFD with the keyboard extended

    • Benny X

      There’s a lot of bezel or space that could be chopped off to make a smaller device. For instance, the mic area could have been taken out and a scheme much like the Sharp Aquos Crystal uses could have been employed, where the screen doubles as the microphone. And the speaker could have been directed out, at the bottom, instead of up. This means the space between the space bar and speaker area, (and even the speaker area itself) could have been chopped off.

      I guess where there needs to be light sensors and such, there could be a small area at the top for that, where the Blackberry logo could go as well, but it doesn’t need to be as thick as it is.

      Basically, an inch of length could have been chopped off this device while still maintaining the screen size.

  • JK Stern

    camera bump looks like the Nexus 6 ring. Personally I think its an attractive device, although the keyboard is not for me. I’m curious to see how well this will sell.

    • There’s most probably going to be a Virtual Keyboard for people like us! :D

      • JK Stern

        oh for sure =)

    • Chito

      They should probably make a non physical keyboard version.. ala BB Storm.. this one would be the “Torch”.. It would be kind of wasteful to purchase this phone if you don’t plan on using the physical keyboard.

      • JK Stern

        I think a lot would purchase it before realizing the curve of going to a physical keyboard….who knows tho

      • DC

        I think you may also be able to use the real keyboard like a mouse. Surf websites without touching the screen.

    • You can only use the virtual keyboard you know.. I think it’s great to have options!
      As long as the device is thin..

  • Brandon Kepley

    if it has a IR blaster, removable battery, and expandable storage it might be something I would look into

    • MatroXX

      damn son, how many 2015 phones have all that? One?

      • medic2003

        Lol my z30 doesn’t have a removable battery but it does have expandable storage. Pretty sad that they took that capability away on most phones.

      • calden74

        Right, he’s talking like there’s so many to choose from, actually, I just looked, there isn’t any phones that has all three, especially one with an IR. IR is dead, even the new Samsumg Tab, which normally came with one no longer has it.

        • DuvallMariano

          The g4 has all 3

    • theCHIVERChance

      Don’t know about the IR blaster and the removable battery, but it does has expandable storage. The slot for it and the sim card are on the top.

  • Roby

    I want one :>

  • Paweł Gładysz

    Interested I am.
    Somehow still missing the phisical keyboard even though running android since few years already.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Like Yoda you are.

      • Paweł Gładysz

        One does not even dare to dream of being like Grand Master YODA ;-)

  • Kevin Doran

    Why did the facebook post of this article say “Exclusive hands-on with the Blackberry Venice”?

    You know full well that was a misleading title for the post. Almost as annoying as people titling video “Hands-on Review”. Cut it out. Very bad form

    • That was the original title but see above, we’ve fixed this after feedback :)

  • BuggerOff

    nice , i like.

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Why the virtual ‘Back Button’ in blurred in every image????

    • Annon

      Because on internal software builds it shows the device’s unique “PIN” number… this is probably so the person can keep their job since devices signed out to employees have that logged

    • Ronoroa Zoro

      i’m pretty sure there are some numbers behid the blur bellow back button.. cuz this is pre-release software and hardware maybe it’s like version of software or something soo they don’t want other people to see it i guess..

  • BelongRealty

    ERMGADD!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE so bad I might have just peed a little…

  • Dusan

    Looks very sexy. I wouldn’t mind owning one. Hopefully it comes to Europe.

  • Josh Reebel

    I’m going to keep my eyes on this one.

  • FS

    Hopefully BlackBerry 10 is also running on the Slider! Then that package would be great! :-)

  • xBURK

    I’m thinking these photos are of a Dev unit. There were a few shots floating around Toronto that show a stainless steel frame. Time will tell. Still, it’s looking great. Thanks for the photos.

    • jmznvs

      Pretty sure that was just the case. The device . A think metal frame around the bezels which is is seen in these photos as well.

  • tc

    I was expecting a Fingerprint Reader, makes things easier.

    • FS

      Fingerprint readers are insecure. Have a look on the BlackBerry Picture Password. That’s a great way to unlock your phone, and it’s secure.

      • tc

        Picture password might be good, but most of banking apps and corporate apps will not support it.

        • FS

          OK, that’s right. It’s only for unlocking the phone. But a fingerprint sensor also wouldn’t be good for banking Apps. Taking a copy of a fingerprint is very easy, so it’s not very secure.

