BlackBerry Priv to receive monthly Android security patches

by: Jimmy WestenbergNovember 4, 2015

BlackBerry Priv press
In wake of the recent Stagefright vulnerability in Android, many OEMs have been committing to monthly security-focused updates for their devices. Companies such as Samsung, LG and Google have all committed to putting a bigger focus on security patches, and now we can add BlackBerry to that list as well.

BlackBerry has just released some detailed information as to how it plans to keep its upcoming Android-powered handset, the Priv, up to date with the latest security patches as they become available to the public. Specifically, the company says it will release monthly updates to users who have purchased the Priv through If you happen to purchase your device from a carrier or authorized retailer, though, you might need to wait a bit longer. Only the carriers who agree to this monthly security update schedule will push out the patches in a timely manner. As of right now, we’re not entirely sure if the carriers are on-board with this update schedule.

BlackBerry will issue a hotfix if need be

Additionally, BlackBerry has detailed its plans to issue a “hotfix” to Priv devices if need be. This means that if a certain critical vulnerability is discovered that can’t wait for the monthly update cycle to roll around, BlackBerry will issue a hotfix to the affected devices. “While BlackBerry will work with its go-to-market partners on approval and delivery of hotfixes, BlackBerry has the ability to directly patch all PRIV variants and will do so when necessary to protect users and enterprises,” the company states. Of course, the ability to issue timely hotfixes largely depends on the severity of the vulnerability and the complexity of the fix.

BlackBerry also says that businesses can manage updates through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which will let IT professionals control when these patches are rolled out.

It’s no surprise to see BlackBerry commit to monthly security patches for the Priv. The company has proven itself time and time again that it’s putting a huge focus on security, and we don’t think that will change with its new Android handset.

  • Arman

    Nice to hear!

  • Great Dude

    Kudos to blackberry for the amazing fast updates.
    I guess that means when it come to security updates BB Priv is even faster than Nexus.

  • John Doe

    Bazinga !!

  • NamelessStar

    if your gonna be a security company gotta make sure the updates are coming out, got mine on pre-order glad i got it from their website as it bypasses carrier approval.

    • John Doe

      So you have received your already? What is it like?? (Pro’s/Con’s) …

      • NamelessStar

        pre-ordered they ship out Friday will defo say if i get it sat/monday looking forward to this device above anything else.

        • John Doe

          Ouch, You paid $800??

          • NamelessStar

            no 699USD no taxes and free shipping if ordred from B&H in New york for out of state buyers.

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