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Getting your password hacked is not a pleasant event. Dealing with password recovery, convincing the website the account actually belongs you, and getting everything back in order is a real pain. If you make your password too weak and easy to remember, the chances of getting hacked goes up. If you do a really complicated password, chances are you’ll either forget it or have to write it down somewhere to remember. If this sounds like a problem you’re having then why not try out a password manager?

Password managers allow you to save your passwords to apps and websites in a secure place. You can make them as complicated as you want and the manager will remember them for you. Then, you just have to remember one password: the password to the password manager. If this sounds like something you want to do, here is our list of the best password manager apps for Android.

password manager appsaWallet Password Manager

[Price: Free / $2.49]
First up is aWallet and this is about as standard as you can get in terms of password manager apps. It looks reasonably well done. The UI is a little boring but this is storing your passwords so looks don’t matter all that much. It stores passwords, supports backup and restore of your password database, and even an auto-lock to keep your passwords safe. Get it on Google PlayIf you fork out the $2.49, you can get CSV importing and a password generator that will concoct complex passwords for you. It’s as solid as it comes and definitely worth a look.
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password manager appsDashlane Password Manager

[Price: Free / $29.99/year]
Dashlane is another very popular and very solid password manager app that’s made top lists before in this category. This one has more unique features including auto-login on websites and apps, compatibility with Google Authenticator, a password generator, and auto-locking with a PIN. The only caveat is that there is a subscription service that costs $29.99 per year or about $2.50 per month. Dashlane does come with a Get it on Google Playbetter looking interface than most and the feature set is more than you’ll see with many others. If you’re okay with shelling out the money every year, this is a great option to entertain.
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password manager appsDataVault Password Manager

[Price: $9.99]
DataVault is lesser known but it’s up and coming. Unlike many of these which are free or require subscriptions, this is a pay-once app and you can use it for life. The interface has been improved since we originally published this article. It looks much better now even if it still lacks a bit of polish. It has all the standard features like password storage, password generator, categorical organization, backup support, and more. Some of the more unique features include a password security strength meter and the Get it on Google Playability to tap on entries to log into that particular website. It’s a little pricy at $9.99 but so far the people who have bought it don’t seem to regret it much and it’s a solid option.
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keepass2android iconKeepass2Android Password Safe

[Price: Free]
Keepass2Android (along with similar apps like KeePassDroid) are a set of open source apps for keeping your passwords safe. If you’re into the FOSS way of doing things, this really is the only option for you and the reader comments have stated very frankly that these apps belong on this list. We happen to agree. Some of the more unique features include a software keyboard built-in to prevent password sniffers from grabbing your information and an online and offline mode so you can keep passwords how you choose. There are desktop clients available as well that Get it on Google Playcan share information between your computer and your Android device. It’s free, it’s open source, and it rocks an incredible rating on the Google Play Store. It’s definitely worth a look.
keepass2android screenshot

password manager appsKeeper Password & Data Vault

[Price: Free / $9.99/year / $59.99/year]
Keeper is an oldie but a goodie. I once used this application on my iPod 4th gen many, many years ago and it’s still around today. Keeper does what you expect these other apps to do and a few things you didn’t expect. Some of the unique features include double-encrypted syncing, two factor authentication, a permission system, and more. There are three pricing options. Most of the basic features are free to use. You Get it on Google Playcan get an individual license for $9.99 per year and a group licenses –with unlimited supported devices– for $59.99. If you’re here looking for your business, this is an amazing option.
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password manager appsLastPass Password Mgr Premium*

[Price: Free / $12/year]
LastPass is an increasingly popular, cross-platform password manager. The desktop version is actually free while the mobile version is $12 per year or $1 per month. It features a recently re-designed UI that doesn’t look bad, a password generator, a built-in browser so you can auto-login to sites if you so choose, and even support for tablets. This is a popular option because it’s very simple and there are LastPass Get it on Google Playplugins available for Chrome and Firefox should you want it there (which we recommend). It’s solid, it’s simple, and it’s powerful. Definitely worth trying out the 14-day free trial.
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password manager appsmSecure – Password Manager

[Price: Free / $19.95]
mSecure is among the most popular on the list and you’ll likely see it on all the other lists like this one too. It’s cross platform with desktop versions. Everything together costs $19.95 but they frequently have sales which is nice. It comes with an exhaustive list of features and they include a password generator, auto-lock, auto-backup, a self destruct if a hacker tries to gain access to it, categorical organization, Get it on Google Playtablet UI support, Dropbox sync, and a whole bunch more. Really, the list is pretty impressive. You do get a free trial so you can try it out if you want and we recommend you do.
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password manager appsNorton Identity Safe password

[Price: Free]
Norton is a very well-known name in the antivirus space and that gives it an inherent advantage on a list like this because people recognize the name. Thankfully the Norton app isn’t half bad and comes with most of the standard features. It also comes with some of the more special stuff including the built-in browser. What’s unique about this one is Norton has built in some of its antivirus/malware/spyware features into this app and the built-in browser scans for phishing attempts, Get it on Google Playentering malicious sites, and other safety features you wouldn’t find in most other apps. Like aWallet, it’s a simple app for those who don’t need all the extra spiffy features.
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password manager appsoneSafe | password manager

[Price: $5.99]
oneSafe is another up-and-coming password manager app that’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something new. Like DataVault, it’s a pay-once system that will cost you $5.99. Some of the features include Dropbox syncing, email backups, multiple authentication methods, Get it on Google Playa password generator, and a fun option that lets you capture information by taking a picture of it. It’s not for everyone but it is a solid choice if you don’t mind the $5.99 charge.
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password manager appsPassword Genie Data Protection

[Price: Free / $15.00/year]
Password Genie is a not as well known as many of these others but it’s still a great option for password management. There is a free version and a premium version to choose from that costs $15 per year. To be perfectly honest, the free version really isn’t anything special. It’ll keep passwords and bookmarks some organization features. Get it on Google PlayThe premium version has far more features including more organizational features, form-filling features, and a few others. It’s a little simple but that works for some people.
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password manager appsRoboForm

[Price: Free]
Last up on this list is RoboForm. A lot of people use the desktop version of this already and many don’t know that there is a mobile version. It looks ancient in terms of the UI, but it still does what you need it to do. The unique features of RoboForm include integration for Dolphin and Firefox browsers. If you use those browsers Get it on Google Playon Android and you want something that’s more out of the way, then this could be a good option for you. Just be sure not to judge it based on how it looks because it looks pretty bad.
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Password manager apps wrap up

Password manager apps are still up and coming. A few of these have outdated interfaces but they are still very effective. If there is an app we missed that we should’ve included, by all means let us know in the comments so we know about it! If you’re on the fence about using one of these, we recommend that you at least give it a shot. You’d be surprised how much easier and more secure things can be when you let a manager do the hard work for you.

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