    • theCHIVERChance

      Agree with FS, fingerprint scanners haven’t proven to be very secure, or at least the companies making them. The only way Chen said he would make an Android phone is if he could secure it.

  • Billboy35

    There will be a BB10 version.

    • No, no there will not.

      • Khairul Islam

        I have read many comments from people on various websites stating with certainty that there will be a BB10 version of this phone. Maybe they know something we don’t.

        • Feel free to have faith man. From the sources that I have though, I can say with pretty solid certainty that there will be no BB10 variant of the slider.

          • Khairul Islam

            Lol, I for one have no interest in a BBOS variant but thought maybe there might be something to the rumour.

          • Benny X

            seeing as how sales of BB10 devices are decreasing every quarter, most people are of the same thought as you. A BB10 variant just wouldn’t sell in large enough numbers for Blackberry to bother with.

        • Billboy35

          There will be a BB10 Version of the Slider. BB10 is not dead, EOL is 2017. 10.3.3 WILL be an option on the Slider.

        • Billboy35

          Here are my comments on an earlier Alex Comment.

          Yes Alex there will be, and even the Android System will be one that is secured by BB.

          One of two things are going to happen:
          1. Android marketed to the Masses through the carriers
          2. BB10 marketed to the Enterprise through Shop BB and the Carriers.

          One option that has been floated, and the source is fairly accurate on his reporting, that you will be able to choose which you want. Multiple tiems even

          BB 10.3.3 will be on the slider, the Prague will be the Android Only device, but again I am hearing you will be able to load bb10 on it.

          Some Native BB Apps; Blag, Box, Skype and iGrann are still getting updates and will be around for the next OS Update.

          BB 10.4 or they may call it BB11, will have FULL Google Play services. That is a bit in the future.

          Dont doubt me on this.

          Let me know if you want a new device, I can get you a discount as a part of #BBElite.

      • Billboy35

        Yes Alex there will be, and even the Android System will be one that is secured by BB.

        One of two things are going to happen:
        1. Android marketed to the Masses through the carriers
        2. BB10 marketed to the Enterprise through Shop BB and the Carriers.

        One option that has been floated, and the source is fairly accurate on his reporting, that you will be able to choose which you want. Multiple tiems even

        BB 10.3.3 will be on the slider, the Prague will be the Android Only device, but again I am hearing you will be able to load bb10 on it.

        Some Native BB Apps; Blag, Box, Skype and iGrann are still getting updates and will be around for the next OS Update.

        BB 10.4 or they may call it BB11, will have FULL Google Play services. That is a bit in the future.

        Dont doubt me on this.

        Let me know if you want a new device, I can get you a discount as a part of #BBElite.

        • WincyUt

          Sounds awesome

        • You won’t. And I am absolutely doubting you on this. My sources have guaranteed that this won’t be the case. BB10 development has nearly halted, 10.3.3 is going to be nothing but minor bug fixes and 10.4 has been completely halted for the time being.

          Native apps getting updated have absolutely nothing to do with BB10 getting updated. Blaq is an independent developer, Skype is an Android App, iGrann is an independent developer, not sure what you were trying to make of this point because it has nothing to do with BB10 continuing on.

          You really need to read up on Google Play Services too. BlackBerry can NEVER have Google Play Services on their device. Their Android Runtime solution is a fork of Android and it’s against Google’s TOS to have GPS on a forked version of Android. And it’s not as simple as just “throwing it in” either, it’s very deeply integrated and constantly updated, it’d be nearly impossible for BlackBerry to keep it up-to-date and working properly. So many people think that Google Play Services are just some “thing” you can “plop on” to the device. That’s NOT how it works. And quite simply, it’s against Google’s TOS to allow it on the BlackBerry Runtime so it’ll NEVER happen.

          You clearly don’t understand exactly what Google Play Services is doing and why it’ll never be on native BB10 so check out this article here: then maybe you will understand why it’ll never be a thing.

          I do doubt you on this, because you’re wrong.

          TL;DR: BB10 will only continue to be supported in enterprise and with the current devices on the market. The currently has no plans to get BB10 and the BB10 Android Runtime is never getting GPS and BB10.4 currently has no plans of existing.

          • Benny X

            Technically, the Google Play store and Google Play Services do work on BB10, but it’s a hack. Even then, it doesn’t work flawlessly. Definitely not something the average joe has time to bother with.

