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Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change your entire experience. Finding the right one can be difficult because there are so many options and the face of the web is changing all the time. Let’s take a look at the best Android browsers of 2017 (so far)!

Brave Browser

Price: Free
Brave Browser is one of the newer Android browsers. It came out in 2016 and has a variety of features. There is an ad blocker built-in. Additionally, it can block third party cookies, block scripts, and it has HTTPS everywhere. Included is per-site settings just in case you need that. It also boasts optimizations for speed and battery life improvements. It also has most of the basic features like bookmarks, history, and a privacy (incognito) mode.
Brave Browser


Price: Free / $4.54
Chromer is one of the more unique Android browsers out there. It actually doesn’t function quite like a browser, but more as a launcher for Chrome Custom Tabs. It hijacks web links and then opens them in a standalone Chrome Custom Tab for quick and easy browsing. You’ll need to have Google Chrome installed for full functionality. However, other than that, it's a great, light browser for basic use. It’s a free download and you can pay for the pro version if you’d like.

Dolphin Browser

Price: Free
Dolphin Browser has seen a lot of success on Androidy. It has a decent set of features as well. That includes theming, flash support, ad-block, incognito mode, and some tertiary features like gesture controls. There is also add-on and extension support if you need that. A lot of people swear by Dolphin Browser. It covers most of the bases and that's more than enough to rank it among the best. It’s definitely one of the best Android browsers.

Firefox Browser

Price: Free
Firefox browser has come a long way since it first came out. It is now one of the most solid Android browsers. It has an impressive set of features. Some of them include desktop syncing (bookmarks, history, etc), privacy features, easy-to-use bookmarks, quick sharing, Chromecast support, and you’ll have access to some add-ons to improve the browsing experience. It’s a powerful Android web browser and it’s completely free to use. If you want to see the newest features sooner, you can also check out the beta version of Firefox to see upcoming features.


Price: Free
Flynx by InfiKen Labs has come a long way since its inception. This unique browser works in a floating window as opposed to a full screen mode. This allows for quick web browsing. It also doesn't force you to leave the app you're currently using. When you click links, they open a little bubble on the side of the screen and the page will load in the background until you decide to click the bubble to read it yourself. It also comes with a few other features, such as night mode. It’s something different in the Android browsers space.

Google Chrome

Price: Free
Of course we give the obligatory nod to the most popular Android browser. Many people have this pre-installed on their devices and opt to just keep using it. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. It features syncing with Google Chrome on desktop along with the latest Material Design, unlimited browsing tabs, deeper integration with Android, and plenty of other features for both basic browsing and power users. It has two beta versions (dev channel and beta) if you want to see the latest features. Google also makes sure that Chrome is using the latest Android features.
Google Chrome

Lightning Browser

Price: Free / $1.50
Lightning Browser has returned to this list as one of the best Android browsers. It features a lightweight experience coupled with a simple design. Additionally, it comes with various features such as ad block, theming, and more. It also boasts compatibility with Orbot as a Tor proxy. That's about as secure as web browsing gets, folks. The support is a bit inconsistent but it does work. The free version is functional. However, you'll have to pay for the pro version to get unlimited tabs and ad blocking. It's also open source.

Naked Browser

Price: Free / $5.69
Naked Browser may look simple, but it's no joke. It foregoes many of today's current features in favor of speed and simplicity. Of course, that means some sacrifices had to be made. However, the developers made those sacrifices with an admirable lack of repentance. The browser does do the basics, like shortcuts, bookmarks, and history. Thanks to its scaled back nature, sites generally load fairly quickly. Those looking for something flashy won't get it with this one. The developer is also a little grouchy with user feedback sometimes. Still, it's one of the better Android browsers.
Naked Browser

Opera's browsers

Price: Free
Opera has a couple of Android browsers. They're both pretty good. The first is the standard Opera Browser. It features a partial ad block, video compression to save data, and a dashboard where you can have news and favorites stored. You can create an Opera account and sync data between this and the desktop version. Opera Mini is a smaller, more lightweight option. It comes with a Facebook notification bar, partial ad blocking, and more. Each one has its own beta version as well.
Opera's browsers

UC Browser

Price: Free
Last on our list is the venerable UC Browser. This is one of the most popular browsers on the Google Play Store and one of the few that targets people outside of the United States which is surprisingly refreshing. It comes with a bunch of features, including ad-block, data compression, night mode, and gesture control. There are also some unique features, like Facebook mode which magically increases browsing speeds while on Facebook. It’s completely free to use and rocks a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store with over seven million reviews to date. That’s impressive!

