ASUS has released the much anticipated Android 4.1.1 update for the American Transformer Pad 300 last week. In addition, international users (well, at least those in the UK) could update their Pad 300 to the latest and greatest version of Android starting yesterday.

American readers, now you have another way to update your TF300 to Jelly Bean; ASUS  has made available as a standalone download the Jelly Bean build that was pushed last Saturday over the air. The file weighs in at a healthy 438MB and you can get it from ASUS’ servers here. The news should come down as particularly good for the users that have unlocked their devices or modified their firmware in other way, which prevented them to install the OTA Jelly Bean update.

Unless you have bought your ASUS Transformer Pad 300 from the US, refrain from trying to install the file on your device, as ASUS specifies that this is for the American model only. Also note that installing the new firmware will overwrite your rooting and/or custom ROMs.

As for our international readers, worry not. For you, ASUS should make the update available on its servers in a week or so.