11 of the best Android browsers

by: Joe HindyDecember 9, 2013
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Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change your entire experience with a device. Finding the right one can be difficult since most of them have a variety of features and focuses. Some focus on features, others on speed, and some try to do both. So which ones are the best? Click on the video above to watch it or keep going to read it.

Baidu best android browsersBaidu Browser

[Price: Free]
First up is Baidu browser. In terms of looks it looks like what you’d except out of a browser. You can have windowed tabs or actual tabs at the top if you prefer. There is also a night mode, swipe navigation, a decent list of tools and actions to perform, and even a floating icon that Get it on Google Playlets you open the browser from anywhere. It performed as well as you can expect from a browser and it has a strong feature set that can compete with others.
Baidu best Android browsers

Firefox best android browsersFirefox

[Price: Free]
Firefox browser is one of the most popular browsers on desktops and, predictably, one of the best on Android. It doesn’t have any real off the wall features, but it does provide a very satisfying web browsing Get it on Google Playexperience. It allows you to sync to your desktop version of Firefox to obtain your bookmarks and there are add-ons that you can add as well.
Firefox best android browsers

Google Chrome best android browsersGoogle Chrome

[Price: Free]
Of course we give the obligatory nod to the most popular browser on Android and that’s Chrome browser. It offers direct syncing with your desktop version by logging into Google along with a competent browsing experience. It has some swipe navigation, an unlimited Get it on Google Playnumber of browser tabs, and it is a very solid and stable experience. Also, if you’re going for the all Google experience, this is the browser you want.
Chrome browser best android browsers

Next browser best android browsersNext Browser

[Price: Free]
As with most of these browsers, Next Browser focuses on speed. Unlike many of these browsers, it does this quite well. It also boasts a small footprint so it’s ideal for older devices who Get it on Google Playwant better browsing without the more bloated options. There are add on options if you need them but overall this is a very nice browser.
next browser best android browsers

Opera browser best android browsersOpera Browser

[Price: Free]
We’ve reviewed Opera Browser a bunch of times and that’s because it’s a really nice browser. It has all the features you’d expect in a browser with a relatively quick browsing experience. There are Get it on Google Playthemes and add-ons as well as the Speed Dial and Discover features to help give you a more entertaining browsing experience. It’s definitely worth a shot.
Opera browser best android browsers

Boat Browser iconBoat Browser

[Price: Free]
We’ve also reviewed Boat Browser before and coming back to play with it again left the same good taste it did last time. It has features like add-ons and themes as well as a built-in app store. Get it on Google PlayIt’s a solid browser option that also has a paid option if you need more features, but the free one is pretty good on its own.
Boat Browser best android apps

Maxthon best android browsersMaxthon Browser

[Price: Free]
Maxthon Browser used to carry a little flack because it has been included as bundled software on devices before but we assure you, it isn’t bloatware. Maxthon has a lot of features and most of Get it on Google Playthem are behind the scenes, leaving you with just the web browsing. There are add-ons supported and it is a solid browsing experience.
Maxthon best android browsers

Naked browser best android browsersNaked Browser

[Price: Free / $2.00]
Naked Browser may look simple but it’s no joke. It foregoes most features that you’ll find in these others in favor of pure speed. The UI is very minimal and it really does load pages very quickly and display them very well. There are no add-ons, bloat features, or Get it on Google Playanything. It just loads websites so if you have an older device or you simply don’t need all that other stuff, give Naked Browser a try.
naked browser best android browsers

Puffin browser best android browsersPuffin Browser

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Puffin Browser is definitely the wild card app on this list. It works well enough on its own as a web browser, but it has some unusual features. For instance, there’s a built in track pad and game pad. During most of the Get it on Google Playyear, you can only load flash content during 12 hours of the day. There are also add-ons if you need those. It’s definitely an interesting browser.
Puffin browser best android browsers

UC Browser best android browsersUC Browser

[Price: Free]
Last on our list is the venerable UC Browser. This browser has fairly impressive performance and, based on the sites it recommends when you open it, is targeted to people not in the United States which is actually quite refreshing. It includes some features Get it on Google Playlike speed mode which helps you browse even faster and auto pager which loads multiple pages at once so multi-page articles are easier to read.
UC browser best android browsers

Dolphin Browser best android browsersDolphin Browser

[Price: Free]
Dolphin Browser is another popular browser that has improved a bunch over the last year and a half or so. Not only is the browsing faster, but it has a lot of features including add-ons, gestures, and sonar. Sonar is Get it on Google Playa feature where Dolphin will use your voice to search your internet. Kind of like Google Voice Search. It’s unique and even has themes.
Dolphin Browser best android browsers

Wrap up

It’s very difficult to determine a best browser. Everyone has different needs and all of these browsers have unique features. So it’s perfectly possible that we may have missed a great browser. If we have an you want us to know, feel free to tell us in the comments.