If we missed any great Android browsers, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to see our latest app lists!

Joe Hindy
Hi everyone! I'm Joe Hindy the Android Authority app guy!
  • Shark Bait

    Gunna say chrome is the best! i like syncing to desktop

    • dodz

      yep, synced all to my mail, youtube, gmail and hangouts and dropbox, couldnt imagine life without chrome

    • Toss3

      Chome is just so imcredibly slow compared to the stock Samsung browser.

      • McLaren F1P1

        You just replied to a 2 years old comment! Lol! Was about to do the same Lol!!

        • Awesome Bryner

          I will just reply to yours to keep it going. Who cares?

          • McLaren F1P1


          • ahmed kabbary


          • xXx_jax_xXx the mlg noscoper g

            @mclarenf1p1:disqus it sucks dick

          • Cresset

            Not me.

          • Zaid Abdou

            I don’t

      • Strype

        If you want fast, simply get Puffin. As far as speed is concerned, nothing else even comes close.

  • Naked browser is by far the best. Too bad Google screwed up the new webview with kitkat so browser gets badly handicapped compared to jellybean and below

    • Ron Hockett

      Yandex is by far the best imo and I’ve used Naked. Yandex is smart, intuitive and the UI is supreme.

  • jessem1323

    AOSP with Chrome sync for me

    • Toss3

      AOSP definitely has difficulties with larger pages (reloads) and isn’t as fast as Chrome.

  • piazzo

    dolphin is the best

  • Pan Szym
  • icyrock1

    Mercury browser is my favorite by far. Opera is a close second.

  • RB Shah

    naked browser – using since 1 year.. great

  • Scott Niemczyk

    I’m using next browser and really like it. Which of the other browsers has flash player support? Wouldn’t mind trying a couple different ones.

    • Thank you, just now I have the Next Browser. I’ve been looking for this type of browser for weeks. Since I had my Note3, I have no more access to my favorite web radio and tv programs. Now I’m back to usual with this browser’s flash player support.

    • o0o.paw

      Next browser rarely gets mentioned. I’m currently having issues with FC’s (likely due to me debloating my rom too much) but even with these I still prefer it to any other browser. When you select desktop mode it stays on desktop mode. Most other browsers will still be redirected to the mobile websites. The bookmark management is great too (though mine no longer syncs)…

  • AbbyZFresh

    They all have one thing in common. Better than Safari.

    • Toss3

      Safari is very fast and smooth. Lacks a couple of features that we have on android, but I would still rank it as one of the best browsers available on mobiles right now. IE for WP is also great.

      • nishantsirohi123

        IE for WP does not have a forward button , and it is impossible to play embedded videos in BLIP

      • Steve Brain

        Of course it’s fast and smooth when it has no functionality what so ever.. The problem is most other well known mobile browsers are equally as fast and smooth and have far more functionality.

      • Noah Williams

        Same with Edge. I count that because Windows 10 is universal code.

    • Martin Chan

      Well, duh, it doesn’t exist on Android.

    • Joe Alexander C Astillo

      the Best browsers do not have US policies privacy that collects all your information and pictures. i have tried many and the best on Pc and iOS is Yandex i swear i never seen a browser too fast plus it protects your privacy something than any other browser can do. another thing to add. is that it will never need a flash player update it has its own. flash player and that flash player never crashes.
      Try it i swear you wont regret.

      • Greg Zeng

        Russian technology, based on a Chromium engine. Pity that Slimjet is not in Android yet. It is the best ever in Linux and Windows.

      • turtlemelons

        I love yandex browser for Android. Very smart.

