If you’re like most people (and I bet you are), you instantly turn to your smartphone or tablet when you’re (1) bored while waiting for the bus, (2) trying to look busy to avoid small talk, or (3) pretending to be looking for something on your phone to avoid an awkward situation.

Whipping out your device and scribbling doodles on a sketchbook app may prove to be a great escape. Or, maybe you just really want to practice some brushstrokes and painting styles, intent on making a masterpiece that will give Michaelangelo a run for his money.

Whether it’s just curbing your boredom or actually trying to refine your artistic skills, you’ll find these doodling and freehand drawing apps worth checking out.

Paint Joy – Movie Your Drawing

Have you ever finished a masterpiece and wanted to relive how your precious work of art came to be? Then you’re going to love Paint Joy – Movie Your Drawing. The app’s main selling point is the gallery record feature, which records every step of your drawing process so you can retrace your steps later and see your masterpiece unfold right before your eyes. It’s perfect for when you want to show off or demonstrate to friends or to refine your drawing techniques by taking a closer look at your methods.

Paint Joy also lets you paint on photos you’ve taken. This is helpful when you’d like to add annotations and comments or to draw attention to a specific part of the photo, such as adding a label or pointy arrows. The app’s intuitive brush and color selector has won fans. Another perk the app offers is easy uploading to Facebook or Twitter for sharing with your friends.

Kids Paint Free

Finally, a drawing app that’s perfect for your little one’s hands. Kids Paint Free is your ally in bringing out your child’s artistic side. Gather round the table and have some fun! Kids and parents alike are going to love the app’s simple, interesting, and interactive interface.

The controls are child-friendly. A shake or tap on the call button easily clears the screen. Pressing the back button undoes your last step, while the search button can be used to import photos for editing or tracing. The trackball can be used to toggle between different gradient background colors to go with your mood or artistic style.

The Kids Paint Free app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. You can also upgrade to the full version at a minimal cost so you can get rid of those ads. Upgrading will also afford you a bigger drawing canvass, multitouch support, tablet support, and picture sharing.

How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw but just never got around to it, you’ll find that the How to Draw – Easy Art Lessons app is the answer out of your drawing rut. What could be easier than an app showing you each step of an intricate drawing for you to replicate on your own? Don’t let anything stop you–not even the lack of pen and paper–with the How to Draw app.

Choose from a selection of 70 images that will fit a wide variety of artist preferences–whether you’re a child who’s just beginning to learn or an adult who’s quite seasoned. The drawings are organized under 4 broad categories for convenience: Animals, Fairy Tale Characters, Cartoon Characters, Cars, and many more.

The drawing guides are laid out on a graph paper-looking screen, making it easy to check drawing proportions and proving to be really handy for tracing. You can start off with easier drawings, such as a starfish, and then progress to more complicated designs.

Scratch Draw Art Game

If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual method of drawing figures and then filling them with color, the Scratch Draw Art Game app is a must-try.

You start off with a black background, all with varying thickness and different colors. Then you work your way through your artwork by scratching lines, shapes, forms, and figures onto the background—pretty much similar to etching words in stone or on a tree bark.

Kids are sure to love the vibrant colored backgrounds and the ease of use of this app. You can choose from different brush sizes to suit your palette. What makes this app even more enjoyable is that it lets users share their art via email, text, Twitter, and Facebook, among other sharing and networking services. That’s two times the fun!

Let your imagination run wild with the Scratch Draw Art Game app. The free ad-supported version is available.

Color & Draw for kids phone ed

Kids will gobble up just about anything that will capture their attention or pique their interest. But, it’s another thing to hold that attention and keep your child interested in an activity long enough for him or her to accomplish something. If you’ve got a hyperactive kid on the loose, you will find rescue in the Color & Draw for kids phone ed app. It’s actually 3 apps for the price of one: a drawing and sketching app, a coloring book app, and a photo decorator app.

