AT&T reintroduces unlimited data plan, but with a catch

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 11, 2016
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Just when you thought unlimited data plans were long gone, AT&T has just announced it is re-introducing this most precious of all options. But there’s a catch. You can only apply for the unlimited data plan if you already subscribe to – or are willing to subscribe to – AT&T’s DirecTV or U-Verse TV packages.

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As of tomorrow, all existing and new customers of DirecTV or U-Verse can switch to the new AT&T Unlimited Plan. The good news is that even if you use one of these services but don’t use the AT&T network, the carrier is currently offering a $500 credit if you switch from your current carrier to AT&T, trade in an eligible phone and buy a new phone on AT&T Next.

If you are already an AT&T customer but don’t use either of the TV packages, you can simply add one of those to your AT&T subscription and jump to the new unlimited data plan at the same time.

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The plan includes unlimited internet data and unlimited talk and text and will set you back $100/month and $40/month for additional devices. A fourth phone can be added free of charge, meaning you can sign up four devices to unlimited data for $180/month.

In case you’re thinking this could be a great way to lock down a legacy unlimited data plan for the future, AT&T specifically states that “the AT&T Unlimited Data plan may be available for a limited time to consumer wireless customers.”

The good news is that there won’t be any shaping or throttling going on. As Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions notes, “[customers] will get a high-quality video streaming experience from the start. No compromises in video quality.”

Does this sound like a good deal to you? Did you ever expect to see unlimited data plans again?

  • PoBD

    Never expected to see this again, sounds nice even though I’ve mastered data budgeting lol

    • Howie Eastin


  • Jim

    My wife has the ORIGINAL iPhone unlimited plan from AT&T. It’s only like $30, I have 3 GB at like another $30, so “upgrading” my line plus our 2 phones ($180 if I read the article and did the math right) to this plan makes no sense at all. And it looks like they’re gonna ditch it soon anyway.

    • Howie Eastin

      they are going to ditch the plan for new customers soon, which means you need to act quickly….not that they are going to take it away from customers. The only time AT&T will take it away is if you ever ditch directv or uverse. Also, your wife’s 30 unlimited data plan is already 35 a month and AT&T no longer offers 2 year upgrades. Which means your only way to get a new phone for either of you will include you both signing up for AT&T next which will make your bill go up anyway. Do the math again

      • Jim

        I went on the website and did some tinkering. If i sign up for 2 phones on the unlimited plan, it’s $140/month ($60+$40+$40) for unlimited talk/text/web, which is about $3 more than my 3 month average. Sounds tempting.

  • Bruno Oliveira

    Probably it’s just me but I really don’t enjoy watching videos while I’m not at home, I know some people spends lot’s of time in subways and waiting at airports and stuff, but it seems that nobody have that “waiting time” to think about their lives… I keep wondering this sometimes.

  • Phillip DeVore

    Too bad. I’ve already got U-Verse and AT&T on 6 phones and 5 tablets.

    • Howie Eastin

      right, which means your can still join the unlimited data plans for all your lines including your tablet…..40 per tablet of course, but you can sign each tablet up for 10 a month for 1 gig each

  • You are subject to been throttled after 22 gigs it says it under the fine print

    • Howie Eastin

      right after 22gigs per line