    • Not to mention that most of them are based on the chromium engine, Google’s version of webkit which is based on WebKit engine which was developed and open sourced by Apple and first appeared in… Yep, Safari. Of course WebKit was created using the open source KDE engine from the Konqueror browser. So basically they are all the same code base.

    • Mike K

      Troll much, Abby?

      OK, I’ll bite. Safari is a pretty good browser. It’s fast, and even on older iPhone hardware (like the 5s), it doesn’t *lag* while scrolling – something that (much as I love my various droid phones) I wish I could say about the majority of Android browsers when rendering complex pages. Safari also has very nice built-in content filtering capabilities which makes it easy to drop in a variety of ad-blocking modules, if that’s your thing.

  • Data

    Dolphin Browser is the best IMO. It’s fast, packed with add ons, and I really like the new folders for Speed dial feature!

  • Rajkumar

    UC browser is the best

    • Pranav

      especially for indians.

  • Pawel Danielewicz

    Puffin and UC Browser are good + Easy/Harley browsers, Maxthon is boderline. The rest is what I have flushed, either choke my phone down to reboot or simply die on complicated pages.

  • Paulo Costa

    Does any of these has Kitkat’s immersive mode yet?

  • Jalok Xlem

    Chrome will be my favorite browser, if it supports add-ons like Firefox. The Adblock and self-destruct cookies add-on, are especially important. I don’t think any android browser has this.
    Psh yeah! Some of these browsers does support “add-ons,” but they are so limited compared to Firefox! >:L

  • Just looking…

    I have used chrome, dolphin, Firefox, and opera. I like dolphin the best. Swipe left side of the screen and it brings up bookmarks. Swipe left and it bring up roboform which I use for my passwords. It sync with tablets.

  • Janee

    But which of those browsers support text reflow on a tablet? The stock Android browser allows for that, but what about for Nexus users?

  • Earth Republic

    I used Dolphin on my Nook Tablet, but since I got a Nook2Android card for it, I’ve used Chrome. After running it through Peacekeeper, Chrome was just slightly faster than the Android Browser, which was just barely faster than Dolphin. I do miss some of Dolphin’s features, such as the ease of bookmark access, but the better sync with Chrome between desktop and tablet makes it the go-to for me. I keep Dolphin around as a backup, though.

  • Wave000

    Habit Browser is the best.Trust me I tried them all!!!

  • TDN

    I have used Skyfire (not on the list) Boat, Opera, Dolphin, Firefox, Maxthon, Chrome and of course the Android browser. I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide which I liked better out of Maxthon and Dolphin, eventually ending up with Dolphin as my main and Skyfire and Maxthon as my back ups. Then Chrome got updated and began to sync with everything and it is my only browser now.

  • Cecil

    Chrome is a laggy mess on N7 2012 but it has the best desktop sync. Opera for me. Opera just needs a decent link solution.

  • akash

    Chrome best browser

  • Toss3

    Would be absolutely great if you guys could review and rank these browsers based on Smoothness/Speed (would prefer smoothness to speed).

  • Groud Frank

    As someone who is heavily immersed into the Google ecosystem, it should not come as a shock if I state which browser I prefer to use. The synching with my desktop is my number one priority. It’s only natural that I’ll go with Google Chrome.

  • APai

    wow, that’s called choice! I haven’t tried em’ all, but many of them are excellent. i like how there’s a mini ecosystem around many of them like – FF/ opera/ chrome/ dolphin etc.

  • Albin

    This is the kind of article that would benefit from a feature comparison table. On my older, storage-challenged phone I found Dolphin great for both installing and caching to microSD, but it handles Flash poorly. I installed Opera Classic for that.

  • Hugrr

    Chrome is by far the best on my Nexus 7, however I do use Puffin if I want to watch live Football streams.

  • kebne

    Startpage private search app ? Think you missed something joe.
    Duckduckgo ,xscopepro

  • With my S3, I used to visit this site for AM Radio audiostreaming. .
    After I switched to my new Note3, I no longer been able to listen to this station. I have tried installing many web browser apps but failed.
    Then I tried ‘FlashFox – Flash Browser’ now I’m back to usual listening to this radio station in my Note3.