          • This is not true. Using Cobalt’s method (which is what you are referring to) simply allows you to get the Google Play Store. That is all. It doesn’t give you Google Play Services in any way whatsoever. It just tricks the phone into *thinking* you have Play Services which allows you to get the Google Play Store and that is all. Which really doesn’t mean much of anything. You need to actually be able to utilize Google Play Services in order to get the apps working that require it. I have had it on my BB10 devices since day one that it came out and it really doesn’t do much of anything. It’s tricking the phone into *thinking* you have GPS which is in absolutely NO WAY the same as having Google Play Services or being able to utilize it and run/use the apps that require GPS.

          • Benny X

            Hmm.. that’s very odd. Back when I had my Z10 (2 years ago or so), GPS *did* work.. it was the Play Store that wouldn’t work at all. Mind you, getting GPS to work wasn’t as simple as just sideloading the app and running it… had to go through a few hoops first.

            But as the runtime changes and Google updates their apps, its not really a surprise some things don’t work anymore…

  • trm96

    I want it!

  • unique_identifier

    Too bad it has Google spyware on it. Not interested! Its crazy that the public has allowed the conglomerate corporations take over the industry and lock them in with proprietary software like this. In order to use the majority of applications that are made to run on the Android OS, I first must install Googles proprietary software and allow them to track my location, webpage views, contacts, etc. Crazy!

    • KeyserSoze

      “I first must install Googles proprietary software and allow them to track my location, webpage views, contacts, etc. Crazy!”

      So you’re saying you don’t know how to turn off gps, sign out of Chrome, or disable sync on your Android?

      • unique_identifier

        You’d have to do a lot more than that to stop Google tracking. You clearly don’t understand how Google does tracking (don’t feel bad, almost no one knows, nor do they want people to know the extent). First, Google tracks everyones page views, even if you don’t have a google account or use any Google services (so no need to have gmail or sign into chrome or be on an android, just use the web with cookies enabled). Their tracking code is on the majority of websites on web (like this one). Turning off your GPS does not hide your location from Google. Those street views cars that drive around everywhere are not only taking street view photos for Google Maps, they are also recording everyones wifi addresses/locations. So on your your android device, even if you have GPS off, but have wifi on, when your phone sees a wifi network as you move around that Google knows where it is and Google knows where you are. Sadly, this is just the surface.

        • WincyUt

          Does it matter? Big Brother is watching you anyway. :)

          • unique_identifier

            Google/Government/Big Brother, is there a difference?

          • WincyUt

            You tell me :) Snooping is snooping.

          • medic2003

            Yes it matters. It’s wrong and people are so willing to just say ” oh well”.

          • WincyUt

            I know it’s wrong but in this age of the internet nothing is private or off limit as long as its on the net. You can yell all you want and it won’t make any difference. Always remember that one can’t win all battles in life. The world wide web is sort of equivalent to the “black hole”.

          • medic2003

            You yell with your wallet. If people stopped giving them money they would stop doing it. All that stuff is handy but we CAN live without it. Technology is truly making the vast majority of the population dumber. They count on us to give up privacy for convenience and we are guilty of it. If people cared enough to put their foot down it would change. I grew up with one channel on TV and those gigantic cell phones were for rich people. We did ok.

        • KeyserSoze

          Blah blah blah yapity yap. Dude, if you’re that paranoid about security you should just stick to a rotary phone. Hell, you shouldn’t even step out of the house… better yet, you shouldn’t even breathe. Did you know that Google can track every breath you take and allow hackers to steal your identity with breath data? It’s true, don’t ever breathe again, it’s not safe! :D

  • Paul

    I want one, very much so. I was upset when Android moved away from keyboards. In fact if you look at Android phones in the beginning vs where they are today, it seems like we copied iPhone. I mean original Android phones had keyboards, MicroSD slots, removable batteries, even a D-Pad; iPhone had none of that. Then slowly Android began removing all of that, and now we have the same drawbacks to the original iPhone, no keyboard, no removable battery, no expandable storage, etc. Finally a quality Android phone is being released with a keyboard. I think the Venice also has a MicroSD slot. What about… a removable battery?

    My only concern about this device is that if it is highly secure and locked down by BlackBerry, it’ll probably be near impossible to root and if you do there will probably be a lot of downsides in doing so.

    • Stephen Cox

      I don’t think we are getting a removable battery on this one, but I would like to be proven wrong. As for rooting it, I agree that they’ve done their work locking this one down but our dev community is pretty good about finding exploits to at least gain root. Only time will tell.

