Asus Transformer Pad TF300T getting minor OTA software update said to improve “stability”

by: AdrianSeptember 18, 2012

Unlike most major Android manufacturers, which are struggling with getting out Jelly Bean updates even for the newest and coolest gadgets, Asus has already managed to officially put Android 4.1 on an aging mid-range tablet.

Transformer Pad TF300T adopters have been spoiled with tasty Jelly Bean treats a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the 10-incher. A new OTA (over-the-air) software update is being rolled out to the TF300T as we speak, and, while we don’t exactly know what it could possibly upgrade at this point, we have to hand it to Asus for some very solid support work.

The new upgrade brings the tab’s software to version, and claims to “improve the stability” while not clearing “any of your data”. That sounds like a typical maintenance upgrade set to eliminate some bugs and iron out kinks that might have appeared with Jelly Bean, but right now nobody is reporting any noteworthy improvements or tweaks after installing the software package.

Still, I’m sure that most of you are curious and will want to take the update for a quick spin, so, if you’re yet to receive a prompt message, go ahead and manually check for it by accessing Settings –> About Tablet –> Software updates.

Those of you who’ve rooted your Transformer Pad TF300T might have some trouble finding the update or installing it, but fortunately there is a way for you to enjoy the new software package, too. According to a couple of XDA Developer users, all you have to do is unfreeze your system apps, backup your root, reboot your tab, apply the update, and then re-apply your root. If that doesn’t work, you can always ask the help of skilled independent devs over at XDA to get you out of your pickle.

Now that the Transformer Pad TF300T looks taken care of for a pretty long time software-wise, we’re expecting Asus to live up to its other promises for Android 4.1 updates. The Transformer Prime TF201 and Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 are next in line, and, although there are numerous unofficial JB-based ROMs out there for both tabs, our advice would be to have patience for a few more weeks.

Right now we’re more interested in this minor update for the TF300T and whether you can notice any “stability improvements” after installing it. Can you?


  • Aging midrange huh? Its got an Nvida Tegra 3 Quad core processor. Have the Octo cores come out yet? Midrange my butt…

    • tehsouthpaw

      Mid-range for Asus seems to be high quality for other OEMs

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      You do know it’s not all about the number of cores, right? And if the Transformer Pad TF300T is high-end, then the Transformer Pad Infinity 700 is what, super high-end…?

  • I agree with the poster before me. Midrange my ass. This thing can handle anything I throw at it, with no signs of slowing down

    As for the update, I didnt see any noticeable differences right away. Im sure small changes will become apparent as the day goes on though.

  • Can’t wait for them to release the JB Update for the Prime

  • joy77division

    ll have to check my ASUS TF300T — which runs Jelly Bean and has an unlocked bootloader — when I get home from work. I may or may not already have firmware version

    Whichever firmware version it’s running, I have noticed that it sometimes requires a reboot when I have a USB device — particularly, my wireless mouse dongle — connected and I try to wake it from sleep mode. Furthermore, my wireless mouse does not display a context menu when I right-click but goes back to the previous Web page, instead, even though I have selected the context-menu option in the Settings.
    The keyboard of the docking station also sometimes has trouble recognizing keystrokes, forcing me to click on, or physically touch, the screen to get the tablet to recognize my input again. It seems much more responsive to the touch of a human finger than to that of a stylus, but that seems pretty common among touchscreen devices.

  • Herb

    Since my upgrade to Jelly Bean with my T Pad TF300T I have had issues with the tablet restarting while connected to the keyboard dock and also while connected to my TV via HDMI cable. It was restarting two and three times a night almost as soon as I connected it.

    I’ve only had the update for about an hour…but that seems to have corrected the issue. Fingers crossed.

  • NJ Wong

    Actually, this “minor” update is creating force close problems that I did not encounter with the original ICS or the Jellybean update 3 weeks ago. Since applying this “minor” update last Monday, apps like Pulse, News Republic, or the Uno game are frequently force closing, even if the app is the only one running. Very frustrating. This “minor” update is making my Jellybean TF300T behave like Froyo :-(

  • Hans

    We have 2 ASUS TF 300 tablets. One of them receved an update. Is that normal?

  • I can’t even get mine to update from 4.0.3. Tried the
    Settings->About tablet->System Firmware Update->Check for
    update. And there isn’t any updates. Am I doing something wrong?