There are a lot of really cool Android Wear watch faces to choose from. However, the vast majority of them have a distinct… artificial feel to them. Without the physical hands and the metallic sheen that we see on real luxury watches, even the fanciest faces strike the eye as unnatural. That’s what’s interesting about Weareal.

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April 3, 2017

Weareal has created a line of smartwatch faces that aim to give the reader an authentic, mechanical aesthetic. Their faces take into consideration the movement of your wrist to dynamically adjust how “light” is falling on the rendered watch face. The result is impressively convincing under normal lighting conditions, with reflections and shadows dipping and spinning as they would on a watch composed from the materials these faces seek to emulate.

There are a handful of different aesthetics to choose from. The “Rider” line has a distinctly vehicular feel to it, with micro-gauges indicating the internal temp, battery, and day of the week. “Golder” is a simpler minimalist design with a more decadent tone, and “Acute” offers a no-nonsense appearance of high-quality metal that doesn’t have to flaunt it. The newest line, “Airpower,” takes things in the opposite direction with complex arrays of inset gears and cogs ticking and spinning.


Weareal faces are available for round and square Android Wear devices. The developers claim that these fancy faces only consume an additional 3% battery when compared to less flashy alternatives, making them relatively battery-friendly. The smartphone app lets you play with different designs before you commit to one, kind of a virtual storefront.

What do you think of Weareal’s real-feeling Android Wear faces? Clever gimmick or a genuinely stylish alternative to what’s already out there? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to click that button to give Weareal a spin on your own!

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  • Marty

    Outstanding! Just installed this watch face app for my Urbane and Huawei Watch and it’s beautiful. Works really well. I expect a heavy battery hit, but time will tell. Well worth it. High quality all the way.

  • Roberto Tomás

    its funny.. I think one of the allures of a smartwatch is the fact that you can have completely novel watch faces on them. What do people actually do with their smartwatches? Make them look like regular watches and use them much like they would use their regular smartphones. :)

    • Marty

      It’s cool to be able to immediately change the watch face to just about anything, but I pretty much use mine for making calls and sending texts. Google Now makes that supremely easy and reliable.

    • I could never afford a CVDK Planetarium. Here’s hoping someone will “skin it” for Android Wear with all it’s functions.

  • Paul M

    you can do this with WatchMaker app, use motion detection and change the shine one the watch face or move drop shadows to get a great 3D effect,

  • ErnChen

    Really good looking watch face for my Huawei Watch, but battery life took a big hit so I switched it fearing that my watch will be nothing but a glorified paperweight before the end of the work day.