  • rasen

    Which one (except Dolphin) fully supports LastPass add-on?

  • Phil Rewa

    Google Bookmark Sync makes it the best…end of story. Otherwise if Firefox could sync with the folders intact, I might go over there for the add ons.

  • mbrus

    Lightning+ browser

  • Bairo

    I keep coming back to dolphin after using it as the only choice for last pass integration. But have tried Puffin and was astounded by the speed and smoothness. It smokes my desktop using Chrome even. So my point is; this is not a very complete article at all….. I can’t believe they did not talk about things like Puffin’s speed due to server side actions or last pass support on Dolphin!

  • About Opera, you say “There are themes and add-ons”. There are, but not in the Android version!

    Oh no, another writer who don’t have a clue about what features Opera has and hasn’t…

  • The default browser provided as in-built in smartphone is only common. To use simple and suitable browser with special features in mobile we’ve to install ‘Opera’. Whatever may be the OS being used, we can install Opera freely.

  • Share King

    I have tried almost all of these browser on my android phone but it was UC Browser and Opera Mini i liked the most. Firefox and Chrome both are slow on android platform with sluggish interface. So its UC browser for me the best android browser right now.

  • PasserBy

    My favourite would be dolphin as it allows:
    Unlimited tabs
    I can get rid of the Overview (Which I find cumbersome)
    Easy Swipe access to favourites
    It’s fast and rarely crashes
    It works without glitches for hyperlinks (Unlike chrome which just opens some hyperlink w/o the open in new tab option when long-pressed)
    My only grouch is that there is no find in page”” function ><

  • jon

    Silly review. USA owns the world. Deal.

  • hailey


    • Erika


  • PetterX

    Is there a browser like iPhone, where you can swipe back and forward?

  • PasserBy

    Where’s NC Browser? I think it’s one of the fastest browsers available, if not the fastest. Sure it lacks cloud storage but it has Flash and AdBlocker… i guess it’s still new so….

  • Liz Nonyabiz

    One thing most browsers do not do is sort or organize bookmarks. Reviews never mention this either. The new stock browser with KitKat does allow you to organize your bookmarks. You can’t move folders though. Chrome & Firefox (my once favorite) have no bookmark organization.

  • Curtis Rogers

    I’m using toZeno browser and really like it. The Best thing of this browser its light weight (just 1MB) high speed, No Ads Browser for android users

  • Curtis Rogers

    I request you to all of you that I was told my application look by using the browser which you can get very fast browsing service and nothing at the time will not be crummy advertisements try this browser for absolutely free. Click here to download :-

  • tanks for sharing great stuff for my smart android phone.

  • Share King

    Most of all Browser is super, but i m using only on Opera mini so Importance of opera, all of browser is bad … !!

  • Anisha sharma

    Thanks for sharing this useful article with us. You have mentioned a great list of web browsers, but, you can also add Nano Browser to your list. Its also a useful browser and is compatible with iPhone/iPad, Android phones & tablets, Windows & MAC PCs.

  • Steve Brain

    Sticking to Chrome and Flynx :-)
    Been using Flynx since before it was even released on the app store, truly an amazing piece of software. Would love to give a high five to the dev’s :-P

  • Martin Chan

    Solid list. Most of the browsers here are Safari Webkit based so minus the features each of them provide individually, you can’t go wrong.
    If you want to choose another browser because certain sites don’t work, try trusty Firefox, I think it’s one of the only ones on this list that uses a different layout engine. The only downside to Firefox right now is that it’s slightly less smooth but you won’t notice it if you’re using any of the latest phones. I only notice it being less smooth on 4 year old hardware. But the control you get over the browser is uncomparable to the others. I edited webrtc, security configs and use it as my security browser.

  • McLaren F1P1

    I know all this! You’re the ones testing phones. Please make a comparison between which browser is more battery efficient and which gives a better web experience! The stock S6 browser is more battery efficient than Chrome for me and Opera Mini blows them! You need to compare the efficiency of these browsers please! Firefox is worse, sucks battery life like hell!

  • Unnikrishnan S

    I dunno. I have been using CM browser for nearly a year and I absolutely love it. It’s very fast, always works & never crashes. I think everyone has a favorite.

