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Media consumption differs according to platform, a study by the Reynolds Journalism Institute has found. This is also influenced by demographics, including age, education and earning capacity. In the recently-released 2012 RJI Mobile Media News Consumption Survey, researchers have determined that Apple iPhone users are generally older, better-educated and earn higher than those using Android. This may account for Apple’s market dominance over Android since the beginning.

RJI’s Roger Fidler has found that — surprise! — iOS and Android are the leading mobile platforms in the consumption of news and content from subscriptions and apps. However, a big portion of the respondents admit to using more than one platform in consuming media, which include a mix of smartphones, tablets and Android-powered e-readers.

In terms of demographics, more Android users fall under the below-34 age group. Meanwhile, iPhone and Blackberry users tend to fall under the over-35 group. In terms of income a majority of Android users earn under $75,000 annually. Most iPhone and Blackberry users earn more than this amount. Education-wise, almost half of the Android users surveyed say they have college or graduate degrees. iPhone and Blackberry users that have bachelors or post-grad degrees are at 64%.

So yes, iPhone and Blackberry users tend to be more affluent.

This might come as an affront to Android users. However, considering that some markets have a preference for iOS and Blackberry devices, then education, age and earning capacity will surely be skewed toward these levels. For example, enterprise users — including big corporations and small businesses — are found to prefer iOS over Android. As such, users will tend to have higher-paying jobs and more advanced studies than the general consumer market.

Additionally, Poynter points out that iPhone users are more attractive to news publishers, with these statistics. Consumption patterns seem to agree. A higher percentage of iPhone users subscribe to national newspapers, news magazines and other mobile publications, compared with Android.

However, going beyond the research, publishers will still need to cover a lot of ground, since less than 33% of mobile users are regular subscribers to mobile publications. This can be a good opportunity for publishers and newsstand services to tap more users and potential subscribers in order to improve their reach and revenues.

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • Rob Little

    you need to compare it to the population as a whole, though – it’s quite possible that the Android stats are just in line with the general population as a whole

  • What idiot wrote this?

    To be sucked into Apples way of thinking, with a system locked down in a way you can only do what Apple wants you to do how can they be better educated?

    • SamsaraGuru

      Why on earth would you say that whomever wrote this is an idiot?
      The article wasn’t taking sides; it was not waxing poetic about how wonderful Apple’s product are that here is proof that if you choose Android you are dumb and low class. It was reportage – pure and simple; accurately presented without bias.
      If what it says is true – so what; since when does having more money or a college education make on bright? All it means in the grand scheme of things is that someone has more money and managed, probably on mommy and daddy’s dime, to get admitted to a college; spend four or more years drinking themselves into Animal House quality levels of oblivion chasing skirts or cute boys, and then find someone else who is equally bereft of experience, intelligence and/or responsibility and who is willing to become a worker bee in a line job you spend your life hating, but which you feel trapped in because you “have to have a job”- to support your expensive, frivolous tastes like owning an overpriced thing like an iPhone – for instance!
      The truly creative indeividuals in any society are RARELY the richest and best educated – they are the ones who have in most cases become indolent and comfortable and self-satisfied and who spend their time pontificating about things with equally empty headed, self-important pompous asses who rarely right but never in doubt.
      Based on the above line of reasoning we can see that Apple’s claim to fame may not be so much a reason to be proud of itself as a reason to worry that it is appealing to the least bright and conscious of the world.
      Statistics can be made to say whatever you wish depending on how you choose to spin them.
      Long story short – Apple has become the next General Motors; akin to the way GM was back when H. Ross Perot was trying to inject a bit of reality into its intractable, fossilized firmament. Totally incapable of seeing that it was the beginning of the inevitable end that comes to all who think they have the right to ignore the truth and reality.

      • MasterMuffin

        this is just stupid, this is just because there are also cheap android phones that not so much money owning people can buy. And they have probably asked from what, 10,000 people -.-

        • MasterMuffin

          *but I still liked your comment ’cause you’re saying the truth in it :)

    • Brightest Aura

      Yes, because iPhone users would rather spend their time manipulating the hardware and software of their phone and opening it up to malware.

