5 best Android apps for screen recording and other ways too!

by: Joe HindyOctober 18, 2016

best Android apps for screen recording
One of our more frequent requests from readers is to tell them how to record your screen on Android. The functionality has been around for quite some time but usually requires some tinkering and adjustment to get it. In Android Lollipop, they have a screen recording method building into the OS and that’s how most people do it these days. Let’s take a look at a few Android apps and some other methods to get you screen recording.

az screen recorder best Android apps for screen recordingAZ Screen Recorder

[Price: Free / $3.00]
AX Screen Recorder is one of the better all around screen recording apps on Android. It’s one of those “it just works” kind of apps. You open it up, start the recording, and then it will save when you’re finished. It also doesn’t include watermarks, advertising, or time limits. You can also pause the recording if needed. The app has all kinds of tweaks and additions that you can make to get your videos looking crisp and complete. It’s free to use if you want to check it out.

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google play games best Android apps for screen recordingGoogle Play Games

[Price: Free]
Google Play Games is thought of as just a place to view your mobile gaming profile. However, it actually has screen recording functionality built right in. It’s meant to be used with games, although you could use it to record just about anything. All you have to do is exit out of the game once the recording interface opens up and you’ll be able to record any app that you want. It’s a completely free option that works rather well. It’s also very simple to use. Unfortunately, you can only record in 720p or 480p with this one.

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mobizen best Android apps for screen recordingMobizen Screen Recorder

[Price: Free / $8.99]
Mobizen Screen Recorder is a nifty little app that is actually a very average screen recording app. However, this one does have an advantage that many others don’t and that’s the ability to screen record on Android 4.4 Kit Kat without root. It seems like a small thing, but as of October 2016, one in every four Android users are still using Kit Kat. That makes its spot on this list all but incontrovertible. It’s an overall positive experience which is worth a shot.

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Stream best screen recording apps for androidStream

[Price: Free]
Stream is actually a Twitch-like social network. The different being that you can stream what’s on your Android device straight to the service without a middle man. The way it works is you cue up your app or game that you want to record. You then initiate the app, start recording, and what you record will be streamed live. Of course, the service has built-in features to allow you to save your screen recording once you’re done streaming. You can learn more by reading their FAQ here!

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vysor best screen recording apps for androidVysor

[Price: Free with ads / $2/month / $10/year / $40/lifetime]
Vysor is a fun little app that allows you to cast your device to your computer screen over USB. From there, you can use it on your computer or screen record it on your PC if you’d like to. It tends to work pretty well although you will need to fork out a little bit of money in order to get HD quality. This app doesn’t record anything on its own so don’t expect any options to do so. You’ll have to record it on your computer on your own. If this app isn’t cutting it for your, TeamViewer is another decent option in this space.

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best Android apps for screen recording

Other methods for screen recording

There are other ways to record your screen on Android and that is by using hardware. There are two main ways to do so using hardware:

  • If you’re on a device with Android Lollipop (or higher), you can use ADB to record your screen. We have a great tutorial you can read to learn how and you can find it by clicking here.
  • Professionals use a capture card to hook their Android device right into their computer and record it from there. Capture cards can get rather expensive but you’ll get probably the best frame rates and quality. Plus it records directly to your computer hard drive which allows for much larger recordings. Do note that you’ll have work around some potential HDCP problems so get the ole search engine up and running.

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  • Sam Nicko

    Thank you for the TIPS. this is the best article :)

    • JosephHindy

      You are most welcome!

  • Iron Man

    Why do all these videos show a Nexus when the Galaxy S6 is so much better? I know because I own one and it’s blazing fast. Its UFS 2.0 storage is much faster than any other phone on the market.

    • JosephHindy

      1. Because the demo videos were recorded long before the S6 came out.

      2. Nexus devices are “reference devices” and developers use them to debug, test, and develop Android apps on a fairly frequent basis. They are especially useful for getting the latest updates which allows developers to get their apps ready for when phones like the S6 come along so it feels like a seamless transition on the app side of things.

  • Rec. is good, its the one I’ve been using on my channel

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  • lj0000

    which one can record the system sounds directly instead of the microphone?

    • anon

      No app will record system sounds because no android has an internal mic that can record it. They have to use the android mic because that’s the only audio recording hardware that’s on the android.

      If you want better clarity on your audio then you have to use a male to male audio cable and record the audio transmitted to the pc.

      • SpasilliumNexus

        SCR Screen Recorder can, with root.

        • David John Heathcote

          Been taken down otherwise i would of used that.

          • Ryan Kroon

            Its not taken down.
            Look it up on XDA developers.
            He just seemed so stopped the support and updates.
            It works on anything lower then Android 6.0 (atm)

  • feng

    i bought one zenfone 2 http://flosmall.com/phones/asus-zenfone-2-ze551ml-gray-4gb-32gb-detail, these APPS applicable?

  • jangaleon

    i think the xperia z3/compact has this feature built in.

    • Louie Andrew Capulso

      Xperia have that though I won’t recommend it since it often fails.

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  • Ciprian Tomoiaga

    Devices with CyanogenMod (like the OnePlus One) can do this without any extra software. Just press vol up + power at the same time to start/stop recording.

    • JosephHindy

      Yes a few devices have this functionality built in although I’m relatively certain they use the Lollipop trick and just make it easier to use. Even so, I’m not going to recommend people buy a brand new smartphone or go through the process of rooting/romming their devices because there are easier, more user-friendly ways…and cheaper ways :)

  • Alex Ohannes

    SCR has been pulled from the Play Store… AGAIN. Grrrr. I wonder what the reason was this time.

    • It doesn’t really matter, it’s still the best.

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    it’s a useful article for screen record, i am an coc game lover, and love to recording my coc excelente moment.recently i use a free android recorder software – smartpixel, it’s easy to run and power edit tools.if you also love recording videos,you can try this.

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    Not working with Note 3 kitkat.please help me and reply. My e-mail pancholidg @gmail.com

  • Why is SCR last? It’s the best one on the list by a long shot and the only one that actually works properly.

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  • DubSun

    Are there any ways to record on Samsung galaxy s4 mini on 720p quality cuz i only can record on 480p please help me, none of those apps work for me

  • Is there any app which can help me to record screen on MI note 2?

  • Guest0092310

    Also check out ACE Screen Recorder – Free, no ads, no limits and all the bells and whistles.

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      Punk, is not full free.

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        Nothing is fully free these days..

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