The drawing app is perfect for helping your child unleash his inner artist, allowing him to doodle as he pleases. The coloring book app allows your child to practice those brushstrokes and develop those fine motor skills, as the drawings as colored the same way you would an old-school coloring book.

The photo decorator feature affords children the ability to draw over existing images in your gallery or camera app. Another unique feature is the app’s voice prompt, which offers instructions to kids on how to add to the artwork.

Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle!

Ever wanted to test out a specific brush or eraser size before you use it on your canvass? Picasso – Draw, Paint, Doodle! is the only Android painting app that lets you do that and more.

A simple tap on the preview panel in the middle lets you test out your brush or eraser before you select it for use. In addition, if you’re a nitpicky artist and just want to get everything right, Picasso allows you up to 5 undos so you can quickly redo your work if you’re not happy with your last stroke. The app also allows you to paint on any photo you have stored on your device.

Changing the background will clear your current drawings but a simple undo will restore it. So, you can have fun with the various background choices available for your use.

Picasso also features nifty Super Fun Random Mode and Glow Mode for when you’re in the mood to experiment. Use these with a black background for best results.

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

If you’re my age, you’ve probably reveled in the simple joys of kaleidoscopes back when you were a kid. Now that the years have come and gone, the Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad app provides you with an avenue to get all nostalgic and relive those fun moments and allows younger kids to share in those joys, as well.

Boasting more than 10 brushes to help let your imagination run wild, the app comes with 6 types of kaleidoscope canvass for more variety. Sketch your favorite patterns or discover new ones with this neat app. Save your paintings to your SD card or share via Facebook, Message, Picasa, and other networking services.

What is undoubtedly the app’s best feature is that it has a built-in gallery that records the steps you took in drawing your kaleidoscope pattern. A “Movie” mode lets you replay those steps and watch as your kaleidoscope pattern unfolds like a movie right in front of your eyes.

Sketcher Lite

Here’s a procedural drawing tool that’s sure to please your inner artist. The Sketcher Lite app features 11 choice brushes and 1 eraser for a cool drawing experience, helping you come up with a masterpiece through using various brush strokes of different thicknesses and styles.

The color picker lets you select the hue of your choice, making sure you have just the color you need on your palette. You can then easily share your artwork for the world to see through channels such as email, multimedia messaging, and social networking sites. Right now the app does not support importing images for editing and brush sizes are not easily modifiable.

The app developer has made user satisfaction a priority by including a report tool which sends crash reports so that software fixes may be performed. The Sketch Lite app is also available in the pro version which is ads-free and has more features.

Create a Comic

So, you’ve got a funny story. Or a killer joke. And, you’d love it if you could draw characters that would go with it. Problem is you’re no artist. Or you just don’t want to waste the time crafting the characters when it’s all about the story. Well then, the Create a Comic app will give you some easy solutions.

Select from a collection of different pre-drawn characters or create a custom character based on your preferences. Assemble a character by choosing a body type, hair color, facial features, and outfit, among others. Whether you’d like a wacky character or a more formal-looking one, this app has it. Figures come with actions, poses, and gestures which should all go well with whatever storyline you have in mind.

Once you’ve decided on your characters, select a background for your comic and position your elements and objects (props for your characters, if you may). Tap on the speech balloon to input text for quotes and narratives. And when you’re ready, move between strips of your comic to view the finished output and save it or share your creations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


A tiny app that packs a lot in its punch–that’s what the Draw! app is all about. Don’t let the app’s simplicity fool you–many users find themselves going back to this app even after they’ve tried more elaborate drawing apps.

Utility is what makes this app memorable. With the Draw! app, users can draw and flash on the go. Camera draw, which means drawing while you walk, is also supported. Other modes available include Full Screen Mode and Flip n Shake.

Insert text with ease and pick specific colors accurately using this app. It’s perfect for when you want to write quick notes or flash handmade signs. Gallery storage is enabled and image importing is an option users will certainly enjoy.