  • Arjun Manohar

    I hope they found a way to integrate the Blackberry Hub!!

  • Bruce Banner

    Am pretty happy it has the BlackBerry 10 shortcuts. Those shortcuts are the main reason i’ve always thought ios or android devices are too slow.
    Still hope BlackBerry’s customizable quick settings are available.
    I also hope the user interface remains the same, looks close. Just need to be able to swipe right in order to return to what you were working on in the hub and have pressing the hub icon save a draft and reset the hub.

    Really hoping BlackBerry or someone wil extend on the ability to reset apps. Eg. Clicking on an active frame should return to what the user was doing but clicking on the app icon should reset the entire app.

    Total waste of time to delete what you were doing last in order to start a fresh.

    Pretty excited for this device, still not sure if it will be wide enough to replace my passport. That things a mobile office.

  • Daniel

    I want one, buI’m not sure that I’d be willing to pay $650+ for the privilege of the of physical keyboard. I’m using a Moto E, waiting to buy a new higher end phone, but the E has made me appreciate value. At Moto X price point, in a heartbeat. But that’s a fever dream.

    • Mikey Bee


    • Khairul Islam

      My budget for a phone is £250 (roughly $400). As physical keyboards are not in fashion, I expect the phone to depreciate very quickly and I’ll buy it then.
      I hope that increased sales from enterprise will keep BlackBerry making phones like these.

    • calden74

      Well your in luck because the entry model will only be about 600, don’t believe these other numbers that are much higher.

    • Stephen Cox

      I know it might be a long shot, but I am hoping this phone takes off for Blackberry. Then we could go up to Motorola and say “Hey, looks like people want a high end slider after all. So… how about a Droid/Milestone 5?” And then maybe… just maybe, we can convince them to make one based on the Moto X series for a small price premium. How about the “Moto X Milestone” phone?

      I think I’d probably die if all that happened. lol

      • G.I.GIO

        If it’s too inexpensive then the slider will not last very long, I assume.

  • Ben Braunstein

    It looks amazing.
    But I would only buy it if it really had the “feel” of BB10.
    A few things I cannot live without are:
    1. The Hub and having the hub accessible from any screen or app by swiping upwards and to the right.
    2. The Gesture based OS Swipe up to unlock Swipe up to exit an App…
    3. Instant Replies is easily the best feature of BB10. Having the ability to be doing something in an app, and to respond to a text message or Whatsapp Message or BBM Message without leaving the app is the most useful feature to me and I am shocked that other OSs have not implemented such a feature. Its become so normal and natural for me to use the instant replies and I barely realize how great it is until one of my android user friends see me use and and say how awesome it is.

    If all of these things are included in The Blackberry Venice I am totally in.

    • Kimberlee Crenshaw

      In the mid 2000’s Blackberry started Omitting many key features, while trying to be like everyone else, as they came out with new devices. If they’d only learn to KEEP all of their pre-existing features while adding their new features, then they’d have an awesome phone!
      BB omitted its Group Text and Group Messages, they omitted their original easy way of Copy and Paste, they Omitted certain things with their Alarms and the list goes on… But most of the features they started Omitting were features I used on a regular basis and I didn’t feel I should have to continue downloading etc in order to get these features back.
      So, imo, IF BB goes back to the way they were Pre Mid 2000’s, Plus all the New, only then will they have an awesome, near perfect phone/device!!

  • Foodie 3215

    I’ll be more curious of the camera performance. BB had pretty horrible camera maybe as bad as Moto. As for the keyboard. It is 2015. I think most people have moved away from it already. Sure it might be refreshing but will it really attract buyers because they want a physical keyboard? Will have to see.

    • Khairul Islam

      Many (albeit a minority) of those who have moved away from the physical keyboard have done so by force and not choice, unless they moved to BBOS. Out of them, there will be some who have actually become used to using virtual keyboards to the extent that a physical keyboard will not tempt them back, but others like me have been yearning for a phone like this.

      I do agree that attracting buyers in large numbers may be a big issue. I don’t expect the consumer market to take a liking to the phone, but hopefully it will prove a success in enterprise.

      • StuzaTheGreat

        Totally! I didn’t WANT to move away from a physical keyboard, but was forced too.