  • Daniel

    iPhone users like to think they are rich.. even if i earnt millions of dollars, there’s no way in hell i’d buy an iPhone

    • That’s just how I would perceive these statistics. From what I see its mostly the younger age bracket between 16 and 25 using the iPhone as they refer to it as ‘coolness’ status. Most of the people I know within the IT biz have Android phones of varying value because they can do more with them.

      • Daniel

        I’m still in school and i bought an iPhone last year to be ‘cool’, but after a few months i got really bored of it, i sold it and got an S2. Now i see everyone with an iPhone (alot of them) as sheep who like to think they have the best product ever made in the whole world or something. I’m so much happier with Android, i even got a Nexus 7 last week. I see alot of people at my school now slowly moving to Android though. I get alot of comments like “the screen is so big, i love it”. Maybe in a few years high range Androids will be cooler :D

        • SamsaraGuru

          The “cool”effect aka the sheep/pied piper/siren song effect you described Daniel is actually the sales equivalent – to a marketing team – of having attained nirvana.

          Let no one say Steve Jobs was not a genius – he was, as well as part snake oil salesman. Do you know what the term snake oil salesman means? Back in the old West guys would show up with special elixir that would cure whatever ails you. They were master con men who, understanding the dynamics of human nature, knew exactly how to get their target prospect base whipped up into a feeding frenzy and at the same time abrogate all commonsense and reasoning when it came to making intelligent, wise and critically well balanced decisions. It is called creating the state called “suspension of disbelief”. It is an integral skill as well as sine qua non that no novelist nor movie maker can be without.

          Anyway, by the time the wagon carrying the snake oil elixir had left town – usually empty of any product – everyone had their bottle of little miracle cure. By the time reality caught up with the town folk – usually takes about 24 hours for the effect to wear off and buyer’s remorse (big time) to set in.

          This, incidentally, is why in all states there are 3 day “cooling off” periods on anything that is sold door to door.

          Steve Jobs has done on perhaps the most massive scale it has ever been done created in people the world over an almost TOTAL suspension of disbelief; because after all, if I am buying the iPhone I can’t help but have the best of ALL worlds, can I? The best operating system, the best hardware, the best most creative company that makes people who use PCs look like nerds – and I don’t want to be a nerd or associated with nerds do I? Of course I don’t.

          So that is why I am willing to pay $600 or more for an object made by people laboring in the modern day equivalent of labor camps with conditions so bad around a dozen committed suicide in 2012.

          That is why I know that if I have an iPhone or iPad or I whatever that I’m gonna be sexy and you too are going to know it and agree not to disagree with me about what I am as long as I don’t question you too closely either. We can have a mutual admiration society that is held together by our mutual good taste in choosing all things Apple.

          Problem with that is that once the veneer of being special starts to wear away, because alternatives – better or equal ones – at better or equal pricing – come along it can begin to erode my “faith” in what I’ve been told, and it gets harder and harder to argue in favor of something I never thought too carefully about before I bought it in the first place.

          This is why you see Apple so viciously going after any and all who dare to challenge them. They know that it is only a matter of time before the mystique that causes people to pay twice what they ought is based on hyperbole and being ingenuous – not genius.

        • Anton Zuykov

          and I bought an iPhone to use it as testbed for Objective C programs that I write for iOS devices.
          I have two degrees and am working as a software developer.

      • Here in the UK I’ve noticed it’s usually females who are teens to twenties that have them for the cool factor.

    • Bull Winkle

      The author is comparing a phone to an operating system. That’s like comparing the demographics of a BMW 5 owner to those of a V-6 engine owner. A V-6 can be in a Toyota; it can be in a Bentley. A fair comparison would be to compare demographics of like-priced phones. Say, a Galaxy S and an iPhone. I assure you the outcome would be different. But when you can get an Android engine in a ‘free’ phone and you compare it to the demographics of a $200 phone, of course you’ll come up w/these results.

    • Anton Zuykov

      ” if i earnt millions of dollars”
      But you didn’t and that is the whole point…

  • EvrenTR

    i dont believe that. its so funny also. who believes that? :)

  • sameer_singh17

    Most iPhone buyers are rich and most low end Android handset buyers are from lower income groups. That doesn’t really tell you anything about the demographics of high end android handset buyers.

