AVG reveals the worst storage, battery and data hogging apps

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 25, 2015


AVG, an antivirus and app cleaning software prodiver, has put together its latest quarterly study to help identify the worst battery, data, storage and performance consuming apps on Android smartphones and tablets. The list contains a number of familiar faces from the last report, as well as a few new entries.

It seems that Samsung’s “bloatware” still can’t seem to shake its resource cravings, particularly in the battery draining category. Although, there aren’t as many Samsung’s apps in the top 10 this time around. In the battery cateogories, Samsung’s Beaming and Security Updates services appear as the two worst run-at-startup apps, while Samsung’s WatchOn remote app was the most energy consuming app run by users.

AVG performance report Q4 2014

Again, we see some familiar faces when it comes to hampering a handset’s performance and eating up message space. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Google’s Chrome Browser are now regular contenders in the “storage eaters” category. Interestingly, the NY Times app previously held the number 1 spot for storage consumption, but is now completely out of the top 10. Facebook, Spotify and Instagram are also the three worst apps if you want to keep your Android devices running smoothly, all of which also featured in the top 5 last quarter. The Amazon AppStore has also leapt into the top 5 this year.

As you may expect, social media and video platforms are the worst for your data usage, with Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Nextflix and Tumblr all ranking highly, although the Daily Mail app is the worst offender. As they consistently rank highly in almost every category, these social apps populate AVG’s top 10 overall performance sapping apps of Q4 2014.

AVG worst performers Q4 2014

If you are suffering from performance issues, AVG also has some top tips for you:

  1. Turn off unnecessary notifications and notification apps
  2. Turn off app specific features that you don’t use, such as location tracking
  3. Regularly delete cache data for larger apps to save space
  4. Where possible, limit the amount of data consumed by adjusting refresh intervals and/or WiFi only settings
  5. Lower your display brightness and turn off wireless features (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc) when you’re not using them

The report also contains lots of information on AVG user habits, commonly installed apps and statistics for games, although obviously 3D content is more performance draining than most other applications. You can read the full details right here.

  • Marcellus1

    Guess I’m in good shape–I don’t have any of those installed!

    • BeefJerky

      Yup. I uninstalled Facebook, just use the mobile web app.

      • JohnA

        I do the same. If you still want notifications, just install Facebook Lite. Very basic looking but does that one job perfectly on very low resources.

        • akoli

          Indeed it is messenger app was killing my battery…had to freeze and move to lure version…..my other killer is google framework when it gets stuck backing up photos (very frequently) .. 30% drain per hour with google..

  • Israel Lai


    • MasterMuffin

      And IG, owned by FB >:|

  • Guest

    Screen is definitely the worst. I wish I could uninstall it.

    • Anonymousfella

      And Mediaserver. Those take up the most battery!

      • John

        Never had any issues with that, If you have a less than great SD Card that might be the reason.

        • Anonymousfella

          It used to be a great one back when i had 4.3 Jellybean but now at 5.0 Lollipop its not.

          • Michael Tan

            Jelly Bean* #grammarnazis #spellitright

          • Anonymousfella

            #got it #corrected

          • crutchcorn


          • Anonymousfella


          • crutchcorn


          • Anonymousfella


          • crutchcorn


          • crutchcorn


      • Aksh

        there is an app for disabling it on playstore but you need to be rooted

    • v1nce

      You can only do that rooted :)

    • Michael Lindblom

      You must rooted to be able do that!

    • Nik

      I uninstalled it with a hummer, you should try it too
      Ps. I never have to charge it again

    • James_C_L

      Gotta greenify it. Makes sure that screen is sleeping while it’s off. That’s your problem ☺

    • Giorgio, Canada

      but you use screen so it is worth it :)

    • peACE

      same feelin man….

    • guest

      I just removed my screen and now the battery lasts a week :)

    • ()_()

      I wish I can uninstall Android OS, man that one is a battery sucker!

  • JK

    dont have a single one of those downloaded….guess my problem is just based on me owning a Nexus 6 haha

  • Why is AVG itself NOT in the list?

    • JK

      thats like asking Walmart why they suck and actually getting an answer

    • VAVA Mk2

      Easy fix…..I never use AVG on my phone.

    • guest

      AVG doesn’t use any memory or battery at all. In fact it charges the battery the more you use it :)

  • burb

    Only have instagram but battery still sucks.

  • jon

    facebook app is just stupid can take up to 100mb of ram and 60+mb of storage and still they dosent want to fix it

  • Muhammad

    Well, I just have 2 Of them, FB and Insta.

  • Andreas Jacobsen

    What about Snapchat after the new Discover update?

    • Marius Rye

      Frooze it

  • Ltdrev

    Another great argument for Play music over Spotify

    • OF

      Sure, but it needs a ton more good arguments to be better than Spotify. Sorry.

  • Use greenify

  • Kunal Goel

    Facebook is very annoying…the problem is there is no other good alternative to it

  • pjlk

    I use an app called Clean Master to disable apps from starting after boot up, also auto-kills apps running in the background. Also Greenify, does similarly but turns off apps from running in background when locked. Helped so much in saving battery. Though you need to be rooted to be able to enjoy this. I use Sony Xperia Z2, with Stamina mode, its a perfect combo.

    • Enes Taşdemir

      Yeah nothing better than buying a flagship and using it like a low end phone, way to go.