        For the first time in my life, I’m actually interested in a BB phone and whilst it has an SD slot, the lack of a removable battery seems to be a bit of a let down. That said, BB’s have a great battery life rep BUT, they’ve never had Android on them before.

  • Keith Harrison

    I’ll pick one up for the combination of a large screen (5.4 inches) and a physical keyboard. Having full access to all apps is a bonus.

  • Photos taken with htc one with a dot case;)

  • Mikey Bee

    this is obviously the blackberry. i hate when they be like ” we dont know if this is it , BUT the huge blackberry logo thats engraved in the phone might actually mean its a windows phone” hahaha

  • lolwut

    Why would it say “Property of Research in Motion” when they haven’t been called RIM for over two years?

    • Plazmic Flame

      The public name is BlackBerry, the legal name in the background is still RIM. Normal practice for corporations, especially if they’ve been around for many decades and/or want a brand change.

  • Ali Swanson

    To me, the camera is rocking. And it has a freakin physical keyboard. A-freakin-men. I really hate on screen typing. So this, if it lives up to the hype, will be my next phone. As much as I love my Samsung Note 3. I’ll take this over that any day.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Did you own a BlackBerry in the past? :)

      • Ali Swanson

        Yes, Plazmic, I did. I did enjoy that phone. But that was before Androids arrived on the scene.

  • Sergio Arroyo

    Looks beautiful!

  • Plazmic Flame


  • Josh Gilman

    Um, I kinda like this…shocked

  • crutchcorn


  • Scott Lovell

    It looks sexy!

  • Mihai Ovidiu Duma

    I’m looking forward to this device…. my only question is when will it be available in Europe?

    • Plazmic Flame

      I’m pretty sure BlackBerry is going to do everything in their power to make sure it’s available worldwide.

  • Bryan P

    Been a BlackBerry fan since 2010. They don’t disappoint on high end phones. BB10 is superior than android and ios. It’s just people don’t like to get out of comfort zones which is really sad. It’s definitely going to be more powerful than samsung and any iphone definitely. They just need more marketing.

  • 5c077m

    Cool, this might be my next phone :)

  • Lionel Smith

    I’m in, sign me up!!! I’ll definitely be buying this phone! Tired of all the same type phones on the market right now, it’ll be nice to use a different type of device that’s not an iPhone or Samsung.

  • BlackberryGuyfor10years

    The best thing about a Blackberry is the Blackberry OS! Moving to Android is the final nail in the coffin. Blackberry was never a leader in hardware design, so with the loss of the OS why bother going with Blackberry?

    • Plazmic Flame

      You’re talking as if BlackBerry 10 is dead now, it’s not. This is an OPTION being added to BlackBerry’s device offerings. Also, you need to realize that BlackBerry had only 2 options: Continue with BB10 only and die or offer Android and possibly live to see another day.

  • MidloJagz

    This looks to be the phone that gets me off WIndowsPhone and on to Android.. I am a early adopter, and was on a HTC Universal with WindowsMobile 5.0 phone in 2005.. so saying I am switching to Android is no small thing. My fav phone of all time was the Dell Venue Pro and this looks to be very much like it.

  • Luisa Fleming

    Hello People from Blackberry. I am anxiously waiting for the company to produce the masterpiece I know many people that more interest in working with their phones, rather than playing, prefer BB over other smart phones . Do something soon, before I go crazy with the phone I have been forced to use. If anybody responds I will be a very happy Blackberry fan. I need my Blackberry!!!!

    • theCHIVERChance

      My masterpiece from BlackBerry was the Passport, it is exactly the phone I need since I do a lot of reading and really need a bigger battery!

  • ATInsider

    This is running Android>? Ya no thank you. This better come out with BB10, or people are going to be pissed.

  • Please let this device be available with BlackBerry OS 10.XXX. The option to dual-boot Android is very welcome.

  • Charley Ghanem

    I will get this of course. This is the best phone I have ever seen. Best of both worlds. I hope it doesnt turn into the Sony Betamax (for you young people, The Sony Betamax was a superior video cassette format and was way better than VHS; but poor marketing and failure to launch quickly sealed its fate and VHS went on to dominate the home movie format until its recent demise.)

  • The question is… How do you put a case on it?

  • Rinaldo M. de Paula

    Interesting this device, I would expect it to Brazil.

  • andrew1953

    Definitely be interested in buying a STV100-6 if it makes it on to the Australian market.

  • HenryV

    If only the keyboard went along the long side………… :)