  • Tom Canedy

    You obviously haven’t tried Habit Browser. It is super fast and the most customizable browser on the play store. I have tried THE ALL and Habit is the best by far.

  • andrew cowsar

    I’ve been using adblock browser and dolphin. Firefox and chrome sometimes as well sometimes sites will load better depending on which one I choose.

  • mikiblu

    What about CM Browser?
    I’m using it and it looks very good

  • Danilo Santos

    I use UC and CM.

  • Bruno Martins

    Endomondo was forgot? I keep using the premium version :D

    • JosephHindy

      Endomondo is a diet and exercise app, these are browsers lol.

  • God

    No Adblock Browser? it is stellar!!

    • JosephHindy

      It is still pretty buggy, it needs more work.

  • aa

    Chrome all the way with the sync feature.

  • Armaan Modi

    UC is THE BEST!

  • Vedang Vaidya

    I think CM browser also belongs to the list. I’ve been using it since my last 2 phones, and it’s always been fast and comfortable for me. Firstly, it’s barely 2mb, so does not occupy a lot of space. It’s use of RAM is excellent. It has all the basic options (Incognito, night mode,safe browsing,no track mode, multiple tabs etc). I have 2Gb of ram now but I still prefer it over most others.

  • 11222

    puffin is by far the fastest

  • Lipsoka

    why is this article rated 2016 when comments are years old, u fckin neets

    • minyami

      Because it’s updated every year, you fucking ‘tard.

  • Bull Winkle

    Everyone should look into Cheetah. I’d rank it just below Dolphin.

  • ijstaartindeoven

    Used Firefox first, but scrolling sucks and it doesn’t render sites correctly. UC browser I’m trying now. So far so good.

  • minyami

    Is there any browser on Android that lets you set cache size and does not automatically clear them from time to time?

  • mauvis99

    I agree with Ghostery but what about Butterfly? I used to use Ghostery until I found it.

  • Awesome Bryner

    Why is the paid browser uglier than the free ones?

  • Puffin browser is best in all of them.

    • Rocco

      It’s the fastest browser but not the best browser. Scrolling is severely clunky and it repaints in mid scroll.

  • Edwin PJ

    Seriously…. UC Browser is the best among them…. Especially for those who download a lot. UC comes with UC cloud and it can directly download files to UC Cloud Account and then download it to our local storage without any problems (like link expired, no resume support. Etc)…..

  • Jagan

    Firefox is simply the best for both desktop and mobile

  • xXx_jax_xXx the mlg noscoper g

    i love Naked Browser its my fave

  • Markoff

    nice even three spyware browsers included namely Chinese UC, Chinese Opera and Dolphin

    rest should be OK, though instead of naked i would recommend rather Lightning or Speed Browser XDA fork

  • IS Chaudhry

    My votes are for APUS Browser and Flyperlink.

  • aditi

    ohh this is good .nice list.i just want to share my experience of one of the browser which i came across,that is cool browser,which is cool in its own way.i am using this browser,and its running good.if you want to try something new that try it out.

  • Carlos Luis Barón Carrero


  • Dolphin on Android is very nice. Light on resources. Fast, nice features and interface. Decent performance. Sadly, in the past year or so they are making it more and more buggy on each release.

    • diggie

      What about the browser collecting user data/surfing habits?

  • Neha Mehra

    Nano Browser is also a good web browser you can add to your list.

  • Neha Mehra

    nice article you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing, you can also Nano Browser to your list. Its an amazing and useful web browser that runs very fast on every device.

  • Pavlaras

    10 best of 2016 and the comments below are since 3 years ago…….
    anyway , those that vote for chrome, try the gello browser. its the cm aosp version of chrome.

    • JosephHindy

      Yes, I update this piece a few times per year to ensure its accuracy. When the calendar year turns, I update it and change the year to indicate that it’s been kept up to date. I don’t delete comments (often, some of those spammers uuugghhhh) so people can see stuff from years ago :)

      It’s been 9 months since your comment and I’m about to update it again :)

  • xyzabc

    Best Browser in my Opinion —- Javelin Browser

    • JosephHindy

      Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since 2014. Seems to be abandoned by developer.