    • Anton Zuykov

      “That doesn’t really tell you anything about the demographics of high end android handset buyers.”
      Majority of Android phones are cheap or mid-range phones, so comparing a very small percentage of top-tier Android phones vs. iPhone will make no sense…

  • Quite simply, it’s just market forces.
    The iPhone is expensive is expensive and those who can afford it will be happy to spend that extra for a premium price, couple with the it’s premium image it makes sense if wealthier people own Iphones (the relationship with wealth and education is a played out debate).

    One the other hand you have android phones which are differentiates and make ownership inexpensive, depending on what you looking for e.g. bargain/midrange/premium. There are a lot of low quality android phones out there which are pretty budget and affordable, which is a good thing.

    I think this comparison is flawed because it’s sensationalist and what you should be doing is comparing similar strata phones to one another. A comparison of Galaxy S3/One X/other Vs 4s users would be far more reliable.

    Data can be easily manipulated

    Remember this:

  • Shit Article

    Most ridiculous article ever posted online?

  • Shit Article

    On the contrary iPhone users generally have low intelligence which is shown by their iSheepish attitude to buying any old shit Apple churn out even though hardly anything changed (4S)

    • anon

      Better educated does not = smart or intelligent. Just means they can afford collage.

      • And montage.

      • jay

        The irony of this moron. Can’t even spell college.

      • Anton Zuykov

        “Just means they can afford collage.”
        LOL and you, obviously, couldn’t….couldn’t afford even school…

    • InformedReader

      Actually market share actually shows Android dominating the market from a software perspective. From a purely sales perspective Samsung actually dominates the market? S2 = Sheep2?

      • Anton Zuykov

        “Actually market share actually shows Android dominating the market from a software perspective”
        What? Actually, from software perspective, the majority of money made on mobile market is made on iOS development…. fact.

  • Leona S

    Richer and smarter?
    The writer didn’t say smarter but implied it by saying iPhone owners had
    more education. I might agree richer but
    then again there are those that own Apple products and still living with Mommy
    and Daddy. Is it also smarter to buy a
    product that cost 2x or 3x more when another product can do the same but cost
    less? You tell me, is that smart? I think both products (iPhone and Android)
    are great, but I think I will stick with something that cost less but can do it
    all. Oh, in my house hold we make over
    250k and we like Android because we’re not smart or rich.

  • Rob Little

    it’s a good point that Android though is on multiple devices, targetting varied audiences. there’s only (really) one iPhone, and it’s not surprising that that might cater to one part of society more than others – particularly the ones who like the idea of there only being one so they don’t have to give it any thought.

  • alex13809

    The reason “poorer” people use Android is because manufacturers offer low end products that are more easily afforded. You can get Androids for as little as $200. Where as Apple’s POS costs upwards of $500.

  • op

    Stupid research…

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    So? Who cares? I like android, I think iPhone is boring and way to expensive. Galaxy S2 was 200 dollars cheaper than the iPhone 4 (wich came out a year before). S2 is cheaper and WAY better than the 4 and 4s. this article does not matter.

  • Lord Vader

    Apple is losing to Samsung & Android updates ICS so is now being RACSIT
    that is so sad

  • Marvin Nakajima

    If I am understanding the provided table correctly you really cannot compare across devices unless you are assured that the number of people sampled for each device is the same. As it is presented you can only really see the breakdown of users for each device. The data can easily be skewed if there are substantially different sample sizes for each device. Is there any data as to the sample size the table represents as a whole and per device covered?

  • You have to consider the fact that Android is more popular with younger people, as opposed to Apple with older, so it’s obvious that Android would have less users with college degree

    • EducatedToPerform

      Isn’t that the point? So what you say is ‘obvious’ is directly in line with what the article claims?

    • Brightest Aura

      CHART OF THE DAY: iPhone Buyers Are Younger, Richer, And Better Educated Than Samsung Smartphone Buyers

      Read more:

    • Anton Zuykov

      “You have to consider the fact that Android is more popular with younger people, as opposed to Apple with older, ”
      That is what that study found.. The main reason is – kids can’t afford iPhones. SO, the only viable option for them is Android.

  • koko

    you all can keep saying anything but thats the can google it.and also read the comment about android os.but i know you all must say android better than iphone.

  • Malandro

    Iphone Users/Owners are just more simple minded and cannot grasp the technical features and capabilities of the Android O/S

    • Guest

      Is that why they are better educated and make more money?