The duo pens is a feature users just love! Who wouldn’t when you can switch between two pens for added drawing flexibility? Get more options with customizing your art with the Draw! app.

Artists of all ages and skills levels will surely find something for themselves with the variety of drawing apps that the Google Play Store has to offer. Which app suits your needs? Tell us.

  • ReneMuc

    Could you pls tell me the name of the program which is on the tablet at the first picture? Thanks…

    • Bex

      It’s Sketchbook by Autodesk. I didn’t actually realise it was available on Android (only tablets though).
      It’s a fab app and I’m downloading it now for my Flyer :).

      • Bex

        Correction: Sketchbook Pro is for tablets only. Sketchbook Mobile is for phones :D. Might get a refund on Sketchbook Pro in that case and get the Mobile version :) which also works on my Android tablet.

        • vxnduzit

          I don’t know why you say that sketchbook pro is for tablets and sketchbook mobile is for phones because I actually purchased pro about a year ago on my android phone and have used it ever since and now that I have a tablet I enjoy using it on both but who knows maybe some devices aren’t equipt for certain apps I dunno I’m just saying …..either which way I love the drawing apps I’ve tried all of the ones I know about and have come to find that I love using the sketcher lite sketcher pro sketchbook mobile sketchbook pro and magic doodle the most and so if anyone out there knows of some new apps similiar to these to tell us about I would be thrilled to give them a try as well…

  • i love it

  • Try also Asymmetry Paint
    Free hand drawing and coloring.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asymmetry.paintlite

  • I have a Sony Ericsson Experia and I find it impossible to draw on it, compared to ipod/iphone, the lines are all wobbly. Can anybody suggest what android phone has the best response to finger/stylus painting? I can’t find anything online

    • Metroidam11

      This is probably a little late but the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 is the best of the best when it comes to drawing/painting on a phone.

      • Ian

        This is true. And the tablet version – Galaxy Note 10.1 is THE PC tablet for drawing. Almost as good as a Wacom and much more portable.

  • Alex

    “Learn Coloring” is great for kids


    Lots of options, pencils,crayons,stamps and lots of
    categories even in the free app. I love that it has different languages too.

  • Sand man

    Sand Draw is a great drawing app !

  • Shaun

    Developed a drawing app recently to match the features of other paid Android drawing apps. If interested check it out (completely free, no ads, no strings, no bs) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.chitowngames.DigitalDoodler Looking for feedback and ideas for improvements.

  • Randy Marsh

    Doodle Dawg is good.

  • Paul Bird

    Another useful one which is the best of both worlds: Freehand drawing and also the precission of vector art is “Vector Artist” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marjupigames.vectorartist

    It’s kind of like having proper PC vector art software on your android… almost! It saves in SVG which can be used with most vector art software. And also you can share the PNGs on Tumblr or Dropbox (if you have them installed) which is useful.

  • Doodledroid is now Free and fully featured. It’s one of the easiest freehand doodling apps out there for Android, and it’s pretty powerful too. The latest version has pressure sensitivity (in most cases you don’t need a pen for this), landscape mode, auto-save and more…

    There’s a small video and more information at the link below:


  • SketchPort

    We just released a new vector drawing app called SketchPort. The fill tool and shading feature make it great for quick sketches. It has an infinite canvas, crisp lines when zooming, and unlimited undo, so you don’t have to worry about planning your drawing too far ahead.


  • Dennis

    SMall ARTtools is my favorite paint program for Android!

  • Rupinder Sra

    But, what app is really good for drawing on a photographs of lets say a house, port, industry, building, airport, landscape, site etc.

  • Andreas Lorenz

    Thanks for this great of freehand drawing apps! Perhaps you will also like eskiis. It’s a simple sketching app for Android and let you share visual messages on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You get eskiis for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eskiis.android

  • jjxtra

    You Doodle is now on Android. I spent the last half year porting it over and hope you enjoy it. http://youdoodle.net