  • Steve Bergman

    How can this 3 month old story have 3 year old comments???

    • 都良美寿 ローライト

      Hello Steve! This article gets updated every six months from its original publish date as browser wars on mobile devices are always cooking up something new.

  • Sterling Chavis

    Go Naked…browser.

  • Prabhat Pandey

    I think the Firefox is better than any other browser in android. It has some powerful and handy ad-ons.

    • diggie

      Lags to much while scrolling.

  • scottdouglasjohnson

    If this is a top 10 list maybe I need to rethink using android. Chrome, firefox, naked and dolphin all suck. I keep going back to Lightning.

  • apoorva

    I did like to see your review on WARP BROWSER on google play store.

  • Jonatan Gomez

    Checking the comments for user recommendations? +1 for UC Browser

  • Ron Hockett

    I keep thinking I’ve discovered the best Android browsers. Well I’d have to say that Brave is now my browser of choice. I use it on my Windows computer at work as well.

    • Rocco

      I just tried Brave. To date, it’s the best browser I tried and I must have tried about 15 different android browsers and every one has something not to like. Brave loads pages about 33% faster than Google Chrome of the same build, It has some basic ad blocking. I really wish you could block specific scripts instead of global script blocking. I have yet to try Yandex but Brave is better than tugabrowser. Also on Brave, I wish there was an easy access to Bookmarks and History. Right now they’re 3 clicks away.

      • Ron Hockett

        I agree with your Yandex assessment. I knew there was a reason I uninstalled it. Brave has been my go to. I’ve also been using the beta version of Puffin, which is still a bit rough, but a vast improvement over current release. It’s also crazy fast. Send an email to developer for Puffin beta testing invite and give it a whirl.

      • Ron Hockett

        Check out Smart Search and Web Browser (Russian) and let me know what you think.

      • Strype

        I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on Puffin, Pyrope and UC – if you have not tried those 3. Puffin is by far the fastest on the market. Pyrope is a very fast, reliable & secure browser with only the essential features – leaving out the bloaty & redundant ones. UC is quite fast, solid & safe as well. Let me know what you think. You as well, Ron! ;)

  • Katka

    There’s a new browser on the block and it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself. (my husband and I are the creators). It’s name is Surfy Browser and it was one of the “5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!” while we were still in beta.

    It has a passcode and fingerprint lock for launching the app or for individual bookmarks. You can save a session to a lockable tile and have private browsing automatically switched on. It has an ad blocker. It has text-to-speech, so you can listen to pages while browsing or using other apps.

    It has real swipable tabs, mobile optimizer and much more.

    It’s more customizable than other browsers; with 21 thousand color variations, you can set the color of the tabs, application bar, and accent; and even set the background to your favourite photo.

    Also, we’re a mum and dad operation, not a big company that’s going to sell your data.

    • Ron Hockett

      Can your browser be used with Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), running Android 6.0.1? If it can, I’m going to give your browser another shot. I can’t remember why I uninstalled it in the past. Just had an terrible user experience with Dolphin!!

  • Ron Hockett

    Take another look at latest version of Puffin Browser just released.

  • Ron Hockett

    After trying many Android browsers and removing them, I’d have to say that the latest version of Puffin is my favorite. At some point all the others frustrate me and I continue to come back to Puffin.

    • Strype

      I completely agree. Well, when it comes down to speed anyway. Nothing else comes even close to matching Puffin’s speed. When I need extra, bloaty features – I’ll use either Pyrope (fast, reliable & safe all-around browser) or Firefox (one word: addons). UC is decent as well.

      • jodieisme

        Pardon me, I use pyrope as my primary browser and flynx as an app-in reader, but I don’t find pyrope is bloaty..
        Mind to elaborate of which part that makes it bloaty..?

  • Ron Hockett

    I know I’m all over the place!! Check out Smart Search and Web Browser (Russian). It’s Google Play overall rating stands at 4.6 stars. Been using for a few days now and It has been checking all the boxes. The more I get used to the UI the more I can state that it’s been pretty intuitive. Even without the ad blocker engaged it’s very responsive and most importantly it renders pages really well.

