T-Mobile to sell the BlackBerry Priv from January 26th

by: Robert TriggsDecember 31, 2015

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The BlackBerry Priv has been available to purchase in the US for a little while now, but between BlackBerry’s own website, Walmart and AT&T, the choice of shops is a little on the slim side. Fortunately, the smartphone appears to be on its way to T-Mobile in the New Year.

According to an official looking calendar taken from T-Mobile, the BlackBerry Priv will be available from the carrier on January 26th. The listing notes the launch of the “BlackBerry Venice”, which was the old codename for the Priv.

T-Mobile has been rather quiet about its plans for the BlackBerry Priv. The last we heard from the company was back at the launch in November, when the carrier was apparently in talks with BlackBerry about the phone. Rival Verizon has been similarly silent, although its version of the Priv recently passed through the FCC, so a release could be nearing.

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Although we don’t have any official details from T-Mobile yet, the phone may arrive at the carrier not long before a price cut is expected. BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently indicated that he believes a price cut will be inevitable to keep the Priv competitive after the unveiling of new rival devices at the Mobile World Congress in late February.

  • Dominick Wheeler

    YEEEEESSSSS!!!! Day 1 purchase for me!!!

  • balcobomber25

    Might have some appeal in the business sector but the Blackberry name isn’t what it used to be, this will be their last chance to stay afloat.

    • JohnOne

      Yeah you’re right BlackBerry is like this evil company that a lots of haters out there wants to die hardware is not what keeping blackberry afloat it’s their software that’s reason why blackberry still here today

  • Karly Johnston

    So based on an old calendar that was printed 6 months ago using the old code name we announce the Priv coming to Tmob. Stellar journalism there…