      • MaxPower

        Power is not a problem, they keep making more powerful phones when normal users still uses maybe 40% of their potential. That said, battery technology is still behind, even a 5000 mAh may not be enough for an extensive use. Another issue is that many flagships comes out with 16gb memory without a SD card slot. It’s a marketing issue, so yes, storage is still a problem. And last but not least LTE is still pricey, for that reason many users have to be careful with it.

  • Jeff Muntley

    Tinfoil for Facebook a must have app

  • TrueWords

    Well, I don’t have any of them and my Yureka is to good with CM11.

  • John

    This is why I use the mobile browser with Text Alerts. Facebook refuses to make there applications “battery friendly” Wakelocks from hell!

    • Marius Rye

      Download the Facebook light apk

      • John

        It’s terrible, slow and laggy and I have a G3.. Mobile website works just fine for me.

        • Marius Rye

          Ahh, OK. You could always greenify facebook

          • John

            Yes, That would however defeat the purpose of using it. You would get no notifications. Still a battery hog even with greenify.

          • sithishs

            Use IFTTT, create a recipe to push FB notifications to your phone. That’s how I get FB notifications without using the FB app.

          • JohnA

            Oooh, that’s interesting. So ‘IF’ can notify me of notifications from any web page?

          • JohnA

            Greenify can be set up to allow notifications come through. I’ve most of my apps Greenified, but I still get notifications.

          • Aidan

            Donate version of Greenify lets you get notification from hibernated apps :)

  • Marius Rye

    If only the Tumblr mobile app would downscale images before sending them and compress data packages it wouldn’t be such a datahogger.

  • Милен Стефанов

    Main reason for battery drain and performance issues is called “dumb user”- only idiots can use all day facebook, instagram, spotify and than complain “my battery is gone”…

    • John

      Not dumb, Just Ill informed.. and most people refuse to part with them.

    • Dingus Khan

      Do you see anybody complaining on here? Your battery will be gone either way if you use your phone all day. This is just a list of all the apps that use the most resources…

  • MaxPower

    To deal with limited storage, limited battery and limited LTE data I use Tasker. There are so many tasks that help dealing with those issue.

    • mobilemann

      you’re doing it wrong. Controlling the apps you use is how it should be. You shouldn’t need tasker to stop things that shouldn’t have started in the first place.

      • MaxPower

        GPS off, start navigation app,tasker enables GPS, end navigation app,tasker disable GPS. When in home data is disabled, when I get out taker enables it to make sure I gets emails. These are just examples, of course, you can do it manually but how many times you are going to forget?

        • mobilemann

          I’m saying with properly controlled apps you don’t need to do any of this.

          tasker is much better suited for doing fun projects like home automation, voice automation etc.

          • MaxPower

            Of course it is, but it can still be handful for saving few clicks. It would be nice to know how you set the GPS off once you close your navigation because I can’t find it in the settings, same about data. That’s why I’m using tasker,I couldn’t find few things in android settings or third party app. Dont you think I would avoid using tasker ( which runs in background using CPU,ram,battery..) If those tasks were in the settings?

          • TDN

            What phone are you using that you can’t find those settings?

          • MaxPower

            Xiaomi MI4

        • Bluff.Master

          Just a heads up, with data off, you might not be able to get MMS.. (not sure if you really care about that :) )

          • MaxPower

            Interesting, I didn’t know that. Thanks

          • Bluff.Master

            Not 100% sure, but that’s what i assume as MMS needs cellular data (Unless you are using T-Mobile or similar WiFi calling Feature) I would like to test that too (but most probably i won’t remember :) ) Good Luck.

          • WestSiide

            You will still get a message notification, your phone just won’t download the message content unless you reenable mobile data.

          • Bluff.Master

            Thanks for the info. That sounds right.. I remember when my MMS settings were not correct I got notification but MMS failed to download. Thumbed up..

          • Bluff.Master

            That sounds about right. I remember getting MMS notification but failed to download as my mms settings were not correct..

  • Amin Armani

    It’s 2015. Anyone still on Face… what?

    • James Childress

      I think you have it confused with Myspace.

  • flye

    wow, i have none of those apps because i got no friends, should i be sad or happy?

    • peACE

      both…. i suppose

  • BatDroid

    Google’s new Material design promotes use of more images in apps… that eats a lots of mobile data too especially in apps like Google Play NewsStand/Store/Games.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    Moved away from AVG a long time ago on my PC and I am not planning to trust it ever again but I think they nailed it with Facebook.

  • boyo1991

    hence why i have facebook messanger, but not facebook itself.

  • Marcus

    JPOST app seems to also consume lots of battery on my droid.

  • Subzer0

    With a phone like my droid turbo.. I can care less about draining battery. It lasts all damn day regardless

  • Scoopo16

    How is Snapchat not even on this list?

  • Avikshith Np

    Spotify is not a draining app. I use it all the time

  • Karly Johnston

    Amazon, Samsung and Blackberry lined up in a row.

  • crutchcorn

    Which is why I don’t install it

  • Booyabobby

    I never had any performance issues with Spotify. However it does eat up some data. That i can vouch for.

  • Vincent Perro

    thank’s for the info, i’ve been wondering why my daughter’s phone had such a week battery and she’s always out of traffic… Tumblr. facebook and instagram are the answers;)