      Ok, fanboy.

    • Brightest Aura

      Really? It takes a smart person to manipulate an Android device? BAHAHA

      • SimonC

        its incredibly easy to manipulate an iPhone, download your flavour of Jailbreak, plug in your iPhone and run. Jailbroken without any skills needed.

  • You’re comparing an expensive phone to an operating system. Android OS comes on free phones, so of course the demo is younger, poorer & less educated. I genuine comparison would be iPhone 4s demographics to Galaxy S3 demographics. The lopsided comparison wreaks of fanboy

    • EducatedToPerform

      This just explains WHY it’s true. It doesn’t make it untrue.

      And by the way, you’re comparing a range of phones – the iPhone range, not just one. And some of the iPhones in that range are also free on contract.

  • The stats are kind of skewed though. Can you take out the number of phone users who were given their devices by large companies who are forced to use them? Are you looking at a user base that ONLY purchased through a provider?

    If you take out those numbers – it might level out a bit. Plus if you look that Android has the current high market share of users – of course the percentages will be even further skewed.

    So I dunno if I completely agree with the numbers above. But I do know that a lot of friends who use the iPhone are educated, higher income, and don’t want to have to deal with Android. :-)

    Oh – and I fall in the 35-45 < $75k College Educated group who uses Android.

  • William

    Icrap people may be richer, but being more intelligent is definitely not true.

    • Brightest Aura

      Individuals that use Icrap demonstrate their intelligence and lack of vocabulary.

  • Bunnyrabbit

    I own an iphone because i like the way it works, plain and simple. I started with android, droid incredible and loved it. I switched to iphone just to see what all the hype was about and never looked back. The iOS operating system and cloud features sold me. For me, android was like living in a closet. But please remember this is my personal experience and I don’t expect others to feel the same as me, nor do I want their opinons to change based on my comments. Android suits others better than iOS and vice versa. I just wanted to state that I never considered the iphone for coolness factor and we should all not focus so much on trying to push our beliefs and opionons on others. Buy and use what you love and respect others for their decisions as well.

    • Brightest Aura

      Good point BunnyRabbit. I also bought the iPhone for similar reasons. Apple products have always worked for me and their customer service is very reliable. There have been some glitches on the way, but they seem to remedy the problems with software updates.

  • Richard

    Well, maybe its true that most iPhone users are “rich”, but the intelligent part, not really. Most students that I encounter in college doesn’t excel in their studies (for short, retards) and they own an iDevice.

    • Anton Zuykov

      “Most students that I encounter in college doesn’t excel in their studies (for short, retards) and they own an iDevice.”
      Statistics show that MOST students actually do graduate, which kind of refutes the point made by you.

  • mdf

    If there are more young adults purchasing Android devices, and they are either in college or just starting out in their careers, how are they expected to have salaries as high as the older iPhone crowd?

  • Ben Bauer

    The iPhone users are richer, because the simpler software appeals to older people, who usually tend to be richer than younger people, as well. Many people in the 18-34 age bracket are either in college, or they haven’t seen their highest paychecks quite yet. That probably explains the statistics.

  • Mike Sylvester

    This is like comparing a car to an engine. iPhone is a car model. Android is an engine. You’d have to compare a similarly-priced, like a Galaxy S to an iPhone.

    • EducatedToPerform

      Yeah, right. So lets do that with market share too, right, and sales.

      So Apple has highest market share and sells more than anyone else.

      • Andrew Kim

        That’s false its Samsung

        • Anton Zuykov

          “That’s false its Samsung”
          For crappy 150$ devices – yes. Samsung makes up sales in low-tier phone sales…

  • Fahad Aziz

    well I am 11 and I choose android cause you can costimize it like keyboards lock screen launchers task bars bass control leaks of apps and more and you can root and modify your system ANDROID IS BETTER

    • Brightest Aura

      Most Android products are plastic toys that are meant to be taken apart like a transformer. Disposable.

    • Anton Zuykov

      “well I am 11 and I choose android cause you can costimize”

      And essentially confirms findings of that study… No income uneducated kid that doesn’t even care about spelling and who owns an Android phone.. yep

  • MrWar

    iPhone and Blackberry users tend to fall under the over-35 group.