  • Tyler Anthony Estep

    For Android it depends on what else u use when determining the best browser…If u don’t use any adblocking like AdAway, Adguard, etc., then Mozilla FF/Aurora is by far the best Android Browser due to its variety of Add-ons…Mozilla Firefox/Aurora with choice of AdBlock (Adguard, BlueHell Firewall, etc) HTTPS by Default/Everywhere, Ghostery/Privacy Badger, and you’re ready to go…I like to also use Black Background/Dark Text, Quit + Restart button, and Lightweight Theme Switcher as my add-ons too..If using Adguard or AdAway, then best browser may be Chrome Canary, Bare Naked Browser, Brave Browser, etc…Can’t go wrong with Mozilla FF/Aurora tho

  • Ron Hockett

    I’m back to Yandex. Consistently get solid results. Using beta version, which has a really effective Block Annoying Ads feature.

  • shaboo

    No extension support = obsolete/incomplete software. 1996 called, they want their browser back!

  • Strype

    You forgot, in my opinion, the two best browsers on the market! Why on earth have you not listed Puffin (By FAR the fastest browser out there), or Pyrope (Extremely fast, stable & secure with only the essential features, while cutting out the less useful & redundant ones)? Both of these browsers should be on every “best Android browser” list if you ask me. Those 2 and, occasionally Firefox, are the only browsers I ever use/need anymore.

  • Strype

    I really would be interested in hearing everybody’s opinions regarding Puffin, Pyrope and UC browsers, if you guys have not tried those three. Puffin is by far the fastest on the market. Pyrope is very fast, reliable & secure and only contains the essential features – leaving out the bloaty & redundant ones. UC is also quite fast, solid & safe with more modernized features. Let me know what you all think!

    • Ron Hockett

      Puffin is fast but for some strange reason that I can’t explain I begin to experience agitation when browsing news articles, which I do a lot of. Could it be too much of a good thing when it comes to speed? On news sites such as Fox News, videos start playing automatically but then stops sometimes after ad finishes playing. I still have it installed but sometimes admittedly it’s frustrating to use. It has great potential for sure.

    • Ron Hockett

      I tried UC. When it did not render pages correctly of some of my favorite sites it eventually turned me off. I’m now trying APUS browser, which has some nice features. At the end of the day I think I’ll be sticking with browsers that are more up to date with Chromium. Many of the Chinese browsers have lots of features but are versions of Chromium that are way off from version 57. Some of them not even close. Maybe someone here can tell me whether there’s no issue with being so outdated.

    • Ron Hockett

      Well I gave UC a shot and it just didn’t work for me. It has an odd approach to rendering and on several occasions I noticed that page elements were either missing or our of view. Again, I’m back to Yandex and for speed kicks and giggles, Puffin. Maybe it’s the types of sites I visit most, but it seems that there are way more poor performing Android browsers than exceptional ones.

  • Ron Hockett

    Here’s my top 3:

    1. Smart Search and Web Browser from Reactive Phone – 4.6 stars (my current default)
    2. Yandex Browser for Android – 4.5 stars
    3. Puffin Browser Pro from CloudMosa, Inc. -4.1 stars

    Honorable mention. Surfy Browser from Outcoder

    All being used on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) 10.1

  • J.j. Evans

    I personally enjoy CM Browser. It’s probably the only thing out of the Cheetah Mobile stables that I actually like. (With all the Clean Master features baked into recent Samsung devices like the Galaxy S7 squad, Galaxy S8/S8+, & Galaxy J3 Emerge, I’m surprised that Chrome and the stock browser are still preloaded instead of CM Browser!!)

    As for Dolphin, didn’t they have a “Mini” version of their browser at some point?

  • Venkata Sai Teja Dogiparthi (T

    Armorfly has 4.5 rating in play store. I like the interface very much. It has the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, which makes one handed usage a breeze. I am surprised that it is not mentioned in this article.

  • George Okenyehike

    Link Bubble was one of my favorites. But recently they just went awol

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  • Taj Callender

    you missed puffin browser